Season 5 Episode 4

Dawn Budge II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2007 on FX

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  • Annie Get Your Nun

    I'm loving this season, but it pains me to admit that the Eden storyline is completely dragging the show down. I can see the issues the writers were trying to get across, but somewhere along the line the ideas got all derailed, resulting in a storyline that's both unbelievable and unnecessarily disgusting.

    I'm a liberal guy, and I've never had any problem with the sex seen on this show before, but the Eden storyline as seen in this episode was gross. Eden herself is such a ridiculous character, taking the word "tramp" to a whole new level, like a silicone-enhanced robot from a stupid porno movie. Nobody is like Eden in reality, and I had trouble with references to Annie being taught how to give oral sex and showing her sticking her fingers down her throat to induce vomiting. If the writing was particularly clever, I wouldn't have an issue, but the story is so ridiculous that any sense of interest from me has gone out the window. Julia would never stay in her relationship with Olivia and keep Annie around Eden after being shown so much evidence of Eden's badness. And Sean's struggle with his own attraction to her was more stupidity. Eden has gone beyond the sexy teen temptress that a middle-aged guy on this show would naturally be attracted to. For the audience to believe that Sean would still be struggling with his sexual urges for this girl despite witnessing the corruption of his young daughter at her hands is not just stupid, but also lazy scripting. On a similar note, I also had problems with Freddy's scene with the Ass Bandit. FX probably wouldn't have shown the scene if it was a woman appearing to enjoy getting raped by a sexual predator, so why the offensive double standard? Phew. Now that's out of the way, let's concentrate on the good parts of the episode...

    It's an unpopular opinion, but I loved Dawn last season, so I naturally loved having her back. Her attack at the hands of the crazy eagle (complete with Hitchcock-like claws that went all slash-happy on Dawn's paraglide!) was hilarious, and having her mouth sewn shut was an ironic in-joke to Rosie O'Donnell's own controversy in the past.

    Christian's storyline was the best of the episode. His transition to male escort took an even more tragic turn with the introduction of Gwen, the woman who requested dangerous sex in an effort to "bring her sister and mother back to life". Claudia Christian (best known for all the sci-fi roles she did in the '90s) was truly amazing in the role, making what could have been an over-the-top sex story completely brutal and devastating. Christian's faith was also intriguing. How can he ever believe in God and his plans when the almighty was never there to save him from his stepfather as a child? It was an interesting dilemma, and I hope both the story and Tamara Craig Thomas (as the nun) return.

    A complete mixed bag of an episode which showcases both the good and bad aspects of this season so far. I really hope they ditch the Eden storyline as soon as possible though, as it's seriously undermining a so far perfect season.

    Director: Charles Haid
    Writer: Jennifer Salt
    Rating: B-
  • Holy Crap

    Wow what to say what to say about this episode right here. hmm it was very very very interesting. we got to see dawn budge again, ( the flash back of her attack was just HILARIOUS ) We got to see Sean talk to "Himself" for the very first time! We Had Annie Drama! - I hope there's a lot more where that came from. And my favorite part of the episode was when christian was freaking out about the state of his new client. Brilliant performance by Julian in that scene, just brilliant. overall this episode ran very smoothly. A +
  • Disasters Waiting To Happen Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Charles Haid

    Sean (to Eden): "I do not lust after you. The harder you try, the more you turn me off".

    Don't I wish that the above statement was the honest to God's truth. Sean can protest until he's blue in the face because unless you have your head buried under the sand, it's annoyingly obvious that Sean is hot for Eden. Now all I need is a sick bucket while this revolting storyline continues.

    It's already been established that Eden is a complete and total monster and this week only furthers that general belief when we see just how evil to the core Eden can get. Bring in an impressionable Annie and Eden's tips on how to attract a guy that doesn't seem all that interested in her.

    Unfortunately having Eden as a sounding board is about as idiotic as going to Matt on picking right women. First off all, Eden tells Annie to demand for Sean to do some plastic surgery on her and when Sean refuses, both Eden and Annie are put out. Annie because she believes she's fat and Eden because she's evil.

    Annie's belief of her sudden abnormalities is all down to Eden and worse still is that Annie rallies to the defence of the sister no-one really deserves to have. Eden goes further in diminishing Annie's low self esteem by showing her websites promoting anorexia and bulimia which naturally enough freaks the girl out.

    As delighted as I am that it isn't Olivia who's the villain of the season (that was my initial dread when she was signed up), I have to admit that watching Eden is uncomfortable. The actress who plays her isn't a revelation but somehow I find her more disturbed that kidney pinching James and that was a villain who was played by a way better actress.

    I guess it's because Eden's targeting a child that makes this really horrible to watch. There's enough insane pressure on children as it is in society nowadays (one of many things that has popped up in some of my Sociology and Philosophy classes) and watching Eden destroy Annie just for kicks through bulimia is stomach churning at best.

    Not only does Eden partake in that but she's also encouraging Annie to explore her sexuality a little too early as well. So aside from trying to make herself sick to impress a bloke named Chris, Annie is also caught by the principal engaging in a lewd act with the lad and Sean and Julia learn that she's being suspended for her actions.

    Even knowing this, both Julia and Olivia seems reluctant to actually blame. Technically they haven't seen Eden behave untoward Annie in any way but I do get a bit sick and tired of Julia never believing a word that Sean says. Why does she always assume he's crazy or trying to wreck whatever new sense of happiness she's found? Would it honestly kill Julia to actually believe Sean for once in her life?

    I get why Olivia isn't so quick to believe Sean. She doesn't know him that well and the first time him and Eden interacted around her, she just overheard Sean calling her a **** It's easy to see why Olivia doesn't want to believe that Eden is trouble even though Olivia is more than aware that Eden has a tongue on her.

    Olivia also then alludes to Eden having high self esteem as a reason to why Eden wouldn't try to make Annie hate herself. It's a good point and that might be down to Eden growing up with a gay parent and it might not. Either way, both Olivia and Julia should try to see Sean's perspective.

    Olivia talks about an elephant being in the room and accuses Sean's profession as an impetus for Annie's recent actions. Personally I think it's a load of crap but Julia does talk about the concerns of Sean's livelihood and there was the fact that Sean went overboard in trying to fix Connor's hands too.

    However confronting Eden was a bad idea of Sean's. Given the amount of nut jobs both him and Christian have encountered in the past five years, you'd think Sean would have the sense to bring a tape recorder or find an advantage in the situation. Instead he more or less plays in Eden's hands. I love Sean but he can be amazingly stupid at times too.

    Eden's only loving the chaos she's causing and the fact that Sean wants her only gives the girl more ammunition. I know Eden's legal and all but I really don't want to sit through an affair between her and Sean and you'd think the psychological warfare she's inflicting on Annie would be enough to kill Sean's lust for her. The scene where he's alone in his office and he talks to himself and projects the consequences if he should sleep with Eden is a wonderful scene by Dylan Walsh. It's pretty worthy of Emmy submission, though here's hoping he gets meatier stuff as the season progresses. Eden is trouble and Sean needs to back the hell away because I could see Eden doing something like accusing him of rape. Monica tried the same tactic last season and nearly succeeded. If Sean isn't careful then Eden could ruin him for nothing more than a bit of fun.

    What's even more troubling is that the fizzle in Sean and Kate's relationship has died almost too quickly. It's a bit of pain because I do like Kate and although she has issues, there could've been a good relationship there. This show almost thrives too much on destroying relationships that it's beginning to wear rather thin at the moment.

    Kate's eating disorder is the big no-no here. Sean barks at her for eating M&M's in bed and then finds her secret stash but tries to remedy the situation by getting her to eat healthy. These are good steps but the sudden marriage proposal is stupid. Kate said she loved Sean and I believe but Sean only proposed because he thought it would curb his Eden obsession. Sean should know by now that won't work. Damn you writers, is Sean ever going to keep a decent woman?

    Sean's not the only one currently having flashes of stupidity as Christian has been in practical dunce mode so far this season. First there's the childish attempt to cash in on Sean's fame. Then he tried to destroy Julia and Olivia's relationship (which nature or Eden will do anyway) and now he's pimping himself.

    Granted he treats certain women like hookers anyway so maybe he should get a feel of what that is like but his clientele leaves a lot to be desired for. Valerie was a harmless woman looking for some vigour but her friend Gwen is nothing short of being psychologically damaged.

    I'm not one of those people who abhor sexual experimentation like bondage or S&M. In fact as long as it's between two consenting adults, I believe that anything goes but as this show proves pretty effortlessly there are certain limits that no-one would explore no matter how sexually adventurous they are.

    Gwen's idea of getting her rocks off is being literally bonked back to life after she's of course injected and left in a bathtub filled with ice. As if Christian didn't have a God complex with his sexual prowess as it was, he now literally does screw a person to life. You can tell that he wasn't keen on actually helping Gwen out but for his own muddled reasons did it anyway.

    Fortunately when the experiment nearly goes wrong and Gwen almost dies, Christian gets an almighty wake up call but the fact that something like this needs to happen for him to get a clue is tiresome. Both him and Sean really should try to learn from their past mistakes.

    It also helps that a patient who wanted her breasts reduced and who happened to be a nun was the same person Christian could have a frank conversation with. When is Christian going to realise that instead of banging freaks and airheads, that there are women out there who would suit him? This nun, like Fiona is able to see through his crap and present a way of thinking unfamiliar to Christian. Christian isn't big on church and I'm not either but I did find it touching watching him and the nun praying together at the end of the episode. Why is that the best exchanges Christian has with women are the ones he doesn't sleep with (except for Gina)?

    There's also another pressing issue with this episode and that would be the not entirely welcome return of Dawn. She might be loaded but damn, that woman is a disaster area. Getting her ear sliced off was enough she gets mauled by an eagle and has her mouth sewn up, a prospect which delighted Christian if no-one else.

    To top it off as she recovers, some pervy doctor cops a feel of her ass and after getting a set visit to Hearts And Scalpels, she gets whacked across the head with a dish. Who exactly did Dawn piss off in a former life to get this mess load of bad luck?

    More interesting is that Dawn then winds up with Freddy and apparently he's gay and using her for her cash. Christian comes up with this neat conclusion and if it wasn't for Freddy enjoying a groping from pervy doctor, I would've just assumed he was merely using Dawn. I think on some level Dawn might be aware that she's been using but because she's so lonely, she's almost willing to go along with it. After all she did get to bully Freddy into having surgery so she's not a total doormat either.

    Also in "Dawn Budge Part 2"

    Aside from Dawn, Freddy and the Nun, no-one else went under the table this week.

    Sean (re eagle attack): "You must have been terrified"
    Dawn: "Terrified? Try scared **** and I'd do it again in a heartbeat".

    Out of curiosity, do you think we might get a scene between Olivia and Dawn? It's interesting that both Portia De Rossi and Rosie O'Donnell are both recurring characters on this show.

    Kate: "I love you Sean. You don't have to say it because I did"
    Sean: "We're heading into that direction".

    Gwen: "I think for 8,000 dollars you'll bring me back to life"
    Christian: "To life".

    Gwen lost her sister when she was younger and felt responsible for her death. Great piece of casting in Claudia Christian.

    Olivia (to Sean): "Eden's self esteem is her greatest asset. Why would she teach Annie to hate herself?"

    Annie: "What am I gonna do. I have to get Chris to like me?"
    Eden: "You're a real challenge you know that".

    Eden mentioned a website called Anna/mia. Unfortunately sites that endorse eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are pretty active.

    Eden: "I know you fantasise about me while you're pumping away on little Miss Jenny Craig"
    Sean: "Jesus Christ"
    Eden: "Does fatty swallow? I bet she's too worried about the calories".

    Christian: "The truth is I don't want to be saved, Sister. Maybe you should have a more pious surgeon"
    Nun: "No, I'm glad it's you".

    How come Liz has had hardly anything to do this season? Seriously if the writers can give someone like Eden more to do, then isn't Liz deserving as well?

    Dawn (to Sean/Christian): "Freddy Prune rides like a freaking rodeo"
    Freddy: "Any questions?"

    No Matt, Kimber, Wilbur, Jenna or Connor in this episode and you'd think at least one of them would be referenced somewhere down the line?

    Sean: "I do love you Kate"
    Kate: "Five pounds down and I'm lovable again".

    Standout music: "Young Folk" by Peter Bjorn and "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright.

    Nun: "I'm interested in praying. What are we praying for?"
    Christian: "I don't know".

    Chronology: None has been specified since "Everett Poe".

    Not different to many of the episodes we've had in the past but "Dawn Budge Part 2" is an okay enough instalment. Dawn's series of disasters are fun if predictable but the episode loses points for the homophobic undertones in the ass bandit label, which I really hated.
  • Whatever

    Well... what can I say. A fat lady flying and bitten by an eagle?! A serial ass graber?! What the hell!! C'mon guys! You surely can do much more better than this... It very funny in a low and bad way of saying. But I bet it wasn't supposed to be funny. So.... I keep waiting for the return of the great show nip tuck was. God damn it.... Where is it? This show... it's... almost ok. But it's not nip tuck. This episode was even worse, I onlt liked the part with Christian faith revival and all that stuff. But. Laughable episode.
  • Dawn Budge has a run-in with an eagle, a compulsive rectal examiner, a stage light, and LOVE. Sean faces the dilemma of his lust for Eden and trying to protect Annie from her. Christian loses his 'cool' with a client and gains a little faith.

    (Cut/Pasted from Nip/Tuck Forum and edited)
    The Funny:
    Dawn the eagle fighting adrenaline junkie.
    Dawn the love junkie- whose Freddy 'rides her like a rodeo king'
    Dawn and Freddy's theme song "Dreamweaver."
    Dawn the survivor of ass bandit trauma.
    Freddy's green and yellow track suit and sideburns.
    Freddy continuously pumping on his morphine drip, and the look on his face when receiving his rectal exam.

    The complex:
    Sean dealing with his feelings about Kate's weight and how she's perceived by others. I did like how he seemed genuine in wanting to help her stop using food as a panacea.
    It's interesting how effectively Eden sidetracked Sean from confronting her about Annie.
    In many ways Eden's the antithesis of what he wants his daughter to become, but he still wants her, which leads to an excellent self castration hallucination and trying to 'save' himself by proposing to kate. Great stuff.
    The conversation that Sean, Julia, and Olivia had about who's to blame for Annie's self- esteem issues was cool too. Olivia's willfully oblivious to Eden's horridness and bad effect on Annie. Sean's willfully oblivious to the fact that his job can/does help undermine people's self worth. Julia tried to mediate between the two of them, commenting that at least they all agreed that Annie needed help. However, Annie's no where nearer to being helped.

    The Dark:
    I wonder if Christian will continue his sidejob as a male escort after what happened with ketamine/ice lady. And yes, I did find the scene where she's describing her fantasy to be disturbing and erotic. Fine. Shoot me. I admit it. I'm sick ;) If he hadn't gotten her page/text...she would have been dead. He didn't seem very happy with having 'control' over that situation.
    Loved the scenes with Christian and the nun. It's amazing (to me) how sexy he can be when interacting with someone who isn't necessarily overtly sexual. He's sexier when his facade's down a bit. You could tell he had an effect on her too, even when he wasn't outwardly trying to tempt her. Her line about there being a 'glimmer of true light' in his eyes probably resonates with alot of us fans. Very uplifting scenes, but also sexy . I don't think he'll ever be going into the priesthood, but I wonder if that last scene of him praying with the nun represents a small step towards some sort of spirituality for him. I think the issue of his childhood abuse was handled well. Alot of people deal with that sort of trauma in fits and starts. It makes sense that he simply stated what happened to him, asked why God didn't answer his prayers, and left it at that for now. It'll probably be something he has to deal with for the rest of his life. Oh Eden and Annie. She not only taught Annie how to make herself bulimic (the Anna and Mia website), but she also suggested an 11(?) year old use blow jobs to get a boy to like her, b/c she's obviously too fat. I feel bad for Eden, b/c anyone who has 'thinspirations' can't be a happy person. However, please Sean (and Julia) get her the hell away from Annie.....

    some (paraphrased) highlights:
    Liz "He digitally diddles (the patients)"

    The nun to Christian: "There's a glimmer of true light in your eyes and it's fighting for a place at the table."

    Freddy in a cell phone conversation: "She's Hitler in Uggs. And smelly. I need you to protect me from her"

    Any conversation b/n Dawn and Freddy, esp the one where they come in for a consult with the boys.
  • The strangest episode of Nip/Tuck ever?

    This was an extremely odd episode of Nip/Tuck, taking the usual melodrama to near-painful extremes, yet just about managing to remain above surface.

    Firstly, Rosie O Donnell returns as Dawn Budge, ever-welcome as she is. Still, the actual footage of her accident was rather cheesy and cheap-looking - the explanation was enough, we didn't need to see it.

    Early on, it becomes apparent that Eden's exploitation of Annie is taking full hold, and fortunately, Sean is sane enough not to grant his daughter the lyposuction, which, frankly, would have marked the jumping of the shark for Nip/Tuck.

    The storyline with the woman wanting to be bathed in ice was pretty ridiculous, and exhibits Christian's sheer idiocy - no sane person would ever go along with such a dangerous procedure. Moreover, the fact Christian is able to save her and run away unscathed is unfathomable. I guess the woman figured she wouldn't grass Christian up as he saved her life.

    The feces bandit storyline is difficult to take seriously, and if they attempt to drag this out as a Carver-redux, I fear it will fail miserably.

    The epitome of ludicrousness in this episode came with Annie being expelled for administering oral sex to a classmate. Even though the act itself was barely even hinted at, it nonetheless was extremely disturbing considering her age.

    Playing Christian off against his faith (or lack thereof) was the most interesting aspect of the episode, underpinned by the blind faith of one of his patients.

    Overall, an interesting glance at what an episode of this series is like when taken to extremes, but not something I'd want every week.
  • Jinkies.

    This episode was pretty good. It suffered a little bit when it showed the eagle attack, which was edited poorly and just looked awful.

    I think we're meant to connect what Dawn felt soaring about with the kind of experience Hypothermia-Grrl was looking to have -- disconnected from her body, floating about.

    I think what Christian was trying to come right out and say was that he thinks Frank is as gay as a day in May and he doesn't want to see Dawn get hurt. Hint: Frank's reaction to the ass-bandit was quite a bit different than Dawn's.

    Sean's storyline is terribly familiar. Eden is like that frog Michigan Max -- she's all "hello my baby" sex bomb when she and Sean are alone together, and "you're a big fat tub of goo" when she and Annie are alone together. Sean needs to wear a wire and convince Olivia that her sweet and innocent little Eden bears watching, and putting a wire on Annie wouldn't be a bad move either.

    Neither would someone dropping a house on Eden.

    I liked Sean's little breakdown except for one thing. He's in a (mostly) healthy adult relationship with Kate (marshmallow fluff from the toilet indeed) and he's trying to be helpful with her food issues out of concern for her (mostly).

    I think the stitching of Dawn's mouth was a broad metaphor for this season, which is that people aren't talking to each other and that's at least part of the pain everyone's experiencing. Getting Matt and Kimber into rehab might give Annie an opportunity to take care of Jenna which might take her mind off her own troubles. Getting Eden out of the equation would be a good move, and that won't happen until Olivia is told in exact words what's going on with her. And I'm never entirely sure what's going on with Christian but he needs to sit down and talk with Sean about it. All of it. Because he's going to a strange place.

    I really can't believe they didn't at least hire a night nurse after the first ... violation.

    Meh, if the worst thing that happens is someone gloves up and pokes about for a moment, it's unsettling, but nowhere near as bad as being carved and raped, and it's impossible to completely separate the comedy when it's Frank and Dawn.

    Speaking of comedy, I loved how Sean reacted to Eden's text message. "Um ... family stuff." And Christian heading out on "Nanny issues." I'm glad he didn't do her again. She's not allowed to just endanger her life (never mind $8,000, I'd want an indemnity waiver) and text him about it halfway through. What if he was in surgery? She'd just have to die. I'm glad he didn't indulge her a second time.

    Not sure where they're going with the nun, but it was nice that Christian opened up a little about what happened to him growing up. Really, that's just healthier for everyone (healthier than cutting off one's boys).

    Honestly, people, use your words. :)
  • Eden continues her sexual advances towards Sean while corrupting Annie and one of Christian's new patients help Christian become possibly more pious.

    Best one yet! I adored the scene where Sean has a debate with himself and loved the plot in this episode! I love it when they shift the focus back on the doctors and back to their moral stances. Just when you think they'd have nothing more interesting about the surgeries the writers surprise you; they warp the meaning of the issue and make it more profound. This episode dealt with psychological conflict as well as physical. This is what I consider true entertainment. Not only did this have my nerves jumping, but also had my cracking up... This makes me look forward to future episodes!
  • Well written, well played!!!

    This was a beautiful episode, I like how we got to see more character development and also can't be upset with the return of Dawn. I liked seeing Christian go through that rude awakening and getting in touch with that inner part of himself he tries so hard to hide. That nun and the client both opened his eyes and I think we are going to see a more calm Christian the rest of the time. Sean is like good versus evil within himself and it's funny and sad all at the same time. It looks like we get to focus in on the family more this season than we have before...we see how his profession, the split of the marriage, and the move are taking a toll on the entire family.

    Beautiful piece of writing and after what I thought was a shaky start to the season I have been more than impressed with that last couple episodes. Nip/Tuck is back and here to stay.
  • They are on a roll!

    Man, between laughing my head off when Dawn was hit with the light and then fell for the gay reaming angry at every site of Eden, Nip/Tuck just has me this season, all over again! I just can't get over how terrible Eden is, and as painful as it is to watch her destroy Annie, I am very excited to see where this is going! I just can't believe that Sean can't make them see what she is feeding Annie!

    The Christian going all prayer thing is sort of weird for me to watch on this particular show, if that makes any sense...I mean, it's great to see his softer side (and thank GOD he didn't actually sleep with her) but as sexual as this show goes, and non religious everyone truely bring in relegion would just be very strange. I still can't wait to see more about Matt and Kimber though! It looks like it's going to be interesting...
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