Season 1 Episode 7

Cliff Mantegna

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2003 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Featured Music:

      "Skin Tight" by Ohio Players (Kimber pretends to be hooker/picked up by Christian/have sex in his car)
      "Smile" by Dzihan & Kamien (Jude fixing breakfast for Julia at his apartment)
      "Beautiful Crazy" by Space Raiders (Christian & Kimber {in nurse outfit} at CT's apartment – takes pictures of Kimber for the 'The Scene')
      "Funky" by Five Deez (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley get caught in threesome by Julia)
      "Emerge" by Fischerspooner (Cliff Mantegna's surgery)
      "No Dice" by Tipper (Julia at Jude's apartment as he gets ready for 'The Scene')
      "Make Me Cry" by B-Factor (Christian & Kimber arrive/intro at 'The Scene')
      "Sleepy Language" by Layo & Bushwacka (Kimber in 'Girl on Girl' room at 'The Scene'/Christian watching)

    • In an earlier episode Vanessa said that Ridley was allergic to latex, but they say they used a condom given to Matt by Sean. There are lambskin condoms that can be used in place of latex condoms.

    • In the Parent Conference scene, it is revealed that the reason they chose Matt's house is because Ridley's mom, who is unemployed, is always home and that Vanessa's parents had taken the locks off of her door. However, when Julia busted in on the three-way a few scenes earlier, the door was unlocked. If locked doors were such a concern, why did Matt leave the door unlocked?

    • In the closed captioning throughout the episode, Kimber is simply referred to as "Woman" instead of "Kimber".

  • Quotes

    • Christian: If I'm going to do this one woman thing, it can't be with just one woman.

    • Christian: You know what they say, for every beautiful girl out there is a guy tired of screwing her.

    • Jude: Julia, I'm not a parent, but if you really want to understand what's going on in Matt's life, you've got to get out in the real world. Three-somes, four-somes….more-somes, they're like Starbucks – they're everywhere!

    • Sean: How do you feel about taking on an intern?
      Christian: What does she look like?
      Sean: He is a friend of Julia's from school. Jude, something. I could use the points. She's pissed that I'm not outraged enough about Matt's three-way.
      Christian: Alright with me, partner. I'd much rather have him hanging around here all day than hanging shirtless by your pool feeding your wife margaritas.

    • Kimber: I spent $400 on this outfit. I'm just trying to do what you wanted and spice things up.
      Christian: Here's the deal. You think a jockey wants to come home to see his girlfriend dressed like a horse? I'm around nurses all day, sweetheart. If I wanted to screw one of them, I would've by now.

    • Ridley: (to Vanessa) I'm not like you. I'm not a lezzie.
      Vanessa's Mom: What's a lezzie?
      Ridley's Mom: Your daughter likes vagina.

      Christian: Are you doing this because you were rejected by a woman?
      Mr. Mantegna: One woman? Try thirty. In one night.

      Christian: Don't worry, Mr. Mantegna. When we're done with you, the only tits you'll be feeling up are gonna belong to Hooters girls.

      Julia: Can't a woman just do something nice for her husband?
      Sean: A woman can definitely do something nice for her husband. You driving 20 minutes to bring me lunch sounds like a woman who wants her husband to do something nice for her.

      Julia: Having three-way sex in my house is a very big deal, Matt.
      Matt: You guys are lucky that that was all I was doing. I know kids hooked on crank, kids who are plotting to blow up the school.
      Julia: Congratulations. You win the award for least screwed up teenager.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Penthouse:

      Sean mentions that his son's sex life belongs in a Penthouse newsletter. Penthouse is a pornographic magazine known for having "exotic" stories in its letters page.

    • Sean: Would now be a good time to break out the cyanide kool-aid?

      This is a reference to the mass group suicide of the People's Temple Cult. In November, 1978, cult leader Jim Jones ordered his followers to drink grape kool-aid mixed with potassium cyanide after U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan of California and a team of reporters visited their South America compound to investigate reports of abuse. 913 members died.

    • Christian: The only tits you'll be feeling up are gonna belong to Hooters girls.

      Hooters is the famously known "family" restaurant where waitresses have small waists and large breasts.

    • Sean: Regarding the documentary where Marilyn Manson says he wouldn't talk to the youth of America, he'd listen.

      The documentary Sean is talking about is the controversial Michael Moore movie Bowling for Columbine. But Manson was more specific and said that he would listen to what the students of Columbine HS had to say.

    • Christian: Christian tells Julia she's going all "Demi Moore".

      When referring to Julia's new "schoolmate", Jude, he compares her actions to Demi Moore. This is a reference to Demi Moore's relationship (6/2003-???) with Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger than her.