Season 5 Episode 14

Candy Richards

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on FX
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Tragedy strikes the McNamara/Troy family after Julia learns what has caused her ill health. A visitor from Christian's past brings revealing news. Sean finds the price of fame to be more expensive than it's worth.

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  • wow amazing

    Great love it
  • Overdramatic Season Finale

    When it comes to dramas, there are few shows as dramatic as Nip/Tuck. So when I watch any episode of the show (especially a season finale), I expect a lot of drama. The HUGE problem with this episode was that it had way too much drama with barely any substance.

    With Julia- I did enjoyed Eden's time on the show and found her story about poisoning Julia engaging. However, I was annoyed with the overdramatic choice of having Julia be shot by Eden, since I knew she would not die.

    Now, she has amnesia. This COMPLETELY unoriginal, tired idea appears everywhere nowadays and we all know that Julia will regain her memory and be mad at Sean for lying to her.

    Just to make sure EVERYONE gets operated on, even Annie had to have an accident that for some reason requires plastic surgery. Seeing patients on the table is no longer a shocking affair-everyone's been there!

    Colleen's storyline got too ridiculous when she killed the man by stuffing him. So of course she has to stab Sean and make the gullible fans think he's dead. He is obviously going to survive. Anyone who understands the entertainment business knows they won't take him off the show and expect to survive. This is not the series finale.

    When I watch a drama, I am expecting a somewhat realistic approach. There is no way people face multiple traumas (Gina's accidental death, the stuffed man's murder, Julia being held up and almost shot, then drugged, then actually shot, then sleeping with her ex-husband's best friend, Sean getting a crazed stalker, then being stabbed by them, Matt having sex with his sister after recovering from being a heroin addict, ETC.)

    Too much drama is killing this show, and I doubt it will ever return to it's season 2 glory without a dramatic loss of the drama.moreless
  • Surprisingly weak after such a strong season.

    Season Five has been very strong. It started off as a light hearted drama(almost dramedy) then slowly picked up and the show transformed into what it was before the boys moved to Hollywood. Heck, I think it was even better than that; the show almost hit the quality level of the first 2 seasons again! And then, with all the build up, all the climax, comes a finally that just destroys everything.

    The problem with this finale is that it just seemed to "lengthen" the storylines of the season. Eg.: we all knew for a while(and finally Sean found it out too) that Colleen was crazy. So her getting thrown out several times was really nothing too surprising. We alrady seen what she was capable of so... And this is why the final scene is not very shocking either(but I will return to this a bit later)

    Julia got shot in the head, and while they say it happened in a very odd(very convinient...) angle, it's just so unrealistic for her to survive(especially to already talk after a few hours). She should have been shot in the stomach or something.

    But wow, seriously... amnesia? Amnesia is about as low as a show can get when it comes to twists. 24 season 1 in 2001 did amnesia and oh boy, even in 2001 it was bashed to hellhole. What now? It's just painful. And now, onto why this and the ending wasn't really shocking. If Conor McNamara, 2026 did actually show us the future, and if that wasn't a dream or just an alternate reality, then we know that Sean lives and that Julia will eventually remember everything and fully recover(she was recalling things very well from way past her accident).

    The randomness of this episode is really easy to spot. For example , Christian and Annie are driving when they get hit by a jeep. Cut to.... surgery room where Annie is being worked on, just so Sean can get stabbed.

    it just felt rushed, artifical, and very soap opera-ish. The only cliffhanger is that wether Liz survived or not. We didn't see what happened to her and we didn't see her in the future either. Overall: no Aiden, no badass conclusion, no real cliffhanger, no Carver, no Ava,..... this finale was just a whimper, that actually makes season 5 look much less impressive than it really is.moreless
  • Julia gets shot, complete hack-ness ensues.

    Any juice this show had from the first two (and parts of the 3rd) season, is long gone. The only possible enjoyment you could get out of this show at this point is counting the cliches that it spews weekly. I'm sure a show that once boasted that it was one of the edgiest shows on television is proud to be trotting out a complete hack amnesia storyline and rehashing a bit they've already done at the end of season two. What a complete joke this show has turned into. Its unfortunate that a show that was once one of the best on TV has turned into a complete embarrassment.moreless
  • Fame! (I'm Going Make it To Heaven) Nip/Tuck ends its season five with a TOTALLY CLICHED finale, there's everything from retrograde amnesia, car accidents, parapalegics, Crazy Colleen and Stabby. Will this show ever rebound?moreless

    "You will recognize me as the true greatness in your life even if it takes me to my last breath..."--Crazy Colleen This it people, the final episode of perhaps the most bizarre season of Nip/Tuck yet. Take that back, Season 3 final episode will live in infamy as the craziest episode yet. Still folks, there is certainly a lot to digest and the finale would've been fabulous if they ended at 10:52 and not turned into an episode of Dallas. Did we really need Christian and Annie to get into a car accident? Or Julia to get amnesia, which I think she's faking. Or for Matt and Emmy to hook up even after they found out Christian was Emmy's father. But the biggest disappointment would have to be Sean getting stabbed by crazy Colleen and will ultimately LIVE to tell the tale. That's right, you all remember that crazy ass ending in Season 2 when the Carver botched Christian in the neck and we got all faked out with a funeral and everything. Not gonna happen folks, when the show comes back I predict Sean will be fine and Colleen...never to be seen again.

    She had to finish what she had started. Colleen is obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Between going to the McNamara/Troy suites, being on set of Farts & Scalpels, worst medical show ever and violating her restraining order by placing Bob's well preserved body in Sean's closet. That people, was the biggest shocker of the episode. I nearly jumped off of the couch after watching that. Colleen seriously needs help, even more than Eden. What's great about Colleen is the awesomeness of Sharon Gless, who'da thought Michael's mom on QAF could be such a evil old lady. I love Ryan Murphy for creating this role but that last scene was just completely over the top. It was unneeded. End of story. Entertainment yes, but not essentially great writing.

    Don't even get me started on retrograde amnesia. After sitting through 9 weeks of Samantha Who? which is a fabulous show by the way, I can't stand the fact of us having to undergo yet another clink in the McNamara marriage saga. Hopefully Portia stays in the picture, she's awesome, I still miss her as Lindsay Funke on Arrested Development. Plus we know already that Conor McNamara 2026 happened which kind of sucks because it screws up everything about the show. That was really an unneeded episode and killed any suspense to what happens between the McNamaras in the future. This episode was an 8 for me but was redeemed by the following:

    *Jennifer Coolidge as Candy Richards. I love anything the actress is in and she is a very skilled comedic actress. Plus she was p**sy lips in H&S so I like her even more. The paparazzi not giving a crap about her was also pretty funny.

    *The Music: P.J. Bloom is the best! I love the music he and Ryan use on this show. Any show that uses Fame as one of their songs is great since it is so '80s in terms of cheese and awesomeness factor. I also loved David Bowie's Fame at the end of the eppy.

    *Darlene Lowell: Dare I say the most normal woman, Christian's ever been with. Finally a woman with no crazy strings attached except no legs. It took Christian 60 episodes or so to finally land a real woman and I hope she comes back. Kimber, Gina and Michelle are nowhere near the kind of person Darlene is. I still have a lot of love for Gina and Miss Kimber though. *Speaking of Kimber: No Kimber! I love Miss Kimber but I hated her this season. She was such a b**ch to Julia, Matt & Christian and I hate Ram. Kimber seriously needs to be smacked, she was kickass in season 2 but now she's just a cutthroat.

    *Eden Lord. One of the best villains behind Escobar and Ava. First off, AnnaLynn McCorde is gorgeous. The only complaint about Eden is she needs to be retooled a little bit for next season which she deserves to be in. We didn't really get too much into her character and I still think there's more to explore with her. Get her away from Sean and Julia! Let's have her push Christian's buttons for awhile. Unlike Colleen, Eden still has a long way to go in terms of character development. Colleen's just crazy and now, stabby!

    Candy Richards was not at all a bad episode. It was the weakest as far as season finales go but the show still shows a lot of promise for next season. Hopefully Ryan Murphy lives up to his word produces an awesome season, does one more and then ends it. All good things must come to an end sometimes, I'm just hoping that he ends before he winds up pissing off more loyal viewers. I'm still loving the show though.

    Season Grade Overall: 9/10moreless
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    • Sean: {about the paparazzi) Why are they doing this?
      Christian: You're a public person now, buddy boy! They own you! Nothing is off limits.

    • Candy: You know, doctor, if a tree falls in a woods and two dozen nerds with cameras aren't there to put it online... does it really make a sound? I don't think so! And you wanna know why? Because that tree doesn't know what it takes to be famous, and I do!

    • Liz (to Sean and Christian): Every idiot out here wants to be famous. But you, you guys got something better. You got respect as doctors, as skilled physicians. And you didn't get this recognition by going out and looking for it. You got it because you've got talent. You've got integrity. (Christian looks at Sean.) Okay, maybe not integrity.

    • Christian: (about the car accident he got into when he and Annie were being chased by paparazzi) Are you mad at me?
      Sean: I'm mad at myself. I feel like a fool. I lost myself. I lost my priorities, my values. I chased a dream like a silly teenager, and look what's happened? I can't blame you for anything.
      Christian: We both got caught up. That's what happens out here, I guess.
      Sean: Yeah, but don't you think the measure of a man is his ability to maintain his core values, no matter what's going on around him.
      Christian: Easier said than done.

    • Matt: You know, you've been messing with people's faces for so long that I think you don't even know how ugly looks like anymore.

    • Christian: (to Matt) I can't believe I have to say this, but you can't sleep with your sister again!

    • Christian: What is the matter with you? You have some kind of mental illness. Every decision you make is absolute batshit.
      Matt: Well hey, like father, like son.

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