Season 2 Episode 2

Christian Troy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2004 on FX

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  • A question of trust

    I do believe in you, I do love you, you´re my best friend, but I can´t trust you this. And I want you to know that after all this years I can tell this to you face to face: I´ll ask another person to do this to me.
    I know, I understand if you get mad, but this is not your best moment, you need to resolve your problems with her or with whoever may be. I´m sorry, I´m trying to resolve it as better as I can, so excuse me again if a try to quit you, lovely and f**** cigarette.
  • Getting to Nose You

    This episode was all about Christian and Sean's relationship, and how both realize that they can only be excellent surgeons when they're together. They're a double act, and without the other person there, they're nowhere near as good as they can be.

    The episode's subplot featured the resolution to the Cara Fitzgerald arc from last season. You really felt for Henry, despite him being an attempted rapist. Putting yourself in Matt's position, you have this internal conflict about what you would do if you were in the same circumstances. I wouldn't call Matt lying at the end an evil thing, but maybe it wasn't the best thing he could have done. Andrew Leeds put in a great performance, and his silent dread saying the "they'll rape me" line was terrifying.

    While Erica only appeared in one scene, it was my favorite of the episode. She explained to Julia that she and Sean's generation dreamed of becoming successes in every aspect of life, but failed, and now subconsciously put the blame on their children, pressuring them into becoming something that they haven't yet realized is unattainable. It's a great moment of cultural analysis, and featured great performances from Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave.

    Not a hugely great episode, but one that successfully wrapped up the Cara story and proved how powerful Sean and Christian's friendship is. You rarely see two heterosexual men on TV who are so connected.

    Director: Jamie Babbit
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: B-
  • Erica: "If you're in an environment where you feel you can't fail, sooner or later you'll explode."


    Erica's words of wisdom meant to help explain Matt, actually perfectly described the situation Sean was in. Sean was a ticking time bomb today as a result of the pressure he puts on himself every day to be perfect at his profession. Any sign of failure is a weakness and an embarrassment for Sean, so as a result he puts unrealistic expectations on himself. For most of the episode Sean continued to not face his problem (operating on a patient, and almost killing him, was just reckless and stupid), but by the end of the episode, with the help of his partner Christian, he finally was able to face his anxiety over expectations.

    This was a Christian episode, as obviously revealed by the title, although it wasn't as intriguing as one would predict. I did find it hilarious that Christian broke his nose during "bedroom acrobatics". Christian was having a little lack of self confidence today as well (rejected last week by the sexy lady in the club, and again today by Dr. Jordan! Something must be wrong!), and again he resorted to Gina just for sex, when she obviously wants something more. The most rewarding part of the episode was that Christian finally was able to understand the pressure Sean puts on himself every day at work, because of the pressure Christian was put under when he tried to operate on himself. Christian wanted his face to be perfect, and as a result got a little case of the yips as well from the pressure he was putting on himself. (I'm sorry it just sounded so amusingly vain when Christian was explaining it.)

    While Erica's words of wisdom may have applied for Sean, her speech about all the unrealistic expectations parents put on their children did not apply for Matt. Are the pressures Sean and Julia put on him to always do what’s morally right to explain his behavior lately? Of course not. All Sean tried to do today was encourage Matt to do the right thing, and Matt at first seems ready to tell the truth about the hit-and-run. But then when the time comes for Matt to confess he changes his mind and lies. I can understand Matt's fear about confessing, but he really is disappointing everyone and eventually he probably will get caught. Better to confess now and get it over with.

    Henry took a new twisted route today, as it was revealed that he raped Cara as another means of absolution. He believed that being with her would grant him forgiveness from god, and since she rejected him, he went to the only other way possible way to be close to her. The scene between Henry and Matt in the jail was very well done; Henry's fear was very apparent. While I don't think its right for Henry to confess about the hit-and-run just to help him get out of the rape, at least he's confessing the truth which is something Matt can't seem to be able to do.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - I couldn't believe Matt was giving Sean the guilt trip when Sean questioned if Matt was involved in the hit-and-run.

    - Pressure was today's theme: Sean's pressure on that caused his yips, Christian's pressure when he was operating on himself, and Matt's pressure to be honest.

    - Christian finally helped Sean come to terms with the pressure he places on himself. While these two certainly have their ups and downs, they do somehow just fit together.

    - This episode seemed very much like a continuation of the season premiere, with Sean coming to terms with his yips and aging still remaining a subplot which tied in perfectly with pressure.

    - Liz: (regarding Christian's accident) “With a mouth like that she could have done us a favor and broke his jaw”
    Christian: “Ah, come on, Liz. I thought we finally had something in common. Isn’t that what happened to your nose?”

    - The symphony music playing during Sean’s mistake surgery worked very well with the frantic feel of the scene as the surgeons scrambled to fix the bleeding. I’ve heard the piece before and believe it is called “Flight of the Bumblebee”.

    Final Rating: I liked this one, although a little underwhelming. 2 ½ out of 4 stars? Maybe a 3?

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Under Pressure Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Jamie Babbit

    Erica (to Julia): “Children these days are under the same pressure as adults are. Society is constantly pushing them towards perfection. It’s the parent’s fault, really”.

    So does that mean Sean and Julia are to blame for Matt running over a 16 year old, leaving her by the side of the road and not turning himself into the police? Are you kidding, of course they aren’t. Sean and Julia haven’t always been the most attentive of parents but they sure as hell have not put pressure on Matt to be perfect. Sitting in the background for too long, the Cara angle is finally revisited when Matt’s creepy friend Henry rapes the girl and attempts to confess to the hit and run so he can plead temporary insanity and use emotional duress in another twisted way to absolve himself. As pathetic as Henry is, at least he’s willing to own up unlike Matt. While Julia defended his honour, Sean wasn’t convinced and twice gave him a way to tell the truth which Matt blatantly threw back in his face when he denied everything in a hearing at the episode’s end. Although I don’t hate Matt as much as other viewers, this episode really didn’t do him any favours. He really does need to fess up before forensics find something incriminating on his ass.

    Erica talked about the pressure to be perfect and being a walking time bomb and Sean was certainly that in this hour. Instead of getting his yips checked out some more, he recklessly cut in too far into a patient and almost caused a lot of damage while venting his frustration out on a Jaguar (the car, because the animal would’ve mauled Sean like that cougar did the unsuspecting hitchhiker in SFU’s “Ecotone”). Sean was a danger to himself and his patients tonight and it took a lot to make him face up to it. I was happy he told Julia and she supported him but it was Christian that actually saved the day by allowing Sean to eventually operate on his face while awake, tell him about a similar problem of his own. The dynamic between these two got tested a bit but overall, Sean and Christian need each other and even small breakdowns like this exemplify that fact.

    Our first regular to get an episode dedicated to him and Christian’s crisis was having his latest notch sneeze and break his nose during sex and showing us Dr Troy’s vainer side, Christian at first chose to be operated on by Monica Jordan, one of the few women who can actually resist Christian’s charm much to his annoyance. Christian may have been able to pull out the morality card on Sean but he needed it himself to following a terrible sex session with Gina, wasting the usually fantastic Jessalyn Gilseg’s talents but it seems he isn’t as indestructible as he likes to think as he also got the shakes when he tried operating on his own nose. The operation with Sean and Liz at hand was without a doubt, the episode’s highlight, with hilarious interactions between Christian and Liz, a fair share of tender and tense moments between our two surgeons along with the true meaning of friendship and teamwork too.

    Also in “Christian Troy”

    Patients of the week; Jess’ pro-bono neck hematona surgery which Sean scuppered and Calvin Murray’s third nipple removal, the guy Christian swiped from Dr Jordan.

    Liz (re Christian’s accident): “With a mouth like that she could have done us a favour and broke his jaw”
    Christian: “Ah, come on, Liz. I thought we finally had something in common. Isn’t that what happened to your nose?”

    Great casting in Orla Brady for the role of Dr Jordan. She’s a really talented Irish actress and was quite funny in rebuffing Christian’s advances.

    Sean: “Maybe the machine made a mistake”
    Liz: “Machines don’t make mistakes, people do”.

    It’s funny how for the Matt plot of the episode, Cara didn’t actually appear in the episode. After all, two actresses have played Cara, surely one of them would’ve been available.

    Julia: “You backed into it on purpose?”
    Sean: “I think four times counts as on purpose”.

    Henry (to Matt): “You take away someone’s chance to be saved, you take way their soul”.

    Who was looking after Wilbur while Christian and Gina were having sex?

    Christian: “You wanna connect with someone, pay a shrink. I thought I was doing you a favour”
    Gina: “Screw you Christian”.

    The chronology in this episode was a little skittish. One scene indicated six months since “Cara Fitzgerald”, another nine months. Gina said she hasn’t sexual contact for nine months (last time we’ve seen her being sexual was in the last two episodes of Season One) and due to Erica’s recovery, it’s been ten days since “Erica Noughton”.

    Liz: “Place your fat noggin on the pillow for me, Sleeping Beauty”
    Christian: “You look fantastic. Have you lost weight?”

    Standout music in this episode was “Just Let Go” by Fisherspooner and “Body Language” by Queen.

    For an episode dedicated to one of our main players, “Christian Troy” isn’t quite as spectacular as I was expecting. While it nicely kicks the Cara plot into action, the rest of the episode is slightly underwhelming in comparison. It’s not a bad episode but I was expecting so much better and felt disappointed by this.
  • Decent episode, but doesn't add much to overall storyline. Episode summary in review.

    This episode may be considered filler, but it is at heart a good exercise on trust. The characters this week all have to risk some security for the greater good. It's hard to take that chance with so much on the line. Some take it, others don't. It really doesn't affect much of the second season, but that's OK.

    Although Christian has matured since Wilbur's birth, he is still up for fun. In the opening, a model is pleasuring him. He reciprocates. She breaks his nose accidentally when the pillow she was clutching triggered an allergic reaction. For a man as vain as Christian, having his nose broken bruises his ego badly. Now he needs to place his trust in Sean to fix it. This is a tough thing to do considering Sean's problem with the yips.

    The next day at work, Sean assures him that his yips have subsided. They proceed to operate on a man's enormous melanoma. Things run smoothly until Sean's hand twitches mid-cut, nicking an artery. Blood spurts all over Sean's mask as the staff work frantically to stop the bleeding. The patient stabilizes, but Christian is left asking Sean what happened.

    In their consultation room, Christian shows reluctance getting his nose fixed. Christian demands that his nose be perfect as he saw it before. Because he doesn't want to risk being another incident, Christian secretly goes to another surgeon. There he meets a guy with a third nipple. Thinking about his own business, he gets him to go to McNamara/Troy for his surgery. Christian stays and talks to the doctor, a sexy woman named Dr. Jordan.

    One common complaint from the last few episodes of season one and this season's premiere was the lack of addressing what happened to Matt regarding Cara Fitzgerald. Last time we saw it, Henry was ready to tell Cara everything. Now we see sometime later that things have culminated in tragedy. Henry had raped Cara and implicated him in the hit and run.

    Sean does a follow up on the man with the melanoma. He is healing fine, but because of Sean's mistake, the patient will needed to stay an extra day. When he asks why, Sean tells him that it was the result of a bad reaction to the anesthesia. An even worse decision was saying this in front of Liz, who deals with enough of Sean and Christian to begin with. While I can understand his need to lie, he certainly should've been more respectful of Liz's position instead of incriminating her.

    Nurse Linda informs Sean that Henry's father is calling for him. Later that night he and Julia confront Matt about the accident. Matt is a rather convincing liar, making sure he mentions the rape first instead of the hit and run. They go along with it, but Sean isn't convinced. He realizes that Matt begging him to operate on her wasn't because of honorable intentions. Matt still denies involvement.

    Sean does Triple Nipple's check up before surgery. Trip nip slips the fact that Christian referred him at another doctor's office. Sean's obviously not pleased. Moments later Sean confronts him, and they have a stare down. Sean relents and lets Christian do the surgery. Christian dismisses him. Sean leaves quietly furious.

    Meanwhile, Julia visits her mother, recovering from her surgery. She tells her about the problem with Henry. Erica offers her professional opinion: Henry did what he did because he snapped under the pressure that his parents put him under. This summary also applies to Sean, who is constantly aware that his talent keeps his business alive. They are placed in situations where failure isn't an option, and that stress causes people to lose control. Simultaneously, Sean is leaving work after Christian ejected him from the OR. In the parking garage, another car is blocking Sean's. Sean snaps, ramming his car into the other one several times to allow him to leave.

    At Dr. Jordan's, Christian undergoes another preliminary check up of his nose. He segues this into hitting on her, asking for a full body mole check. Unfortunately for him, she isn't interested in him sexually. She goes through the check like a professional, but then points out his physical shortcomings. He leaves, making his own criticisms on his way. The trust he thought he could place in Dr. Jordan (no pun intended) wasn't there. All he has left is to get some satisfaction from Gina, but that doesn't work when she doesn't play into his fantasy that he's with Dr. Jordan.

    Sean returns home, telling Julia that he needs to talk to his insurance adjuster about his run in with the car. He has a fit, then finally confesses to Julia that he has yips. Julia says he would stay with him even if he wasn't a surgeon, but Sean doesn't trust that enough. He is in the situation Erica described earlier. Doctor's require perfection, but his field requires it more. He doesn't want to fail and that has gone to the extreme.

    Matt visits Henry at the jail. Already it has taken a toll on his friend. Henry tries hysterically to convince Matt why it happened. He attacked Cara because he rejected her. His chance for absolution was lost according to him. What he doesn't see or may be reluctant to admit is that this was never the chance for absolution. Their whole relationship was based on a lie. Even if they did get together, would that make things right? The only way to make things right would be confessing and trying to redeem yourself from there. Instead, Henry has become a tragic figure of sorts. We know he won't survive in prison.

    Gina's rejection leaves Christian alone, so he tries to fix his nose himself. Although we don't see what happens after he hits the chisel into his nose, the implied gore is enough. He can't do it alone, so he calls Sean for help. The next day he's being prepped for surgery, but Sean is still reluctant to work on his friend's face. Christian realizes this and has Liz stop the anesthesia. He convinces Sean to work on his face under the condition that he be kept awake and help. Of course, this is really over the top, but on Nip/Tuck, this is another interesting way to resolve a plot line.

    Henry's father asks Matt to give a statement regarding the hit and run. Sean coaches him beforehand, advising that he be honest and he'll support him regardless. When the taped statement starts, the lawyer of Henry's father asks him about Cara. For a few seconds, Matt sits in silence, then says no. The coldest thing Matt did before this was breaking Vanessa's heart so callously. This incident is worse than anything he has done yet. He has betrayed his friend and left him in a place where he will certainly die for the acts he committed.

    While most of this episode may not add up to much in the series' big picture, it's still a good self-contained episode, possibly done so the writers could buy a little more time forming the second season. Julian McMahon carries the episode well as this week's patient, and the rest of the cast continues their excellence.
  • Plenty of it, in fact

    OK, so the yips are something psychological to do with stress levels (I think) and of course, if Sean isn’t stressed then I am the Queen of England.

    It must suck to have the yips though, and it’s also a constant reminder of exactly how stressed you are. Doesn’t that stress him out even more as a result? And to build to his stress, there’s the situation that Matt has found himself in.

    I’m glad that they brought the Cara Fitzgerald plotline back up. When it was last left, Henry the Not Very Jewish Jew was lusting after Cara – even though she had a demented face. Maybe I should ruin my face so I can get a date. In this episode, Henry has raped Cara, found himself in prison, told everyone about the hit-and-run and just to put the cherry on top, has turned mental.

    The scene in prison was as emotional as it was uncomfortable (maybe because of the gay lovers right next to the Jewish boy and the Michael Jackson lookalike), but John Hensley and … who plays Henry again? Anyway, both of them performed the scene with great emotion and this scene was by far, my favourite of the night. The plotline showed that this isn’t a workplace drama, this is a family drama and what a wonderful family drama it is.

    The end scene of this episode was very well done. Matt’s decision to lie was shocking, after his conversation with Sean earlier. However, I probably would have lied if I were in that situation too and many others I know would also have lied.

    Season 2 Client Count: Now up to 5. A boy with a third nipple and an old guy with a disturbing lump on the side of his throat. And of course, Christian.

    It seems that Christian’s plotlines seem to only be about two things – Gina, his need for perfection and his bum.

    Christian also had a lot of focus in tonight’s episode. And why wouldn’t he? After all, the episode is named after him. The scene where he and Gina were doing it was one of their best scenes together (after they finished humping, mind you). Although she was only in one scene, Jessalyn Gilsig once again amazed me tonight. Her expressions while she was in bed with Christian were priceless. Gina, yet again, had a killer line which led into Christian performing surgery on … himself. That went horribly wrong.

    Christian then asked Sean to perform surgery on him while he was awake. Liz and Sean were both bothered by this idea, and if I were a plastic surgeon, I wouldn’t have done it. Despite their friendly rivalries, Liz really felt Christian’s pain tonight and Roma Maffia once again did a superb job.

    Season 2 Christian Bang Count: I wasn’t sure if the plastic surgeon counted, so I just counted Sneeze Girl and Gina, pushing the Bang Count up to four. Dr. Troy’s averaging two an episode. But was anyone else convinced the plastic surgeon was going to suck him off?
  • An episoide about Christian

    Well i was disappointed with this episoide because it seem to be a filler episoide, i really like how they bring back Mat story-line, even after what his father said even if he did hit her with the car , i still be there for u, u just knew he said no, still i'm with Matt, what that guy was thinking rapeing her?.

    Christian, he's heading for a mid-life crisis, that's twice he been knocked back by women, last episoide that women in the bar & now female plastic surgon but add insult liposuction, Still performing surgry on himself, i couldn't watch that, that must have good experts on the show to allow an actor to do that. This guy did one thing right helping Sean, i can't believe he would help Sean with surgery with for his nose. That was painful.

    The patient with bleeding after Sean nicked artery, that's was really difficult to watch i don't mind blood but the amount that leaked out was really sickining, you really need a strong stomach to watch this show.
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