Season 5 Episode 6

Damien Sands

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on FX
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Jealous over Sean's new-found fame, Christian convinces Sean to tape a reality show based on their careers as plastic surgeons.

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  • The first misstep of the season, but luckily it's not a serious one.

    Seeing the previews, and hearing that my favorite reality show diva, New York, was gonna be guest starring, I was pretty excited for this special Nip/Tuck "event". But, from the opening scene, I was dissapointed. The first thought that struck me while watching it was that I felt that this episode should have come earlier in the season, maybe episode 2 or 3. Episodes 1 & 2 dealt with Christian's jealousy over Sean's newfround fame, and then he kinda got over. At least it seemed, until they abruptly brought that theme back in this episode. The format of the show was somewhat funny, but they're satirization of reality shows was off. I've never seen a reality show like "Plastic Fantastic" and I can see why test audiences weren't feeling it. The best part was the opening credits. I kind of liked it when they sped up the characters as they walked down the hallways, it was flashy, but eh, it's a minor detail.

    Julia here just seemed to be over-reacting when she called out Liz for being too touchy-feely with Olivia, and then when something did happen between our favorite anasthesiologist and the real-life lesbian pretending to be, it just seemed totally out of character and unrealistic. I can see how they've built up Olivia's unhappiness in the last couple of episodes, but kissing Liz just seemed to come out of nowhere. It seemed like forced drama, like the kind they write into reality shows. I kept hoping that plot thread would be revealed at the end of the episode to be something thrown in by the writers of PF, but no, it really happened. Christian's storyline, once again, seemed to be something we already covered. And it seems unlikely that Damien Sands would know of Christian's prostitution when 1) he had only done it a couple of times, as far as we know, and 2) Christian had already left the business, as far as we know. Eden seemed uncharacteristically nice here. I was so used to her being a conniving biatch, I felt like her niceties were totally out of character and just plain badly written. And her and Sean kissing, just not good. I didn't think the show would go there this soon. I kept waiting for Eden to smile after Sean left the recovery room, showing that she was just doing it to manipulate things, once again, but she didn't. That would've been the scene's saving grace.

    Good things, though, are to be found:

    1) They referenced Conor, finally! I'd like to see more of the kids though. I mean, why bring Wilbur back just to never feature him?

    2) The writers finally got to slip in the F-bomb, through the use of the reality-TV format.

    3) Next week's episode looks AMAZING!

    Filler, filler, filler. I think they came up with the concept and just wanted to do it, thinking it'd be funny, and not really using it move the story forward. That was the problem with this episode. The story hardly moved forward, and when it did, it was in the wrong direction.

    It was no Conor McNamara, 2026 though. And we can all be thankful for that.

    Rating: 8.2moreless
  • Worst Nip/Tuck episode ever !!! (Yes even worse than the flash forward in season 4)

    Even though I have loved Nip/Tuck since the beginning, I think this episode definitely jumped the shark. Writers have nothing to say so they continue their "mise en abîme" of season 5. However this indirection between the viewer and the story looks ridiculous. Moreover the direction is poor (or is it made on purpose to look like a reality show ?). In the end it's the only episode I'v been bored to watch, (so bored that I barely could finish it) and hence I suggest you not to watch it ever : it's a total waste of time!

    PS : bring it back to Florida! Please !!!moreless
  • Completely and utterly stupid.

    Absolute worst episode I have ever seen, fantastic job Mr. Murphy, definately made me think twice about continuing to watch this show. It was beyond painful to watch, I wanted to call God and get a refund of the hour of time I spent watching it. This one episode has made me lose complete faith in this show, and Christian's hole "spicing" it up through bringing personal life in, Eden should have killed him right there. And to bring Ms. New York onto the show just brings back nostalgia of the most retarded show to ever hit cable TV Flavor of Love with Nappea Flava-Flave. Ryan Murphy needs to fire his editor and his storyboard personnel immediately!moreless
  • a creative and well executed self parody.

    this was an incredible episode. much like "conor mcnamara - 2026" this episode attempted on giving the show a freshier feel by breaking up the usual concept and trying something new.

    with conor mcnamara, it didnt work. but with damien did.

    the first 30-ish mins of the show was basically a self parody; a reality show version of nip/tuck with the usual cast. loved how it was made in the first place to show the "real" job of plastic surgeons, and how quickly it ended up being just like any other soap opera - not really on purpose. the editing was clever and top notch - basically it was shot and done in a way you'd except it from a reality show. love all the gimmicks(cancellation, ratings, pilot, etc) my favourite moment has to be the point where sean and christian is told it won't get picked up by the network because its too unrealistic... i liked this episode alot, basically. eden wasnt as annoying but im not liking sean kissing her. overall, cool one-time thing

    (btw, sorry.. caps not working for some reason)moreless
  • What a fantastic episode. Best since the grown up Conor McNamara one. I love it when they get so creative.

    Excellent. I love it when this show gets so creative. This could be the best episode YET. The only one that stands out as better was when they did the Grown Up version of Conor Mcnamara. Thanks for a great episode. Best in a long time! this was so good because it was just like a reality show. It was really funny. I watch every reality show I can get my eyes on. Nip/Tuck is one of the few non reality shows I watch, and to see this was just brilliant because they really captured the essence of the reality genre. Well done!!!moreless
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Leslie Grossman

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Steve Monroe

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Tiffany Pollard


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Portia de Rossi

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Eden Lord

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    • Christian: (about Eden) She's a drug addict, and a liar and she will do anything she can to score some more pills.

    • Christian: I love all this Californian New Age crap. It is hilarious to make you think that you can stick a needle in your head, and that your whole body is going to go numb. You know it's just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Olivia: (after Christian comments about she and Julia being a couple) I think our personal life is for us to know and for you to fantasize about when you're masturbating.

    • Olivia: Close your eyes. Can you feel this?
      Christian: Of course I can! Hey Ollie, how to feel when you're in the sack with Julia? Can you feel her disappointment when she reaches between your legs and comes up empty handed?

    • Linda: (About Christian and Sean) These guys are crazy. The only reason I've moved here it's because they throwed a bunch of money at me... and... the golf opportunities.

    • Olivia: We're going to put some needles in your heart, large intestine and middle toe.
      Christian: You're not sticking some needles in my heart!
      Liz: Oh... Can I do it?

    • Damien Sands: My job is done in darkness.
      Christian: So you're a vampire?
      Damien Sands: No. I'm a Casanova libertine.

    • Christian: You can go with the double D cup.
      Woman: Can't I get bigger? I mean.. I always love the letter H... I even named my cat Heathcliff.

    • Sean: The people in reality shows are made to look like fools!
      Christian: That's because they are fools! We are doctors. Different thing.

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