Season 6 Episode 7

Alexis Stone II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2009 on FX

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    The Episode begins with Matt's Prison mate meeting Christian about Matt getting an odd surgery! Julia and Sean are supposedly back together in order to ge custody of their kids. Erica's boyfreind turns out to be a pedifile!! This forces Erica to give the kids back to Sean and Julia. Matt is in trouble with his inmate, getting raped and abused!! I feel horrible for Matt, he has been through so much crap in this show that it amazes me!! Julia tells Erica to never come back to her life ever again and she wishes she was dead! Erica is a stupid B**ch!! Turns out Julia has something planned to get back at her mother BIG TIME!!! Only 2 more Episodes for Season 6 part 1 :(
  • Stone Cold

    I know I'm probably gonna be in the minority here, but I thought Alexis Stone II was a slightly underwhelming resolution to this two-parter. Sure, it was entertaining in spots, but the Oz-style prison violence and lack of Erica was a deal-breaker for me.

    Erica didn't so much go out with a bang, and more a whimper. I was hoping there would be some kind of shout-out to Julia's mercy killing of the woman she believed to be her mother back in season three, but it never came. I did find it ironic that the real Erica's end was still somehow related to airports though. Heh. That must have been intentional.

    While Erica's custody battle was undeniably calculated, I don't think it's really fair for Erica to go down for drug possession while admittedly terrible people like Julia and Sean get no real punishment for their selfish, god-awful parenting over the years. It just doesn't fly for me. If there's anything I was expecting from this two-parter, it was both of them to face the cold hard truth about their behavior. While they weren't exactly punished, hopefully they'll fix their ways from now on. But, with this show, I wouldn't bet cash on it...

    I felt Vanessa Redgrave was a little underused in this episode, as was Gilles Marini. Sure, he sucked, but the character could have been utilized a little more. It all felt a little half-assed, which is disappointing considering the talent the show has at its disposal here. I did, however, love the scene with Annie posing in front of Renaldo. Great juxtaposing between the '80s pop song and the creepy, uncomfortable visuals.

    Matt's storyline was pretty obvious (did anybody not see the "prison-b*tch" arc coming?), and I felt it got way too dark and nasty for my liking. It actually reminded me a lot of season three, with all the prison inmates and psychiatric hospitals in that year. Patrick Kilpatrick was chilling in the role of Matt's cellmate but, yeesh, sometimes the show doesn't need to go there.

    Alexis was a question mark. While I appreciate in principal her martyr act about offensive language being used against her, she shouldn't complain at people's attitudes to what she was doing. From an outside perspective, she was doing exactly what Christian said she was doing: changing her gender constantly. And while I know absolutely nothing about transsexuality, I can't help but feel the story was a little far-fetched. Does this kind of thing really happen? Somebody having three sex changes? Eh... who knows?

    So farewell, Erica. You were a great character, if a little short-changed in this two-parter. Still, she had a memorable exit. Not as memorable as it could have been, but a fitting end to such a awesomely cruel character. This episode? I'm indifferent.

    Director: John Scott
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: B-