Season 6 Episode 5

Abigail Sullivan

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2009 on FX

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  • Incredible episode. I haven't felt this excited for future episodes since the Carver arc.

    So much was going on in this episode: drama, suspense, tragedy, and a nature vs. nurture debate to top it all off. Sean definitely faces the most tragic circumstances out of any character on this show. His romantic life always manages to take a turn for the worst. Now he's lost his children and the respect of his other loved ones. It's no wonder he'd try to kill himself. It's great we finally see Julia this season. Hopefully we'll see her til the end. I think the show is not the same without her. My only beef with her this episode is that she didn't seem to care about Sean's obvious instability, although I guess it's pretty typical of her. Matt really is an idiot. What did he expect to happen by calling Sean a second time? With that said, I found it interesting that it was Christian who initially decided to turn Matt in. Usually the moralistic Sean would be the one to make such a decision. What is going to happen to Matt anyway? I am hoping the writers won't bail him out on this one. Being charged with armed robbery isn't something one can get off on. For the sake of realism, his storyline better end in prison. Regardless, fantastic episode. Great actor portraying Teddy's murderer, by the way.
  • This episode was so right in every way!

    This was the best episode to date, maybe ever in Nip Tuck history! So many emotions. I loved that everything was tied up at the end. It was appropriate to do so. Sometimes episodes are dragged out for effect, but everything flowed well right into the next scene. The resolutions in this episode were not outlandish, but very right.

    In addition, it was refreshing to not already know what the characters were going to do/might do based off of the characters' past actions.

    The writers, producers, and such really pulled it together on this one! Keep it up! Wonderful, wonderful episode!
  • Stuck Together, Torn Apart

    One of the best episodes in a while, and an all-round hour of real sadness that I imagine resonated heavily with long-term viewers. Seeing Matt through all his disturbing incarnations, and it's finally come to this.

    While I was happy to see Julia again, she was unsurprisingly shrewish-as-hell. The guts she had to throw the "you never noticed?" card in Sean's face in regards to Matt, when only two weeks ago it was revealed that Annie's scalp was completely destroyed, something Julia entirely failed to spot. The hypocrisy was crazy. However, I did love that they both finally acknowledged that their parenting straight-up blows. Matt has had this long, long list of crazy, screwed-up situations he's gotten himself involved in, and I thought it was both a provocative and daring twist to this particular story arc that he actually ended up in jail. The cast of this show get away with so much that it was actually pretty shocking to see one of them go down for something. I wonder where Matt will go from here.

    I was insanely happy that Kimber's part in the episode turned out to be an elaborate team-up with Christian to get to Matt, because it would have bugged to see her actually want to get back together with him. She really had me fooled for a minute, and I admit I did love her line about "dil*o sales are down in this economy". She would totally know, right!

    The resolution to Teddy's storyline wasn't particularly exciting, but I was personally really disturbed with what happened to her. While we never saw any of it, the idea of her heart being cut out, her head getting cut off and the rest of her body dumped somewhere was just too upsetting. Really horrible way to go, even if she was smothered beforehand.

    The Teddy arc itself suffered from a lack of surprises. The only times it really perked up was when something game-changing occurred, like the leech murder or (admittedly) her inconvenient run-in with the psycho last week. However, and I'm not sure if everybody else would agree, I do think the show did a pretty good job of handling the re-cast. While both Katee Sackhoff's and Rose McGowan's incarnations of the same character were vastly different, they both added something to the show which I liked. But, ultimately, I'm not exactly sad that the story is over.

    Really loved the patient of the week, which was equal parts bizarre and saddening. I was already fascinated with the existence of parasitic twins pre-show, so I was pleasantly surprised when it popped up here. And while the whole thing was a little predictable, I loved Amy Farrington's performance, and the relationship Abigail and "Moira" had formed was pretty compelling. Also appreciated the metaphor between what was happening in the subplot and what was happening to Sean, in having to ultimately let somebody go despite your love for them.

    A really strong episode that utilized each character extremely well, resolving two major storylines and sending certain characters, especially Sean and Matt, into surprising new directions: Matt having to face prison, and Sean having pretty much lost it all.

    Director: John Scott
    Writer: Brad Falchuk
    Rating: A
  • Speechless.

    This episode is by far the best yet this season. Matt gets his stitches from Sean and he is wanted by the police, he decides to getaway. Abigail, the pateint had a strange case, which is normal for Nip/Tuck. That storyline was great. Kimber is the biggest Biatch EVER!!!!! I can't beleive she tricked Matt, i really thought she was for real, like she wanted to go away with Matt. Sean eventually finds out that Teddy tries to kill him, this was very sad, Sean is broken, the part were he swam naked in the beach made me tear up. I feel bad when Matt thought that his dad had his back, but in the end he got arrested. Julia comes back to take the kids, which is a good and bad idea, i am so tied up with this!! 10/10 PERFECT A+