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Nip/Tuck - A disturbingly perfect drama. Be aware that the show description below, synopses of episodes, and the forum are likely to contain spoilers. This drama is set in a south Florida plastic surgery center, McNamara-Troy, centering around the two doctors who own it. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is having problems at home, trying to keep his family together, trying to patch up the rocky road him and his wife Julia (Joely Richardson) are experiencing. On the other hand, sex-craved Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) uses his charm to bring in potential female candidates and conducts shady business deals, often for the love of money. While Sean takes his job seriously, he often has to fix Christian's mistakes. During the first season, Sean and Christian got mixed up with Escobar Gallardo, a Colombian drug lord who forced the two to do free surgery whenever he wanted them to. Sean's marriage with Julia began to wear thin, and Sean had an affair with a patient named Megan O'Hara. Julia went back to school, but it was interrupted by a miscarriage of a child Sean and Julia were trying to have. Christian learned he is the father of a baby with a woman named Gina, who he met at Sexaholics Anonymous. When the baby was born, we learn that the baby is African-American, and therefore not his. Julia questions Matt's paternity. The second season begins with Sean and Christian both turning 40, and Christian playing father for Wilbur, who Gina is letting him take care of, until Wilbur's real father fights him for custody. Sean and Julia are quite happy together again until Christian's loneliness after Wilbur was taken away from him causes her to reveal that Matt is really his son. The secret ripples and eventually Sean finds out, causing a separation between Sean and Julia. He and Christian find a way to stay friends. A serial rapist named the Carver has been raping victims around Miami, and slices their face, and Sean makes a commitment to fixing their faces. Ava, a life coach for Sean and Julia, forms a sexual relationship with Matt, which is doomed from the beginning due to a wide age gap and Ava's screwed up son Adrian. Seasons three and four have been ordered by FX at 15 episodes each. Season 3 will begin production in June for a September premiere date. Chronological repeats of the show air Sundays at 10pm. Nip/Tuck Theme Song - A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room. (Note: the song does include the words a perfect life, but the song is called A Perfect Lie.



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  • Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh

    Dr. Sean McNamara

    Kelly Carlson

    Kelly Carlson

    Kimber Henry (Season 3+)

    Julian McMahon

    Julian McMahon

    Dr. Christian Troy

    John Hensley

    John Hensley

    Matt McNamara

    Roma Maffia

    Roma Maffia

    Dr. Liz Cruz (Season 2+)

    Joely Richardson

    Joely Richardson

    Julia McNamara

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    Fan Reviews (376)

    • Amazing!

      I loved this serie. It makes me realize much things in life. Its such a nice serie, so real.
    • Kimber

      I got do tired Of the whole Kimber drama, and the on and Off relationship with Christian , sean and matt. It really Ruined the show. I wished she had been killed in the carverseason.
    • Bizarre, Wonderful, Ridiculous

      It must be a good show to have all 3 adjectives describing it. Bizarre: watching plastic surgeon operations as part of the dramatic arc. Wonderful: Exploring body issues, perfection, family, sexuality, identity. Ridiculous: crime procedural that it wasn't, you'd think there would be at least some effort to create a semi-plausible investigation into the Carver incidents. There were other plot lines that were so thin they didn't stitch together: what family would hire a nanny without doing a background check from her previous employers . why didn't Sean and Julia know about Monica's previous affair with her boss?). I actually laughed watching the brother and sister Carver act as they explained what they did and why all the while soaking in the sun in Spain. If you watch the show and are from another planet, you'd think we humans are really into incest or as they say, 'Incest is So it is kind of a kinky show all things considered.moreless
    • Started Out Promising

      I agree with most people in saying that I was sceptical about the show given that I only knew 1 or 2 of the actors that would be starring in the drama series and at least one of them wasn't a big time actress (Referring to the actress who played Julia- Ne'e Naughton). I don't know why in Hell they had her play the character of Julia who is meant to be the ultimate dream girl to both Christian and Sean. Quite ridiculous to think of her as even remotely attractive. In fact I wouldn't deem her rootable in Christians eyes at all. In saying that, they could have picked a better character who didn't resemble Michael Jackson (turned white) as Matt- the son of Sean. I guess they were doing someone a favour?

      Christian who played his character fantastically would have to be THE worst friend anyone could have. Just when you start to see a kind heart in him from season 3 onwards, he will do something completely unforgiveable in any sane persons mind, that ultimately reminds you of all the reasons why he should be hated. I was rooting for Kimber to be with Sean although it got stupid with the idea of them passing her back and forth. I at one point wanted Christian to be with Kimber after she was attacked by the Carver. In fact I was saying in my mind to Kimber to stay with Christian, that he was a changed man. How stupid was I after the way he then treated her in the next season?!

      After the death of Kimber which could have been truly a sad scene (had they made a few adjustments) I don't get how a main character that started out in season 1 commits suicide in season 6 and is abruptly forgotten about! What happened to any of the characters truly mourning?! Seeing Christian in tears after finding out had me choked up- but then he was back to his old sleazy self the next day.

      I could really go on and on about the stupid parts of the show and how ridiculous the storylines were but ill end it with this: watch it all. Maybe even just to have a laugh because once it ends, you cant help but miss the team that were Sean, Liz and Christian.moreless
    • nice season

      nice season

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