Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Season 1 Episode 1

East Meets West (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1997 on FOX
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still fighting their sworn enemy, Shredder. However, Dragon Lord, a new villain from the Realm of Dreams captures Splinter while he is meditating. The Shinobi master Chung I sends his pupil to help the Turtles reclaim their master...

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  • The Ninja Turtles stared back in a new show and i must admit they didnt look that great btu the stories were excelent and the show deserves to be put on dvd for the us this episode was a good way to start the series off and keept me entertainedmoreless

    the ninja turtles fight foot fight the shredder and meet up with a long lost relitive sounds good to me i find this episode good in the sense that they were trying new things the show was well written to me this show had me running home in 5th grade just to watch this and it made a ll my problems seem to go away the ninja turtles are always doing it big and this episode proves it i like the concept for the series opener i just wish that people would be able to watch this and relize that this should be on dvd in usa so i can remeber what this show acctualy wasmoreless

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    • Shredder: So let me see if I understand correctly. All of you were defeated by a single turtle, and an arthraic rat?
      Foot Soldier1: But the rat had a stick....
      Shredder: A stick?! And what did the turtle have, a pink flower!?
      (Shredder picks up the Foot Soldier and throws him back onto the ground.)
      Shredder: Ha ha ha ha... tell me, why has my family not extended it's black claws beyond the borders of this city? Why do we continue to fall short of our glorious goals? Who are my enemies?
      Foot Soldier2: The Twoitles?
      (Shredder picks up the Foot Soldier commander)
      Shredder: Well right now you and these pathetic warriors you've trained seem to be standing between me and my destiny.
      Foot Soldier2: uh uuuh..... what do you want me to say master.... Shredder.... Sir! .. sorry..?
      (Shredder throws the Foot Soldier commander down)
      Shredder: If we are to continue to expand, then the green menace must be crushed. Now go, prove yourselves! Destroy the Freaks!
      (The Foot Soldiers scurry away)
      The Shredder: (Sarcasticly) but the rat had a stick!

    • Splinter: I must go.
      Andre: We're the only ones out here, Splint; use a bush!
      Splinter: .. oh... yes, a wise suggestion. I will return.

    • Leo: It's an exercise for mental and physical discipline.
      Mike: With three cement blocks?

    • Leo: Raph never could get along with any of the other little blips.

    • Mike: Hey, Donny! Come, watch Leo turn his noodle into strudel!

    • Mike: (to Raph) Next time you decide to invite company, phone first!

    • Raph: (to Foot Soldiers) If anyone of you chunks put a scratch on my bike, you foot the bill!

    • Leonardo: After we save Raph's life remind me ta kill him!

    • Foot Ninja: But the rat had a stick...
      Shredder: And what did the turtle have? A pink flower?

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