Ninja Scroll

TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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  • Decent animation, reasonably gorey, good characters but it is just another anime.

    I had watched the movie before I began to watch the anime series, under the assumption that they would be similar.

    The movie is a great anime with top class animation, action, story and characters. The series however, falls very short of the standard set by the movie.

    A very unoriginal plot where they are in pursuite of a mystical stone which will grant the holder special powers.

    I had honestly expected to see ninjas in this anime, but instead, it is episode after episode of provinenceless freaks. All of whom seem to have these amazing abilities yet are mere wanderers with the intent of gaining power by owning the stone (?!); this is all happening whilst easily brushing off normal human attacks.

    A disappointing anime that I repeatedly found myself daydreaming whilst watching it. I literally had to force myself to continue watching on the recomendation from others.

    The movie is great. The series, not so much.