Season 1 Episode 12

Antonia Ramos

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on FX

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  • Poison Arrow Written by Jennifer Salt And Brad Falchuk Directed by Elodie Keene

    They are some episode so razor sharp, they could cut you with a knife and then they are others that prick you with an acidity that could kill. Needless to say, the penultimate episode of Season 1 has that desired effect.

    Take Julia for example. Some of the comments she makes when angry have a frostbite type feel and no one felt more left out in the cold than Matt when she put her foot down and told him, she was his parent, not his pal. If this had anything to do with the Cara incident, you’d understand but Matt was trying to reach out and be helpful. However this episode didn’t really give me much time to berate Julia as she became something of a knight in shining armour for Sophia Lopez (always a pleasure to see this character) when Suzanne and the women at Pilate’s wanted Sophia out of the class. What a bitch! I knew Suzanne was vindictive but her behaviour here was downright malicious.

    I cheered that Julia refused to sign her awful petition and laid into her lack of decency. It’s just such a pity it backfired on her and that Sophia lost out anyway when the women boycotted the class anyhow. Bringing back Sophia again this time as a confidant for Julia was a nice touch as she got to reveal her fears of Sean wanting to leave her, leaving their tangles state of affairs up in the air.

    Sophia’s treatment of those women at Pilate’s was shocking but to top it more, Escobar Gallardo, that nasty drug lord who kidnapped and tortured Christian in the “Pilot” made a spectacular return and proved instantly that he’s even more nastier than originally perceived as we learned how he callously uses foreign women to import heroin in their breasts in return for a modelling contract (we later find out it doesn’t exist) and quickly blackmails the surgeons into helping operate on these women to acquire his cargo, even going as far as visiting the McNamara household bringing out a feral side in Sean, that is kept in check when Escobar threatens his family and Sean is forced to comply.

    While injecting a sick sense of humour in an overall dangerous and homicidal villain, Escobar is undoubtedly the nastiest character we’ve encountered in the first season. Even though he’s smaller than them, the camera angles go to great lengths to make Escobar tower over Sean and Christian during every single scene he has with them, it makes his flunky Pepe virtually obselete. I found it funny Liz would want to risk her life for the lads until she mentioned they her assistance in order to lessen the pain for the woman Escobar is using as cargo, giving her that strong moral centre only hinted at in previous episodes.

    If the return of Escobar wasn’t bad enough for Christian, then Gina (who is probably a fan of Shakespeare) keeps good on her promise to make Christian pay for their baby and that of course means making sure Junior has the most expensive accessories on the block. The love/hate relationship with these two is brilliantly played out as Christian tries and ultimately fails to control Gina, whether it’s her smoking, living conditions or having sex with skeevy store clerks. I just hope this thread doesn’t fizzle too fast though. Of course, realising she’s alone, we get to see a softer side to Gina that even appeals to Christian enough to let her stay at his place and in his bed too but this far from means they are going to fully let the other take advantage of them.

    Also in “Antonio Ramos”

    Patients of the week: Both of Escobar’s girls – Maria Amador and Antonio Ramos have huge implants of heroin in them which needed to be removed for their own safety as well as Escobar’s benefit. Plus there was Ms.Guttierez at the end of the episode.

    Liz: “Every time I see what women do to themselves for these tit-jobs, it makes me ashamed of what I do for a living”
    Christian: “These tit-jobs pay 70% of our business, Liz”.

    Escobar (to Sean and Christian): “We help people deal with the hate they feel about themselves. You do it by carving up their faces, I do it by dulling their senses”.

    They are rumours of Sean and Julia not on speaking terms is spreading. Both Suzanne and Sophia were aware of their marital woes.

    Gina: “What’s the matter, Christian, no attracted to pregnant women?”
    Christian: “No, just not attracted to you”.

    Gina has a boat called “Good Ship Lollipop” (Christian sold his in this episode). I couldn’t help but think when she sent that stroller to the bottom of the sea that Sean and Christian could have a similar fate if they double-cross Escobar.

    Julia (re Sean): “Stop protecting him and me. It is so inappropriate. We’re your parents, not your pals. A concept that some people in this house lost total track of. Do you know what’s going on with him lately?”
    Matt; “Nope, which apparently is great because, according to you, what goes around in this family is none of my business”.

    Sean: “Maybe if you laid off the cocaine, you wouldn’t be so paranoid”
    Escobar: “You need to watch your mouth. I don’t tolerate rudeness at the dinner hour”.

    Gina is six months pregnant, so there’s six months between this episode and “Kurt Dempsey”, a month and a half between that and the “Pilot”, so it’s been seven and a half, nearly eight months in this series’ overall chronology.

    Sophia: “Marriage is hard, Julia, I know. I’ve been there and I failed, you know, when I was a man”
    Julia: “Oh right”.

    Gina: “Better not snore asshole”
    Christian: “Right back at you”.

    Standout music: There was a huge 80’s vibe in this episode but the best song was “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” by Corey Hart.

    Tense, exciting and more than just a bit chilling, Antonia Ramos is the prefect prelude to what promises to be a kick ass season finale. It really will be interesting to see if Sean and Christian can sink or swim against Escobar.