Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Season 1 Episode 17

Enemy of my Enemy


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(Synopsis credited to Splinter is returning to the lair when he spots a man being beaten up by a gang of kids. After he saves the man, he realizes that the man is the Shredder! Splinter takes him back to the lair to try and help him. Dragon Lord finds out that the Shredder has a magic relic called the Golden Shuriken and he sends out the Rank to find him. The Shredder awakens and agrees to help the Turtles in their "way of the green" (like picking up garbage, racking leaves), but just for that night. They go into the sewers to pick up garbage but the Rank and Wick arrive to capture the Shredder. Shredder runs away, leaving the Turtles to take on the Rank. Splinter follows him back up to the street and asks him about the Golden Shuriken that belonged to his Master Yoshi. Shredder denies owning it and leaves, but he actually does have the Golden Shuriken. Splinter explains to the Turtles that the Gold Shuriken is a very powerful relic and it is very important to him that he has it back. Dragon Lord tracks Shredder to a laundry mat and tries to take the Shuriken from him. Donatello also tracks the Shuriken to the laundry mat and they arrive just as Dragon Lord had the Shuriken in his hands. They hit it out of Dragon Lord's hands and a battle takes place. Afterwards Splinter holds the Shuriken for a brief moment before the Shredder takes it back from him and escapes.moreless
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