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Discussion - Sasuke 22 (June 21, 2009) (spoilers)

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    I'm starting up this thread so that all comments about Sasuke 22 can be located in one place. I believe that G4 will air this competition sometime in June 2009 along with the American Ninja Challenge special. A few people from G4 and previous American Ninja Challenges competed in Sasuke 22 but I won't post their results here just yet. I'd ask that no one else post any spoilers either until after the episodes air on G4.

    It should be a great competition. I'm looking forward to seeing what new obstacles the producers created for this one.

    I've also been watching some of the early competitions on G4. Shingo Yamamato has been a part of Sasuke/Ninja Warrior from the very beginning when the first competition was held indoors at a large auditorium in Tokyo. Katsumi Yamada was also a participant in Sasuke 1. Kazuhiko Akiyama (the first man to complete the entire course) began participating with Sasuke 2. The other All Stars did not compete until a few seasons later.

    UPDATE: Sasuke 22 will air on June 21, 2009, on G4 as part of Ninja Fest 4.
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    Even though I've already seen Sasuke 22, I still can't wait to see it on G4. 2 more days!! Plus Every Ninja Warrior episode ever with the marathon Fri-Sat-Sun. I am so glad I have a DVR.
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