Season 1 Episode 12

Antonia Ramos

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on FX

Episode Recap

During surgery to remove a Hispanic woman's generous implants, Sean and Christian make a disturbing discovery: Her implants are filled with heroin. Escobar Gallardo shows up during the procedure to let Sean and Christian know that they must perform these surgeries for him - at his command - or he will let the police know what happened to Salvador, the man that Sean and Christian killed earlier in the season.
Though Julia worries about her husband staying out late, she won't allow her son to comfort her. Instead, Julia meets Sofia Lopez in her pilates and finds that she is an unexpected source of strength. The other women in the don't want Sofia there, but Julia tries to get them to accept her new friend. Unfortunately, the girls are left without an instructor.
Christian discovers that Gina lives on a house boat - an unsuitable venue for a child. He gets upset with her when she has sex with a guy named Brad, who works at a baby merchandise store. Fed up with his baby mama's behavior, Christian asks Gina to live with him. He and Gina share a special moment when he feels the baby kick, and Gina finally reveals her last name to Christian.

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