Season 6 Episode 11

Dan Daly

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2010 on FX

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  • It was.... okay..

    I was seriously disappointed in this {filler} episode. From the promos I was expecting a lot of action and drama, but neither really happened. It was just plain boring, and I didn't care about it at all. I guess it was kind of cool seeing how Sean and Christian met, but I could have gone without seeing that since we already know they met in college. Also, I don't like how it looks like the two are going to end up hating each other at the end of the series. They are practically brothers and they have been through way much to stop loving each other now. Jeez. Okay maybe next week'll be better.
  • Great episode!!

    This episode really showed the true side of Christian and what his intentions are with Sean. The flashbacks really made me feel like this show is almost over! The storyline went back to the relationship between the two brothers which the past season wasn't really what the focus was on. The way they met to the way their relationship is now. I really loved this episode and looking forward to the final 8 episodes to come, very sad that this show is ending so soon, all good things must come to an end :( Can't wait till the next episode!!
  • Disbanding of Brothers

    So we're finally here. The first of the last nine episodes was unsurprisingly another grounded, emotional Nip/Tuck hour, centered on the saddening, unbalanced relationship between our two leading men.

    It was difficult to like Christian in this episode. His treatment of Kimber as well as his unrelenting belief that he can just walk through life doing whatever he wants is obnoxious, and you could really understand Sean's frustration with it. Especially when it hits him that it's been that way since college. However, it's important to state that Sean does have the ability to control his own actions, and lying to Kimber about Christian's indiscretions and later keeping the alma mater award didn't have to happen.

    It was pretty sad seeing Sean encountering the man he could have been in the form of Curtis Ryerson. Just like alterna-Sean did in Julia's other reality back in season two, Curtis is really helping people through his career with Doctors Without Borders, while Sean's basic source of income is coming from boob jobs and botox.

    The flashback sequences, which could have been unnecessary, were in fact really well done, and the casting for the younger versions of Sean, Christian and Julia were perfect, all their voices were dead-on.

    The patient of the week was disturbing, especially that horrifying scene where he chewed off his fingers as a child. Great direction from Elodie Keene at the end too, with Dan's reflection in the shard of glass on the ground.

    Just like Sean's relationship with Christian, Dan's well-being could either be given up on, or you could accept him for who he is. It'll be interesting to see which route Sean ends up taking.

    Really loved Kimber's new direction. Gliding around in her fur coat and her clueless suggestion of putting food coloring in the fish tank were hilarious. But, as always, her character was touched with sadness, especially as its clear her marriage to Christian is falling apart. He's still cheating, and she secretly knows it.

    A hugely impressive episode which promises good things for the rest of the season. It's really coming to a close now, and I'm eagerly anticipating what'll happen next.

    Director: Elodie Keene
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A
  • The series is basically going for the core of the foundation of the problems that are caused by the bond between Sean and Christian.

    The series is basically going for the core of the foundation of the problems that are caused by the bond between Sean and Christian. This episode had some flashbacks of the start of their relationship throughout school and even then it is obvious that Christian manipulated Sean into some life that he is not ready for. This episode is written by Ryan Murphy himself, is really a great one that the character Dan Daly blew my mind literally. He is a symbol of our doctors' self destructing relationship. Even if he tries to compliment someone, he cursed the man without intending to do so. Sean breaking those 1500 dollars a piece marbel and that prize is very nice to watch..
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