Season 5 Episode 20

Budi Sabri

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2009 on FX

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  • Proposals Written And Directed by Hank Chilton

    Christian: "You don't have to."
    Liz: "I know but like they say – for better or worse."

    Maybe they do say that Liz but marrying someone you don't really love isn't the best thing to do either. I know Christian might be dying but as plots go, I'm beginning to think the writers are intentionally trying to piss viewers off by the boat load.

    One of many stories that viewers neither wanted nor needed was seeing Liz and Christian hooking up. One of the plus points of "Ricky Wells" was finally putting that story to rest, only for this episode to make it worse. I know Liz had to come back to LA but couldn't the writers have found something else?

    Last week Christian was lamenting about how much he didn't miss Liz's moralising and as soon as it looked like his days were numbered, he flew to Miami in order to propose to her. Maybe if Liz was straight and they were genuinely in love would I find this story sweet but she isn't on both counts, so my judgement is that the plot is crap.

    Both Sean and Liz also didn't waste time in expressing their cynicism. I know being a naysayer can be a thankless task but how can you not agree with either one of them? Liz and Christian won't last marriage wise and this is taking the fact that Christian's cancer has come back.

    Speaking of which, could there be a chance that there was an error with the test results? It's not exactly uncommon and previews that have aired earlier in the season also alluded to it. Also Liz's reaction upon realising that Christian proposed after his results came positive spoke volumes.

    I'll say it again – Liz doesn't love Christian. He might have satisfied her sexually and he might be one of those people who Liz can't imagine not being in her life but that isn't grounds for marrying someone. Liz is smart enough to know that logically but she ended up agreeing to Christian's marriage proposal no less.

    Sean should've spoke up a bit more or least try to get both of them to see a little bit of sense. Their marriage won't last very long and as a result, they might end damaging the friendship they have, you know that dynamic between them that is far more interesting and real.

    Speaking of friendship, Sean went through some reasons to be rightly furious with Christian. First there had been the proposal to Liz (though Sean wasn't that mad in retrospect, just rightfully cautious) and then the whole collagen incident with Jenna.

    It's amazing that all Kimber needs nowadays are two scenes to remind viewers of just how much of an insufferable **** she can be. A normal parent would allow Jenna to enjoy her childhood. Kimber is more interested in sending the message at a young age that looks override everything else.

    It wasn't much of a shock that Kimber would back on her word and end up telling Sean that Christian was partly involved in his granddaughter getting botox in the lips. The only reason the silly bint did that was because Christian had enough sense to refuse to retouch Jenna.

    However the problem with Kimber is her underestimation of Sean. For a second when he opened up the lift door, I was hoping that he was going to throttle her. While he disappointed in not doing that, he was bloody effective in conveying to Kimber just exactly what would happen if she was stupid enough to have more botox put into Jenna.

    It's this kind of take charge attitude that Sean also needed when he was with Theodora during most of this episode. Now Katee Sackhoff's still brilliant in the role but Teddy certainly behaved very recklessly and akin to a spoiled child. The storming out because Sean had to talk to Julia being a case in point.

    Other flourishing examples of Teddy's flighty destructiveness included breaking into a house so her and Sean could christen it in their own fashion. If Sean hadn't mentioned the fact that him and Teddy were doctors that realtor certainly would've had no problem in handing them over to the cops.

    Teddy's other bad moment of the episode was her little acid trip that her and Sean took during the desert. Visually it offered some really surreal moments into Sean's psyche but at the same it also compromised his ability to operate on Budi later in the episode.

    Fortunately Sean grew his spine back when Teddy made an error of wanting to gas him during a sex game. Seriously, nothing is off limits on this show but that moment really made me worry about Teddy. I liked how Sean handled her and I also liked that despite her protestations of them being unlikely to work out, he decided to meet her halfway by going back to the dark restaurant at the beginning.

    That being said if Sean's willing to make some compromises and loosen up, then it's only fair that Teddy should similarly courteous. I don't expect her to reel in her wild ways but surely she can act out impulsively without endangering herself, Sean or other people at the same time.

    Also in terms of weekly patients, Budi is yet another genius character. A very nuanced performance from Chi-Muoi Lo was the order of the day and I liked how Christian sympathised with him during the episode, though I hated the suicide talk. It's just too bad that Budi's warts resurfaced despite the series of operations he had to endure in this episode.

    Also in "Budi Sabri"

    The pitch black restaurant was a neat idea for the series. Without sounding too ignorant, is there any reason for them?

    Sean: "Is it really pitch black? How are we gonna know what we're eating?"
    Theodora: "You're gonna have to have a little blind faith, Sean. This experience is about opening up your other senses and letting go."

    I know I've said it before but I still can't get over how glamorous Katee Sackhoff is in this series.

    Christian (re Budi): "Don't you want to get a shot of Mr Sabri for your photo album, T?"
    Theodora: "There's a big difference between Mr Skerritt and this poor man. He's a victim. All he's ever known for years is pain and isolation."

    Theodora: "I'm not big on second chances. If I wanted to be with a **** I'd be a lesbian."
    Sean: "I can loosen up. I can be wild. I had sex with a doll once."

    Nice shout out to Season Two's "Kimber Henry". Also I'm pretty sure that Kimber made a snotty comment to Sean about their sexual history as well. Actually here it is …

    Kimber: "Sean, you're such an easy lay in every possible way. He did it. Just said I'd take the heat to save his pretty face."

    Christian: "I understand but I'm a firm believer that I'm on my own in this life."
    Budi: "Do you pray, Dr Troy?"
    Christian: "Well, not anymore."

    Teddy made up some spiel about being adopted and coming from money when her and Sean broke into that house.

    Christian: "I'm a bad person, Lizzie. I know that."
    Liz: "That's not what I'm saying."
    Christian: "No, it's what I'm saying. I know I don't have much of a conscience. Either I was born without it or it just got rutted away like some gangrenous appendage."

    Sean: "Teddy, you are going too far."
    Theodora: "You are such a buzz kill."
    Sean: "No, I'm a surgeon. It's in my DNA to be careful and methodical and safe. You know the very nature you detest is what keeps people alive on my table. I tried but I can't change who I am. Frankly, I don't want to have to apologise for it anymore."

    Chronology: A few days since "Manny Skerritt", also about twelve weeks since "Ronnie Chase".

    Not quite as good as the previous episode but "Budi Sabri" is certainly another strong episode in this shaky fifth year. With only two episodes left to go, it'll be interesting to see how things are suitably wrapped up.