Season 1 Episode 10

Adelle Coffin

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2003 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Featured Music:

      "Sunshine Superman" by Donovan (Christian/surgery - sews fingers on patient incorrectly)
      "The Four Seasons (Concerto No.3 in F Major, RV.293 'Autumn': l: Allegro)" by Antonio Vivaldi (Christian/Sean in re-certification with "heads")
      "Claire De Lune" by Claude Debussy (Megan & Sean have dinner)
      "Rocket Man" by Elton John (Megan commits suicide)

    • At the end of the episode, Julia says to Sean: "I can't hate a woman who died of cancer at 36." Yet, in Episode 6 (Megan O'Hara), Megan's patient form states that she is only 31.

    • Goof: The talking head of Adelle Coffin was a blue head with a hair piece (and an inch of prosthetic skin all around) on top. Digitally, the actress' face was filled into the blue part. Anyhow, the goof is that you can clearly tell the difference between the skin tones of the actress compared to the inch of prosthetic skin.

    • Goof: When Julia first sobs after knowing Sean's affair, she puts both her hands on her forehead. But when the camera switches angle to Sean, we only see Julia's left hand on her face.

  • Quotes

    • Sean: I won´t let you do this.
      Megan: It´s not your decision.
      Sean: I just found you.
      Megan: And now you have to let me go. I don´t fear death, Sean. I fear the prolongement of it.

    • Sean: And I will be there with you every step of the way.
      Megan: That´s going to make it pretty hard to keep this thing under wraps. If you´re rushing to my sickbed, Julia´s likely to notice after a while. I don´t want a long-drawn-out death, Sean. I really don´t. I want a quick and peaceful one that´s under my control.
      Sean: That´s what we all hope for.
      Megan: I´m gonna do more than hope.

    • Julia: What did she give you that I couldn't?
      Sean: She saw the good in me, Julia. She saw the potential, the hope. Every time you look at me I see it in your eyes. All I see staring back at me is regret.

    • Megan O'Hara: (to Sean) Goodbye scarecrow. I'm going to miss you the most.

    • Megan O Hara: It's like when you're a kid at an amusement park and you're having the greatest time, ice cream, Ferris wheel and stuffed animals. And it get's late and you beg your parents to let you stay, you'll be so good, you'll do anything they ask. So they say okay... Only now, the steps are harder to climb. You have a tummy ache, and you're too tired to wait in line for rides anymore. And suddenly you begin to cry. (crying) It's no fun anymore. (crying) And you hear your mom's voice saying "Megan, when are you gonna learn enough's enough!?".

  • Notes

    • Eryn Krueger Mekash, Stephanie A. Fowler, Thomas R. Burman and Bari Dreiband-Burman were nominated for the 2004 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Makeup for a Series (Non-Prosthetic)" for this episode.

    • Roma Maffia receives the 'and' credit.

    • Although listed in the opening credits, John Hensley and Valerie Cruz do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Adelle: Don't flunk out, Boy Wonder.

      This comes from the DC Comics character Robin, who is often called 'the Boy Wonder'. He is Batman's sidekick.

    • Megan: Goodbye Scarecrow, I'm going to miss you the most.

      This was spoken by Dorothy Gale, the main character from the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum. The phrase was then also used in the 1939 muscical movie starring Judy Garland.

    • Christian: ...then we'll wheel in Colonel Sanders.

      Colonel Sanders is the mascot for the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain.