Season 6 Episode 3

Briggette Reinholt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2009 on FX

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  • Good Episode!

    Sean and teddy get married?? WTF Chrisitan is jealous of Mike and Kimber seeing eachother. Annie comes back to visit and we find out something about her. Teddy or should i say Dixie kills the pateint that recognized her. Matt conitues his absurd mime career. Poor Annie! Where is Julia? Or Conor? This epsiode was interesting with Teddy's paranoia that she will get caught, i cant beleive she killed the patient! I know that liz is catching on to this and im afraid she will confront her and she will kill her, i will be heartbroken! I gotta feelin that this will happen!
  • Rest in Leeches

    Another awesome episode, reminiscent of the darker moments of the second and third seasons in its depiction of deeply disturbed individuals, as well as featuring some really funny subplots.

    The obvious theme of this episode was masks. Teddy has her various identities, her freaky-as-hell "death mask" (more on that later...), Steve O'Brien and his desperation for a woman's face, Mike and his cross-dressing, Matt in his mime get-up. Even Annie, especially when Teddy was explaining all about getting dressed up in different disguises and finding your own identity. Really creepy metaphor for her own drama.

    Speaking of Teddy, her murder of Briggitte has got to be the looniest scene this show has ever done. The music was stunning, that mask was completely creepy (ridiculous, I know, but very Carver-esque in its haunting-ness), and all the leeches just upped the gross-out factor. This storyline is actually unraveling really well. Teddy's wacko, and it's clear she has murderous designs on poor Annie. Rose isn't entirely convincing (she needs to unleash some of her Devil in the Flesh madness), but the character herself is getting more and more intriguing. I was never a fan originally, but the way she's being written is great.

    Julia is still in the running for the award of Worst Mother Ever, especially as she seemingly had no idea that Annie was pulling out the hair from her scalp and eating it like a complete wingnut. The glimpse of 2026 Annie we got back in season four makes so much sense now. The idea behind "Rapunzel syndrome" or whatever it was called was genius, even if the actual stomach-pumping scene and subsequent close-up of Annie's hairball was gross.

    Christian's subplot was great. As a longtime Christian/Kimber 'shipper, I loved Sean's lines all about how they're meant for each other. They totally are, they're identical in so many ways and it's clear to everybody that Christian desperately wants her back again. I liked that Christian's meddling of Kimber and Mike's relationship went completely wrong, while Mario Lopez in fishnets and leather was a sight to behold. Scary as hell, but certainly a "sight".

    This season continues to impress me. I keep expecting it to fly off the deep end in terms of writing, but while the show is still completely insane and ridiculous; this was yet another episode that was fun, entertaining, disturbing and shocking. Which is exactly what I ask for when I tune in for a new Nip/Tuck episode. Man, I love this show.

    Director: Dirk Craft
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: A
  • Superbly written, there is just so much happening in Nip/Tuck which has some reminiscent of season 3 writing brilliance.

    Superbly written, there is just so much happening in Nip/Tuck which has some reminiscent of season 3 writing brilliance. Teddy's relationship with Sean gets interesting with an old friend recognizing her, and the poor lady's demise via leeches. Mario Lopez is so great on the show, he fits in so perfectly and whether or not it works out with Kimber, i hope he stays on the show as a regular. Props on ladyboy scene.

    Christian is finally becoming a bitter old man.
    I love the reference to Seans daughter and her psychological condition which was avoided in previous episodes and their absence was quite unlikely in the case of fatherly duties.