Season 4 Episode 1

Cindy Plumb

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on FX
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Sean and Christian may be celebrating a milestone surgery, but it looks like the future of McNamara/Troy is in jeopardy. Julia tells Sean some devastating news about the baby. Christian decides to redecorate his apartment after a disturbing appointment with his psychiatrist.

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  • It was dull, but at least it wasn't stupid.

    At least this episode wasn't stupid as the finale. But, heck, was it boring?!

    Almsot nothing happened. The only good scene was Christian and Sean having a talk at the end of the episode about Sean' s unborn child. That was well acted, emotional. But the rest was really dull. Christian's storyline feels beyond forced, but at least he's a consistent character.

    I enjoyed Larry Hagman(sp?) , I wished he had a larger role. The absence of Matt, or even the mention of the carver, or, basically, anything that links us with the previous seasons was a major letdown. MAJOR.

    The ending was surprising but I thought it made no sense(Sean calling Cindy). But then again, It must be my imagination thats lacking.

    Overall this was a so so episode, with nothing terribly wrong going on in it, but nothing good either. Just 50 minutes of Nip/Tuck.moreless
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  • This show is turning into \"who will Christian shag this week\"

    I am getting to the point where I am going to stop watching Nip/Tuck. The writers seem to think that they need to keep having ridiculous sex scenes to keep the show interesting.

    If I wanted to watch porn I would watch porn.

    That said, Kathleen Turner is pure class. The woman has no vanity whatsoever. She plays a transvestite on Friens and now this. Brooke Shields was ok but nothing breathtaking.

    I am also tired of the whole Sean/Julia dramas. It seems like they are just making drama up. And you know a show is in trouble when it starts doing that.moreless
  • Making A Connection *SPOILERS*

    Thankfully putting the whole Carver thing behind them, the fourth season of Nip/Tuck opens with a nicely tuned story all about connections. Sean and Christian celebrate five thousand surgeries with a few drinks and- for Christian- a threesome with a mother and daughter. Back at the office, they meet Burt Landau (Larry Hagman) and his beautiful younger wife Michelle (Sanaa Lathan) who consults with McNamara/Troy, as Burt would like his testicular implants made bigger. As Christian’s threesome continues, a question is raised about why he doesn’t kiss the women. This, and a visit to Sean and Julia’s to notice the whole family vibe that Christian doesn’t have, leads Christian to therapy and the alluring Dr. Faith Wolper (Brooke Shields) who posits the idea that Christian may actually be in love with Sean!

    Meanwhile, Sean does surgery on phone-sex artist Cindy Plumb (Kathleen Turner) who wants a voice-lift after too much smoking and drinking has damaged her sexy tones. Christian does the surgery on Burt as Michelle watches then tries it on with her; Michelle rebuffs the come-on but makes another offer- to buy McNamara/Troy. Eventually, Sean agrees to it as well after a confrontation with Julia regarding their unborn son, who has a genetic disability called ectrodactyly (or, less politely, ‘lobster-claw syndrome’). The season is off to a good strong start. There is a very strong guest cast, of which both Kathleen Turner- who it would be nice to see again if possible- and Brooke Shields stand out. Even Larry Hagman, who I had major doubts over, worked out to be quite great. The writing is sharp; Christian’s behaviour after Faith’s little bombshell was really quite stupid but understandable for such a steadfastly heterosexual guy. Story arcs for the season- the disability of Sean and Julia’s unborn child, the Landaus buying McNamara/Troy and the relationship between Christian and Sean- have been set up strongly and with no forcing, which is always good.

    The focus on connections and how people make them or don’t (Christian’s with the mother and daughter, Sean and Julia, Cindy and her clients) is nicely done and never feels too obvious. Plus there’s a good use of music in the final scene – Al Green’s ‘Tired Of Being Alone’ shows Christian’s predicament nicely. Whilst it would have been nice for Liz to have something more to do and a rather predictable ending to the Christian/Faith encounter (it was obvious he was going to sleep with her), these are minor quibbles. It’s good to have the boys back.moreless
  • One Door Closes, Another Possibility Opens

    "Cindy Plumb can make you come"

    Oh my, what a great line I didn't see that one coming. First off let me say that after an average season finale last year and a seven month absence I am glad to see the show back and more importantly back to its roots. What I mean is that it goes back to what made the first two seasons so eventful and fun. Certainly I'm all for the sex scenes and funky '70s music. Just hearing "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by A Taste of Honey made me realize this one was going to be good regardless of what music they choose.

    Not surprisingly, McNamara/Troy is celebrating its 5,000th surgery which Sean has acknowledged by purchasing a special tool for. The two friends decide to celebrate by going to a swank bar and drink. Sean hopes for another successful 5,000 surgeries and that they continue to flourish since his life is so good now. I wouldn't say his life is so great right now but definitely an improvement from season's past. It seems that Christian is now experiencing a crisis of his identity and life. After celebrating his way by having a threesome with a mother & daughter, Christian begins attending therapy sessions with Faith Wolper, PhD played by the glamorous Brooke Shields. Wolper tries to determine what is troubling Christian when its obviously clear he is resenting Sean for all the right choices he has made. Wolper concludes that maybe Christian is in love with Sean. I'd buy it, after his failed relationships with Gina, Kimber and Julia perhaps Christian is thinking of switiching teams. I don't necesarily think he'll be making any moves on Sean but I would keep that possibility open.

    Meanwhile most viewers who have seen "Quentin Costa" know that there is possibilities there can be problems with her unborn child. As many of us feared, the child will be born with a life altering disease known as ectrodactyly or "lobster claws syndrome". Before telling Sean, Julia meets with a woman (Bree Walker of "Carnivale") who has the same condition who although has undergone hardships embrace her handicap. At McNamara/Troy, a rich business tycoon Burt Landau (played by J.R. Ewing, I mean LARRY HAGMAN) wants to have a scrotal lift with the end product being "pee-wee" size testicles. His young wife, Michelle becomes very flirtatious with Christian and wants to watch the surgery. Christian happily allows her to do so however Liz is a little hesitant. While Burt recovers, Michelle makes Christian a business offer to purchase the business and retain Christian & Sean to employees. Sean initially rejects their offer until learning from Julia he may want to consider since his child has a handicap. This revelation rocks Sean who starts a hobby of working out and drinking. He later visits Christian to tell him the news that he has agreed to sell and the health of his unborn son. Sean has discovered Christian has redecorated his apartment and his wardrobe is not as it usually is. Sean then cries in Christian's arms and apologizes for intruding and will meet him at the lawyer's office on Monday.

    A few nights later, Christian sleeps with Dr. Wolper and seeks refuge in a bar. Meanwhile Sean cannot sleep and relies on the comfort of a phone sex operator played by Kathleen Turner to relax him.

    Other imporant events in "Cindy Plumb"...

    *The title character, Cindy Plumb played awesomely by Kathleen Turner wants a voice lift to appease her customers and maintain a continued aesthetic after her voice has deteriorated after cigarettes and drinking. *Other standout music in the episode includes "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate, "Love is in the Air" and "Diferente" by the Gotan Project.

    *In this episode alone, there have been some great celebrities making appearances as common, everyday people. I'm looking forward also to Mario Lopez, Rosie O'Donnell and Melissa Gilbert.

    *Matt and Kimber do not appear in this episode which I was keen on seeing after the events of last season's finale.

    *Julia sells her profits of the De La Mar spa to Gina which is pretty predictable after learning she was pregnant and was planning to stay home anyway. This will probably relieve any stress she was already undergoing and plus Gina never wanted a partner. It works out mutual for everyone except Liz. Is she still working for both the spa and McNamara/Troy?

    All in all, "Cindy Plumb" was a very refreshing and solid season opener only beginning to unravel what's in store for viewers this season. With Ryan Murphy back as head writer and no more Carver, I'm sure whatever happens regardless will please the fans.moreless
Aja Evans

Aja Evans

Girl In Bar

Guest Star

Colleen Flynn

Colleen Flynn

Julia's Doctor

Guest Star

Amanda Pays

Amanda Pays

Interior Designer

Guest Star

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

Michelle Landau

Recurring Role

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

Burt Landau

Recurring Role

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Annie McNamara

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Celebrating their 5000th surgery together, Sean handed Christian a gold scalpel that reads "September 5th, 2006". That's the same date this episode airs.

    • Goof: During the scene where Cindy is having her voicebox operated on, you can see her eyes flinch and squint. Obviously, she was "awake" when this was filmed, but during a normal procedure such as this, she should be completely sedated and she would not be flinching her eyes.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (Sean sees Christian's new, 'butched-up' apartment)
      Sean: Why is there a statue of a cock in the corner?
      Christian: It's not a cock, Sean. It's called abstract art.

    • Michelle: You don't understand how someone my age can be attracted to an older man.
      Christian: Certainly not without a pre-nup.
      Michelle: So, you just assumed I just married him for his money?
      Christian: Absolutely.
      Michelle: You don't choose who you love, Dr Troy. It chooses you.

    • Cindy Plumb: My marriage fell apart seventeen years ago. I couldn't give my husband what he needed sexually. Don't you love the irony? I truly thought I would die. I'd pour myself a big glass of bourbon and call up one of those chat-lines. I was very lonely. Then one night, sitting there alone, I discovered I wasn't just a sad dumped first wife, I was a goddamn sensual goddess. That's how it works. You may not get what you want but you get what you need. Now I have a life full of these extraordinary men who know there is nobody as smokin' hot as yours truly. I provide a connection they can't get at home. I save marriages now; I don't lose them.

    • Sean: Tell me what you don't like about yourself, Miss Plumb.
      Cindy Plumb: I want a voice lift. (off Sean's look) You make an incision, implant some Goretex, right? And then the youthfully retightened vocal chords eliminate the wobbles, tremors and, in some cases, raise the voice an octave.
      Sean: You've done your research. Are you a singer or an actress or…?
      Cindy Plumb: 'Cindy Plumb can make you cum. In English, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. You may be alone but you're not on your own.' (pause) I'm a phone sex artist. I've been getting people off for fifteen years.

    • Dr Faith Wolper: Maybe the reason your relationships with women keep failing is because you're taken.
      Christian: What the hell are you talking about?
      Dr Faith Wolper: Ever consider the possibility that you're in love with your partner?

    • Dr Faith Wolper: In general, your life is working relatively well. Successful practice and, according to your own estimation, you've 'screwed hundreds of the hottest asses in South Beach'. Why ask for help now?
      Christian: Sean and I recently celebrated five thousand surgeries and, to reward my accomplishments, I picked up a couple of gals and… screwed them til my dick almost fell off. Fifteen years ago, I celebrated our first surgery the same way.
      Dr Faith Wolper: Have you ever had any loving adult relationships?
      Christian: (long pause) Yeah, sure.
      Dr Faith Wolper: What happened?
      Christian: One of them married Sean and the other… well, it just didn't work out. It wasn't my fault. Even Sean couldn't make it work with her.

    • Jill: (to Christian) You are so afraid of connecting. You're destined to die alone.

    • (Mother and daughter Jill and Riley are in bed with Christian)
      Riley: Did he kiss you?
      Jill: So… our tongues are good enough to go in your ass but not your mouth.
      Christian: It's really not one after the other.
      Riley: What kind of guy doesn't want to be kissed?
      Jill: The kind I warned you about. Just like your father. Do you know what kind of women accept not being kissed? Whores. We're not whores.
      Christian: No, you're the goddamn Mother Of The Year. (pause) Get out.

    • Christian: Have you been intimate with your husband since the operation?
      Michelle: Yes.
      Burt: I think I would've remembered that, honey.
      Michelle: Real intimacy isn't just about sex, Burt. It's about me holding your head up when you puked from the chemo. It's about being man enough to be vulnerable with me.

    • Sean: And what brings you here today?
      Burt: My balls are no longer proportionate to my wang.
      Michelle: Burt was diagnosed with late-stage prostate cancer six months ago. Aside from the radiology treatments, our doctor recommended he have a bilateral orchiectomy.
      Sean: You had both testees removed?
      Christian: And you're not happy with the size of your implants now?
      Burt: Lord, no. Feels like I got an SUV riding around on training wheels down there.
      Christian: How much bigger would you like to go?
      Burt: How about kiwi size? (to Michelle) That's how you first described them to me. (to Sean and Christian) All my life I had a pair that made me feel like a man. I made my living eating up pet shops and shitting out circuses.
      Michelle: My husband's a medical venture capitalist.
      Burt: Landau Industries can take a half-assed HMO or radiology lab and make it profitable in six months. Six months! Brains, brains can help you recognise an opportunity but it is balls that make you a risk-taker. And these ten-year-old-boy pits I got down there are sucking out all my oomph!

    • Sean: Christian! Come in here and check out my balls!
      I don't know about you, but I always thought the size of a man's testes were secondary to proportion. (holding up 40cc neuticals) You could sink the Bismarck with these things.

    • Dr. Wolper: I'm forcing you to take an honest look at your behavior since there doesn't seem to be anyone else in your life willing to do it.
      Christian: Actually, Sean does that, thank you very much.
      Wolper: Ah yes -- the man who has everything you wish you had.
      Christian: He's my best friend. He doesn't demand anything in return like every other goddamn woman I've ever been with. I don't have to take care of him, and I don't have to take care of his fragile little ego.

    • Christian: You look beautiful. You've got that beautiful "mother's glow" about you.
      Julia: It's called "retaining water." My feet are so swollen I can barely walk.

    • Faith Wolper: Watching your lover give themselves to you and allowing them to witness your own surrender is a shared connection. It takes trust and courage to be that vulnerable. When you climax behind their back her identity doesn't matter. She's just a substitute for your hand.

    • Julia: It's about the baby.
      Sean: You lost it?
      Julia: No.
      Sean: It's Christian's?
      Julia: * shakes her head no *
      Sean: There's ... something wrong with the baby?

    • Sean: This isn't a burden I'm tied to. This is our child.
      Christian: Well, maybe it's time to let your kid grow up.

    • Sean: Buy us? We're not for sale!
      Christian: We are at this price.

    • Julia's Lunch Date: Life is more about embracing your imperfections. How else can we embrace anyone else's?

    • Sean: Get Christian on the Bat Phone.

    • Christian's shrink: Maybe the reason your relationships with women keep failing is because you're already taken. ... Have you considered the possibility that maybe you're in love with your partner?

    • Mom: I was suckin' dick when you were suckin' on pacifiers. Watch and learn.
      Christian: You guys do this together a lot?
      Daughter: Ever since I was 16. She caught me with my stepdad.
      Christian: Get out. This is too screwed up even for me.

    • Liz: His-and-her facelifts. If this is indicative of the state of relationships in the 21st century, then I'm staying single.
      Christian: And cocker spaniels all over south Florida howl in relief.

  • NOTES (6)

    • First appearances by Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) and Larry Hagman (Burt).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany: April 17, 2007 on payTV-station
      Czech Republic: November 19, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Kathleen Turner (Cindy), Brooke Shields (Faith) and Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) were credited as "Special Guest Stars". At the same time, Lathan received the "And" credit.

    • Larry Hagman receives the "Special Appearance by" credit. He is the first actor to be credited this way.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Boogie oogie oogie" by A Taste of Honey (Sean and Christian celebrate their anniversary in a bar)
      "Love is in the air" by John Paul Young (Sean and Christian having sex with their respective partners)
      "Notas" by Gotan Project (Christian talks with Riley and Jill after having sex with them)
      "You sexy thing" by Hot Chocolate (Sean performing surgery on Mrs Plumb)
      "Diferente" by Gotan Project (Christian implants testicles in Burt Landau)
      "Tired of being alone" by Al Green (Christian has sex with Faith)

    • Although listed in the opening credits, John Hensley and Kelly Carlson do not appear in this episode. This was the first premiere without the entire regular cast.


    • Christian: What are we cooking?
      Julia: We have "Chicken Tetrazzini". Annie saw it on Rachel Ray.

      Rachel Ray is a chef on The Food Network. Her recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini first aired on "30-Minute Meals" in February of 2005.

      Apparently, Julia and Annie watch The Food Network together. When they join the scene, Julia is telling Annie to retrieve the mushrooms from the bottom shelf of the fridge behind the yogurt. As you can see, mushrooms are in Ray's ingredient list for the recipe.

      Ray's recipe, titled Tremendous Tetrazzini, is located on her website.