Season 2 Episode 6

Bobbi Broderick

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2004 on FX

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  • Missbehaviour

    Ava... que lindo tener un personaje tan profundo, silencioso, sexy, complicado y voraz... Pregúntenle a Matt sino... Y a Julia (esa forma feroz de mirar de parte de la morocha hacia la rubia...)... Y a Christian... Qué manera de jugar con una pequeña criatura indefensa (a quién no le gustaría que jugasen así con uno), qué manera de jugársela...
    Aparte: la mujer a la que operaron, la dueña del título de este episodio, es esa una especie de locura? Cual sería? La de verse viejo y saber que el mundo dejó de girar para uno? Es esa una locura? O es el mundo el que está loco loco...?
  • Moore Bad News

    Ava Moore didn't make a huge impression in her first appearance, but she completely storms through the show in this episode. The best scenes were undoubtedly the ones between her and Christian. They have chemistry that practically leaks off the screen, and it's amazing to see these two powerful, sexually-confident titans go up against each other. Their banter is hilarious, each line being another back-handed compliment or a brutal insult. Ava casually blackmails him into giving her what she wants, and Famke Janssen clearly loves this role. The scene where Christian harshly sticks the botox into her head and she barely flinches was awesome, and there was something so raw and sexy about it all. These two plain rock together.

    As a professional, I'm sure Ava is breaking a gazillion rules in the Life Coach Code of Conduct. Her methods are completely unethical, ranging from stripping off in front of her patients (supposedly a "trust exercise") to promising sex acts in return for good grades. Her relationship with Matt feels icky, especially in the scene where Ava told him to "eat his vegetables". There's a weird incestuous vibe to their union, and it makes all their scenes uncomfortable to watch. The introduction of Ava's son, who appears to walk around the house naked all the time, makes the whole thing even more squicky.

    The two patients of the week were really memorable. Bobbi Broderick is one of those nutjobs you can't help feel bad for. She's washed-up, passed her middle-age, and desperate for some kind of meaning in her life. It's almost like she's making such a big deal over her momentary bruising just to get some attention. Jill Clayburgh was excellent in the part, and completely deserved her Emmy nomination. The other medical case was also great, and it featured another stand-out guest performance. Elaine Hausman was hilarious as the sexually unaware housewife who has her labia folds surgically placed on her lips after her real lips were burnt away in a kitchen accident. Her joyful "put my p***y on my lips!" remark was great...

    A completely awesome episode featuring a stunning performance from Famke Janssen, Nip/Tuck has always been a trashy soap opera with better writing and better acting, but it was severely lacking in the "evil, manipulative hell-b*tch" department. Ava fills that hole perfectly.

    Director: Michael M Robin
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: A+
  • Ava: \"It\'s amazing what a little incentive can do.\"

    What a dark and twisted addition Famke Janssen is to the cast. Ava is such a fascinating character to watch, and Famke has that \"character you love to hate\" act down very well. Ava is very manipulative and astute. She knows just what will push people buttons, and what will get them to open up. She\'s very good at her profession as she was able to get Matt to finally talk about the hit-and-run, and yet she\'s obviously very unprofessional as she slept with Matt. While she may be helping Matt now, I’m almost positive she won’t be good for him in the long run as her behavior today was highly predatorily and it almost seems like her relationship with Matt is just power play; a relationship in which she can hold all the cards. You have to applaud Ava though for being able to figure out whom Matt\'s father was just from two little conversations.

    The pissing contest between Ava and Christian was very interesting. Their banter was highly amusing, and it looked like there was some sexual tension between the two. Famke Janssen just does such a wonderful job with the role. Well I could watch her read a book and be entertained, so I\'m a little biased.

    I thought it was very noble of Christian to offer to fertilize Liz\'s eggs after she was denied by some of her closest friends. He wanted her to be able to experience parenting, and it showed that while he may say some rude things to Liz deep down he really does care about her. Strange how sometimes the people you least expect turn out to be the ones who are there when you need them.

    A motif in this episode was “the secrets we hide to protect the ones we love”, which Mrs. Calderolla’s surgery represented as she kept secret from her husband where the skin for her surgery came from. Christian keeps many secrets from Sean (all those times he took Matt to strip clubs, or bailed him out of jail) including the big one about Matt’s paternity. I found it ironic Sean’s anti-secretive stance in this episode, considering last season he kept an affair hidden from Julia.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Liz: (to Christian) \"We maybe have one civil interaction every other leap year, and now you\'re offering me your sperm?\"

    - The hit-and-run obviously has been picking at Matt more then he let on, as today he finally broke down and let out all the feelings of guilt he had.

    - I love the names Christian thinks up for people. Christian: \"I\'m putting **** lips back on the schedule.\"

    - Matt didn\'t like the new way Christian has been treating him ever since Christian found out Matt\'s his son.

    - I understand why Bobbie Broderick got mad about her stomach, but it really was all her fault as she didn\'t even take the time to read the paperwork, regarding the risks, before the surgery.

    - Now thinking back on it, Matt and Christian do look very alike.

    - Ava almost treats Matt like a son (\"don\'t forget to eat your vegetables\", \"don\'t be late for school\"), which is very creepy adding to the fact that Ava is sleeping with Matt, who is around the same age as her son who we were introduced to at the end of the episode.

    - I found it amusing that Sean set up Christian with Ava.

    Christian: “What the hell are you doing here?”
    Ava: “I just wanted to see the expression on your face when you saw me; definitely worth the trip.”

    Final Rating: What a great episode. 3 out of 4 stars. 3 1/2?

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Ava blackmails Christian so she can have Matt,while Christian offers his services so he's coworker can be inseminated. Sean performs lipo on a wacko named Broderick who turns out to be their worst nightmare.

    Quite an entertaining episode and really memorable. It's hilarious to see Matt so fallen for Ava whe later we know she's a man. This all add's to Matt's dysfunction later on , although Matt is starting to look worse every episode.

    Ava blackmail Christian to stay quiet about her sexual favors was a hoot. Christian did try to do well in this episode but everything ends up going against including his bratty son. Matt is just a loser, a lost cause.

    Speaking of which this woman Bobbi Broderick looked like bad news when she came in the door asking for their services. She was arrogant, obxnoxious and really was dumber than she looked. She expected the perfect operation and post surgery look yet went of the deep end when she still showed scars. What a wacko.

    Entertaining episode.
  • The Collector And The Collected Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Michael M. Robin

    Given that the only episode Matt has had any centre stage in this season (the disappointing “Christian Troy”), it’s been a while since he was in the foreground and finally we got a lot of him here. Now I’m not a fan of the guy but it’s pointless having Jon Hensley in the opening credits if the guy is going to have bugger all to do. Given Matt’s recent behaviour, Julia decided (one could argue “about time”) he could benefit from sessions with Ava, seeing as her new best friend was gracious enough to give her the courage to get rid of Erica (which I personally thank her for). The problem is though, while on a positive level Matt may have finally opened up about what really happened with Cara, Ava’s little “trust game” all too quickly became a sex game where she’s in control and Matt gets arrested for lewd behaviour.

    Plot-wise this is a delicious and dark twist but it would’ve been better much better had Ava at least interacted with Matt more than once. Her actions towards him are highly predatory and Christian was right to get on his moralistic high-ground when he condemned her unprofessional relationship with Matt. Ava may not be committing statutory rape by Florida law but this is very much a power play relationship. Although Matt may have scored one victory by getting her to put out, it’s Ava who holds all the cards, make no mistake.

    It was a masterstroke twist for Christian to be set up with Ava by Sean (boy, does he so not have a clue?) and there’s some rip-roaring tension between Julian McMahon and Famke Janssen. Christian may be appalled by Ava’s lack of moral and she may prefer school boys but there was a glimmer of attraction between them even still. I have to also commend how Ava quickly deduced that Christian is Matt’s real father, given that Julia’s half-assed confession revealed very little but it was Christian and his talk of being close to the McNamara’s that got her to join the dots. Then there’s the arrival of Ava’s naked, creepy son Adrian, which undoubtedly spells more complications in an already messy thread.

    Besides the Matt and Ava arc, not as much personally happened with this episode. Well, okay Christian offered his sperm to Liz so she could conceive after slagging her off in the opening sequence about having kids her age, but quelle surprise, he was willing to be her knight in shining armour and there was a really lovely scene with them in the break room. I can’t see the baby thing taking off, but Liz, storyline, guess we should be grateful nonetheless. Julia on the other hand just tried to confide in Ava (this woman certainly knows how to pick friends) and Sean faced scrutiny from a disgruntled Bobbi Broderick who stupidly signed a contract without bothering to read the warning of her procedure, a tummy tuck and because the healing wasn’t instant, she vented her rage at Sean by publicly humiliating him and Julia at a restaurant. So I’m guessing our first lawsuit for McNamara/Troy in Season Two has come then. The only problem is that Sean actually did try to explain but Bobbi dismissed him, so it’s all the silly woman’s fault.

    Also in “Bobbi Broderick”

    Other patients of the week: Mrs Calderolla had lip reconstruction with skin taken from her labia though she told her husband it was from her knees, Christian shot Ava up with botox and an obese Mr Gross had his ears fixed.

    Christian: “Hey I’m all for it. With today’s medical advances, there’s no reason why our healthy seniors shouldn’t be having babies. Think of all the savings. You can share diapers, day-care, yummy jars of stringbeans”
    Liz: “Asshole”.

    Sean: “I think you look great for your age”
    Bobbi: “They’re no hiring ‘great for my age’. I don’t want to look like some housewife trying to fill up her days”.

    It was nice we got some knowledge about Liz’s family’s reaction to her sexuality. I also thought it was great she didn’t get pregnant to spite her father.

    Christian: “You’re the little sister I never got to torture”
    Liz: “We’re not family, Christian. We’re not even the same sub-species”.

    Ava: “It’s a trust game, Matt, not a sex game. I trusted you, now you trust me”.

    Nice but subtle bit of continuity when Matt told Christian he had a father and didn’t need another (oh the irony). That’s what the girl said to Christian at the bar in the season premiere too.

    Matt: “You’re offering me sex for grades?”
    Ava: “I’m just trying to get your life back on track”.

    Bobbi (to Sean): “Look at me. How many more chances do you think I’m going to get?”

    No chronological references in this episode.

    Christian (re Mrs Calderallo): “I’m putting pussy lips back on the schedule”.

    I know it’s mundane but how did Matt know that Christian slept with Erica? I can’t think why anyone would tell him, even Sean.

    Christian: “What the hell are you doing here?”
    Ava: “I just wanted to see the expression on your face when you saw me. Definitely worth the trip”.

    Standout music: Scissors Sisters’ “Filthy/Gorgeous” and Kelis’ “Milkshake” of course”.

    Thank goodness that when this shoe produces a boring episode, they bounce back with something special and while this may clearly be a set up, it’s a freaking great one. I can’t wait to see what chaos will come out of Matt’s paternity revelation and it looks like we won’t have to wait very long either.

  • When you start hiding things, that's when the trouble starts

    It's official: Famke Janssen is amazing. She has a great body, is a superb actress, plays some amazing roles and her character in Nip/Tuck has an absolutely fabulous living room.

    While I write this, I see that I just wrote the word "fabulous". I'm having such a gay morning. And I think I spelt it wrong too.

    But back to Ava, her character is definitely one to look out for judging on this episode. Her interactions with Julia, Matt and Christian are great to watch and Famke delivers the lines in a way that what she is saying is quite creepy, but you are too amazed by her acting to realise this.

    I can't wait to learn more about Ava, a serial manipulator which could put all life coaches out of business. I know that I would never hire a life coach based on her performance.

    I feel sorry for Julia. She has absolutely no idea about the size of the hole her son is digging himself into. Julia, for some reason, seems to trust Ava as seen when they were jogging.

    Christian, he tries his hardest god bless him. His scene with Ava was good tonight too. The look of horror on Christian's face was priceless. However, I felt that Christian was out of character tonight with Liz. In real life, why would Christian give Liz his sperm? Although there were some good scenes between the two, I felt the storyline was unrealistic.

    The patients ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. How on earth did Jill Clayburgh get an Emmy nomination based on this performance?
  • Despite past actions and haunts, Matt falls in love with an older woman, Christian donates sperm to a fello employee,and one of THE best patient-driven stories in recent episodes ensues. Brilliant.

    Episode 6 of the second season of Nip/Tuck, and unsurprisingly, yet another exciting and pivotal episode of the show. So far this season we've had some huge bombshells: Sean crashing, Christian needing surgery himself, the truth about Matt's real parent, and many more besides. "Bobby Broderick" continues the huge plots, and reminds you what exactly it is you like about the show in the first place.

    The patient at McNamara-Troy this week is an elderly woman, whom the episode's title is of course, named after. She visits the surgeons asking for liposuction. The interview process is the same as always, with Sean making sure she understands what she's letting herself in for, and what the possible consequences could be. Something she agrees to, before signing the contract as soon as humanly possible.

    Things don't go well however, and a p-eed off Bobbi interupts Julia and Sean one night while eating out. What begins, is not surprisingly is a boycott, and Broderick sitting in the waiting room warning future patients. It's classic Nip/Tuck, and Bobbi played by Jill Clayburgh is excellent as a temporary "hate-me-now" character.

    Elsewhere, after having a talk with Julia, recurring character Ava Moore decides to lifecoach Matt, trying to improve his grades, and perhaps more importantly, his general attitude to life. In a weird, and even somewhat random twist, the two fall in love, and it's not long before a fully fledged relationship begins, with distractions and problems along the way, namely, Ava finding out who Matt's real father is.

    In something of a rare occurence, Liz also gets her own story in this episode. After her father's off screen and recent death, she announces to the doctors about wanting to be a mother. The only problem of course, her being gay. Still depressed about losing Wilbur, Christian steps up despite all his arguments with Liz in the past. By the end of the episode, it's decided that he will donate sperm, in something of a random act of kindness from himself. Regardless, it works, and it was good to see Roma Maffia on fine form as the excellent Liz, a character slightly under-appreciated by the writers.

    The episode is without a doubt about the "true" Ava Moore, and we learn quite a lot about her in this episode. Perhaps the end result of her sudden personality change, she's now a very peculiar character, with plenty of potential for future episodes...
  • Mat get invloved with an older women

    The first episoide, well after what happend last week with Christian finding out that Mat was his son, u just knew it about time that will soon be revealed in next episoide , i can't beleve Julie hinted to Eva about Matt, she managed to keep that secret for 16 years and she goes reveal it to a stranger . Eva is really mean piece of work isn't she?. i was going go on to say how manipulative she is but there's something seriously wrong with her. Still the question is who to blame, obviously most people would blame Eva for encouraging young boy into sleeping with her. Still i can't believe he wacked off in public. i wish i could say poor Mat but i can't, how can someone like him get into these situation, him being young is no excuse, he should known better . What really concerned me is the fact after he met her teenage son he contiued to sleep with her. What wrong with u mate.

    Liz, now i still need to formed an opinion about her but when Christian offer his sperm , i thought that was very nice of him, still it's going to be strange, don't u think? , two people who bearly get on decides to have a baby, i can't wait to see how this turns out but it's going to be very intresting story-line. so far this becoming a good story-line

    The mature women who went for liposucion and didn't get the thing she wanted. some people just don't get it, u paid for it sean tried to explain the risks but she wasn't intrested, in the next episoide she kinda get a bit worse but it also got resolved.
  • Things get cooking in this episode. Episode summary in review.

    The second season really gets cooking in this episode. Writers Greene and Levine, who have written some of my least favorite (but still good) episodes, pull together easily their best effort yet. Of course, on a soap like Nip/Tuck, it fits that this episode is all about secrets and lies. The biggest secret is Matt's parentage, which by the end of the episode, three people know. Others, like Mrs. Calderello's surgery, represent another degree of secrets and lies. But obviously the big ones that get the most coverage this week are the most devastating.

    Following the death of her father, Liz aspires to be a mother. She refrained from doing it while her father was alive because she didn't want to have a child out of spite. Now, she's middle aged, a dangerous time to give birth. Despite the risks someone her age faces having a child, she feels it's worth it. They proceed to operate on a grossly overweight man. They're not doing lipo, but working on his ears. Liz makes a typical comment about how people can be so oblivious about their physical problems, which may place them in a harmful situation. This time it is hypocritical since she is forgoing the concerns of having a child at her age because she wants one badly.

    Our patient of the week, Bobbie Broderick, seeks to have her stomach reshaped. Her sons have moved out of the house and she wants a job at Saks to fill her time Only problem is that the women competing for the job are as old as her sons are and they haven't had two kids. She hopes this procedure will improve her chances. When Sean presents the forms, she quickly signs them without reading them out of fear that one of the warnings will scare her away.

    Ava and Julia continue meeting, this time for a run. The "life coach" extols the virtues of running on the mind, but Julia isn't accustomed to running long distances. Emotions, instead of endorphins are released. Julia tells Ava a little bit about the secret she's been keeping for 17 years. She doesn't say anything about Matt, but asks if Ava could help him because his grades have been declining.

    In the break room, Christian offers his sperm to Liz. Liz is baffled considering that they don't get along (I see them more like Christian does, as the siblings who tease each other). Of course, Christian's eloquent sales pitch, "you or the toilet", isn't flattering. However, Liz still considers it. Many who are looking for sperm donors pay high prices for medical students. Liz has doctor sperm.

    At Ava's house, Matt and Ava start drinking to celebrate his new treatment. Matt appears reluctant and defensive at first. She wants to earn his trust. Now we see what is underneath this seemingly self-assuring life coach. When Matt says he'll get "naked in his own truth" only if she'll get naked first, she takes off her shirt! To gain his trust, she has him take a picture of her for himself, trusting him not to show it to anyone. This tactic works as Matt reveals what he did to Cara. However, it works more because Ava is playing off Matt's clear attraction to her.

    When Mrs. Calderello tried her new stove, it exploded, severely burning her lips. McNamara/Troy offer to help make new lips using the folds of her labia. This scares her. If her husband knew, he would never kiss her because he had never kissed them before. His culture looks down upon that act. Christian assures her that he won't know where it came from since it is just skin, but Sean isn't comfortable having her husband not know where her new lips came from.

    As Ava is about to head to work, Matt hops into her car. At first, she is uncomfortable having him there, but he is able to get her to admit that she is attracted to him. She makes him another shocking offer: if he can get an 'A' in French, she will sleep with him. When he says it's impossible, she rebuts by saying that it'll be impossible for her to relieve his tension. Clearly, Ava is manipulative, but we have yet to see how deep that really goes.

    While performing the lipo on Bobbi, Christian barges in asking why Mrs. Calderello was taken off the schedule. Sean tells him about his discomfort lying to her husband, but Christian calls out Sean for his sudden self-righteousness. Of course, it makes more sense for Christian to be more comfortable with a lie considering the massive one he shares now with Julia, but he still has a good point. Their business is lying. They make people something they aren't, be it breast implants, liposuction or skin grafts. Despite Sean's objections, Christian puts Mrs. Calderello back on the schedule.

    To alleviate his frustration at being unable to have Ava, Matt pleasures himself outside her window while she undresses. Though Matt has some experience with women before, Ava is a completely different level. Many young guys find an older woman alluring, from Mrs. Robinson to Stifler's mom. On Nip/Tuck, they take this to a far darker place. Satisfying his infatuation, she's willing to give him sex for higher grades, but like many boys, he can't wait that long to satisfy his urges. He also can't see the two cops who destroy his fantasy. This obsession almost cost him dearly.

    Christian bails him out and Matt expects a "boys will be boys" type attitude. Before this, Christian had always been one to let Matt do things that Sean never would. He took Matt to a porn party and a strip club last season. However, things have changed. Julia's revelation has brought about the paternal side of Christian. He certainly doesn't want to see his son's obsession label him as a sex offender for the rest of his life. What kind of second chance at fatherhood would that be? Unfortunately, Christian can't tell him the truth about why he's so concerned.

    The next day Christian visits Ava at her home, addressing his concern about her relationship with Matt. Their conversation is professional until Christian asks that Matt see another professional regarding his problems. Matt's feelings for her don't scare her off, but rather turn her on. A disgusted Christian threatens to bring her to the authorities. Ava brings out the big guns and threatens to tell Sean that Matt isn't his son. His reference to knowing Christian and Sean for 17 years was a clear sign that Ava connected to what Julia said earlier. Knowing what she knows has earned her more leverage.

    The bandages are ready to come off Mrs. Broderick. Her enthusiasm quickly dies when she sees her stomach dark purple and when Sean tells her that she may need a touch up procedure. Although she ignored the information when she signed off, she complains that Sean never informed her that this could happen. Like some people, Mrs. Broderick seems to think that plastic surgery has a near magical capability to fix her problem. Later, Bobbi Broderick interrupts Sean and Julia at dinner and publicly displays her dissatisfaction to a full crowd at a restaurant. This problem isn't going to go away easily, which leads to good drama.

    Sean grows concerned about Christian. He finds Christian exerting himself too much on the treadmill and unfazed by the buxom women inhabiting the gym. Since Wilbur left, Christian has tried to repress his problems, although learning that he has a biological son has softened the overall blow. Sean recommends that Christian try to find a meaningful relationship, which is probably futile considering who he's recommending that to, but Sean does have a candidate: who else, but Ava. Before Sean leaves them alone, he mentions that Matt got an A in French. We know what this means for Matt, but Sean only sees it as an achievement a good indicator of Ava's results.

    At the office, Christian tries to convince her to go with him instead of Matt, but she prefers the potential of youth. Before leaving, she extorts some botox out of him. It's amazing how Famke Janssen, an actress many have associated with Jean Grey from the X-Men movies, could make such a convincing turn into the "love to hate" realm. Her original appearance, looking back, seems to be the transitional piece; had we seen this side of Ava initially, we may have screamed that she was desperately avoiding type.

    Mrs. Caldellero's surgery is an outstanding success. It is bizarre to imagine having that type of surgery and the ramifications that would result. She never told her husband where the skin for her new lips came from. Instead, she told him they got it from her knees. Despite his reservations, Sean doesn't intervene, which was the right call. Although it may be weird to kiss someone, especially her husband, with her new lips, this lie hurts no one. It is an extreme version of a little white lie, but what else do you expect on this show?

    Alone in the break room, Liz talks to Christian about his earlier offer. Having her close friends turn her down, she accepts his. After having to keep his offspring a secret, having a known child serves as a way for Christian to openly enjoy fatherhood again. It also gives Liz the chance she wants, to feel life growing inside her.

    After their night together, Matt eats some breakfast as Ava prepares to meet a morning client. Although Ava wanted to make Matt believe that he could trust her, she still had her own secrets. The first we find out at the end. Ava's secret son Adrian, completely naked, meets Matt and doesn't make any effort to cover up. With all her emphasis on trust and honesty, holding out that she has a kid certainly creates a lot of friction in that relationship. Plus, Adrian is clearly

    This is where the second season really begins. The first few episodes were devoted to establishing the major characters, their situations and the problems their facing. The conflicts and complications are starting. Though some may complain that it took this long, the ride that results more than makes up for it.
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