Season 2 Episode 6

Bobbi Broderick

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2004 on FX

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  • Ava: \"It\'s amazing what a little incentive can do.\"

    What a dark and twisted addition Famke Janssen is to the cast. Ava is such a fascinating character to watch, and Famke has that \"character you love to hate\" act down very well. Ava is very manipulative and astute. She knows just what will push people buttons, and what will get them to open up. She\'s very good at her profession as she was able to get Matt to finally talk about the hit-and-run, and yet she\'s obviously very unprofessional as she slept with Matt. While she may be helping Matt now, I’m almost positive she won’t be good for him in the long run as her behavior today was highly predatorily and it almost seems like her relationship with Matt is just power play; a relationship in which she can hold all the cards. You have to applaud Ava though for being able to figure out whom Matt\'s father was just from two little conversations.

    The pissing contest between Ava and Christian was very interesting. Their banter was highly amusing, and it looked like there was some sexual tension between the two. Famke Janssen just does such a wonderful job with the role. Well I could watch her read a book and be entertained, so I\'m a little biased.

    I thought it was very noble of Christian to offer to fertilize Liz\'s eggs after she was denied by some of her closest friends. He wanted her to be able to experience parenting, and it showed that while he may say some rude things to Liz deep down he really does care about her. Strange how sometimes the people you least expect turn out to be the ones who are there when you need them.

    A motif in this episode was “the secrets we hide to protect the ones we love”, which Mrs. Calderolla’s surgery represented as she kept secret from her husband where the skin for her surgery came from. Christian keeps many secrets from Sean (all those times he took Matt to strip clubs, or bailed him out of jail) including the big one about Matt’s paternity. I found it ironic Sean’s anti-secretive stance in this episode, considering last season he kept an affair hidden from Julia.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Liz: (to Christian) \"We maybe have one civil interaction every other leap year, and now you\'re offering me your sperm?\"

    - The hit-and-run obviously has been picking at Matt more then he let on, as today he finally broke down and let out all the feelings of guilt he had.

    - I love the names Christian thinks up for people. Christian: \"I\'m putting **** lips back on the schedule.\"

    - Matt didn\'t like the new way Christian has been treating him ever since Christian found out Matt\'s his son.

    - I understand why Bobbie Broderick got mad about her stomach, but it really was all her fault as she didn\'t even take the time to read the paperwork, regarding the risks, before the surgery.

    - Now thinking back on it, Matt and Christian do look very alike.

    - Ava almost treats Matt like a son (\"don\'t forget to eat your vegetables\", \"don\'t be late for school\"), which is very creepy adding to the fact that Ava is sleeping with Matt, who is around the same age as her son who we were introduced to at the end of the episode.

    - I found it amusing that Sean set up Christian with Ava.

    Christian: “What the hell are you doing here?”
    Ava: “I just wanted to see the expression on your face when you saw me; definitely worth the trip.”

    Final Rating: What a great episode. 3 out of 4 stars. 3 1/2?

    - Tim Bronx
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