Season 4 Episode 11

Conor McNamara, 2026

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Annie in 2026 reminds Julia about the time she cut up her dolls' hands to look like Conor. This happened in the episode Blu Mondae.

    • When Annie in 2026 is talking about her 'emotional baggage', she mentions having a party to celebrate her first period. Her 'Princess Menses' celebration was shown in the Season 2 episode Mrs. Grubman.

  • Quotes

    • Annie: (seeing the damage caused by the hurricane) How are people going to clean up all this mess?
      Julia: People rebuild. It's what we do.

    • Conor (2026): All my life, I felt like I was this curse on the family. I'm the one who tore them apart. Maybe that's why I didn't do the surgery any sooner. I needed to wait until it could bring us all together. I must have known it couldn't have happened any sooner than it did.
      Therapist: It's a gift, Conor. You chose the perfect moment to erase this so-called curse, and in return you get to move on with your life.

    • Conor (2026): I know you always taught me that being different has never stopped me from doing everything I wanted in life, Marlowe, but…
      Sawyer (2026): You don't have to explain, Conor. This decision was yours and nobody else's. It's a completely different thing if the operation is done on an infant.

    • Julia (2026): (to Annie) I did my best, sweetheart. I mean, I may not have always been right but I did try. And your father and I, we have a lot of regrets about our parenting
      Sean (2026): Absolutely, but we've never stopped loving you.
      Julia (2026): And whatever pain that I cause and whatever hurt that I did, I am really, truly sorry.

    • Sean (2026): (about Annie) She's thirty years old, Julia. We don't have to protect her anymore.
      Annie (2026): Yeah, like you've ever done it in the past!
      Julia (2026): What are you talking about?
      Annie (2026): You don't care about me. You never have.
      Sean (2026): That's ridiculous!
      Annie (2026): You know I barely have any memories of us being together as a family? And when we were, you were always yelling. Like that time I cut up my dolls' hands to look like Conor, because I was trying to process and you went all psycho. I was ten. What kind of parenting was that?
      Julia (2026): I still feel awful about that.
      Annie (2026): Well, imagine that pain I feel, Julia. That's why I had to steal the pills today, because my pain never goes away!

    • Conor (2006): Maybe if I was born with two perfect hands, you and Dad would have stayed together.
      Julia (2006): Oh, honey. Your father and I had our problems long before you were born. What happened twenty years ago, it had nothing to do with you.

    • Annie (2026): Why are we sitting alone at this huge table? Is it a metaphor for the chasm that separates our family?
      Conor (2026): No, I was just saving seats for your spirit guides.

    • Annie (2026): My spirit guides told me that I'm not in the right place to start a relationship right now. Last night, I took a meditation pill. They told me I have too much emotional baggage. What's my baggage? Where do I begin? Let's start with the fact that my mother flushed my pet gerbil Frisky One down the toilet. Oh, and did I also tell you that she shamed me into having a party to celebrate my first period? I still get panic attacks whenever I use a tampon!

    • Sawyer: (to Conor) Hey, buddy. It'll pass. It's just weather. (There is a rumble of thunder and Conor begins to cry) You've already been through a lot worse. And you were a brave soldier, weren't you? One day, this will all be a distant memory. You'll have your own life. And you won't be at the mercy of storms you don't understand. (pause) It's been an honour to know you.

    • (Julia tells Sawyer she won't be going with him)
      Sawyer: You just need me to take care of you.
      Julia: Actually, I need to take care of myself. And the only way that I know how to do that is to be on my own.
      Sawyer: Julia…
      Julia: I have spent my whole life depending on others for security. Christian, Sean. I am never going to be strong enough to survive this moment in my life if I don't do it on my own.
      Sawyer: Is it Florence? I mean, we don't have to go to Florence.
      Julia: No, no, it's not about Florence…
      Sawyer: What is it? Is it my size? Oh, God, you don't have to explain. It's always like this. It's fine for a while and then the novelty wears off. I thought we loved each other.
      Julia: I do love you. And I love you for allowing me to be this imperfect woman.
      Sawyer: But you're not in love with me.
      Julia: What we have now is a shared love for Conor. And that's all we have.

    • Annie: Is this going to be like last time, when Mom moved out but you asked her to come back again?
      Sean: I don't think so, Annie.
      Annie: Is it my fault, Dad?
      Sean: No. Absolutely not. Your Mom and I… we just… we grew apart.
      Annie: Then it's because of Conor. Maybe he can live with Mom and I can stay here with you.

    • Sean: Don't you think you're overpacking a little? Conor's only going to be in recovery overnight.
      Julia: He's not having the surgery, Sean. He and Annie are coming with me.
      Sean: You think I'm gonna let you take my kids away from me, I'll fight you with everything I have.
      Julia: And ruin their lives in the process?
      Sean: Once again, I'm the one who has to suffer? The burden always has to be on me?
      Julia: Sean, stop it…
      Sean: You screwed Marlowe!
      Julia: You screwed Monica, and it shouldn't take us having to hurt each other like that to realise that we just don't belong together anymore.
      Sean: Why him? I understand you cheating on me. Did you have to humiliate me too?
      Julia: You can forgive me for sleeping with your best friend, but you can't handle the fact that I made love to a man who looks different, who's somehow imperfect.
      Sean: I can handle imperfection, Julia
      Julia: Is that why you're so desperate to operate on your son? Eighty percent of your day is spent making people look better as if it was somehow going to make them feel better as well.
      Sean: Yeah? That eighty percent paid for this house.
      Julia: God, it did more than pay for this house, Sean, it seeped into its foundations, the furniture, us. It's a poison. I know that being with Marlowe was wrong but it opened my eyes to how consumed I am with appearances. It has eaten away at me like a cancer.

    • Julia: I've decided to let Sean go ahead and operate on his other hand. (to Sawyer) Please, just, don't look at me like that. I mean, he's his father. I can't just… It's his dream for his son!
      Sawyer: His dream is misguided and invasive, you know that.
      Julia: I know that you're angry with me but, please, just try and see it through my eyes.
      Sawyer: Julia, yeah, I'm angry but mostly I'm disappointed in you. Conor can't defend himself from his father's obsession with creating a perfect son. It's an illusion, it's an ego-trip, it's harmful. The whole world you people live in, it's just…
      Julia: It's what? Go on, Marlowe, say it. It's what?
      Sawyer: If you're not his advocate, he's got no-one.
      Julia: Oh my God, I'm literally torn in pieces. Everywhere I turn, I'm betraying someone. I can't bear to torture Conor and I cannot bear to hurt Sean and I can't bear to lose your respect. So what am I supposed to do?

    • Sean: Storms blow over. Sometimes you get lucky and you ride out the winds and the terrible damage and you survive. The sun comes out the next day; you forget how afraid you were of losing everything. It's all… just a bad dream.

    • Sean: Why haven't you asked me about Monica? What I did, why I did it.
      Julia: I know why you did it. The same reason that I had an affair with Marlowe.
      Sean: I want to talk about it.
      Julia: I already know all the answers. So do you.

    • Conor (2026): As soon as I scheduled my surgery, I started having nightmares. About my parents. They split up when I was just a baby. I guess I never really thought about it. I mean, I'd just always knew them as two separate entities, like Africa and South America. They were these two huge landmasses separated by an ocean but, one day, someone tells you that they used to be one big continent… and you start to see the places where they… y'know, where they broke apart.
      Therapist: I'm not following.
      Conor (2026): I was six months old. What makes a couple that's been married for almost twenty years break up when they have a six-month old baby?
      Therapist: So you want to know for sure why they divorced.
      Conor (2026): I want to feel whole and normal in every way possible and, surgery or not, I don't think I can until I know the truth.

    • Conor (2026): I went to an all-boys prep school, and there are a lot of girls at my college. My mom always told me that people would love me for my big green eyes and my good heart, but I've come to realise girls also like it when you can unhook their bras by yourself.

    • Christian (2026) at dinner speaking to Sean and Julia: "This is bullshit, your son invited you here to make make nice!"

    • Julia: (to Sean about her affair with Marlowe) I know that being with Marlowe was wrong but it opened my eyes to how obsessed I was with appearances!

    • Marlowe: (to Julia) Conor can't defend himself against his fathers obsession to create a pefect son!

    • Sean: Hurricane Lenore, it sounds like an old maid Aunt coming to town to kick your ass.

    • Conor to his therapist: "I want to feel whole and normal in every way possible"

    • Sean : (at the airport saying his goodbyes) Seeya Jules.

    • Conor (2026): (to his therapist post-surgery) I wish I felt like my parents really loved each other, that's all.

    • Annie (2026): (to Sean and Julia after being bailed out of jail) Sorry you were awful parents, so this is what you get....DEAL!

    • Annie (2026): (introducing her boyfriend to Conor and Julia) Mom, Conor, I would like you to meet my boyfriend Ahmed. Just so you know, Ahmed is bi-sexual.

    • Annie (2026): (to her family at dinner) Just so you all know, I had an abortion last week.

    • Julia: (to Sean) We only got back together because I was pregnant. Conor was a gift, and this is the price we have to pay for having him.

    • Conor (2026): (to Therapist) All I want to be able to do is walk into a room one day, hold out my hand proudly and say 'Hi, Im Conor McNamara'.

  • Notes

    • Season five's episode "Ronnie Chase" would reveal that this entire "future sequence" was all a dream Sean had as he relates it to Christian.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 11, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Peter Dinklage is credited as a Special Guest Star

    • Jennifer Elise Cox receives the 'and' credit.

    • Although listed in the opening credits, Roma Maffia and Kelly Carlson do not appear in this episode.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Barcarolle" by Jacques Offenbach (Julia talks with Marlo about Conor's surgery)
      "Dubeaster" by Mazzini (Conor organizes a dinner so his family can meet his surgeon)
      "I will remember you" by Stephen Lang, Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley (Conor asks his father to participate in his surgery)
      "Cello concerto in B minor" by Antonin Dvorak (Matt, Christian and Sean work together to fix Conor's hand)
      "All the trees of the field will clap their hands" by Sufjan Stevens (Sean goes to the airport with Julia, Annie and Conor to see the damage made by the hurricane)

    • This episode marks Joely Richardson (Julia)'s final appearance of the season. She chose to leave the show due to family issues. However, she will come back next season.

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