Season 5 Episode 20

Budi Sabri

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2009 on FX

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  • The Marrying Man

    As I said before, it's clear that the Christian/Liz romance will end in disaster. Christian is only marrying her to make himself feel better, and I don't buy that she is the only one who brings out the good in him. Kimber did the same thing back in season three, but I guess he's forgotten about that (or the writers have). And I don't buy Liz being willing to marry him. Sure, support him and be with him during his (supposed) last months, but marriage is just one meaningless step too far.

    It's an unpopular opinion, but I'm struggling to like Teddy. She's annoying, and I just don't get her obsession with being "wild" and "breaking the rules". Plus, a doctor just wouldn't act the way she does. I'm hoping the storyline goes somewhere interesting, and I'm guessing it does since the show went out of their way to bring her back next season with a different actress. Maybe she's some crazy impostor, and playing doctor is just another game to her?

    The patient of the week was interesting, and yet again another one completely "ripped from the headlines". There were some neat little lines which connected his plight to both Sean and Christian, from the "rolling stone doesn't gather moss" remark, to Christian's determination to never give up despite what his illness may throw at him. On a separate subject, I loved the Human League song they used for Budi's surgery scenes. Awesome track. Also great: those nifty special effects as Sean hallucinated. Very similar to the movie The Ruins. The falling leaves were cool too.

    Despite only running for eight episodes, I'm finding this season is dragging a little. I honestly think that the characters may have just run out of steam, and everything they're doing now seems contrived, more to fit the storyline than actually staying true to who the characters actually are... or were. Every season since the Kit/Quentin year, certain fans get that Nip/Tuck fatigue and claim that the show's reached its peak. As much as I love this show, I personally believe the fatigue has set in for me.

    Director: Hank Chilton
    Writer: Hank Chilton
    Rating: C