Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

FOX (ended 1998)





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  • While a lot of people may hate this show with a passion, the show gave me a reason to live in fifth grade when my life was beginning to fall apart. I've always liked the TMNT, but Venus was truly an inspirational character for me.

    The writing: Definitely needed new writers. The plot was full of dumb jokes and gags which sometimes overshadowed any shred of deep communication that should've been there. I also hate how Venus was always being portrayed as the weak, helpless female always getting captured or having her spells backfire. The last episode also left us with no sense of closure (unless it was just cancelled by then, but who knows?), although Venus was able to a) get driven from the lair by her insensitive "brothers" (who claimed they weren't related when they really are), b) get ambushed and captured by her enemy, and then c) inexplicably escape while making the boys feel guilty.
    Characters: Again, the writing made the characters uncharacteristic of their personalities in the earlier and later versions of TMNT. If anything, the newer cartoon is the best example of TMNT. I'm told the creators hated Venus, but all I'm saying is that if anything people should hate the writing. After all, that's all anything really is: the writers make up everything and the actors simply play their parts. I thought Venus was cool - she was a girl, she had the ability to hold her own in battle unless her confidence was shaken (which we've seen), and she was a Shinobi Mystic. For me, there was no better role model at the time.
    Bottom line: If only the writing had been better...
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