Season 4 Episode 2

Blu Mondae

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on FX
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Sean and Julia make a big decision regarding their unborn child. Christian and Sean hit troubling waters with their new boss, and they finally realize that they no longer own their business. Matt's family doesn't understand his new path in his life.

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  • I think this episode is a really good one that portrayes the complexity of each character

    This show starts out with Christian and Bleu Mondae in the strip club that she works at. Then as what is normal for a night with Christian, they end up sleeping together. She tries to get him to give her a pro bono breast reduction, so she can carry on a less promiscuous lifestyle. Christian says no. Sean and Julia find out that their son will have deformed hands. This shakes seans world, because how can he, a plastic surgeon, have a son that is less perfect than what his profession portrays. This episode shows that there is much much more to all of the characters than what has been previously released.moreless
  • Every Man Has An Agenda Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Michael M. Robin

    Sean (re Anne): “If she asks questions, we’ll get her a book”

    Julia: “A book isn’t going to tell her how to feel”.

    Paraphrasing Kimber a little bit here, if you repeat aloud what Julia said to Sean in regards to Annie’s curiosity regarding her unborn brother, the overall message seems to be that either people or circumstances cannot dictate how a person should or shouldn’t feel about things. Sadly neither Sean, Julia nor Christian pay any real heed to that way of thinking as evidenced by their behaviour in this episode.

    Out of everyone Christian is especially guilty of this in two particularly important cases. The first being when an aging gay man named Arthur brings in his boy-toy Mitchell Skinner (played the cute but somewhat wooden Thad Luckinbill) into McNamara/Troy to have a few unnecessary procedures done in order to appease Arthur and the extravagant world he lives in. Christian feels bad for Mitchell, even though he’s more or less done the same thing to many women that Arthur wants done to Mitchell in the way of plastic surgery.

    Christian is also 100% convinced that Mitchell isn’t gay than he is and given that Mitchell openly admits to Christian that he’s unsure of his sexuality and primarily likes being a kept man to the extent that he can deal with giving oral sex to a man he clearly doesn’t love (which in fairness is fine, given that Arthur obviously views Mitchell as some kind of property anyway), even I have to admit that I’m not sure whether Mitchell is gay, bisexual or straight who is happy to be “gay for pay”.

    Christian ever being the good Samaritan (yes I’m being sarcastic) decides to prove Mitchell really is straight by taking him to a strip club and getting him a lap dance from a vapid stripper named Blu Mondae, who had previously fornicated with Christian the night before and agrees to the deal when Christian offers her a breast reduction for free (the only thing about this girl that is vaguely interesting). Sadly for Mitchell, not only does he clearly not enjoy the experience with Blu but he also gets kicked out of his Sugar Daddy’s place as a result.

    Christian tries to do another good act by giving Mitchell money for a hotel but when Mitchell strips off and comes on to Christian, the latter reacts with a firm punch and a threat for Mitchell to leave or else. Quite the gentlemen there, Mr Troy! For some bizarre reason this episode portrays both straight and gay in a non flattering light without actually intending to. Why is Christian so determined to deny something that we both know he isn’t anyway and more importantly, why has his taste in women devolved so much this season? His complete and total lack of respect for Blu Mondae followed by his patronising way of bribing her seduces Mitchell and his pathetic attempts of justifying his pro-bono on her breasts with both Michelle and Sean was just low. Christian stooped even lower when he paid Kimber a home visit with interesting results. If ever there was a scene of pure hypocrisy between two people, here it is. Yeah, Kimber wanted all those unnecessary plastic surgeries and her interest in Christian only peeked when she knew he was a plastic surgeon but between the two of them, Kimber generates a little more sympathy mainly because she was admitting to some of her problems and seemed to be making an effort to get past them in her own way. Christian’s attack on the other hand seemed to stem more from jealousy than actual concern for Matt. He almost seemed to relish calling her weak (no doubt a part of Christian was more attracted to Kimber when she was “weak”) and although Kimber can be a bit nuts at times, I wouldn’t go as far as labelling her dangerous just yet.

    As for Kimber’s new religion –scientology, well folks if Tom Cruise hasn’t sent it up enough times, then Ryan Murphy may as well speed up the ridicule process. Like a few people, I don’t have a whole of knowledge on Scientology and I don’t particularly have a desire to brush up on my reading of it either as it seems to be more of a cult than a religion.

    Give how likeable Kimber comes across in this episode; I’m worried that Nip/Tuck may actually be doing Scientology a favour instead. I mean, look how level headed and sympathetic Kimber comes across here. Not only does Kelly Carlsson actually look pretty without all the makeup and more normal clothing but Kimber managed to get Matt to open up about his feelings, which is something that everyone else has more or less failed to do and she also handled Christian’s rage a lot better than the old Kimber would have.

    This time last year Matt was turning against everyone and beating up transsexuals whereas this season he is kind and considerate, plays mediator between a quarrelling Julia and Annie and is willing to negotiate how he gets better, yet some people online are still pissed off that he asked Julia for the money when Sean and Christian said no. I’m not saying Matt should be a Scientologist but the guy did ask Julia and explained everything he knew about the religion and in my book that is not manipulative. Also he is at an age where he is entitled to make his own decisions and he behaved a lot better here than any of his parents did tonight.

    Unlike Sean and Julia who both freak out over Annie’s unusual method of trying to understand her unborn brother’s condition. I don’t doubt that taping your fingers together and mutilating your dolls is a tad bizarre or even be seen as someone making fun of another person but given that Annie explained that she was trying to understand the difficulties that Connor (nice name, isn’t it?) would have to face, surely both Sean and Julia could’ve handled the situation much better than they did?

    In fact they’re not really handling the Connor thing that well at all are they? Not only did Annie later blame Julia for Connor having Ectrodactily but after Sean persuaded Alex Coffee a Treacher Colons sufferer to have surgery that ended up not making much of a difference to him, you’d think maybe Sean would leave things wouldn’t you? No instead he decides that as soon as Connor is born he will operate on him, so the child doesn’t have to fear pain or go through life being different. Julia does nothing but agree with Sean even though I’m pretty sure that it would be a little dangerous and silly to operate on a child that young.

    Finally in order to give Liz something to do (I’m serious, Ryan – give Liz something to do already), we have our favourite anaesthesiologist spot Madame Michelle in cohorts with a suspicious looking woman named James. Michelle is seen giving James a huge wad of cash which Marla doesn’t bother counting because she trusts Michelle so much. James also then gropes Michelle and makes out with her giving us our first same sex snog of the season. Don’t bother finding it erotic as poor Michelle looks horrified in the same way Christian does when he’s screwing anyone so far this season.

    Question now becomes – who is James and what is the connection with her and Michelle? Is James a pimp and Michelle her top prostitute scamming the ageing tycoon known as Burt. I’m actually interested in finding out because not only are we gonna see Michelle more than Burt anyhow but this storyline is a lot more interesting than listening to Michelle blast Sean and Christian over their questionable ethics and clientele. Word of advice Michelle: get used to it!

    Also in “Blu Mondae”

    No other patients of the week aside from Blu Mondae/Ashley Wednesday and Alex Coffee. Christian managed to talk Mitchell out of having surgery.

    Christian (re being gay): “I don’t play for your team”

    Arthur: “That’s what they all say at first”.

    We learned that Mitchell was married at 16 but we didn’t learn whether or not Arthur deliberately sabotage the marriage or whether something else did.

    Kimber (re therapists): “Stay away from them, Matt”

    Matt: “Too late”

    Kimber: “Sorry”.

    Blu (re Mitchell): “I’m very big with the bi guys”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Blu Mondae (spelt Blue Monday) the name of a New Order song?

    Sean: “Are you ready?”

    Alex: “Anything to improve my love life”.

    For those of you wondering why Kimber can afford Scientology and her pad, I suppose it comes to the money she made from her porn career. Not too sure about the auditing part though.

    Matt (to Kimber): “I never had a choice, how could I not see that?”

    With Mr Alderman in jail, I wonder if we’ll get an update on Ariel or Cherry in the near future.

    Kimber (to Christian): “How much pain do you think you need to cause me before I’ve had enough?”

    Michelle (to Christian): “You’re telling me you’re doing this slut for free?”

    Sean: “Come on, Christian. We said no more boob jobs for blowjobs”.

    The stripper in this episode played a stripper in Charmed with her client being Cole Turner, played by Julia McMahon. Coincide or what?

    James (to Michelle): “I’m not even gonna count it, that’s how much I trust you”.

    Chronology has been over a week since “Cindy Plumb”.

    Sean: “So we’ve decided on a name, I mean?”

    Julia: “Connor McNamara, it’s a good strong name, isn’t it?”

    Standout music: “Lunatico” by Gotan Project and “Shame” Evelyn Champagne.

    Not quite as magnificent as the opening episode, mainly due to bad behaviour by some of our people and a banal title patient, “Blu Mondae” primarily works on developments regarding Matt, Kimber and Michelle. This season is in better shape than last year and I like the feeling that we’re going somewhere too.moreless
  • Trying To Help

    ‘Blu Mondae’ is all about questions of identity. The titular Ms Mondae (unsurprisingly NOT her real name) is a stripper and lap-dancer who Christian picks up one night and wants a breast reduction. From there, Christian has a consult with an older man named Arthur (a wonderful cameo from Richard Chamberlain) who would like surgery done on his younger male lover Mitchell (Thad Luckinbill, nice to look at but not exactly blessed with the acting). In a further consult, Mitchell reveals to Christian that he’s not even sure if he’s gay but is in a comfortable life, so he’s willing to make concessions. Christian suggests that Blu sleeps with Mitchell; if she does, Christian will do her breast reduction for free. They pretend to, so Blu gets her boob job but Mitchell gets thrown out. Christian takes pity on him, gives him some money but then Mitchell strips naked and propositions him in a very hot but very wrong scene. Christian, presumably still reeling from the previous episode’s assertion that he’s in love with Sean, freaks out and hits him. He ends up in the same club, getting a dance from Blu (who now calls herself Ashley).

    Sean mistakenly tries to help a coffee-shop worker called Alex who has a facial disfigurement known as Treacher-Collins Syndrome (a real condition) but Alex decides not to go through with the surgery, as he can’t deal with the pain. Having to field difficult questions from Annie regarding the condition of the unborn child, who will be named Connor, Sean asks Julia if he can operate on the child to correct the ectodactyly to which she agrees. Meanwhile, Matt makes an appearance- initially as sullen and as much of a pain as usual- but that changes when he meets Kimber at the gym. They talk, and Kimber explains how she’s turned her life around with Scientology. Matt asks Christian and Sean for money so he can join and they freak out. Christian goes to Kimber’s apartment and threatens her to stay away from Matt. There is a great performance by Kelly Carlson in this episode, bright, lively, possibly misguided but a new person. The scene where she stands up to Christian is incredibly well written and acted.

    And if this isn’t enough, there’s a doozy of a twist toward the end of the episode. New boss Michelle (Sanaa Lathan) meets with a mystery woman (special guest star Jacqueline Bisset) and gives her money. The two of them have a passionate kiss as well… all observed by Liz! So what’s the story? Is Michelle a lesbian and really only with Burt for the money? Who’s the woman? Why was Michelle paying her? Is Michelle a working girl and the woman her pimp? An intriguing little hook and thankfully it’ll give Liz something to do this series. Another strong episode, interesting and likeable.moreless
  • Refreshing developments

    Well, I would agree with mermayd that Matt\'s new path seems inconsistent with his character in previous seasons, but I don\'t mind. I\'d about had it with his nastiness and whining. Cynicism is typical of teenagers but it\'s also a convenient front to mask their total inexperience with life. It may have seemed realistic in the first year but after three seasons it just made for a shallow and one-dimensional character (like most cynical and nasty teenagers). I like his new sensitivity and love the irony that it\'s due to a much-ridiculed cult. THAT, rather than his snide cynicism, lessens the corniness that Matt is starting to deal with his problems rather than just blaming them on someone else.

    I don\'t think the storyline really condones or supports Scientology, although they glossed over the obvious fact that any \"religion\" that requires a buy-in to join must be suspect.

    I too like the new developments with Sean and Julia\'s difficulty in dealing with their son\'s condition. So often we see parents who are saintly and accepting -- even rejoicing -- of whatever problems their children have. It\'s refreshing to see parents unable to deal. It\'s ugly, yes, but it\'s believable. What I find especially interesting is Sean\'s reaction to Alex, the guy with TCS. Alex\'s preference to accept himself the way he is, imperfect, is so alien to Sean that Sean completely misses the message -- even after cutting a hole in the guy\'s head and leaving him worse off than he was before. I think the episode should have been named for him, not the stripper.

    What did not ring true was the showdown between Michelle and the docs over their \"pro bono\" work. On one hand, Michelle could not just replace them with other talent, as she claimed; she didn\'t buy an office full of equipment, she bought their expertise and reputations. On the other hand, what did the doctors expect when they sold away control over their practice? They also seemed pretty lifeless when being challenged by Michelle for power over the practice they spent 10 years building.

    I also wish they weren\'t advancing Michelle\'s storyline so quickly. I would like to have gotten to know her character a little more before they threw in that little lesbian t*tty rub. Couldn\'t they have teased us a little longer about what\'s up with her? The quick and cheap development with Jacqueline Bisset feels so ... well, cheap. Plus, both women seemed so uncomfortable in the scene that all I could think of was, \"man, Bisset must really be desperate for work.\"

    All in all, I guess it\'s enough to tide us over for another week, but not a great episode by any means.moreless
  • Kimber: (to Christian) "How much more pain do you need to cause me before you think I've had enough?"

    A step in the right direction, but still not exactly what I wanted.

    Kimber is the one character on Nip/Tuck who has actually shown major character growth from the Pilot episode. Christian is still into his womanizing behaviors; Sean's still dissatisfied with his marriage; Julia's still giving up her career for her children; but Kimber has transformed herself from a shallow girl, to a crack addict, to a successful business woman, and now into a devout scientologist. I really do like what they've done with her character and, despite the fact that when the show originally started I couldn't stand her, she has turned into a favorite of mine.

    I'm very interested in seeing where Matt and Kimber’s relationship is headed. A year ago I would have assumed sex, but Kimber has changed a lot since then, and it really looks like she's solely just trying to help Matt out. It's nice to see a change in Matt also; I like the calmer and more controlled Matt a lot better then the distressing, rebellious one last season. Julia was pleased with Matt’s new attitude, and was able to support him in his wade into Scientology, although Sean and Christian were not. Christian's negative feelings didn't seem to be as a result of his distaste for Scientology, but instead fueled by his resentment at Kimber for leaving him. He still loves Kimber but, just as we've seen in the past, he transforms his feelings that are his weaknesses into anger (also seen this week in how he punched Mitchell and ordered him out of his house).

    Sean and Julia are still, understandably, having a hard time coping with the fact that their child will come out disabled, and their feelings take a negative effect on Annie in this episode, who has been coping with Conner’s disability in her own strange way. Annie actually lashed out at Julia for the first time this week (I guess she's finally realizing what show she's on), and the McNamara's are really going to have to come together as a family to pull through this.

    Blue Mondae was a humorous character (I loved when she wouldn't stop talking during sex with Christian), although she didn't have the standard emotional impact the characters of the week usually do. IMO, Sean's patient Alex would have been a better title patient, as Sean used him to help cope with his emotions over Conner's ectrodactyly.

    Having new owner's already became a problem this week, as Michelle chastised Sean and Christian for their choice in clients. The doctors can no longer make any decision they want about their practice, and while that was just a nuisance this week, I'm sure in the future it will turn into a real problem.

    Speaking of Michelle, it looks like McNamara/Troy’s owner has secrets of her own, as Liz witnessed Michelle pay a good chunk of money to a much older woman, played by Jacqueline Bisset, followed by a lesbian make out session. It looks like the producers are, slowly, setting up plot points for the season. I know Ryan Murphy is trying to reinvent the show from a lackluster third season, but it's now time to get things moving.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - This episode felt like part two of the season premiere. Maybe the producer's would have benefited from taking the best of both episodes into one.

    - Matt revealed to Kimber that Mr. Alderman did survive last season's finale and is in jail. I wish we would have gotten to see more repercussion, though, from his hostile hostage situation with Matt last season.

    - Christian: "Scared baby? Come on, I'd never hurt that perfectly reconstructed body of yours. It's my best work."

    - Julia: "When you see your happy child turn into a morose, clinically depressed young man, you do whatever it takes to make him happy again before he decides he can't take it anymore."

    Final Rating: 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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Richard Chamberlain

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Blu Mondae

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Thad Luckinbill

Mitchell Skinner

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Sanaa Lathan

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  • QUOTES (19)

    • Christian: Sweetheart, everything I need to know about you is bouncing around in front of my face.

    • (in the underground garage, Michelle is accosted by a mystery woman)
      The Woman: Nice place you're working at. Classy.
      Michelle: I was… I was just going to…
      The Woman: I thought I'd surprise you. It's more fun like this. (Michelle hands over a large pile of money) I'm not even going to count it. That's how much I trust you. You look good.
      (The Woman touches Michelle's chest; Liz comes down the stairs and sees the women together)
      The Woman: Lovelier than ever.
      (Michelle and the Woman kiss)
      The Woman: Sooner than later.
      (The Woman walks off)

    • Michelle: You work for me now, OK? I own your practice and your name.
      Christian: Speaking of names, where's your husband? Isn't he the Landau in Landau Industries?
      Michelle: My husband has empowered me to make all business decisions during his recuperation. Which means I can replace you both with other highly skilled surgeons whose clientele can actually pay!

    • Matt: I didn't come here to ask your permission. I'm not a kid any more. And what I put into my body or into my mind has to be my decision. I'm committed to getting better and I've found something that I know can help me.
      Christian: What?
      Matt: It's… a new religion, but I'm gonna need some money to join. And I was hoping that I could use the money that you're throwing away on all the drugs and the shrink for this instead.
      Sean: What new religion?
      Matt: Scientology
      Christian: You're out of your freaking mind!
      Sean: It's not a group you want to get involved with, Matt. It's not going to help you.
      Matt: How do you know?
      Sean: I've read about it!
      Matt: Yeah, from people who don't have any first-hand experience!
      Christian: You're not getting a dime! In fact, all this does is prove to me that you're not taking enough drugs!

    • (Christian takes Mitchell to the lap-dancing club where Blu works)
      Christian: Listen, sweetheart. The kid's a little confused. He hasn't been with a woman in a while and I want you to remind him of what he's missing.
      Blu Mondae: No problem. I'm big with the bi guys. I'm very maternal.

    • Matt: So did you find God, or something?
      Kimber: I found my integrity. And my self-worth. And so can you.

    • Kimber: I was a total victim of my reactive mind but now I have this awareness...
      Matt: So is this like therapy?
      Kimber: No way! How many people do you know actually got better from seeing a shrink? Those people don't listen. They interpret, based on their own hang-ups, then they lay their bullshit onto their patients.

    • Christian: Did you know you were gay when you got married?
      Mitchell: I'm not sure I'm gay now. Arthur bought me a Porsche, he moved me into his guesthouse, buys me clothes, takes me to all these fancy parties. It's worth the occasional blowjob, you know?

    • Blu Mondae: (whilst having sex with Christian) I can't get taken serious on account of everyone assumes I'm just some big-titted whore. I couldn't even get a job at SeaWorld because my tits weren't 'family-friendly'.

    • Sean: Julia, I want to do an operation on the baby. We can close the cleft, reconstruct the thumb, improve his hand functioning motor skills. It may take multiple surgeries, I can't know that yet. But I want to do it soon, while he's still too young to understand, before he knows enough to be afraid of the pain.
      Julia: OK. Do it, Sean. I mean if life is this hard for a kid like Matt with 10 fingers and 10 toes, can you imagine how hard it's going to be for Connor?
      Sean: So we've decided ... on a name, I mean?
      Julia: Connor McNamara. It's a good strong name, isn't it?
      Sean: Yes.
      Julia: Like his father's.

    • Julia: When you see your happy child turn into a morose, clinically depressed young man you do whatever it takes to make him happy again before he decides he can't take it anymore.


      Christian: Why don't you just give him a lobotomy and admit you're throwing in the towel? I admit he's been high-maintenance, and with a special-needs baby on the way ... Matt's my kid and he has special needs too, and I'm not giving up on him just because his parents are.


      Sean: I don't think it matters. Matt's fully cooked. It's too late to change the ingredients now. You do what you can when you can, when there's still enough time to make a difference.

    • Mitchell: Gay, straight, bi, who gives a s--- about labels, right? A blowjob's a blowjob.
      Christian: Get out! Get out! Before I break your g-ddamn' skull!

    • Christian: Scared baby? Come on, I'd never hurt that perfectly reconstructed body of yours. It's my best work.
      Kimber: Please Christian, I can't see you anymore. You're not good for me.
      Christian: But my son is? Is that why you went after him? Or was it to get to me?
      Kimber: I didn't go after him. We met at the gym. He's miserable and lost.
      Christian: And you decided what, that you'd rescue him? Maybe put him in one of your movies? Sweet pad you've got here. What'd you do, move into snuff films?
      Kimber: I don't do that sort of work anymore. I found something much more compatible with my core values.
      Christian: Kiddie porn? Oh wait, Matt's almost 18. You must be talking about that brain suck you convinced him to join.
      Kimber: It's a religion, Christian. I needed something spiritual.
      Christian: That's BULLS---, and you know it. What we had was spiritual, Kimber. I made you see G-d everytime you came.
      Kimber: You made me see garbage Christian. I was nothing to you. I was a fixer-upper that you could throw a coat of paint on.
      Christian: You are such a freaking hypocrite. You're the one who seduced me when you realized I was a plastic surgeon who could get you everything you wanted. You were never anything more than an ambitious piece of ass.
      Kimber: You need to go. You need to go right now. How much more pain do you need to cause me before you think I've had enough.
      Christian: Look, whatever I did, whatever we did to each other, I loved you.
      Kimber: You loved your creation. You never loved me because you never saw who I really was. I was just something made up in your head.
      Christian: I see you now, Kimber. And you know what? You're dangerous. Because you're weak. You can't survive without someone or something to suck off -- a new lover, a new religion. And if you start feeding on my son, I swear, there's not one place on earth that will keep you safe from me.

    • Kimber: Talk to me about the decisions you've made in your life, right or wrong.
      Matt: Well, gee, let's see. There was getting involved with Ariel, that was a really good decision. ... When her Aryan Nation suckwad of a father held a gun to my head and gave me the choice of cutting off this guy's dick or my own ... I decided on his. Cherry's. She was a pre-op transsexual and my friend. ... You wanna hear about my best decision ever? Cherry had a gun pointed directly at that bastard. She was hesitant, unsure what to do, I should have grabbed it from her but instead she shot him in the stomach. I left him there to rot. Getting Cherry to the hospital was more important than the life of that s***-stain. You can write him care of the Florida state prison system if you like. ... Don't you get it? I've never made a decision in my life. I let my dick choose some pretty girl and I nearly got it cut off. And the whole thing with Cherry and the shooting, that was out of my hands. I never had a choice. ... I never had a choice. How did I never see that?

    • Mr. Coffee: Anything to improve my love life. My online girlfriend is giving me carpal tunnel.

    • Blu: I'm not a whore, you know.
      Christian: Of course you're not. How much?

    • Matt: I don't feel as bad as I did, but then I don't feel much of anything. I've been taking these antidepressants ...
      Kimber: Matt that's awful.
      Matt: Sometimes it's better being numb ...
      Kimber: Wait, why would you say that? This is your life we're talking about here. You want to be awake for it, don't you? Matt, come on. Things happened to me. Things I'd rather not remember. But the more I avoided dealing with them, the more I became a prisoner of my past.

    • Christian: So you'd like me to make him look more like you.
      Arthur: Well, I'm not expecting miracles. We can't all be born with these cheekbones. I was an artist's model. Remember the naked statue that caused such a fuss in Tampa?
      Christian: The dolphin.
      Arthur: Oh, snap! I like you. Brains and beauty.
      Christian: I'm sorry, I don't play for your team.
      Arthur: That's what they all say at first. ... People can change.

    • Christian: No pro bono for boning a pro. ... New policy.

  • NOTES (6)

    • First appearance by Jacqueline Bisset. The name of her character is not revealed in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: August 18, 2008 on TV3
      Czech Republic: November 26, 2008 on TV Nova

    • This is one of only two episodes this season in which all six actors named in the opening credits appear in the episode. The other is Burt Landau.

    • Jacqueline Bisset and Sanaa Lathan were credited as Special Guest Stars, with Lathan also receiving the "And" credit.

    • Richard Chamberlain (Arthur (receving the "Guest Starring" credit)) received the "And" credit.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Hot child in the city" by Nick Gilder (Christian speakes with Blu about the size of her breast; at the end of the episode, Blu lap dances for Christian)
      "Lunatico" by Gotan Project (Blu wants Christian to reduce her breast size)
      "This is Miami" by Sander Kleinenberg (Matt meets Kimber at the gym)
      "Shame" by Evelyn Champagne (Christian and Mitchell go to a strip club)
      "Memento Mori" by Laid (Christian pays Blu so she can lap dance for Mitchell)