Season 4 Episode 7

Burt Landau

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on FX

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  • Give And Take *SPOILERS*

    It’s one of the first lessons we learn as children: the world is based on a system of give and take. You can’t just take all the time; you have to give something back every now and again. And it is this notion that informs ‘Burt Landau’, an episode all about giving and taking, which- thankfully- hits more than it misses. But some quite uneven characterisations slightly undermine the episode, most notably Sean.

    The episode begins with a pro-bono case, but as the boys operate, Liz collapses. She is examined and is told she needs a kidney transplant but she is ridiculously far down the donor list. Showing some altruism, Christian suggests that both he and Sean will get tested to see if they are a match and can give Liz one of theirs. Christian sadly is not, but Sean is. And that freaks him out. He initially lies to Liz and Christian about it but, when Matt is tested and is found to be a match, confesses all. But as Liz points out at the end, he is only a five out of six match for her- she finds a six out of six in a very unlikely form, and has the transplant anyway. Of this storyline, it is good that the writers have finally decided to have Matt behave like a decent human being for once. Roma Maffia plays all her scenes wonderfully- my heart really went out to her when she tearfully explained that she was banned from her father’s funeral- and has a brilliant and warm rapport in her scenes with Rosie O’Donnell, who returns as Dawn Budge.

    Sadly it is Sean’s characterisation that is all over the place here. He bordered on the whining and utterly selfish, which irritated me. I know it’s quite easy to say ‘yes, take my kidney and reduce my own life expectancy to help a friend’ and another thing to do it. But writer Brad Falchuk didn’t do Sean any favours by having him blatantly lie about being a match and then trying to justify it by saying he can’t be out of action, as Conor’s surgeries are coming up. Firstly, he doesn’t have to operate on Conor. (In fact, ethics aside, is it legal for a surgeon father to operate on his own children?) Secondly, knowing the stress of this situation, surely Liz would understand him wanting to not go through it. Yet when Matt offers his own, he tries to stop him. It just doesn’t ring true with the character that has been established and I’m just wondering if there’s a good reason behind it that will come apparent as the season progresses. As it is, it still sticks out as not usual Sean McNamara behaviour.

    Meanwhile, Christian has his hands full with the situation with Burt and Michelle. Fed up with acting as Burt’s surrogate, he snaps and says it’s over and Burt threatens to tear McNamara/Troy to pieces if he won’t continue. Michelle tries to calm Christian down, saying she will handle the situation. Later, Burt calls both Sean and Christian into a meeting, where Christian believes they’re due to get fired, but it is revealed that Burt has had a stroke and is paralyzed down one side of his face. He wants them to fix his face. When lab results discover that Burt had taken Viagra, Christian confronts Michelle, suggesting she deliberately gave it to her husband in order to kill him. Michelle is affronted by this and Burt admits that he took it himself and it was worth it. This seems to be the final nail in the coffin for Michelle and Christian. Drunk and despondent, Christian goes to see Kimber under the pretence of wanting to be ‘audited’ (a Scientology process) and charms his way into her pants. Silly, silly girl. The next morning, he’s quite clear: he doesn’t care about Kimber’s pseudo-religion and only said what she wanted to hear so she would sleep with him. Kimber is distraught and Christian just brushes it off, until Kimber slaps him hard across the face. And, boy, does he deserve it! Christian has always been an arrogant and self-serving but, here, he is particularly loathsome and undoes all his good work by being nice to Liz. But then why was Kimber so naïve as to think he had changed? So Kimber takes her revenge by sleeping with Matt (who had previously tried it on with her and she’d rebuffed him). And that is wrong on so many levels- she was nearly his stepmother!

    During Burt’s surgery, Burt goes in to cardiac arrest and there is a subtle moment, nicely played, which suggests that Christian might just let him die. But he doesn’t. He saves him. Toward the end, Christian tries to get Michelle to put Burt into a convalescent home but she says she will look after him. With any luck, this will be the end to Michelle and Christian- it’s getting much too samey now, despite a great performance by Sanaa Lathan as the conflicted Michelle. Larry Hagman gets precious little to do, but does it well. Kelly Carlson plays a blinder as Kimber; her reaction to Christian the morning after was impressively well done.

    The final story strand brings back Dawn Budge, who won a completely obscene amount of money on the lottery. She’s been ear-jacked; her ear has been sliced off with a cutthroat razor to obtain her beautiful and expensive earring. Sean and Christian debate certain options with her but the one that appeals to her most is to have a new ear grown for her. At the genetics lab, we get to meet a little bald mouse called Vincent- who has Dawn’s new ear growing out of his back (a take on a real-life case a year or two ago). He’s kind of cute in a weirdly hideous way. Dawn seems a little affected when she realises that Vincent will not survive the surgery but goes ahead anyway- and there is a wonderful and totally appropriate use of music during her surgery, Don McLean’s beautiful and poignant song ‘Vincent’. As she recovers, she meets Liz and the two women bond. Dawn comes to realise that the money hasn’t made her happy and she’s a little lonely. How she ends up getting tested is beyond me, but it turns out Dawn is a match for Liz and gives Liz a kidney. Rosie O’Donnell makes a very welcome return to the show, Dawn’s crass blend of airs and graces yet still being utterly redneck is nicely done but here the character is developed, more rounded (excuse the pun), and we get to see the sadness behind her situation.

    All in all, an interesting episode, not one of the better ones of the season to date but still had some intriguing ideas.
  • The Kidneys Aren't All Right

    A pretty good episode which utilizes the majority of the cast extremely well. The only downside is that the Landau's are still dragging this season down.

    Sean's lying about the kidney test results was a little unnecessary. He shouldn't feel like he had to have given Liz one of his kidneys, especially when he has three kids. But, likewise, I didn't get why he was so against Matt donating one of his own for Liz. He's crazy dysfunctional this episode.

    I liked the blurring of storylines throughout the episode, even if the Landau arc still doesn't interest me. Matt's stupid decisions are once again revealed to be a result of his libido, while at the same time Christian accuses Michelle of attempting to kill Burt. As a result, Michelle gets mad, Christian manipulates Kimber into bed before dumping her, and Kimber hooks up with Matt in revenge. It's a big web of craziness, this show.

    Kelly Carlson was particularly great in this episode; her breakdown as Christian revealed his true colors was heartbreaking. Kimber should know better, but she's eternally naive, especially when it comes to the man she's obsessed with.

    Dawn Budge returned, with yet another hilarious but ridiculously well-performed storyline. I loved the snap-shot direction of her opening ear-tearing attack, while the scene between Dawn, Sean, the ear doctor and "Vincent" was hysterical, especially with that music playing over it. Dawn is a great character, whatever you think of Rosie herself, and she has a crapload of memorable lines here. Also loved her blossoming friendship with Liz.

    Universally well-acted and featuring some neat little subplots, this was typical Nip/Tuck greatness. Sure, some of it blew, but in general it was pretty fun.

    Director: Charles Haid
    Writer: Brad Falchuk
    Rating: B
  • Kimber true colors show, once again!!!

    Okay, I knew in the beginning of the season that Kimber had not changed. This episode proved that. She is still in love with Christian, even after all they have been through, and even after all that he has done to her. She is supposed to be this new religious guru, and her faith falls apart at the very touch of Christian's hand. HA! I totally saw it coming. I also saw the fact that Christian was using her as inevitable. Kimber falls apart, and curls up in the fetal position when she realizes what she has allowed to happen, due to her weakness. Then the claws come out, and she sets her sights on the youngest Troy/McNamara. I am not a big fan of Matt, but the endless dysfunctional relationships are getting a little tiresome. The transvestite, the semi-Nazi, and now the predatory and bitter ex of (both) his fathers, come on, give the kid a break. He seems to really like Kimber, and she is using him to get back at Christian, that is even low for Kimber. She has just put on a mask to cover her miserable life portrait since last season, and in this episode, it is ripped of to reveal the demon within her. She says that Christian is a horrible person, but Christian hasn't slept with her kid yet, who has a puppy dog crush, (although I wouldn't put it past him if Kimber did have a kid). All I am trying to say is that people in glass houses (Kimber) shouldn't throw stones.
  • Dawn: "I just bought one of his paintings; I got it hanging in the bathroom. Every time I take a dump now I feel artistic."

    Ah, Dawn. What an intellectual and sophisticated viewpoint you bring to this show. That was sarcasm of course.

    I think I'm starting to grow a little frustrated with Nip/Tuck. Our main characters are becoming so vapid and cruel that they're no longer fun to watch. I mean honestly, how much horrible **** are we supposed to see Christian dish out and still forgive him? Sean, too, having an affair with Monica even though he claims to love Julia. It feels like the writers never heard of the concept of character development, that our characters should be learning from past mistakes and begin changing. They're not changing; they're repeating the same mistakes, and it's starting to feel a little too reminiscent to the point of annoyance and aggravation.

    What's up with Christian's character? He's been all over the place lately, saying he loves Michelle and then going to Burt accusing Michelle of murder?! Then his actions with Kimber! I know Christian was just taking revenge at Kimber for hurting him last season, but the way he seduced Kimber and then sadistically hurt her was too much. I hope the writers begin to explain Christian’s actions.

    Liz finally got a solid storyline this episode, and I loved it. Her and Dawn were the highlights of the episode for me, and both of them had touching, character-defining moments. I was impressed with Liz for forgiving Sean so easily for lying to her; she's a better and stronger person then he is, although it did take some major cojones for Sean to confess to her in the end. Dawn once again provided hilarious one-liners while contributing to some deeply emotional scenes. Rosie does a great job making apparent Dawn's loneliness; the $20 million Dawn’s spent hasn't felt the gap she feels in her life and neither will the $180 she has left.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Does ear jacking really happen? I've never heard of it.

    - No crazy therapist this week. That was probably a good thing.

    - Does Kimber ever step out of the Sana? Not that I'm complaining. :)

    - I did like the exploration of Sean's fears and his struggle to tell Liz the truth.

    - Sean: (re: the operation) "It won't be cheap."
    Dawn: "Sweetie, I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills."

    Final Rating: 2 out of 4 stars. Maybe a 2 1/2.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • this show never loses its speed!

    You know; most of the shows get duller as they reach to their later seasons. Buffy the vampire slayer lost alot from its charm at the end of season 3 as they let the male lead Angel go.24 always kept it interesting and thrilling but never got as touching and shocking as that legendary first season of it and kinda repeated itself alot.Lost.. well it started from the point of "extremely cool"and reached to the point of "extremely boring" just in its second season...

    But in Nip/Tuck , they never run out of things to shock and entertain us.Sometimes a twisted sex scene,or a patient too out of ordinary,or some really unexpected twist,or just a rat with a mouse in its back ! they never run out of really interesting things to show us.And i am not really yearning for them,i'm so ok with watching their relationships,which is twisted enough as it is.The things they throw in just to entertain and amuse us are really,really great.

    Christian + kimber scene was really heartbreaking.i really didnt understand why christian did it,went and hurt her cos she has been hurt enough.whatever,i think kimber and christ are meant to be and will be together in the end.(after they run out of other girls and boys in the cast,i guess :))
  • Under The Thumb Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Charles Haid

    First off, I apologise for being late with this (though my “Shari Noble” review was later due to illness) review as the first two episodes of Torchwood took precedence and secondly getting this episode was more difficult than usual. Also as much as I’m loving this fourth season, this episode did leave a lot to be desired but after six good to brilliant episodes, one had to grip me less than usual and it was this one, despite the fact that stuff actually happened in it.

    To be positive first, it was nice to see that consequences still exist on this show and if getting your kidney stolen by one of James’ ladies isn’t bad enough then poor Liz has to suffer more when during her work she passes out and is then taken to the hospital by Sean and Christian.

    Liz think her fainting is down to Strepthroat but her doctor soon reveals that it’s her kidney failing and that she needs a new pronto, which is annoying especially when Liz is put on an incredibly long waiting list. Tell a woman she needs a new kidney, then bam; hit her with the ludicrousness of being on a long waiting list. Could the medical system suck anymore if it tried?

    In a moment of inspired decency, Christian happily and all too quickly announces that him and Sean will get tested and donate one of their kidneys for her because after all, Liz is family in a way than none of Christian’s women has ever been. It’s kind of sweet if a little misguided in a way but I needed this act of kindness because Christian does something vile in the episode to make me want to beat him with a stick and Sean’s cowardice gets the better of him where Liz is concerned.

    Most viewers online totally joined in their annoyance of Sean as both Christian and Matt opened told Liz she was family and showed no hesitation but aside from the stupid excuse that he can’t donate a kidney because he needs to operate on Connor (no, Sean you really don’t), a part of me doesn’t blame him for. Okay lying to Liz about not being a match was wrong but given that Liz has proved that one kidney doesn’t always guarantee survival, I would be pretty reluctant to hand over one of mine too. It’s not a decision that’s easily or doesn’t come risk free either.

    It’s funny that Sean’s reservations are matched by both Christian and Matt’s total willingness to help Liz, although Matt is the only who actually can. Liz is easily the best thing about this episode and again, Roma Maffia is seriously sympathetic as Liz and despite the offers from enough willing donors, I liked that Liz didn’t pressure anyone into helping her.

    I think she knew that Sean was lying the first time when he visited in the hospital with Christian because she just gave this look saying “I’m not buying it” when he told her that he wasn’t a match and when Sean finally admitted that he was a match and offered his kidney, Liz let him off the hook by telling him that she found a better match. I wonder who that could be.

    If you liked Rosie O’Donnell two weeks ago, then I hope you’re not disappointed with the return of Miss Trailer Trash Turned Rich **** herself, Dawn Budge who back in McNamara/Troy when a thief on a motorcycle slices one of her ears clean off to get her diamond encrusted earrings. Snarking with Christian aside, Dawn wants the perfect new ear and when she dismisses the usual options, Sean suggests a genetically grown ear and Dawn is all for it. After all, the lady isn’t keen on brandishing an ear made of silicone.

    That being said, I think I would prefer a silicone ear in comparison to creepiness of having a genetics lab grow an ear on a mouse named Vincent, who won’t survive the surgery and who we see Dawn bond more lovingly than any human being she’s ever bonded and Dawn’s surprised was needed with the jerk of a scientist who explained the creepy procedure. Even hairless and with an ear grown on its back, Vincent was a cute little rodent.

    However ears aside and dithering on about sexual chemistry with Christian, Dawn’s other purpose in this episode was to be a donor for Liz and as out of the blue and contrived it felt, the buddy scenes with her and Liz were quite nice. That being said, Christian’s cautious advice to Liz about new best friend Dawn is fair. Dawn is the type “that if money can’t buy friends, then maybe organs will” of person. Also being said, I loved how she dropped the fact her and Christian slept together as well with my only regret being that Michelle wasn’t in the room at the time.

    As for Christian, sometimes this bloke is a wonderful person, other times you want to beat him with a stick and of course this episode had me feeling both ways about him. I guess I should be positive first and that was him telling that he won’t be his man whore (bit late for that Christian) no more and dumps Michelle, a character who has seriously digressed. Where has the cool, independent woman from “Cindy Plumb” and why are we stuck with this needy, selfish, whiner instead? Dumping Michelle was one good but actually helping Burt out, when it was very likely that he intended to destroy McNamara/Troy when even Michelle couldn’t wrap Christian around her little finger to do what Burt wanted was one of Christian’s finest hours. Basically Burt takes Viagra so he can have sex with Michelle and has a stroke so Christian and Michelle have to perform surgery on him. This is happening while Christian is actually thinking Michelle tried to kill her husband and to be honest, so was I. Was Christian out of line by accusing her of this? Not really because let’s face it, Michelle has spent the last two episodes whining about how she’s trapped in her marriage and Michelle is a very desperate girl who has a nasty tendency of getting trapped?

    To further cement the evidence, when something goes wrong during the surgery, Michelle is virtually encouraging Christian to let him, which thankfully Christian doesn’t do. Unfortunately for Burt, he’s more or less paralysed and Michelle won’t admit him to a care home where he can get better treatment than she can give. There are times when Christian’s judgemental attitude can be out of line but accusing Michelle of being a gold digger now looks a little too on the nose.

    Now it’s time for some hatred ala TWOP style and Christian hits an all time low when dumping Michelle because she won’t fully commit to him (dude, you would run a mile if she did), he gets wasted and heads over to Kimber and sleeps with her before slamming Scientology and making her feel worse about herself than usual. Gee, Christian great bedside manner there and further as to why I hate these two hooking up time and time again.

    That being said Christian’s vile behaviour aside, how the hell did Kimber fall for it? He showed up wasted, demeaned her with a “Sweetie Pie”, ****ed about his problems and sounded blatantly sarcastic when she was dithering on about Scientology gave her a new meaning. Kimber you’ve been with this guy, on and off for three years, how could you not see this coming?

    Also more to this point, while I totally understand the need to get back at Christian, why use poor Matt like that? Sleeping with the guy the day after you threw him out of your house because he misread the signs and made a move on you? No offence Kimber but you don’t do porn star moaning when getting a massage from a person you only view in a platonic light, even if you used to be a porn star yourself. I feel for Matt, that guy seriously has the worst luck with women and yes, he gets that from both Sean and Christian.

    Also in “Burt Landau”

    Patients of the week: Dawn had an ear replacement and donated her kidney to Liz, Vincent donated an ear to Dawn, Burt had a stroke and needed medical assistance and there was a guy at the start of the episode who was pro-bono.

    Christian: “Free surgery is like sex without an orgasm”
    Sean: “Unless of course the patient is Blu Mondae, in which case the free surgery follows an orgasm”.

    Liz: “You would do that for me?”
    Christian: “Jesus, of course, Liz you’re family”.

    We learned that Liz’s father died last year. Man, how awful was it that her mother used Liz’s sexuality as the cause of his death? Also number 62,342 on a donor list? What the hell?

    Dawn (to Sean/Christian): “Ear jacked! Jesus, I’ve got one ear and I can hear better than you”.

    Dawn’s **** top and pink cowboy hat was funny. Man, that woman dresses tacky!

    Michelle (to Christian, re Burt): “Wishing and actually doing something about it are two very different things”.

    Kimber: “Why didn’t you just go screw one of your whores if you needed to get laid?”
    Christian: “Whores only give you their body. I needed to feel like the most important man in the world”.

    I liked Kimber’s apartment. The white and silver combo is an interesting contrast to Christian’s totally black apartment.

    Christian (re Matt): “The kid’s got balls. I’ll kill him before I let him do it but you gotta admit, the kid’s got balls”.

    Kimber: “You think it’s gonna hurt?”
    Matt: “Well, it’s not going to feel good”.

    Because of my downloading, even I’ve now seen a Dirt trailer. Courtney Cox, you look weird. Hopefully your show is good.

    Sean: “Scary, huh?”
    Liz: “I have never asked you to do this for me”.

    Chronology: A month since “Dawn Budge”. Time moves slow on this show at times.

    Christian: “Especially when it has such a large target”
    Dawn: “The target didn’t seem to bother you when you were pinning me to your apartment floor sweet cheeks”.

    Standout music: “Bitter Sweet Faith” by Bitter: Sweet and the beautiful “Vincent” by Don McClean.

    I think I said it best at the start of this review that while a lot happens in “Burt Landau”, most of it isn’t as interesting as previous episodes have given us. However the previews for next week have me very excited.
  • are you kidneying me?

    oke bad joke we start by getting een eyefull of the heaving bossom of michelle, nice. Christian desides to tell burt he is done (in not so polite terms might i ad) She tries to reason with christian but despite a very nice outfit he is not buying it (it is fiction after all)

    what more does this episode have

    rosie o donnell is back, playing the to rich to tacky dawn, she lost an ear while showing of her latest jewelry yuck

    liz 2nd kidney starts to fail, so she needs a transplant

    christian vollunteers shawn and himself, and shawn is 5/6 to be a donor, but he does not tell anybody guess what matt is also viabele (eventhough his parents are not is that correct?) but nobody wants him to

    speaking of matt he likes kimber, and during a very nice massage in the sauna he tries to go for gold, mistake, and she kicks his ass out of her house

    a somewhat drunken christian comes by and he does manage to get into kimbers panties, being christian he tells her afterwards that all the nice things he said were just te get her and he leaves her in tears.

    shawn tells liz he is a donor but it turns out that she does not need him as dawn is a 6/6 donor and is willing

    burt tries to do the business with michelle, he does for a couple of minutes but the viagra triggers a stroke, bad bad bad. lets wrap this up

    kimber tries to get back at christian by sleeping with matt(oh yeah that will show him) making connor the only male in the family that kimber has not had sex with

    michelle refuses to leave burt, she wants to take care of him, and i think she won't mind christian to take care of her. shawn still has his kidney

    dawn has more selfesteem
    liz has a kidney

    all is well or is it?
  • Good episode.

    I had to write this review, cause I disagree with the previous poster.Yes there are many guest stars, but they are written WELL this season, pivotal storylines. And this season is back it's season 1 and 2 format. Anyway, I DIGRESS. I thought this was a great episode. I thought it was sweet of Christian willing to give up his kidney for Liz, but I also understand Sean's hesitation, after all donating a kidney is difficult step and requires thinking and the pros and cons, so I'm glad he came through at the end, even though Dawn came out to be a good match. And speaking of Dawn, I just love her! The ear-jacking scene was a little gross, but if that happens in Boca Raton, I'll just skip that place. What Christian did to Kimber might have been cruel, but Kimber got what was coming to her, though that might sound harsh, but she should have known that Christian had something up his leave, but of course she is sad and pathetic not too. It it's mighty low of Kimber to sleep with Matt (it seems she did)
    Hmm, does anyone think Michelle had something to do with Burt's stroke?? I think she did, cause she told Christian "I'll take care of it." So OVERALL, THIS WAS A GOOD ONE, NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE LOOKS GREAT.
  • Was this just a filler episode? ... Or just plain below par?

    Ok, im usually a huge fan of Nip/Tuck but this episode just felt like a filler episode... or something that could have been compressed into 20minutes. This episode was just below par. The think they have gone back to their roots with character driven storylines - but they havnt. This was just an episode based around lots of talking from lots of secondary characters. I admit, i love Dawn Budge, but they finished her character after one episode and now she\'s in another and has a spin-off planned. Shame. This season one of their biggest pitfalls has been introducting too many secondary characters and keeping them around for too long (See Dawn, Michele, Burt, Monica and James). Filling up the cast is no solution. At first it was exciting when a main/secondary character had surgury... now its every god-damn week. It was better back in the day when they had a character come in for a episode, share their story, get 'fixed' and leave. Go back to this format i say!

    And this whole Kimber/Christian thing wasnt good/fun or even a return to 'the old Christian' ways - it was an attempt to return him to his carefree vindictive nature because they had nothing better for him to do and they semi-abandoned the gay storyline.

    Overall it was average, uneventful and not what i want from Nip/Tuck. It wasnt groundbreaking or anything near revolutionary like some of the episodes that have been more enjoyable. If you want to go back and recreate the first season, do that... dont so a psudo version.
  • In this episode... rosie gets ear-jacked, kimber bags another troy/mcnamara, we discover how BIG Christian actually is (10"!), our office beauty, liz, needs a kidney, the old dude nearly croaks, and we meet a mouse named vincent.

    WOW. i'm a fan. not sure if i ever was before, was never really into 'roseanne', but this kooky, white-trash biotch is fun. rosie's character is a little reminiscent of 'Cherry Cherry', fabulously played by Delta Burke, on the late 'Popular' series, which makes me wonder- what happened between delta and ryan murphy? why didn't he bring her back? is the character spin-off series rumor true? perhaps ryan likes a variety of jolly women, like baskin robbins. QUOTES: "I should have known if anything was gonna bring this place to its knees, it would be your d*ck" ~Sean to Christian upon discovering that they may be getting fired (christian brings all the b*tches to their knees- oh yeah) "Every time I take a dump now, I feel artistic" ~Rosie, regarding her bathroom-clad Van Gogh original "I used to raise ferrets in the back of my trailer- I can handle it (caring for vinnie)" ha ha ha... i really don't want to know what else she did in the back of her trailer :) MATT & KIMBER: i'm glad our sexy little kimber got some decent airtime in last night's episode. but, what's the deal with all of her holier-than-now bull?! if you are getting a back massage by a hottie that's making you moan, scratch that- if someone is touching your back, you f*ck 'em! i'm surprised matt didn't pull the reach-around-the-front-stick-it-in-the-back simultaneously move. that would have been the way to go. CHRISTIAN & KIMBER: how mean is christian?! this guy's really got no soul. that repressed slore let that drunk 10-incher into her apartment and now he screwed her up all over again. so mean. i'd take kimber over that rich office drip any day. at least kimber's got spunk. but MAYBE this will send her off the deep end again, which is always fun. bondage w/ knives anyone?? KIMBER & JULIA: ??????????????? EAR-JACKING: so rosie gets ear-jacked by some thugs on a motorcycle in boca raton. i'm in boca every single day, so let me fill you in on the way that situation would have REALLY gone down: rosie picks up a bag of natural diapers at the local whole foods store. next thing you know- BANG! some nasty old man mows her down in his old person scooter while screaming, "margie, make sure you pick up the KOSHER pickles!" R.I.P. Vinnie the mouse :( NEXT WEEK: the lobster baby's back!! i love that little creep! he should be clawing up some fun with that little midget for sure next tuesday!
  • Rosie is back with a little something missing. Liz needs a new kidney but who will give it to her? Great episode!

    Can I just start by saying that I loved Rosie as a guest star! She is the best guest star the show has had and they have had some really graet ones especially this season. Ear Jacked? Who could come up with this crazy crap! I love it. Dawn was great how she interacted with the mouse and retelling the story of how the ear jacking happened. Does that really happen? I guess it could.

    What is up with Sean lately? I'm not so sure I like him so much this season, he's kinda a d**k. Lz has done so much for him and he can't give her a kidney. She was shot for them, had to go into hiding and has been there for Christian and Sean no matter what. At least Christian wanted to help. I love that Christian and Liz have a realationship that they bicker back and forth all the time and will still give eachother kidneys or try to have a baby together.

    I think Michelle gave urt the viagra personally. Hell she steals peoples kidneys why wouldn't she try to kill her old rich hubby. Thank God Christian put a stop to the whole peep show that was really wierding me out.

    I'm so happy that the old Christian we know and love was back this episode. What he did to Kimber was so wrong but so Christian! I think he just needs to get over the whole Michelle thing. It's ot going to go anywhere anyway.

    I think that this episode had such a graet ending. I love that Nip/Tuck can take something serious and make it heartwarming and comical all at the same time. The look on everyones faces when Dawn announced that she and Christian slept together was pricless. I hope Dawn comes back in future episodes.
  • Liz needs a kidney, so Sean, Christian, Julia and Matt all get tested. Dawn Budge is back, looking for a new ear after being "ear-jacked." And things heat up between Kimber and Matt.

    I'm not sure an episode of Nip/Tuck has ever made me cry before, but this one sure did. I chalk it up to Rosie O'Donnell's performance--her Dawn Budge is both abrasive and vulnerable, and it's one of the best guest star roles in a while on the show (and there have been some pretty good ones).
    She's lost her husband and daughter to each other, and she's all alone but afraid that anyone who wants to be her friend wants her for her money. Liz, on the other hand, doesn't like her for her kidney. She just cares about her because she's a caring person, and can form a bond with this woman who is her age and also without family. One thing about Nip/Tuck is that it's rarely hard to miss what the theme of the episode is. In this case it's giving and taking, with some characters being more ready to give than others. Sean's reluctance to give Liz his kidney wasn't so surprising, really, considering that he does have a family support and he's a control freak who would hate being an invalid. But when he sees how willing Matt is to make that sacrifice for Liz, he's ready to do it. Christian was, as usual, so complicated in this episode. On the one hand he's heartbroken and willing, as usual, to coerce Kimber into having sex with him so that he can feel better about himself. But he's so tender with Liz, who he's been bickering with since the show began, and is genuinely dissapointed that he can't help her out by donating his kidney to her.
  • Another good installment!

    Even though Christian can be a prick and a jerk at times
    He does so in a good kind of way. But if he wasn't that, then the viewers would be turned off if he behaved a different kind of way. As Burt suffers a stroke and that Christian & Sean are trying to fix his face. As Dawn needs an ear operation. Very good and sometimes bittersweet show!
  • Forgot to mention Burt's stroke and Christian and Michelle's standoff in the OR, but at this point who cares? :D

    OK, I'd been wondering about that whole Kimber and Matt thing, whether Kimber can actually find spiritual fulfillment -- never mind the form (Scientology, Kaballah, Presbyterianism, whatever). And I've decided it's just making her delusional.

    Let's see, Kimber, you're looking better than you've [i]ever[/i] looked, and you're taking half-nekkid saunas with a teenager and you're shocked, hurt and offended that he's responding to you sexually?

    You looked in a mirror lately? You're hot, and you [i]know[/i] you're hot, so don't pretend you're all "Oh, I don't feel that way about myself since the Carver attacks" because you know [i]full well[/i] people weren't preordering "Naughty Nurses 5" by the thousands because of your [i]emotional range[/i].

    That "I don't think of you that way" crap was clumsy. But it showed that Matt, despite being really [i]really[/i] hurt in the past, was still trying to reach out. Course, if there was a hot, half-nekkid Kimber within arm's length most men breathing would be reaching out, so that's hardly surprising.

    What [i]was[/i] nice is that Matt is so spiritual and selfless these days he's willing to give up a kidney for Liz. And Sean is so convinced he will that he offers his own to pre-empt his son's incredibly selfless gesture.

    And Matt's incredibly selfless gesture [i]does[/i] get him some throwdown with Kimber. So that just leaves Julia, Annie and Conor and Kimber will have a BINGO!

    Christian's appearance seemed incredibly random. With the weirdness of the Burt and Michelle situation he was clearly looking to feel better -- and it's obvious that spirituality aside, Kimber is still deeply attracted to him. But I'm just not clear where Kimber fits into his life anymore. Christian has laid it all out on the line for Michelle, and things have gotten incredibly weird because of it -- blackmail, division between him and Sean, compulsion (Christian is clearly drawn to this woman).

    They're gonna need to explain that and soon. Christian two seasons ago was banging every hot piece of tail he encountered. At the beginning of this season, he threw down with a mother-daughter team and apparently that was rock bottom for his sex addiction. But Michelle seems like an incredibly random infatuation for the South Beach Stud and she's hardly exclusive (offhand I can think of Kimber, Dawn and Ash Wednesday).

    It's not just that she's forbidden fruit -- especially since she's no longer forbidden. And he's run into beautiful young women with sugardaddies before and it's never triggered this sort of Messiah complex. Whence the saving of the world in [i]this[/i] situation?

    Unless Michelle is just [i]that[/i] hot, but from what I've seen, he's had hotter, so ...

    Almost no more space left to talk about Dawn but I already mentioned that mouse -- that was so cute and creepy and wrong. I loved how borderline Willard that lab attendant was and how incredibly silly Dawn was. And everyone's reactions when Dawn announced Christian had shagged her. And Vinnie scampering all over her. And how Dawn had hung a Van Gogh in her bathroom so everytime she went to the loo she felt artistic.

    To everyone who thought Rosie O'Donnell was going to be a disaster (and I'll admit I was nervous), I am just so pleased to affirm how very wrong we were.

    Fun aside: Joan Rivers made a couple of very brief appearances on "Boston Legal" last night.

    Liz's storyline was touching, although it feels like she would've at least masked up in the OR, especially if she'd so recently recovered from strep. Apart from that apparent mistake (Sean and Christian hadn't masked up either, tho) I really thought last night was a great show, and things look like they're heading in even more interesting directions next week.

    Great work, everyone. :)
  • love this show

    Burt is a nice guy but i think that he should realize that his wife would not leave him no matter what Sleezy Christian would do or say to her. more of my thoughts about this episode was that Kimber lost all of her self esteem thanks to douchbag Christian. Sean, finally realize that not everything is about his happiness. and Matt, finally he gets laid by Kimber!!! can\\\'t wait for the next episode!
  • Pretty much got to see Christian transform, well, back into Christian.

    Gotta say it was great to see Dawn Budge back on the show and with a good story (ear jacking!) Lets see, we found out Liz needed a new kidney due to a strep infection she had just gotten over. So Christian and Sean get tested to see if either could donate, and Sean matched but he lied about it. Julia and Matt got tested and Matt was a match and he volunteered to be the donor. Matt never had to be the donor, because good ole Dawn stepped up to the plate. (loved that!)
    Matt made a move on Kimber, but she turned him down and kicked him out. After a nasty argument with Michelle, Christian turned up on Kimbers doorstep and she let him in (BIG mistake!) and he said all the right things, even asked to be audited and she slept with him. Afterwards, he told her no way on the audit and that he just said that to her to get into bed with her. (OUCH!) Next thing we know, Matt is back at Kimbers and she is putting the moves on him. Revenge is definitely on her mind. I think it will backfire on her, but Kimber always learns the hard way. Good ep!
  • Liz gets a kidney donation from a perfect match. Ms. Budge gets a new ear from a rat while Burt gets a stroke.

    OMG THE whole episode made me cringe with excitement and sent shivers up my spine! It was pretty graphic when they showed dawn\'s ear being cut off, but perfect, it really visually helped... and with everyone else just staring in photographs llooking peerfect; too perfect to even care about an emergency situation! Rosie was HILARIOUS when she appeared in her B**CH shirt.. LOL. omg i cracked up. IT was so sweet how she bonded with her \"ear\". THen i hated sean for being so selfish, but I understand i woulda prolly done the same. Christian is SUCH a jerk, but i loved it(maybe i\'m a bit sadistic in natureLOL)He uses Kimber as a booty call and i felt SO bad for her but she kinda did deserve it. I LOVE liz, she\'s so sweet and i\'m SO happy that she and dawn are friends. i also adored the little speech Dawn gave about how she felt like she traded her soul for her money and that Liz was the real hero. It feels like matt is just falling out of the story, and they\'re just trying to put him in. I love kimber for trying to sleep with matt to get back at Christian, because christian really needs to get a taste of his own medicine. Something about michelles face bothers me. every point under the nose is separated symetrically. The part between her nose and upper lip is a deep crevice... (Sorry for spelling) and her teeth are SO weird they look sorta like a beaver but divided into two. She also has a butt chin. LOL but i think she\'s one hot cookie nontheless. I love the emotions toyed with in this episode, many including my own, but mainly the betrayal, the revenge, regret, hope, lies, truths and insights. Exactly why i loved the series, dealing with feelings and such. <3 Can\'t sleep OR wait for the next episode!