Season 5 Episode 6

Damien Sands

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on FX



  • Trivia

    • It's revealed that nurse Linda's last name is Klein. Which means, all this time, the actress have been playing herself.

    • Tiffany Pollard (a.k.a. 'New York') appears in this episode- the filming was shown on her self-titled VH1 reality dating show.

  • Quotes

    • Christian: (about Eden) She's a drug addict, and a liar and she will do anything she can to score some more pills.

    • Christian: I love all this Californian New Age crap. It is hilarious to make you think that you can stick a needle in your head, and that your whole body is going to go numb. You know it's just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Olivia: (after Christian comments about she and Julia being a couple) I think our personal life is for us to know and for you to fantasize about when you're masturbating.

    • Olivia: Close your eyes. Can you feel this?
      Christian: Of course I can! Hey Ollie, how to feel when you're in the sack with Julia? Can you feel her disappointment when she reaches between your legs and comes up empty handed?

    • Linda: (About Christian and Sean) These guys are crazy. The only reason I've moved here it's because they throwed a bunch of money at me... and... the golf opportunities.

    • Olivia: We're going to put some needles in your heart, large intestine and middle toe.
      Christian: You're not sticking some needles in my heart!
      Liz: Oh... Can I do it?

    • Damien Sands: My job is done in darkness.
      Christian: So you're a vampire?
      Damien Sands: No. I'm a Casanova libertine.

    • Christian: You can go with the double D cup.
      Woman: Can't I get bigger? I mean.. I always love the letter H... I even named my cat Heathcliff.

    • Sean: The people in reality shows are made to look like fools!
      Christian: That's because they are fools! We are doctors. Different thing.

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