Ninja Scroll

Season 1 Episode 1

Tragedy in the Hidden Village

Aired Unknown Sep 02, 2003 on TV Tokyo

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  • X-men: Ninja Edition.

    Action enthusiasts such as myself are in for a warped treat with this extremely stylised anime series. However, those of you coming from the film in which this series spawns from, may find its inhabitants (of the mutant variety) to be a little off-putting. Jubei is still a badass, he just comes with a few more quips than usual. The action is still awesome, it just comes with oversexed freaks now. There isn't a lot to chew on here, but I liked it for what it was, and the introduction to the light-maiden arc is handled well enough, given the time restraints with each episode.
  • great beginning episode to a great series

    ninja scroll is gory , contains monsters and ninjas and its in its entirety great i mean come on the main character can slash someone from a few kilometers away by only using his sword its action packed and has a good character and is really worth a watch so go and watch it and the entire series then but the film cause its great