Season 6 Episode 16

Christian Troy II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on FX

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  • Hysterical Weirdness

    Parts of this episode were like a low-rent version of the Julia McNamara episode, which still ranks (to me, at least) as the best ever episode of this show. Christian's dreams were visually intriguing, but outside of the Kimber moments, they didn't carry a huge amount of weight.

    Kimber's re-appearance really felt like a bon voyage for her. I had seen the pap pictures of Julian and Kelly filming on the beach, and they were wrongly presumed to be from the finale. I really hope Kimber does show up in the end, as it'd feel wrong if all six regulars didn't have at least some part to play in the final hour. Still, Kimber's goodbye was great. Her transformation into Joan Rivers was especially interesting, maybe Christian's idea of how she would have ended up if she hadn't died?

    Of the rest of the dream sequences, I liked the editing during Christian's consult (and the role reversal of the "When you stop striving for perfection, you might as well be dead" line), while I've been eagerly anticipating the return of Cat Lady Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark. Their appearance was gloriously crazy, with Christian as the "overcooked" suckling pig. Even loved the use of the same music from the Lulu Grandiron episode. The scene with Christian's father could have been longer, I wasn't really feeling that, though great job on the casting. Robert Davi could easily be Julian's father, plus they worked together years ago on Profiler, am I right?

    Liz's subplot was a little "off". I really liked it at first, with Liz finally getting some action with somebody who wasn't a kidney thief (loved Christian's throwaway reference to that, by the way), and Lesley Fera was great in the part of Daniella, but the story fell apart at the end. It was sad to see Liz again disappointed and saddened, and I hope that Daniella comes back, because if she was meant as a one-episode guest star, the whole thing seems pretty pointless. And while I dig the show exploring late-in-life "coming out" (The L Word did a pretty good variation on that a couple of years ago), I can't see it working well with just two episodes left.

    Also was a little uneasy about the "squirting" thing, as it seemed out-of-character for Liz to be so squicked out by it. Surely she must have encountered that at some point in her life, or at least you would have thought she'd be a little less judgmental about it. She came around in the end, but I didn't buy that she'd be so affected that she'd run to Christian and tell him all about it like teenage girls in a locker room.

    The "death of plastic surgery" is an obvious way to go for the final season and, while (like a lot of things this season) it could have been dragged out more instead of just thrown into the second-to-last episode, it works for me. When you think about it, few people in the public eye at least are getting the full-Joan Rivers thing; most people are getting the fillers, the botox and the "injectables". It really is the end of the line for the face lifts etc.

    Speaking of the end of the line, that preview at the end of the episode was freakin' intense. This show just couldn't end without that certain someone, who just represents the pinnacle of everything crazy Nip/Tuck has ever done. Two to go...

    Director: Diana Valentine
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: B