Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

FOX (ended 1998)





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  • A forgotten set of Ninja Turtles...

    This is a good show, especially for today. I thought that real Ninja Turtles was the best thing ever, and Saban made that dream come true. The action is real this time, the villains are real, and there's a fifth turtle?

    Venus was okay, it was easy to ignore her, but people think that it is the worst thing to happen to Ninja Turtles. I don't. The show wasn't as good as the animated ones, but it's on my favorites.

    Dragon Lord was a reptilian Dregg. His antics were funny, and his dialogue was cleverly written. Wick, his weird lizard servant, was kind of weird.

    This show is good, but its lack of consistency brings it down.

    I love this show. East Meets West was the perfect beginning. I love Raphael in this episode. "Kiss My Shell" So funny! Leonardo is always the turtle leader you would think that one time in one series they would change it up but the way they do put it in this series the leader it doenst matter. When i saw this episode I thought that guy playing chess with Splinter knew that he was a rat but in a later episode he is blind. Venus seems so cool so far. I love the fifth turtle change but other wise everyone has the same role since it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles begun. Leonardo the leader Donatello machinest scientist guy turtle Mikey the goof off funny idiotic goof ball and Raphael the rude funny insensitive um eh (dont know the right word) Venus is the only girl the girl represents. I really didnt care that April and Casey werent in the show this is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles incarnation every. I like how they finally got a girl turtle. I have seen every episode a whole bunch of times. I can name all the episodes but defently not in order but when the summer ends i will names every episode in order and give a short summary. I kinda very smally hated the live action but I dont think it would look that good as a cartoon. i wish they didnt have to cancel it only 26 episodes thats basically 1 season so unfair I love love love this show so so so so much. I also love love love love love the characters so so so so so much. I wish it didnt end so early
  • Cool show, even though it didn't have a chance.

    When I first saw the previews for the series, they had a clip of the Ninja Turtles playing as a band (just like the Coming Out of Our Shells stage show tour). I thought they would form a band on an episode, boy was I wrong!

    This series also featured Raph acting like a rebel. He always had a hot temper, getting into (physical or verbal) fights with Leo & driving his motorcycle late @ night.

    The best thing I like about Mikey, his Sewer Hour pirate radio show that he did.
  • A show about the fifth mutant ninja turtle

    I watched this show when I was 5 years old, not knowing that this was a spinoff of the original TMNT. However, I still found it fun to watch, and nice. It was a little awkward that it wasnt animation, though, but it still had its' touches. Overall, it was a good show.
  • While a lot of people may hate this show with a passion, the show gave me a reason to live in fifth grade when my life was beginning to fall apart. I've always liked the TMNT, but Venus was truly an inspirational character for me.

    The writing: Definitely needed new writers. The plot was full of dumb jokes and gags which sometimes overshadowed any shred of deep communication that should've been there. I also hate how Venus was always being portrayed as the weak, helpless female always getting captured or having her spells backfire. The last episode also left us with no sense of closure (unless it was just cancelled by then, but who knows?), although Venus was able to a) get driven from the lair by her insensitive "brothers" (who claimed they weren't related when they really are), b) get ambushed and captured by her enemy, and then c) inexplicably escape while making the boys feel guilty.
    Characters: Again, the writing made the characters uncharacteristic of their personalities in the earlier and later versions of TMNT. If anything, the newer cartoon is the best example of TMNT. I'm told the creators hated Venus, but all I'm saying is that if anything people should hate the writing. After all, that's all anything really is: the writers make up everything and the actors simply play their parts. I thought Venus was cool - she was a girl, she had the ability to hold her own in battle unless her confidence was shaken (which we've seen), and she was a Shinobi Mystic. For me, there was no better role model at the time.
    Bottom line: If only the writing had been better...
  • I will admit I watched this as a kid and liked it. At the time, I thought it was awsome, but without the novelty of Ninja Turtles, there was nothing enjoyable or redeemable about it.

    The turtles themselves looked rather goofy, even when compared to Ninja Turtles 3. Also, the voice work seemed off to me. I disliked the lack of connection it had to any previous TMNT media. Also, there was no April, no Casey, no mention about the ooze that mutated the turtles or its backstory, other than that there was a fifth turtle. Oh yeah, a female ninja turtle... that just doesn't seem right. Especially her voice, role, "weapon" and the obvious fact the creators did no research with the word "shinobi", as it is has no relation to magic or chinese. I wasn't too kind of the new villains. Shredder was barely in it, which would be okay since he was barely in the comic books. The villains we do get were... well... an abominable snowman who, along with his gang, talk like 50's gangsters, really?

    This show came out on 1997 and ended on 1998. And it would be 5 years later before Fox released another Ninja Turtles where they figured out how to do it right.
  • This show was terrible and I could tell you why.

    I reviewed this show before my review got deleted and now I'm gonna review it again.

    Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation SUCKED CRUD!!!! Not even regular crud, putrid barfed-up roadkill direea crud!!! Now you might be saying "Hey, that's your opinion". Well, yeah it is my opinion, That it's a freaking fact that a live-action show called "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" is the most god-awful disgrace in human existance. Yes, I know the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 and how bad it was, well if he thought THAT movie was bad, then wait until he sees this TV show. This show is like 1000 times worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. This show was just bad, and I mean BAD!!! The whole plot to this show featured a fifth Ninja Turtle. Her name is Venus De Milo and she's been working for Chung I for a while in Japan. After finding out that spirits are coming, Venus visits New York where the Ninja Turtles live which is where she gets Splinter to help. This show barely has any characters from the old cartoon and comics nor did it barely have characters from the movies. This show did however have Shredder but he was only in like the first episode and he doesn't come back as Super Shredder like he was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze. In this show, the turtles do a little sneak attack in Shredder's lair and Venus uses her spiritual magic to defeat him, and that was like the second episode in which he was defeated. Now guess what, they made a new villian for this show who never appeared in the comics or the cartoon. The new villian is The Dragon Lord and his little assitant Wick. Another thing is that they combined the first 5 episodes into a movie which is a saga called "East Meets West". Because they combined those episodes to make a direct-to-video movie. People called this movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: East Meets West" but it's not a new Ninja Turtles movie it's just a badly made combination of the first 5 episodes.

    According to the summery, April O Neil and Casey Jones was originally gonna come back during Season 2, now THAT would have made the show a whole lot better, but I guess it was already failing enough during season 1 that they had to cancel it before it could get any better.

    This show just sucked hard and thank goodness it got cancelled after the first season, this show ruined the whole Ninja Turtles franchise. That is until 2003 when they brought back the Turtles with a whole new series and it was a lot better than this pile of dog poop. So you could just forget this show ever existed because it was just a bad show.

    Cowabunga. Cow-a-freaking piece of dog poop. I'm rather have beams of wood falling all over myself. I'd rather get hit by a car and fly up 300 miles up in the air. Shredder's my head and Spinter's my butt. This show was just bad and is 1000 times worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 which the Angry Video Game Nerd said is the worst movie ever. The movies are better, go watch those instead and leave this pile of vomit alone.