Season 6 Episode 6

Alexis Stone

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on FX

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  • I Want to kill Juilia's Mom!!!!

    This week on Alexis Stone, Julia's mom asseses Sean's sanity because she thinks he tried to kill himself. She decides to take custody of the kids!! This is really bad because she is going to play dirty in order to get what she wants! Julia and Sean are teaming up in order to get what is most important to them, the kids! Matt is in jail and Julia's mom convinces him to testify against Julia and Sean!! Kimber and Mike get engaged. Christian is jealuos as hell! He still has feelings for her and he tell her how he really feels about her. The patient this week, Alexis is a transexual wanting to become a male again. Overall, this episode is leading up the Alexis Stone II, the preview is AMAZING!! Looks like Matt is getting raped by this big guy in Jail and Sean and Julia are back together in order to keep the kids. I Have a feeling things are going to get really ugly!! Stay Tuned!!!

  • Mommie Not-So-Dearest

    I'd been eagerly awaiting the return of Erica Noughton since the infamous "smothering" episode in season three, and her re-appearance here was unsurprisingly awesome. Erica was as domineering, biting and shameless as always, and it was clear that Vanessa Redgrave was again having a hell of a time playing such a ball-busting character.

    While Erica's decision to try and take custody of Annie and Conor is clearly melodramatic, you can't blame her for finally stepping in and forcing Sean and Julia to come to terms with their god-awful parenting over the years. Like she said, one child is in prison, another is eating her own hair, and it would only be a matter of time before Conor starts acting out. And as beautiful as last week's coda was, Sean was completely insane to actually consider suicide, no matter how briefly.

    Gilles Marini, known as Naked Dude from the Sex and the City movie and for his time on Dancing with the Stars, was great as Erica's sleazy new husband, while Julia slapping her mom was soapy trashiness at its finest. If there's one thing this show needs, it's more catfights! Heh!

    Absolutely adored Christian and Kimber's conversation about their ridiculously complicated relationship. It reminded me a lot of early season three, with Kimber in non-b*tch mode and Christian emotionally together and coming to terms with his desire for her. They're both such narcissistic, screwed up characters that they totally are each others soulmates. Kimber and Mike have zero chemistry, and their scene in bed together with Kimber's fake orgasm and subsequent epiphany proved it. That ending, with Kimber about to remove that hideous tattoo, was a doozy.

    Another little moment I liked was the Liz/Christian scene, and Liz taking the initiative to fix their friendship. Hopefully this means that entire arc is getting put to sleep.

    The patient of the week was really intriguing. I loved Candis Cayne on Dirty Sexy Money, and I inadvertently expected Alexis to simply be revealed as a (I guess) pre-op transsexual who required surgery. The twist that she was a transsexual wishing to once again be a man came as a complete shock to me. Sure, it doesn't do a lot for transsexual support groups (the indecisiveness and repeated gender-changing doesn't do much for the cause), but the story and the surgical process to re-dude-ify Alexis was interesting. I'm excited to see how it'll play out next week.

    Yet another impressive episode which utilized all of the characters well, while additionally featuring several juicy storylines to carry over to the second half of the two-parter. With all the cast back together again, it really feels like the golden years of this show all over again.

    Director: Tim Hunter
    Writer: Hank Chilton
    Rating: B+