Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

FOX (ended 1998)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV : East Meets West
    • Who Needs Her
      Episode 26
      Venus accidentally traps someone by a forcefield, the Turtles begin to question her value to the team, recounting her numerous mistakes in the past. They decide that they'd be better off without her, but when they do, the Turtles discover the Rank has kidnapped Venus.
    • 2/27/98
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja With the Turtles being held hostage by Bonesteel, it's up to Splinter and Venus to defeat the vampires once and for all. They'd better hurry though, because in an act of despiration, Vam Mi summons the ancient Prince of the First Blood - the Elemental Vampire!moreless
    • 2/20/98
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja Bonesteel is sick and tired of the immortal blood-suckers getting in the way of his efforts to capture the Turtles. He and Vam Mi strike a deadly bargain - deadly for the Turtles that is!
    • 2/13/98
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja Reasoning that since vampires drink human blood, they're a human problem, Raph and the Turtles decide to go against the wishes of Venus and Splinter and return Vam Mi's heart. It's a great plan except for one thing - the vampires are determined to destroy Venus!moreless
    • 2/6/98
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja While the Turtles are busy evading Bonesteel, and old enemy of Chung I's arrives in New York to destroy Chung I's former student -- the Shinobi Shaman Mei Peih Chi -- also known as Venus!
    • Like Brothers
      Episode 21
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja The continuing conflict between Raphael and Leonardo comes to a head, again. This time, however, Mike and Don get dragged into it. As the argument rages on, the Turtles reflect on past conflicts, and Raph decides to move out for good.
    • The Guest
      Episode 20
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja When Splinter's chess opponent is thrown out of his apartment, he moves in with the Turtles for a few days. It's bad enough that the reptilian roommates have to conceal their identities from the old blind man, but it's even harder putting up with the old fellow's idiosyncrasies!moreless
    • The Good Dragon
      Episode 19
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja When Venus' life is saved by one of the Dragon Lord's Rank warriors, the Turtles are forced to re-examine their views on the dragons. Now the "good" dragon is trying to escape the Dragonian Spirit Seeker that is stalking him. Venus wants to help him but Raph still thinks the only good dragon is a dead dragon.moreless
    • King Wick
      Episode 18
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja When an alchemy accident gives the evil Wick telekinetic powers, he not only uses it over the Dragon Lord, but he puts the Ninja Turtles to the test, too!
    • Enemy of my Enemy
      Episode 17
      (Synopsis credited to Splinter is returning to the lair when he spots a man being beaten up by a gang of kids. After he saves the man, he realizes that the man is the Shredder! Splinter takes him back to the lair to try and help him. Dragon Lord finds out that the Shredder has a magic relic called the Golden Shuriken and he sends out the Rank to find him. The Shredder awakens and agrees to help the Turtles in their "way of the green" (like picking up garbage, racking leaves), but just for that night. They go into the sewers to pick up garbage but the Rank and Wick arrive to capture the Shredder. Shredder runs away, leaving the Turtles to take on the Rank. Splinter follows him back up to the street and asks him about the Golden Shuriken that belonged to his Master Yoshi. Shredder denies owning it and leaves, but he actually does have the Golden Shuriken. Splinter explains to the Turtles that the Gold Shuriken is a very powerful relic and it is very important to him that he has it back. Dragon Lord tracks Shredder to a laundry mat and tries to take the Shuriken from him. Donatello also tracks the Shuriken to the laundry mat and they arrive just as Dragon Lord had the Shuriken in his hands. They hit it out of Dragon Lord's hands and a battle takes place. Afterwards Splinter holds the Shuriken for a brief moment before the Shredder takes it back from him and escapes.moreless
    • Going Ape
      Episode 16
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja Raphael is enjoying one of his favorite past times (harassing crazed poacher Simon Bonesteel), when a platoon of Rank warriors decide to join the game. Still, evading one Bonehead and six dragons in an old Victorian house is no problem for Raph - until an escaped Gorilla shows up!moreless
    • Sewer Crash
      Episode 15
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja As Don is scanning the Web for information, someone breaks into his computer and sends him a coded message - one that reprograms Don's brain! Now the Turtles' techno-savy teammate has been turned into a cyperpunk super thief!
    • Mutant Reflections
      Episode 14
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja The Turtles have a hard time sorting out who's who when their evil counterparts start popping up everywhere - and they look like just like our heroes!
    • 5/11/98
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja When Dragon Lord and Dr. Quease have an argument, Quease contacts Donatello because, in his mind, they are the two most brilliant creators on the planet and he thinks they should work together. Don is naturally suspicious, but can't resist the opportunity to collaborate with the great, though deranged, scientist.moreless
    • 11/28/97
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja Mikey's ego is further inflated when Wick and the Rank start their own radio fan club. The dragons say they are tired of Dragon Lord's opressive regime, and want to help the Turtles send him back into the mirror. Are they serious or is it just another trick?moreless
    • Windfall
      Episode 11
      One night, Silver brakes into the apartment of a poor old man who just so happens to be in possession of a winning lottery ticket. Obessed with money Silver threatens the man to give him the ticket, but the old man bravely throughs it out the window where it disapears down the storm water drain. On his way back to the lair, Michelangelo accidently steps on the ticket and arrives home finding it stuck to his foot. Naturally Michelangelo plans to collect the winning, but the other turtles quickly become aware of what he has and quickly dream up of a million and one things to spend the cash on. Little do our green heroes know is that Silver is onto them and plans to get back his stolen ticket...moreless
    • Meet Dr. Quease
      Episode 10
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja Donatello has dragged Michaelangelo to a scientific convention so that Don can hear the mutant-related theories of the eccentric Dr. Quease (Donny thinks the Doc is brilliant, Mikey thinks that he's a quack). Quease, ever on the edge of scientific discovery, wears a direct nueral (brain) implant that jacks him directly into the internet, as well as giving him the ability to jack into any computerized machine. Suddenly, a group of the Dragon Lord's Rank warriors burst into the lecture hall and abduct Dr. Quease, escaping before the TMNT have a chance to react. The Dragon Lord has captured Dr. Quease in order to combine the doctor's scientific expertise with DL's vast occult knowledge. The Dragon Lord attempts to entice Dr. Quease to work for him by giving him a lab full of state-of-the-art equipment. Amongst the apparatus in this lab is a stolen classified device called the Heliumcooled Cyber 600, the most powerful dissection machine ever built, and something that Quease had only dreamed of working with. Donatello, meanwhile, tries to convince the other Turtles to mount a rescue attempt of the Doc, but the others think that it's too dangerous to risk a break-in into the Dragon Lord's HQ. And so, under cover of the night, Donatello sets out to rescue Dr. Quease... alone... After successfully sneaking into Dragon-central and freeing Quease, Don gets captured by the Dragon Lord's forces due to the "good" Doctor's suddenly agreeing to side with the Dragons. Now, with the capture of Donatello, the obviously mad scientist has a perfect mutant specimen... to dissect! Fortunately for Donny, the other Turtles come to his rescue. While Leo, Raph and Venus battle the Rank Dragons in a whirling wonderment of Ninja and Shinobi-style martial arts mayhem, Mikey successfully frees Don by splicing Quease's nueral brain jack directly into one of Mike's hand-held video games, which sets the quack scientist fighting against the Dragons like a remote control toy! Vanishing into the sewers, Don admits to his fellow Turtles that he was wrong about Quease... the Doc wasn't a brilliant scientist but a mad one! Donny admits that he was blinded by his love of science.moreless
    • 11/7/97
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja After a late-night encounter with Bonesteel, Mikey comes up with a novel idea, an all-night rave for animal rights where everybody has to come dressed as their favorite beast. But the Turtles, who are lounging about in the human world, are no where to be found when a gang of no-good villains crash the party.moreless
    • Silver and Gold
      Episode 8
      The Turtles come across a gangster ape, Silver, who is plotting to steal a gold repository.
    • 10/24/97
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja While jogging through the city's sewers, the five Turtles find an animal cage holding a live endangered baby hawksbill sea turtle. The TMNT discover the man responsible for capturing the little terrapin -- Simon Bonesteel -- just as the poacher is about to sell the baby turtle to a dealer in illegal wildlife trade. After a brief introductory skirmish with Bonesteel and his overcoat's seemingly endless arsenal of weaponry, the Turtles manage to escape with the young hawksbill. Bonesteel, however, is far from beaten and vows to take up the hunt--- the hunt for Ninja Turtles! The TMNT are barely a few sewer blocks away when Bonesteel attacks anew. The fight is fast and furious as Bonesteel proves to be as much a physically powerful street brawler as he is adept at using bull whips, crossbows and steel net snares. Seeing that they appear to be evenly matched, the TMNT and Bonesteel agree to a truce of sorts. Each side going their respective ways; the Turtles with the baby turtle and Bonesteel with his dignity. It isn't until several sewer blocks later that the TMNT realize that Bonesteel had tricked them, somehow making off with the infant hawksbill! After careful consideration, and a quick education about the perils of illegal trade in endangered turtles and the legal (though no less deadly) turtle pet industry, the five Turtles decide to hunt the hunter. And hunt Bonesteel they do, poaching the poacher and saving the baby sea turtle, while seeing the commonality that they share with the Earth's endangered species. Bonesteel, of course, again vows to return and take up the hunt again --- the greatest of all hunts, the hunt for the world's only five mutant turtles!moreless
    • 10/17/97
      Dragon Lord steals the Staff of Buki and seeks out Venus to destroy her. Venus, meanwhile, is disrupting the Turtles when training. Dragon Lord lures Venus away and prepares to destroy her but the Turtles defeat the Dragon Lord and save her.
    • 10/10/97
      The Turtles set up a trap for the Rank and figure out that the serum for them is bogus, and easily defeat them when the Dragons' only weapon is their own mentality.
    • 10/3/97
      The Dragon Lord sends out the Rank to find parts for a Serum of Invincibility. Donatello's radar spots the Dragons' activity, and Splinter tells them not to jump into the hornet's nest. Raphael thinks differently and rushes to Chinatown and prepares to fight the Dragons, but gets beaten by Dragon Lord. The other Turtles come to his rescue, and Donatello gets one of the serum apparatuses. He finds that it's made of rare animal parts, but there's nothing special about it. The Turtles then intercept Dragon Lord at the Bronx Zoo and defeat the Dragons, simply because the Dragons thought that the serum would help them, but it was all in their heads.moreless
    • 9/26/97
      After freeing Splinter, the Turtles decide to celebrate in Central Park. However, the Dragon Lord has broken through to their dimension and seeked refuge in a warehouse. He then seeks out the Turtles at the park, because he believes eating them would make him more powerful. Will he succeed in defeating them?moreless
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja The Turtles travel back in time to 17 Century Japan to rescue April and battle the Evil Lord Norinaga to reclain the magic scepter that'll return them to the New York City sewers.
    • 9/19/97
      Just when it all looks hopeless for the Turtles to save their master, Chung I, enters the lair to tell the Turtles that their master is in trouble. She allies with the Turtles, calling herself Venus de Milo. Venus tells how the Dragons have captured Splinter in the Realm of Dreams. However, Shredder and the Foot attack the Turtles's HQ. Venus uses her Shinobi powers to conquer the Shredder and the Foot, but saving Splinter and defeating Dragon Lord may be too much...moreless
    • 9/12/97
      The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still fighting their sworn enemy, Shredder. However, Dragon Lord, a new villain from the Realm of Dreams captures Splinter while he is meditating. The Shinobi master Chung I sends his pupil to help the Turtles reclaim their master...
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie
      (Synopsis credited to Ninja April O'Neil (Judith Hoag) a beautiful, young television investigative reporter at Channel 3's Eyewitness News, is doing a series of stories on the recent escalation of robberies in New York City. One evening after her nightly newscast, April encounters thieves in the act of robbing one of the TV station's remote vans. The street lights go out. We hear the sounds of a struggle. Shadowy figures lock in combat in the darkness behind her. When the police arrive, they find April dazed but unharmed, with her assailants neatly tied up around her. Inside the sewers of New York, April's rescuers are revealed: Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Donatello - the illustrious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - who have returned to their subterranean den to report to their ninja master: an aging, four-foot tall talking rat named Splinter. After some pizza, the tempestuous Raphael goes to Central Park and gets into a fight with Casey Jones (Elias Koteas), a self-appointed vigilante who wields a variety of sports implements as weapons. A martial-arts athlete, Casey announces to himself that it is time to go into the dangerous, criminal world of the streets and save New York. "Somebody's gotta do it!" he says. Meanwhile, the silent crimes continue to escalate, despite April's prodding of ineffective police chief Ross Sterns (Raymond Serra) to clean up the city. April does manage to incite the group responsible for the crimes: a clandestine organization known as The Foot, which attacks her again, this time in the subway. Again, the heroic Raphael saves her. This time, however, he brings her to the Turtles' sewer den. Here, Splinter and his Turtles tell the spooked April the story of their origin, which involves a sewer encounter with radioactive ooze that caused them to grow to the size of men and gave them the gift of speech. As the Turtles escort April to her apartment, Splinter is "rat-napped" by The Foot. After the TMNT return home and find their Sensei missing, the heartbroken and confused Turtles return to April's apartment, while The Foot takes Splinter to its headquarters: a huge warehouse that is a cross between Pinocchio's "Pleasure Island" and a ninja "Fagin's Lair." It is here that The Shredder builds his empire, using an army of ninja-trained teenagers as his thieves. One of these is Danny Pennington, the estranged son of April's boss, and Danny tips The Shredder off as to where the troublesome Turtles are. Armed with this knowledge, The Foot launches an all-out attack, demolishing April's apartment in a knock-down, drag-out battle as she, the Turtles and Casey Jones (always on the lookout for a good fight, but overwhelmed by numbers this time) all flee. The heroes arrive at April's childhood home in the country, where the somber Turtles deal with their defeat, each in his own way. In the calm serenity of the countryside Casey and April discover each other. The Turtles now discover, through a mystical communique with their still-imprisoned Master Splinter, that the true ninja is not of the body, but of the mind. Accordingly, they all begin to retrain and hone their ninja abilities. With their new knowledge and skills, the Turtles return to the city. While Casey manages to rescue Splinter with Danny's help, the Turtles engage in their final battle with The Foot - in the sewers, on the streets and upon rooftops. The battle climaxes with Splinter defeating The Shredder, who is revealed to be Oruko Saki, the assassin of Splinter's own ninja master Hamato Yoshi. New York is saved, and the Turtles are reunited with their "father."moreless