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  • I think that Ninja Warrior is the best show ever! It's about random people going through many obsticles and four insane stages. All of the obsticles are hard, and when you go through the stages, the obsticles get harder. It ranges from balance to agility

    I think that Ninja Warrior is the best show ever! It's about random people going through many obsticles and four insane stages. All of the obsticles are hard, and when you go through the stages, the obsticles get harder. It ranges from balance to agility and more. It looks hard. I think that Ninja Warrior is the best show ever! It's about random people going through many obsticles and four insane stages. All of the obsticles are hard, and when you go through the stages, the obsticles get harder. It ranges from balance to agility and more. It looks hard.
  • New Dates: Open tryouts for G4's American Ninja Warrior in Los Angeles!

    G4 is now holding open casting calls in LA for American Ninja Warrior! hide « show »
    There will be open tryouts in Los Angeles to be one of ten people who will take on the world-famous Ninja Warrior obstacle course in Japan!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a martial artist, rock climber, gym rat, hiker or just an everyday guy (or girl!). If you think you can take on the course, we want to see you try. Just show up to the location below on either of the dates listed. You can try out by tackling our new, fully functional Ninja-inspired obstacle course in front of our judges on camera. Try to arrive early!!!

    New Dates:

    Saturday, August 29, 2009
    7am to 6pm
    (Tryouts take place all day. We start assigning spots at 7 am!) Sunday, August 30, 2009
    7am to 6pm
    (Tryouts take place all day. We start assigning spots at 7 am!)

    Where: 2861 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (In the lot behind Best Buy and Babies R Us. Follow signs from Los Feliz Blvd.) * Bring a valid picture ID * Wear comfortable or athletic clothes *
    * Semifinal and Final rounds will take place Monday and Tuesday, August 31 and Sept. 1 *
    * Final team of 10 will fly to Japan the second week of September 2009 *
    * For more information, directions and parking details, call 818-728-3729 *

    Or just come out and watch! As an audience member, you could be part of our biggest Ninja Warrior event ever!

    If you would like to secure a place in line: Email a recent photo with your phone number, city/state and a brief explanation of why you think you’re the next American Ninja Warrior to You can also visit and click on “casting� to download a show application and send a home video -- if you think it will get our producers’ attention! If you have what it takes, producers may be in touch to save you a spot. If we don’t get around to contacting you, come down anyway. It will be first come, first served at the open casting calls. * You must be at least 21 years of age and an American citizen or resident. For more information, visit the G4 Ninja Warrior website at
  • Great concept!

    I love this show for so many reasons. I watch it whenever it's on, and it's on about 6 times a day! G4 is possibly my new favorite channel and it has a good chance to take the title from Fox. Ninja Warrior is so original. Shows like American Gladiator, Wipeout, and other crap on television have no right to be on tv. They are so stupid! Ninja Warrior is a genuin challenge that some of these competitors train for for their entire lives and the fact that only two men have won since its debut in 1997 only strengthins this fact! I love Ninja Warrior and I hope it lastes for a long, long time!
  • LOL

    From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the crazy, humorous, and oh-so-entertaining world of Ninja Warrior! The show never fails to amuse me with its insane obstacles and equally insane competitors.

    The show is a great pick for a number of reasons: it combines atheletics with humor and has a game-show sort of feel. Anyone can compete, which makes it even more entertaining; so far I've seen 60-year-old men, sumo-wrestlers, Americans, cosplayers, and young children. The obstacles are designed to try every ounce of strength in a challenger's body. To enter the competition, one must be exceptionally athletic---or totally out of it---to take up the test. Watch and you won't be disappointed :D
  • Pretty cool show

    This is a pretty cool show and I like to watch it. Compettitors from around Japan compete in one challenge and are ranked as ninja warrior. This has alot of action and it takes strengh to compete in these kind of events and it would be really cool if more people from the USA could compete in this show. I really like the action in it and it always surprises me with all these amazing cool moves. All those things they do takes alot of skills to do and they train hours daily and all I have to say is that I like this show and it gets a 9 out of 10.
  • Many are called, few are chosen. Who will be the next Ninja Warrior?

    Competitors from all over the world compete in this mind-boggling obstacle course taken place near Mount Midoriyama that challenges every single person to be cunning, slick, and above all, strong. Americans, Japanese, even WOMEN, compete in this ruler of all competitions.

    The rules are simple. These obstacles test mind, body, and soul, both physically and mentally. If you fail at meeting these attempts, you either run out of time or you fall in the water (shown in Stages 1 and 2). Some people are there just to be funny and weird at times, others are there for the big thing: to become the next Ninja Warrior.

    It's mainly the only reason I watch G4 (aside from X-Play at times). Possibly a few weeks ago, I gained digital cable. I flipped this on, and I couldn't stop watching. In ways, this is similiar to another show on G4, Unbeatable Banzuke, which is entertaining as well.

    I would advise any person to watch this if they are looking for a Japanese/American show filled with wits, talent and shockingness. have proven to me that you can show me more than just games. You have shown talent,
  • Awesome show!! I love it!

    Ninja Warrior is so awesome. It is a Japanese I guess reality show or I don't know what it is exactly... But umm. Its tests the strength and speed of people through a series of obstacle courses and sometimes they look impossible!! It's crazy what some people can do.It can be funny too!! I know it's mean but the falls that are funny make me laugh soooo hard!! They also have a special ninja warrior designed for women but either gender can enter the regular ninja warrior. I remember one time they had little kids doing it, and they got so far and I'm talking about the actual ninja warrior with adults. Some of those kids did way better than the adults. And they also have some pretty interesting costumes and out fits. I remember seeing this one guy dressed like spider-man but sadly he lost... Anyway an Awesome show and more people should watch it!!
  • I recently started watching ninja warrior and it is one of my personal favorites because what is there not to like the crazy announcer, the wipeouts, and of course the opsitical course.The u.s now has "viking challenge" an america verson of ninja warrior.

    Overall ninja warrior is a good show and i recommend it for only fans or people who like that sort of stuff, but as for the others who are not familliar with it may find it to minotnous or boring because actually alot of the tourneys you may see consist of alot of the same people you seen before competing again.The reason why i personally like this show is because the people there are not like people here in the states, i mean the people in japan are not as competitive as ourselfs. I have noticed in some other of there shows it seems to be fun first and competition second.
  • Fun show to watch.

    Ninja Warrior is a great show to watch. If you are looking for something to watch that in volves no thinking what so ever this is your show.In the ever changing obsticle course there are so many funny spills and failures that is almost worth watching just to see someone fail so badly. On the other hand you also root for the best contestants always get sooo close to victory only to fall short. This Japanese obsticle course show is definetly worth checking out. you can find it on G4. Overall 9.5 because there is always room for better obsticles that have yet to be thought up.
  • Japanese athletes take on insane challenges.

    This show is hilarious. The commentary is just funny, no matter what the commentator is talking about. The wipe-outs are always funny. Contestants wearing crazy costumes never learn, but there's nothing that we can do about that, whether on Ninja Warrior or on American Idol. And my personal favorite, Nagano. He is incredible and just a really nice guy. I'm glad that he finally made it all the way. That's another reason that this show is different from everything else, the experienced people are always back to try again so you can connect with them more than you can for reality shows like on Project Runway where you see contestants for one season and then they're gone. We always want the contestants back for more wipe-outs, we can never get enough.
  • Welcome to Mount Midoriyama!

    From people all around the world (and sometimes other places, but mostly japan), people compete in the most bone shattering, eye watching, japanese talking, teeth chatter show ever...... Ninja Warrior!

    They take on four of the most difficult physical courses that a person could ever go through. people take it on to get the title of ninja warrior! out of the thousands of people that went through the ninja warrior courses, only 2 people could ever get through all of the four courses.

    The first course is all about determining who is worthy of going to the next stage. the second stage turns into strength and speed. then the third stage is about taking time and upper body strength. overall: ninja warrior is a great show and is just so funny then the Japanese announcer starts to talk faster. just makes you laugh!
  • This show is a wonderful show the whole family can enjoy. And the courses are great!

    Ninja Warrior, a show about 100 people trying to defeat a brutal obstical course, is interesting to say the least. I love this show! The people are interesting(from pro athletes to men in tights), and the obsticals are not a walk in the park. It's very exciting watching the people that fail, win, and in between! I watch it as much as I can, and the rest of my family thinks so too. Definitely a thumbs up. It's great watching people come back again and again to get to the final stage of the tournament. A 10 out of 10 show!
  • Another entertaining Japanese game show.

    Being obsessed with the Japanese culture like I am, I enjoy productions other than anime that comes from Japan. There are a few Japanese game shows that I watch and this is one of my favorites.

    The contestants try their best to make it through 4 extremely challenging courses, the next even more diffiult than the first. The courses are mostly designed to test upper body strength as well as agilty, speed and balance. Ever since Nagano became the 2nd person to ever complete the course and earn the title of "Sasuke", the courses have become even more challenging than ever allowing only the best of the best to complete the stages. Some contestants compete just for fun whereas many take it very serious and consider it an honor to compete and advance as far as they can.

    This show also offers humor in the sense of the contestants have their own unique personalities, some in which have their own special abilities and others which are more odd and strange than others. I find it funny and interesting to see some of the contestants' quirkiness and gimicks. Also there is another addition of humor when some of the contestants fail at the course in a rather embarrassing way.

    Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) is just something different from all the American reality/game shows airing today. I like variety and Sasuke delivers in entertainment.
  • Crazy and dangerous game show from Japan.

    Heaven knows who thinks of these things. It's a game show wherein contestants run a daunting obstacle course full of ropes, metal struts, giant pools and plenty of opportunities to fall down and go boom. As you might expect, most competitors fail. A brave and clever few manage to make it all the way to the end. In Japanese culture, they respect bravery. Apparently they also like to see people go flying from giant drapes, and who could blame them? For those of you who wanted a sports show less campy than 'American Gladiators' and 'Battle of the Network Stars,' you can now watch something that throws in genuine athleticism and events reminiscent of a boot camp challenge. It's odd, but funny and very dramatic.
  • Seeing the show is the best part

    In the show, ninja warrior, 100 competitors compete in the first, second, third, and final stage. In the first stage, all of the hardest things are thrown at them. from the warped wall to the jump hang. once all 100 competitors are done, the ones that completed the first stage go to the second stage. after that if anyone makes it to the third stage, they compete. after that, they go to the final stage. only three or four people have ever got to this part. only one has made it to the top. everyone year this takes place on mt. madoreama and 100 competitors go for the title of ninja warrior.

    Overall: this is a good show that is very fun to watch
  • One of the best shows with subtitles of our time!

    I absolutely love this show. It's crazy, zany, you name it! I love tuning in at six to watch strange competitors try and tackle the physically taxing obstacles. Any only two guys have ever made it to the top! Insanely funny subtitles too. Obviously a creative mind is behind that part. One of my favorite lines would have to be "Now he's crawling like a feral baby!" It's just all together awesome. All hail Ninja Warrior! And my fav champion Makoto Nagano! Woo! Anyways, check this show out. It'll give you a good laugh once and a while. And the sheer power of the super stars will just amaze you.
  • This japanese gameshow features 100 people trying to get through 4 obstacle courses that are progressivley more difficult.

    I decided Ninja Warrior is crap now! i used to like it but now they made the obstacle courses too hard and no one could even make it past the second stage! This show stinks. Don't watch it. It was the only good show on G4, but now that they redesigned the corse it is a piece of crap. No one, not even a Ninja Warrior, could make it pas the second stage. They just made it too hard. So now the seasons are only 3 episodes long and they are probably losing money. This show is the worst show ever!
  • WOW!

    This is one of the greatest shows ever made. There's another type of this show called "MXC", but this doesn't stand a chance against this show! Unlike MXC, which was dubbed for comedic purposes( you can thank Viacom, the owners of Spike TV, for that), Ninja Warrior is a serious show. The athletes are all real, the challenges are insane, and it's not dubbed. It is actually the actual version, with subtitles, a replay english voice-over, and some things are taken out because of American television rules. These athletes are actual athletes, no dubs, it's them in their true glory. If you can pass this course, you are AWESOME! So, in Conclusion, Ninja Warrior is a true Hardcore challenge, enjoyable for the enitre family... if they can get past the fact that it's from Japan, a country totally diffrent from ours. I give this show a 9.4.
  • Why have I not heard of this show before?!?!?!?!

    I cannot believe for the life of me how many years have gone by without this show in the states. This show is a real killer! :) Truly amazing how many pro and amateur athletes are invited to compete and even more amazing to watch them shine. The only rules are to beat the clock, beat the obstacles, and make it all the way to the end. No distractions, period. If an athlete fails to pass any stage anywhere, then that athlete has only oneself to blame for. Ultimately, each and every competitor is held accountable for one's own actions. This is a true classic since "American Gladiators!!!"
  • I just started watching this 2wks ago.I'm hooked I watch it everynight and tivo it. I think this is one of the best shows out there. I even got my friends watching it. I hope the Kosugi brothers make it to the top. I love the announcer he makes me laugh.

    I just started watching this 2wks ago.I'm hooked I watch it everynight and tivo it. I think this is one of the best shows out there. I even got my friends watching it. I hope the Kosugi brothers make it to the top. I love the announcer he makes me laugh. Since I've been watching this show I'm assuming there is no money to win but just the prestige of being a Ninja Warrior. I love this show I always look for the times its going to aire. I just found out that they are going to make a American Ninja Warrior show I'm looking forward to watching that and seeing which one I like better. Keep up the fantastic announcing. I think the Warped Wall,Cliff Hanger,Jump Hang and the Hill Climb.
  • This show is awsome! Few things on TV are better than this show!

    The obstacle courses are insane on this show! Only the best can complete all four stages. It is really exciting to see the contestants completing some of the hardest obstacle courses ever. I also like that they left the original Japanese in with subtitles. The Japanese announcer is really good for this show. He says very original and interesting comments about each contestant. IE: "His bald glimmers in the moonlight", "He climbs to do battle with the gods of Madoriyama", ect. The show is really amazing and few things on TV beat watching the contestants do almost unbelievable feats on the obstacle courses. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes the challenge and excitment of this type of program.
  • Great physical challenge show.

    I love this show. When is the show making an American tour? Would love to go Love the Kunoichi shows. I look at the first stage as the auditions for American Idol. The characters that come on the show are hilarious side splitting. And then there are those wipe outs. I mean WOW!!! I don't know if I could take smashing into a wall then splash into the muddy water and come up smiling. I do wonder what the prize is if you win the challenge. I see that there are a few of Japan's celebrities come on the show. Some look like they are taking it very serious.
  • Pretty cool show!

    This show is very cool because challengers go through this extremely challenging obstacle course that I would never be able to do in a million years! They are all pretty much atheletes so thats gives them an advantage.There was actually a 9 year old on the show one time!!! There was this sumo wrestler woman on the show one time and she had to wlk across these poles sticking out of the water, and she started to walk across them and she fell off one and hit her fore head on another one and then fell in the water! It was hilarious! Thats all ive got to say about it! Oh and im going to go with Bodjoe 921 and say that im glad that mr meaty got canceled and this is way better than that show!
  • Good Show!

    I kind of like this show!
    This show is preaty good and can be fuuny to some people at some times of the show!
    The coures remind me of a playground!
    But its harder to do that what it seems!
    I am here to tell all of you to give this show a chance!
    I promise you it's better than Mr. Meaty!!!
  • great show.

    I love this show. One of my teachers told me about this show, and i cant stop watching it. I love the announcer. Shingo Yamamoto is the best. I want to find his gas station. I dont like women of ninja warrior as much cause it is a lot easier. The first stage is usually easy except for the warped wall. The second stage is the easiest. Third is hardest. Fourth is tough because of the time limit. I watch it every day at 6 on G4. This show is amazing. It is great. The best show on tv.
  • Good stuff.

    What can I say about Ninja Warrior except..It thinks out the box. It's so entertaining and unintentionally funny. Of corse It's not something everyone wold easily fit into. The Japenese language I don't mind, and in fact it's even better that way in my opinion. Leaves you with that foreign feeling, you know mixed in with the feeling of everyone staring at you with that what-the-****? face. The character are actually not that random, and when they are it's a little funny to seem them. The other more well known and persistant type that are considered "Elite" are of course though the more funner to follow. They give that suspense feeling to the series.
    A must watch if you're into original series.
  • A grueling test of the mind and body. The four differnt stages are ment to push you to your limits and far far beyond.

    This show is the coolest thing on television. There is only one problem the show is too short. Before you know it the half hour is over and you are left waiting for something to happen. The show creates a mind set in most people that makes them want to watch it without fail everyday. I watched the show when you had the marathon from tournament6 through 17. My personal favorite is tournament 4 because my favorite competartor is Kazuhiko Akiayame. The whole show is used to show peoples mental and physical strength and ability. I am hoping that the great people of Japan decide to make more MALE TOURNAMENTS! The show just isnt as good with the female competitors. I understand that it isnt fair ot have it all male but it is just made for better television.
  • Best show around hands down.

    In the tired world of US reality shows, this import came to my attention like a breath of fresh air. To say that I've become hooked on this show is an understatement. When G4 did their "Ninja Warrior" marathon, I sat and watched all the episodes (several times). Just wish they (G4) would broadcast the complete show rather than the short 30min segments. Makoto Nagano is my fave contestant, he's so smooth and charming. All that training on his fishing boat comes in handy. It's always great to see the contestants who've been coming back year after year, rooting them on and feeling their pain when they crash and burn. The 2007 course is even more awesome! First stage is twice as long and four times as hard. Can't wait for those to air. If you haven't seen the show, check it out. You won't be sorry.
  • Many will play, few will win

    If MXC made you laugh but left you wanting more serious and extreme challenges, check out Ninja Warrior (known in Japan as Sasuke.) This has got to be the most difficult obstacle course in the world and the few (currently 2 male and 1 female) that actually have completed all 4 stages are elite atheletes and now world-famous. Ninja Warrior is easy to get into and will have you on the edge of your seat. You'll gasp with disappointment when a challenger falls into the water and cheer when one finally makes it to the end of the stage. Each stage is increasingly difficult. If you are a regular viewer, you'll develop an attachment to the all-stars (frequent competitors)as well as your personal favorites. Also check out Women of Ninja Warrior (Kunoichi, in Japan) to see an obstacle course specially designed for female challengers that focuses more on agility than strength.
  • I watched because I thought it was MXC but I ended up getting hooked.

    This show is awesome. It took me a while to realize that it isn't like MXC and it is an actual competition in Japan along the lines of the tough guy competitions. This show puts men, and women if you watch the women of ninja warrior, through tests of endurance and stamina and balance for the women. These guys train for months perfecting there skills in order to get the title of ninja warrior no other reason just for the name. Some of these people try out every time there is a competition. So far there is only one woman who has won the women of ninja warrior but she one three years in a row and only two men have ever won the ninja warrior title. This show is worth watching and is highly recommended.
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