Season 3 Episode 11

Abby Mays

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on FX



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    • Music:
      'Fat Bottomed Girls' by Queen, 'War' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and 'Love To Hate You' by Maria Lee Carta are played during the various surgeries in the episode.

      Other songs heard during the episode:
      "We come in peace" by Sam Black Church (Sean and Julia discuss outside Matt's room; Matt argues with Sean; Matt tells Ariel that she loves her)
      "Paz" by Troubleman (Quentin and Julia are together at De La Mer)

    • The Soldier being consulted by Sean should be wearing a "Combat Action Ribbon".

  • Quotes

    • Christian: Did you finally find an ounce of respect and come to tell me what an asshole I am?
      Abby Mays: You and I are very similar, you know? I know you hate me. But I'm OK with it. Cos I hate me too.
      Christian: You couldn't be more pathetic.
      Abby Mays: Yeah, I know. You made that pretty clear. But, Christian, that's cool with me. I like that I don't have to worry if you'll ever love me. I don't have to try to please you. It would only waste my time. Don't you get it? Last night, those won't tears of humiliation you saw. They were tears of joy. I had the first orgasm of my life with you. I went online to try and get information about my feelings. According to the websites, I must be a masochist. And you... you're definitely a sadist. We're made for each other (takes a paper bag with her phone number on it out and puts it on the desk) Anytime you want me, just let me know. And I'll wear the bag again. I don't mind.

    • Kimber: (voice-over; her letter to Christian) Dear Christian, I've thought about you reading this letter ever since the day I left. For your sake, I hope you've moved on and barely remember my name. Please know that leaving you on your wedding day was the last thing I wanted to do. I tried to say this to you so many times before but couldn't do it, so I just left. But the words still need to be said. We were never meant to spend our lives together. There is one thing I thank you for: forcing me to choose between you and my career. You helped me realize that my career gives me everything I need. Individuality, empowerment, autonomy. While being your wife would only strip me of my dignity and sense of self. So I chose me over you. You probably hate me for it and, for that, I'm sorry. Don't try to find me. I never want to see you again. It would be too painful and nothing would be gained. Goodbye. Kimber.

    • Sean: We don't need you for this surgery, Quentin. Why don't you just go home?
      Christian: Or why don't you head down to the docks? I hear there's a whole bunch of sailors just arrived with three-day passes.

    • Quentin: You're not a hero. To you, it's more respectable to kill a man than it is to be a homosexual.
      Corporal Oliver Brandt: And you'd rather ruin everything I stand for than to fight your own battles. Isn't the doctor's creed to 'first do no harm'?

    • Julia: Why haven't you tried to have sex with me? We've been dating for almost a month.
      Quentin: I do things differently. There's... an honor involved.
      Julia: Well, if this is to continue, I could do with a little less honor and a little more heat.

    • Sean: (to Julia) Here's something that slipped through the crack. Some guy's cock in your boyfriend's ass!

    • Abby Mays: I heard you were ditched at the altar. I don't want to sound mean, Dr. Troy, but that ex-bride of yours sounds like a real birdbrain. What was she thinking? You're a rich, handsome plastic surgeon. Everything a woman could want. You're better off anyway. Sure, you can get any woman you want to marry you, but if you never get married you can get every woman any night of the week. And none of them will nag you if you leave the toilet seat up.

    • Sean: If you're looking for a declaration of war, Quentin, you've got it. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down.
      Quentin: I accept your declaration. As uncomfortable as you try- and make- my life around here, I have several delightful ways to make it more difficult for you. And then at the end of the day, I can go home and get out any leftover aggression... by screwing Julia.

    • Quentin: It's funny, isn't it? Painting a few jagged lines on a locker is considered a hate crime. But so many things are excluded from that label. Rape. Murder. Incest. Why aren't they called hate crimes? War. That's not considered a crime at all. Yet hating your enemy makes it so much easier to kill them.

    • Liz: (during Abby's lipo surgery, when Christian gets aggressive) It's my job to minimize pain. Having her wake up looking like she just played linebacker for the Dolphins kind of defeats the purpose. Look. Look... after being attacked, accused of murder, rejected by your mother and dumped by your bride, who wouldn't be angry? it all makes sense. You've had a really rough year, Christian, but you shouldn't be taking it out on her!

    • Christian: You know, the ugly ones are usually the best lovers. Real givers... to make up for their shortcomings.
      Abby Mays: Just because I am ugly, doesn't mean I'm attracted to ugly, Dr. Troy. I get all the magazines. I watch MTV. I'm as affected by the media as anyone else.

    • Corporal Oliver Brandt: (to Quentin) Why would I do anything to save your sorry ass? (pause) As much as I enjoyed it.

    • Christian: Look at me, I'm a widely successful plastic surgeon with great hair, pro-white teeth and a 33-inch waist. I'm a Godamn superhero and I'm going to put that cape back on, fly back into every singles bar in town and...bang myself silly

    • Christian: (to Abby after marking her with lipstick) Now put your clothes back on - you look like a road map to hell.

    • Christian: (while marking Abby with lipstick) Beauty is symmetry, and you don't have any. First, I'll need to get rid of all this nasty cottage cheese, and here, with some laser hair removal to keep this forest under control.....these mud flaps will need to be lopped off....have you ever picked up anything heavier than a carton of Haagan-Daaz?
      Abby Mays:, I don't go to a gym or anything.
      Christian: Obviously. Your beer belly needs extensive abdominal lipo ....and you could insulate your house with the amount of fat that we're going to SUCK out of your hips.......

    • Christian: (to Abby Mays) Well, sweetheart, you're never going to look like Angelina, and you're never going to sleep with Brad.

    • Christian: (To Abby Mays) If you want to have sex with me, you have to put the bag over your head so I can't see your face.

    • Matt: (to Sean as he exits) Why do you always choose hate over love man?

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