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Season 5 Episode 13

August Walden

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2008 on FX
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Episode Summary

Sean experiences the ugly side of Hollywood in the form of a television critic. Matt experiences a special bond with one of Christian's patients. The cause of Julia's ailing health is discovered.

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  • this show is turning into poo

    Give us a bleeding break.

    Are they making fun of themselves? The "previously on nip tuck" part was everything I hate about this show. The Matt character is obnoxious and unbelievable. There is not a single person on this planet who is such a loooooHoooSER. There are some heroin addicts in my old country, near my old hood, who piss themselves where they are standing, right there in the middle of the street … and THEY are NOT such losers as this Matt dude. Come on! This now has become a combination of "Falcon Crest", "Dallas", "The Bold And The Beautiful" with the lowest of the low reality TV. Give us a break man. URSH! I always hated Matt, ever since the first season, when he wanted to mutilate his genitals. >_< Damn this show is turning into poo poo.moreless
  • Previously on Nip/Tuck...

    So did the previously on segment made you realize it too? That Matt has not had a SINGLE relationship that was actually healthy! I thought the fact that they showed eachh and every one in the previously on part was super funny. The episode was rather light hearted until the ending... but i'll get to that in a moment.

    Now the whole critic storyline was entertaining, though I felt sorry for the guy in the end. While it's somewhat unrealistic and uncool to wear someone or even something down like this in a review, it's his job.... like it or not. They do it for a job, we do it for hobby.

    Anyway, Julia confronting Eden was stupid of her. She should've just left home... but no... she had to stick around so weak and litearlly blast into the arms of Eden.

    And what that gave her? A bullett in her head? I'm not sure about that as we only heard the shot but if Julia's dead... wow...

    But, no. Forget that. Friggin crappy Conor McNamara, 2026 already spoiled the fate of every major character including Julia! She lives. So.... But regardless of that, a superb episode with huge amount of suspense. The Matt-arc with once again finding a broken relationship(incest... really? At least it was handled in a funny way) and the Julia-arc finally got more or less wrapped up(it's really only the conclusion that's missing), so the finale I believe will return to Colleen and hoepfully give us a nice cliffhanger. Can't wait.

    Spectacular episode, spectacular seasonmoreless
  • Critical Condition Written And Directed by Sean Jablonski

    August (to Sean): "Ah yes. An unmemorable appearance off screen as well as on".

    If there's one saying that's pretty useless, it's definitely the old adage "if you've got nothing nice to say then say nothing". The reason why that is useless because not only does everyone criticise something but as human beings we just can't help ourselves and some of us are excellent in not holding back on what they think.

    August Waldon not only criticises both freely and inventively but he gets paid for it too. Yeah, he's a newspaper critic and his current craze is to tear about everyone's least favourite guilty pleasure series Hearts And Scalpels. There's no way I'm going to slam the guy for this. Seeing as Hearts And Scalpels is basically a piss take of Grey's Anatomy's, his snide comments are perfectly valid. I don't watch that many medical series so it's fine for me to listen to someone like August have a pop.

    August's biggest peeve about Hearts And Scalpels isn't just the unbelievable plot but its Sean acting. Apparently Sean is such a rotten actor than August is even missing the presence of Aidan. Given that we haven't seen Sean do a big acting scene on Hearts And Scalpel, I'm siding with August.

    Being criticised by the guy also has the tendency to spread rather fast as Liz reads the article to Christian. Of all the people that Liz had to read that article to, why the hell did she do it in front of Christian? She knows how childishly jealous Christian has become over Sean's success and Liz is usually a lot smarter than that.

    Worse still Christian makes pretty damn sure that Sean knows exactly how August feels about his acting skills. While Christian is a major dick to do that to his friend, I'll admit that August certainly has a way with his words. Makes me wonder what he actually thinks of Grey's Anatomy.

    Naturally Sean isn't best pleased with some random stranger slamming his abilities but the sensible part of him doesn't feel the need to start a feud. Had it not been for Kate and her own prior history with August, Sean mightn't actually confront him. Okay so Kate goaded him and if it hadn't been her, then you can bet your ass Christian would've.

    Sean to his credit is pretty mature when he does spot August. There's no childish screaming, he just goes up and introduces himself to August while reciting the critique he was given. The fact that August didn't even recognise Sean at first was intentional I'll bet. I guess August really doesn't view the people he slags off as being significant.

    If August is able to dish out criticism, then surely he should be able to take some of it, right? He doesn't know Sean as a person but had no problem with slating his abilities as an actor. Likewise Sean doesn't know August either and insensitivity remarks on his facial deformities. I know Sean was trying to defend himself but even still, it was a low blow.

    Amazingly unlike Sean at least August is able to accept criticism. He actually appreciated Sean's remarks and then proceeded to ask him to fix his face in exchange for a glowing review. Okay, August is also sweet on a certain lady at the café he frequents too but this is much than the "boob job for blow job" standards Christian partakes in.

    Sean did get a childish pleasure in making August beg for the surgery but at least he agreed to it. In a rather contrived way both Sean and August get to appreciate each other too. August realises that while Sean might suck as an actor, he is an excellent surgeon and Sean realises that not all critics are soulless individuals.

    Sean's sympathies for August also extend to seeing another actor that August criticised get his own back. Unlike Sean, August's words actually ruined this guy's career and the guy responds by scalding his face with hot water. Although Kate is delighted, it's nice that Sean does defend him. August might be a prick but he doesn't his face being scalded either.

    As for Kate, this is the second post break up episode we've had with her. Like Aidan, Fiona and Olivia, Kate is one of those characters that had so much more going for her this season than the writers have given to her. Her relationship with Sean was a welcome break from the plethora of loony bints that vacate this series.

    I was sort of hoping with the civility between her and Sean that maybe the two of them would've gotten back together. Sadly this isn't the case and I'm not even gonna blame Sean being hung up on Julia for it. I think Kate's just genuinely moved on from Sean but I did appreciate the resolution between them too. It's nice to see Sean get on with an ex-lover. Christian should take note of that.

    One of the perks about this episode is that while Sean and Kate are dead in the water so are Christian and Julia. Without a doubt the worst aspect of Season Five, this episode finally has Christian doing the right and dumping the woman he's twice sacrificed his friendship with Sean for.

    Of course just because Christian dumps Julia, doesn't mean he emerges as a good guy in all of this. Nope, he behaves rottenly by being unsympathetic to Julia's deteriorating health and essentially blaming her for the whole thing. Face it Christian you never loved her and this was a convenient excuse to get out.

    On the plus side at least Julia develops enough of a clue to realise that he didn't care about her. Better still is that she realises that she sabotaged a great relationship for a rotten and tells Olivia everything. Assertive Julia is always an interesting Julia in my opinion.

    However my problem with the telling Olivia thing is Olivia's response. Portia De Rossi's been gone for four episodes and her appearance here was only one **** scene. Sometimes muted reactions are great but I almost would've rather Olivia screaming or crying or kicking Julia out of the house. It almost felt like Olivia doesn't care or is secretly plotting revenge. Am I the only one who doesn't wish harm on Julia?

    Another reason to like Julia in this episode was her finally figuring out that Eden's the one who has been poisoning her all along. It's taken her nearly over two months to deduce but hey, secret blood tests and the scary realisation that fruitcake is a killer along with tea is a good wake up call.

    Personally if it had been me, it would've been Eden's pseudo charming behaviour from "Duke Collins" that would've been the big tip off. People like Eden don't exact sound sincere when they're being nice and given the amount of animosity that she's had since Julia started dating her mother, I'm surprised it did take Julia so long to discover it.

    The confrontation between the two of them is one of the best written moments of the series. Julia doesn't hold in telling Eden exactly what she thinks of her and Eden spews the amount of venom that devout Julia haters will love her for. Basically both women have the other's number but I am still siding with Julia on this one.

    Eden blames Julia for Sean rejecting her but the silly girl brought that on herself away. Colleen might have bended the truth in the previous episode but she was right when she told Eden that Sean doesn't love her. Sean really doesn't and Eden's just gonna have to deal with that one.

    The only thing wrong about this little scene is Julia confronting Eden without Olivia and/or Sean to back her up. She should've gotten both of them involved because not only is she still in a weak state but Eden also gets a little trigger happy. Sean did warn Julia about the cons of owning a gun and now she's certainly paying for them.

    For the first time Eden comes across as being genuinely nasty and the ending is the jolt this episode certainly needed. I don't think the writers would kill off Julia even if it is the definite way of ending her nonsensical triangle with Sean and Christian but points for that ending no less.

    Elsewhere, Matt does what he does best by being a major dick. This time around it's Rachel who has to deal with his unpleasant nature. Why? Because the girl doesn't fancy him and decides to go home. Matt, who shouldn't be allowed in any relationship after this episode childishly, ridicules her. I don't know why given that Rachel did him and herself a major favour by leaving.

    However the thing with Matt is that things always get worse for him and us to watch as viewers. Fresh from getting rejected by Rachel he sleeps with Emme. Don't get me wrong Emme's actually a sweet girl but she's also Matt's half-sister too. That's another several years of alimony Christian missed out on.

    For Emme, she came to LA to find her father and wounded up screwing her half-brother. Worse still Matt tries to persuade her that incest is actually okay by looking up some site that unwisely endorses it. Only Matt would do something like this. That boy needs a straight jacket and a chastity belt, not a girlfriend who he's biologically related to.

    Also in "August Waldon"

    The "Previously On" bit largely recapped Matt's dysfunctional sex life. Only Ridley was a normal choice for Matt.

    Christian (re Rachel's surgeries): "Six of them. Can you tell the difference?"

    Matt: "A little".

    Sean and Christian once again got slammed by Matt when they advised him on dating. That moron needs to listen to his fathers.

    Matt (to Sean/Christian): "You guys have been messing with people's faces for so long; you don't know what ugly looks like anymore".

    Sean (re fame): "This is what it does? Rip people to pieces"

    Kate: "Yeah".

    No mention of scary Colleen in this episode. Previews show that she's back for the next episode however.

    Julia (to Christian): "You really don't give a **** about me at all do you?"

    August: "Do you have an opening, doctor? I'm ready to go under the knife"

    Sean: "We have an opening at two".

    There seems to be a lot of written/directed episodes this season. Sean Jablonski did double duty for this one.

    Olivia: "I really missed you Julia. I'm not gonna let this happen to you. You're my angel".

    Julia: "I've been having an affair with Christian".

    Eden (to Julia): "I know I act up at times. You're sick; it takes the fun out of it".

    Olivia's back with the fringe but we got no explanation as to where she went to.

    Matt: "First time? I just took your virginity?"

    Emme: "You're not upset with me are you?"

    Sean (re café waitress): "She's very pretty"

    August: "The apple of my eye".

    Who the heck was that guy talking to Kate and Sean? Another executive producer on Hearts And Scalpels? Is Freddy coming back?

    Sean (re donut): "I'll split it with you"

    Kate: "Get your own. It's the only thing keeping me from suicide".

    Julia (to Eden): "You made a mistake in underestimating Eden. You are going to jail. You are a sick girl and you're to be locked up".

    Standout music: Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" and Gotam Project's "El Capitalismo Foraneo".

    Eden (to Julia): "You know, you're right Julia. I made a horrible mistake. Mercury takes too damn long".

    Chronology: It's definitely February 2008 at least.

    With tales of incest and potential death, "August Waldon" made for a suitable to Season Five's mid-season ender. Although it lacks the firepower of previous penultimate episodes like "Sean McNamara" and "Willy Ward", here's hoping the next episode delivers the goods.moreless
  • Julia finds out the deal, McNammara gets filler to make up for all the attention he and his agent got last week, Matt finds another real winner to date!

    So, we all watch Nip Tuck because of how wonderfully ridiculous it is. However, what did Julia think was going to happen? You find out someone's going to kill you so, before you tell ANYONE else, you confront the person? I mean, at least leave a voice mail, send an email, something! A sticky note on Christian's laptop: "I bought new milk, meat loaf's in the fridge. PS, I found out who's trying to kill me." I love Julia but, sometimes people just deserve to get shot! I'm still holding out hope that Julia did at least tell ONE person or called the cops or something. If we have to wait for the toxicologist to put 2 and 2 together...it'll be like watching the 2nd season of Desperate Housewives! Having said that, I love that Matt's doin his sister! Go Matt Go! PS - you didn't realize she was a virgin...really? I mean, I know you didn't know that one girl was a guy...but...really?moreless
  • Previously on NIP/TUCK: A primer on why Matt is such a loser. Ok now to the show.

    Let's take each key event in this episode one by one.

    Matt finds a nice girl, who he really feels connected to, and he is connected, it's his sister! But they don't freak out even though they have only known each other maybe 5 hours. Instead they look up on the internet how other related couples cope and stay together. HUH?!? Sure I believe that Christian could have a million illegitimate kids running around and she came to see him, but at lest freak out a little more when you are in bed and find out the facts. Then again matt did try and give himself a circumcision once, boy isn't the brightest. Too many killers: First we had the Carver (which should have made McNamara-Troy famous. Book deals, a carver movie?) Now Colleen the teddy bear stuffer killer and Eden the mercury poisoning jail bait nut case. Too many nut jobs ruin the impact. Though Colleens personalized teddies are creepy fun. Dropped plot lines: Who's watching the kids (Conner, Annie) while Julia's dying and Sean is becoming a TV star. With the combined medical knowledge of the main characters they might solve Julia's problem but no one takes a passing interest in trying. It's like they forget they are Doctors and I don't even think Matt knows his mother is sick. Weeks ago Christian visits church after a "miracle" during his gigolo faze, then horizontal bops Gina off a roof and two episodes later; nothings changed he's the same a-hole. Julia's "visit" to LA to tell the boys she's gay has turned into a long term move. Nip/Tuck has always been fun fantasy, but continuity and believability have to count for something. I can suspend disbelief but when we have more killers running around than Scream 3 it gets to be work. I still enjoy the show and it is fun but the characters are fast becoming cartoons of the ones I used to care about. Now it's more of a "lets watch and see how far they'll go next".

    Don't get me wrong I watch this show with the understanding that it can never jump the shark because it landed on it the first season and has been beating to death ever since, and that's the fun of this show. But I still need to feel the characters exist in a semi- realistic world.moreless
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