Season 1 Episode 8

Cara Fitzgerald

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2003 on FX
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Matt accidentally hits Cara with Henry's car, and calls Sean in to help when Cara's mother, for religious reasons, refuses drugs and surgery to treat her injuries. Christian discovers that a patient used plastic surgery to hide a revolting crime and it brings up terrible memories of his own childhood.moreless

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  • To forgive

    Perdonar. Lindo verbo. Esencial. Pero por favor no lo vinculemos más con la iglesia o con la religión. No tiene nada que ver con eso. Entonces dejemos de darle poderes sanadores o de redimir pecados a personas (seres humanos) que cometen atrocidades tales como abusar de menores de edad. Y ya nadie puede catalogar estos hechos como dispersos o calificar esta epidemia como casualidad.

    Así como los adolescentes que masacran escuelas en Estados Unidos, como se suicidan miles en Japón o Noruega es una relidad que los curas violan chicos. Aceptémoslo y dejemos de confiar en ellos y en la tan corroída (ya nadie se aguanta la mentira) iglesia. Amén.moreless
  • Christian and Science

    Most of the time, Nip/Tuck is seen as a trashy guilty pleasure, full of sex and violence, with nothing else besides that. Being perfectly honest, that is kinda true. But Nip/Tuck also features dark, haunting episodes like this.

    They say that those that are abused as children grow up to become similar people to those that abused them. In Christian's case, he has become an emotionally cold individual, using sex as an almost protection from having to become emotionally involved with somebody. He gets that instant rush of pleasure, but is then left with nothing else. Nobody really loves him, and he's too scared to get involved with a woman in anything more than a purely physical way. Father Michael Shannon, on the other hand, has become exactly like his abuser, right down to seeking out victims that remind him of himself at a young age.

    Christian's closing breakdown is one of the most powerful moments we've seen on this show so far. As well as showing what a truly excellent actor Julian McMahon is, it adds so much to his character. While it had already been implied that he had an abusive past, Christian finally appeared to accept it, and realize that he can't go on suppressing his past anymore.

    The episode's subplot was also amazing. When Matt first showed up at Cara's bedside, it was obviously in selfishness. The only reason he wanted to see the damage is because he caused it, and because he was terrified of what he had inflicted on her. But it's clear to see as the story goes on that he begins to bond with the comatose girl, realizing how ignored and sad her life was, and trying to understand her beliefs.

    I was really shocked by the Christian Science displayed by Cara's mother. It may have been exaggerated for the purposes of entertainment, but I can't imagine how anybody could be so believing in religion that they'd allow their child to go through life looking deformed and hideous, as they believe it was God's will. It was almost terrifying. Thankfully medical well-being takes precedence over religion, since making an already abused, unpopular girl go through even more pain at the expense of her peers would be a terrible way to live.

    By far the best episode of season one, and giving additional layers to the already complicated Christian Troy, Cara Fitzgerald is Nip/Tuck at its emotional best with a powerful script and excellent acting.

    Director: Jamie Babbit

    Writer: Ryan Murphy

    Rating: A+moreless
  • Another great episode.

    Okay, I've seen this episode many times, and I still can't find a good way to summarize it. That whole thing with Matt should catch up with him sooner or later. I personally liked Sean and Megan together. But mostly, I watched this episode because of Christian. Julian Mcmahon did a great job portraying the tortured soul in this one. I believe Christian did what he did, is because he wanted justice for himself too, but that really didn't work. What I think needs to happen, is for Christian to see his foster father's grave and let it out, I know that sounds cooky, and probably won't do anything, but it would let Christian finally tell the jerk how he felt all those years with him. But anyhoo. A GREAT EP. Secrets and Lies, always have a way of showing up again.moreless
  • This episode was really, really great!

    Underneath the school bleachers, Matt and his friend Henry smoke marijuana and talk about religion. They soon get in the car and argue over which radio station to listen to. While Matt isn't looking he hits Cara with the car. They soon leave after not finding a body and thinking they hit a bird. As they leave Cara lies unconscious on the side of the road.

    The next day at breakfast, Matt learns about what happened when Sean informs the family about an article in the paper. At the office, Christian and Grace do a consult with Devon Greco. After learning that she wants to get rid of her nose because it looks like her father's, who raped her as a little girl, Christian suggests she see a psychiatrist.

    Sean examines Mike Shane's crotch after surgery, but the patient insists on Christian looking at it. Mike informs Troy that he needs to have the mark removed before his honeymoon so Troy gives him a remedy.

    Matt goes and visits Cara at the hospital and meets Kate, Cara's mother. She informs him that they are religious and she won't have Cara on any medications and refuses surgery.

    Matt asks his father to perform surgery on Cara pro bono. Sean visits Cara and Kate and after examining Cara, threatens to petition for medical custody and perform the surgery otherwise she'll go blind. Later, Sean and Christian perform the surgery on Cara, who is in medical custody, while Matt watches on.

    Sean and Grace do a consult on Megan O'Hara who wants to get her breasts done. Grace picks up on them having an affair and confides in Christian her observation. Later, Sean yells at Grace for the observation which causes most of the secrets to come out. Christian learns that Sean hit on her before he hired her and Sean learns that Grace and Christian have been sleeping together.

    Christian returns home and switches on the TV to find out that Mike Shane is actually Father Michael Shannon, a man who was under investment for sexually molesting boys. The next day Sean and Christian argue about it and agree to secretly tell someone to boot him out of the church.

    Christian visits Devon and apologizes for being rude to her. Matt apologizes to Cara while she is in a coma. Sean visits with Megan after her surgery.

    Christian visits the church and confronts Michael. After some violence, Michael reluctantly agrees to confess what he's done. Afterwards an emotional Christian breaks down and confesses why he did what he did to Sean.

    I love this episode really, really much!moreless
  • As close to perfection as possible. Superb writing.

    Absolutely magnificent. This truly is quality TV. Amazing character development. Excellent acting. Julian McMahon was spectacular. No other word for it. We get to know more about Christian which to me is one of the best characters in TV today. Matt gets in trouble and I got to say I’m loving this character too. He’s not the perfect teen or the bad seed. He feels real. And talk about powerful. This episode has some scenes that really got me and that will stay in my memory. Classic.

    Amazing show and one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time.

Dorothy Lucey

Dorothy Lucey

News Anchor

Guest Star

Jamie McShane

Jamie McShane

Father Michael Shannon

Guest Star

Alyson Reed

Alyson Reed

Kate Fitzgerald

Guest Star

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Annie McNamara

Recurring Role

Julie Warner

Julie Warner

Megan O'Hara

Recurring Role

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Nurse Linda

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Featured Music:

      "Boodie Boodie" by Ghetto Invaders (song playing on car radio before Matt hits Cara)
      "6 Yrs" by Reach 454 (other song playing on car radio before Matt hits Cara)
      "Clair De Lune" by Claude Debussy (Megan's breast augmentation surgery)

    • At the very end of the episode it is revealed that Christian was adopted and molested by his foster father.

    • Goof: When Julia offers Matt some French toasts, there's a fork lying on top of the pile. When the camera changes angle, Matt grabs the plate and the fork suddenly vanished.

    • Goof: Skid marks are visible as the car stops after hitting Cara, but they have vanished when the boys drive away.

    • How did the car hit Cara with enough force to throw her clear out of the road yet not even leave a dent in the front of the car?

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Megan: I´m dating someone. (to Dr. Santiago) No, it´s more than that. I´m in love with him. It´s the first time in years I´ve felt this alive. And after the chemo and the pain and the living death I want to embrace these feelings with every ounce of my being. I wanna make love to him with the lights on without worrying about racing to a lamp because I´m self-conscious. I don´t wanna edit one minute of my life.
      Sean: Don´t do it for him.
      Megan: No, I´m doing it for me.

    • Christian: I've lost my faith, Father. I've drank, I've done drugs, I've fornicated with women and discarded them like trash. I've lost my soul. The boys you raped will be saying the same thing in 20 years.

    • Matt: Mom's making French toast instead of nuking an Eggo? Is it someone's birthday?
      Julia: I was feeling generous.

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