Season 6 Episode 9

Benny Nilsson

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2009 on FX

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  • O Brother, Who the Hell Art Thou?

    I think what Nip/Tuck is lacking in right now is an over-arching structure. It feels, especially recently, that a lot of things just seem to be happening. Every episode is another self-contained story, and it's bringing the show down a lot.

    I don't know what the writers were trying to do, but I had no sympathy for Brendan because, hey, who the hell's Brendan? I may have missed it, but I've never been aware that Sean had a brother. He had daddy issues and he had claw-hands like Conor as a kid, but I didn't know he had a brother. Here, Brendan's introduction was handled pretty clumsily, and I didn't exactly feel bad for him when Christian screwed him over at the end. He was a leech, a user, and while most people should be given a chance, I had no interest in seeing him again on this show. Great job on the drug make-up however, Brendan looked completely repulsive when he first appeared in Sean's office, while his friend's missing nose literally made me jump out of my seat.

    The Benny storyline didn't totally grab me. But I did like that Christian actually handed over all of the blackmail money to Benny at the end, even if it disappointed me that he would even consider pocketing it himself in the first place. The story was fine, but it didn't compare in the slightest to the Cara Fitzgerald episode back in season one, something made more obvious by the way-old footage glimpsed in the "Previously on..." segment.

    Christian's betrayal of Sean was intriguing, and I wonder if it's gonna bite both of them in the ass in the end. Knowing this show though, it'll probably get forgotten about. Like I said, I didn't really care about his actions in regard to Brendan, but taking out the loan was awful. Bad Christian.

    The soundtrack this episode was the most un-subtle ever. It was pretty hysterical, in fact. He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother? Father Figure? Cocaine Blues? Google keyword search or something, show? That George Michael track was pretty hot, though.

    A kind of uninteresting episode, full of mostly filler material, unless Christian's deception actually has an effect in the future. They do need to bring it back to the main cast though, not constantly having Sean and Christian wrapped up in guest star problems. It just doesn't work for me.

    Director: John Scott
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: C
  • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

    The shock of the Season: Sean has a brother?!! The Episode begins with the financial problems that Christian is facing. He asks Sean if he can loan him 150k and he says he is his brother and he will do it for him. It turns out, Sean's long lost brother comes out of the blue for help. He decides to spend the 150k on his brother and not give it to Christian. This gets him angry and jealous! He decides to accuse Sean's brother for stealing his valuables. This makes Sean skeptical of his brother and he kicks him out. In the end of the episode, Christian is shown selling the valuables he accused Sean's brother for stealing! AND he forges Sean's sginature into getting the 150k loan!!!! This shows a different side of Christian i have never seen! Turning his back on Sean WTF!! The Patient this week shares the same expirences as Christian used to face as a child, at least it shows that he has some heart! The next week's previews looks AMAZING!! CANNOT WAIT

    RATING: A-