Season 5 Episode 5

Chaz Darling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on FX
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A patient inspires Sean to take his relationship with Kate in a new direction. Eden uses extreme methods to persuade Christian to perform surgery on a friend. Kimber reaches out to an former business associate when she and Matt fall on hard times.

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  • Good

    Compared to the other episodes of the series... this one, in my humble opinion is one of the best. I mean.. let's face it. The last ones were pretty bad, but this episode it's quite more nip tuck alike.. I don't know, give you the chillies, those chillies with suspence and shock.. I actually like it! The storyline was very well developed.. can't wait to see what's happening next! I hope they'll keep this line of floating... and I hope it will get better and better! Nip tuck need some reabilition and fast!! We just have to hope the best. But this episode is actually a good one. Worth to watch!moreless
  • the overexaggeration at certain parts brought the episode down but it was still great.

    season 5 of nip/tuck is really something else. its nothing like any of the seasons so far but its a welcome change. loved the first 2, but 3 and 4 were very forgettable. s5 is more self contained, but still.. . theres plenty of character development and fun left in the show to exploit.

    this episode was really really good except for the overexaggeration on kimber's and matt's storyline. sure, they are junkies which make people do horrible thing, but.... their dialouge was just way too off, tacky and cheesy. especialyl the part where kimber wants to pick up the carpet because there might be a few cents under it. thats just really pathetic and no way one could get so desperate to actually do that only for drugs.

    loved sean suddenly breaking down and confronting kate. that was hilarious, too especially the part with the pool. the whole sex party thing was really bizarre too, i sort of understand sean.

    christian conning eden was superb, just when i thought eden was getting way too annoying, she got played. well done christian! overall, the show is in the right direction, this was a great episodemoreless
  • Fools Paradise Written And Directed by Sean Jablonski

    Kate: "I feel closer, don't you?"

    Sean: "Yeah, definitely".

    Could that be said with any less sincerity than the delivery we got during their one to one with each other? It's a shame that after five episodes Sean and Kate's relationship goes down the crapper but unfortunately it was seen coming a mile off.

    I know the writers have a borderline unhealthy love for making every single relationship on this show as dysfunctional as humanly possibly but there are times when I wish they would show some self-restraint.

    Now I've made no bones about like Kate or in general Paula Marshall's performance so it sucks to see Kate go. She might have her issues with food but the woman hasn't failed in coming across as a reasonable sympathetic and overall decent person. You'd think they would be a welcome tonic for someone like Sean but apparently not.

    Kate also proves to be rather perceptive during a sex scene with Sean when she figures out that he's not fantasising about her. Then again, Sean did make it pretty obvious and Kate did react more maturely than some other women might've done in her predicament.

    She's also quick to get to the bottom of the problem by asking Sean to be honest with her in terms of what gets him off. Surprisingly Sean doesn't hold back when describing his schoolgirl fantasy but he's also smart enough not to mention Eden during his moment of honesty. Now that really would be a passion killer for Kate, who already looks a bit weirded out by Sean's revelation.

    Funnily enough, Kate actually does fulfil Sean's little fantasy for an afternoon booty call and Sean is quick to admit he had a lot of fun with Kate vamping it up as a naughty schoolgirl. The chemistry between Dylan Walsh and Paula Marshall is pretty spot on during those scenes. You feel for Kate when she admits that she would do anything for Sean because she loves him. It's a pity Sean is more turned on by a skank like Eden than Kate.

    However because Kate allowed Sean to fulfil his fantasy through her, Sean isn't quite as accommodating when she admits to being intrigued by a swingers party where white couples have it off with studly black men. Compared to the schoolgirl thing, the group sex comes across as being somewhat more normal. In fact going by a rationing of Kate's later on in the episode, it more or less is.

    Sean is willing to play ball and indulges the idea but as soon as they get to the party and Kate seems intrigued by all those hot guys, Sean is quick to bolt out of there. Now nobody should be forced into doing something they don't want to but Sean's urgency to leave seemed more out of jealousy as opposed to fear or risk of things going wrong.

    What makes this somewhat more annoying is that Sean is very quick to call Kate out on her desires. I don't judge people in terms of what turns them on because I get that impulse myself but group sex over schoolgirls is a heck more normal IMO. It's incredibly hypocritical of Sean to berate Kate the way he does but him and Christian are always happy to demean other people's sexual desires even though their own can be equally as messed up.

    Break up wise, the scene between Sean and Kate comes across as being played more for laughs than it does actual nastiness or poignancy. Both of them are happy to dog the other sexually before ending their engagement and relationship in fell swoop. Much as I like Sean he needs to get some cop on and fast. Kate might've been his chance of a healthy relationship all because he's craving two women he should stay the hell away from.

    First there's Eden, the little antichrist who's spent the last two episodes getting his daughter to lose weight in a drastic manner. That should be enough to kill any feelings of lust for the girl but Sean still wants her. Even Christian is slightly suspicious when Sean gets animated about her being in the surgery. Sean, use your brains and give that **** a wide berth. Equally as sickening is the fact that Sean also now loves Julia again. Not to be crude but hasn't that dead horse been flogged enough already? Sean and Julia do not work as a couple and I for one do not want to sit through more **** between these two. Let them be civil to each other and responsible parents for Annie and Connor and keep it at that. Sean, Christian and Julia all need to move on from each other and the sooner the better. Julia is especially better off without Sean and Christian playing romantic/sexual roles in her life. Why don't the writers get that? Don't they ever read any forums in relation to this redundant triangle? I'd actually rather Julia fully commit to Olivia but that's unlikely to happen.

    Much as Eden is a loathsome little girl, she's pretty perceptive in realising that Julia's heart really isn't into her mother. She even expresses that during an argument with Olivia but it doesn't sink. It seems Eden loathes Julia as much as she's determined to damage Annie and bed Sean and this week she's pretty determined to get her mother away from Julia.

    When issuing Olivia an ultimatum to dump Julia fails, she decides to blackmail Christian with a sex tape of Julia and Olivia discussing the former's recent romp with Christian if he doesn't operate on her. This after she had used a similar threat to get him to do work on her vapid gay regression Chaz Darling.

    The thing is Christian doesn't like anyone having him by the balls, both figuratively and literally and he warns Eden of the consequences. It's too bad the girl doesn't actually listen because it them means that Christian is able to get her to take some drugs instead of rapid lipo and also enables Christian to set Eden up.

    For a moment Eden arrogantly thought she had Christian under her thumb and when she spotted her mother crying, she was dumb enough to think Julia was out of the picture. So it's an incredibly glorious moment when Christian has everyone believing that Eden has pinched dugs from McNamara/Troy and Olivia has no choice but to send Eden to a clinic.

    I felt bad for Olivia. Eden might be the kid from hell but Olivia seems like a well adjusted woman who's tried to teach her daughter good values only Eden to abuse them. She genuinely believes her daughter is an addict and that almost makes Christian look bad. I say almost because Eden was in need of a smackdown and this is the first time this season Christian has used dirty tactics for a good reason.

    That being said, Eden's threat to tell Sean about Christian and Julia comes across as being hollow. I'm sorry but what business is it of Sean's that they slept together? Julia is no longer married to Sean and her reason for doing Christian was to get him out of her system. Olivia seems to have genuine sympathy for Sean as well. Wonder if she'll still feel the same when she catches Sean and Eden at it.

    Christian also has some fears about being found out but his are more rooted in his livelihood and friendship with Sean and they are sensible fears. He admits that he and Sean barely survived the Matt reveal in Season Two but if Christian had been so worried about Sean, then why the hell didn't he stay from Julia? This season so far has been all about Christian trying to get one up on Sean. Perhaps he might have bitten more than he could chew?

    Speaking of which, it's time for the real stinker plot of the season and that is of course Matt and Kimber who only care about getting high and putting Jenna at risk. Okay so Matt genuinely cares about his daughter and even lays into Kimber a few times when she doesn't bother to get formula but it's not enough. I get that he cares but what Matt needs to do is get clean and fast because I actually do fear for Jenna's life.

    When he tries to do some gay porn to provide for his daughter, he's really desperate and during a drug binge, he fantasises about him, Kimber and Jenna being a functioning family. With Matt I'm torn – a part of me wants to punch him and another feels a pang of sympathy for him.

    I don't have the same problem with Kimber; I just genuinely want to punch the woman. It could argued that she's suffering from post natal depression and that along with he desire to shed the pounds, her addiction to Meth is related to that. Ram was pretty perceptive in spotting her addiction and Kimber wasn't a happy bunny when he refused to give her porn work.

    I also think it was because of this, she wouldn't let Matt do the gay porn shoot either. Matt is the first relationship Kimber has had any form of control over and I think she likes being able to boss Matt. She certainly doesn't mind lying to him about the church wanting to take them back nor is she bothered to screw a drug dealer right in front of Matt too. Kimber has always been something of a pathetic character but the writers have really taken her to a new low here.

    Also in "Chaz Darling"

    Chaz (played by Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye) wanted his inflated nipple gone and Mr Forrest (the Swingers party guy) wanted the scratches from his chest gone.

    Chaz (to Eden, re Christian): "You did not tell me he was bringing sexy back that hard".

    This might be one of those episodes where Christian's berating of Chaz (best gay freak) didn't bother me. Man, I hated that character.

    Olivia: "You're putting Julia and I in an uncomfortable position"

    Eden: "Maybe you're using the wrong **** Mom".

    Ram (to Matt, re Kimber): "Last time I saw this lady she was on top of the world. What the hell happened to her?"

    Ram was played by former Smallville actor John Schneider. I hate to admit it but I found him strangely attractive in this episode. Plus day care at a porn studio?

    Mr Forrest (to Sean/Christian): "You love your woman. You want to see her happy and I just gave her five orgasms".

    Kate (as a schoolgirl): "I'm the only girl in detention today"

    Sean: "I see".

    When it comes to hotness factors in this episode, I have to point out that Sean rocked the tight black top during the swingers' party and Matt's would be co-star was pretty easy on the eye too.

    Sean (re interracial swingers' party): "You can?"

    Kate: "I don't know. Watching you watching me get off, it's kind of hot, don't you think?"

    Christian: "You're kidding right?"

    Eden: "Yeah, you wanna see the punch line?"

    Isn't Eden recording her mother having sex a bit on the Adrian side? Even before we knew that Ava molested him, he had a disturbed interest in his mum's sex life.

    Matt: "I just want to be a good father and a good husband, Kimber that's all"

    Kimber: "You are".

    Sean: "You didn't think what was going on there was a little bit sick?"

    Kate: "What, two consenting adults having sex? No!"

    Once again, Liz had virtually nothing to do in this episode. If some of these stories were genuinely gripping, I almost wouldn't mind but they're not and it's rather frustrating.

    Kimber (to Matt): "But it's like I told you. If you visualise what you want, the universe will supply it to you".

    Standout music: "Do It Again" by The Chemical Brothers and "Fire" by Coco De Mer.

    Eden (to Julia/Olivia/Christian): "I hope you enjoy the next six weeks because I come back, Sean is going to know everything. That's a promise".

    Chronology: A few weeks since "Everett Poe".

    Meh, that wasn't great. "Chaz Darling" had the first patient of the season I really couldn't have cared less about and aside from Eden getting tricked by Christian, nothing else really happened that was really interesting. It's also rather annoying to see Kate be so quickly written out as a character too.moreless
  • Favorite of Season 5

    This episode was excellent. It's a prime example of why Nip/Tuck is my favorite show. I loved when Christian explained to Eden how he doesn't play by the same rules that Sean does. He's so evil and loveable all at the same time. I was glad to see that he kept with his word and put that snotty b*tch in her place. And what the hell is up with Matt and Kimber? They look awful. I must say that the music selection in this episode blew me away. The producers have a way with picking perfect music for the show. When Matt was on the bed in the hotel smoking away, they played such a great song. Kudos for this one guys.moreless
  • They need work

    Okay, I have to suspend belief to accept these characters, but Kimber is willing to tear up carpets looking for loose change but isn't willing to let Matt be buggered for serious cash?

    If she is THAT hooked -- having Matt in a gay porno wouldn't be much of a problem for her.

    And what happened to the 'shyness" that Kate had. It wouldn't disappear overnight to the point where she'd be eager to let some stranger see her, let alone be wanting him to do her.

    These characters are largely inconsistent, poorly made versions of the earlier seasons.

    The only good thing was the way Christian managed to frame Eden.moreless
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