Season 1 Episode 8

Cara Fitzgerald

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2003 on FX

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  • This episode was really, really great!

    Underneath the school bleachers, Matt and his friend Henry smoke marijuana and talk about religion. They soon get in the car and argue over which radio station to listen to. While Matt isn't looking he hits Cara with the car. They soon leave after not finding a body and thinking they hit a bird. As they leave Cara lies unconscious on the side of the road.

    The next day at breakfast, Matt learns about what happened when Sean informs the family about an article in the paper. At the office, Christian and Grace do a consult with Devon Greco. After learning that she wants to get rid of her nose because it looks like her father's, who raped her as a little girl, Christian suggests she see a psychiatrist.

    Sean examines Mike Shane's crotch after surgery, but the patient insists on Christian looking at it. Mike informs Troy that he needs to have the mark removed before his honeymoon so Troy gives him a remedy.

    Matt goes and visits Cara at the hospital and meets Kate, Cara's mother. She informs him that they are religious and she won't have Cara on any medications and refuses surgery.

    Matt asks his father to perform surgery on Cara pro bono. Sean visits Cara and Kate and after examining Cara, threatens to petition for medical custody and perform the surgery otherwise she'll go blind. Later, Sean and Christian perform the surgery on Cara, who is in medical custody, while Matt watches on.

    Sean and Grace do a consult on Megan O'Hara who wants to get her breasts done. Grace picks up on them having an affair and confides in Christian her observation. Later, Sean yells at Grace for the observation which causes most of the secrets to come out. Christian learns that Sean hit on her before he hired her and Sean learns that Grace and Christian have been sleeping together.

    Christian returns home and switches on the TV to find out that Mike Shane is actually Father Michael Shannon, a man who was under investment for sexually molesting boys. The next day Sean and Christian argue about it and agree to secretly tell someone to boot him out of the church.

    Christian visits Devon and apologizes for being rude to her. Matt apologizes to Cara while she is in a coma. Sean visits with Megan after her surgery.

    Christian visits the church and confronts Michael. After some violence, Michael reluctantly agrees to confess what he's done. Afterwards an emotional Christian breaks down and confesses why he did what he did to Sean.

    I love this episode really, really much!