Season 3 Episode 3

Derek, Alex, and Gary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on FX
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Matt is getting out of control, and Sean, Julia and Christian are trying to find a solution. Quentin and Christian help two students whose faces are glued to the behind of a third student. Christian starts losing interest in the threesome relationship between Kimber, Kit, and himself. He asks Quentin to get involved with Kit to take her off his hands.moreless

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  • 9.0
    Bueno, ah bueno, qué capítulo de p*** madre. Me reí como nunca. Quentin hace lo que todo personaje debe hacer: desarrollarse. Y cómo: invita a Sean a una fiesta de colegio donde (...) esas chicas despreocupadas y hormonales... Después, en una escena memorable, con Christian, Kimber y Kit alianzan un cuarteto sexual. Imperdible. Impresionante.

    Matt decididamente decidido a hacer de su adolescente vida un calvario (todos pasamos por eso?). Sus padres (los tres) tratan de consolarlo y ayudarlo cada uno a su manera pero... Matt adolesce.

    Nip/Tuck, Season 3, Episode 3: Alex, Derek and Gary: 9,3. De lo mejor, Sí se puede.moreless
  • Wow

    The show is back.

    Well, It was never really gone, but I certainly didn't like the first 2 installments of the season as much as the rest of the show.

    They just feel really slow and much darker than the show usually is. Dark is good, but this show always had a very nice entertainment factor to it.

    This episode brings that back - Christian and Sean both go partying with their new partner and they both make a funny discovery; Quentin is a bi.

    I really liked this storyline and the fact that this might turn into a serious issue for the business is a rather intersting development .Even if it won't, I think it was a very good place for Quentin to compare the situation to a real life one, where a firm bankrupted because of the workers' gossip over a bisexual woman.

    The dark part once again represented by Matt... very well. the confrontation at the end was incredible, definitely my favourite scene of the season so far.

    Matt pushing away Julia and Sean punching him for that - woah. Talk about family drama.

    Can't wait for the next episode .moreless
  • Cheek Mate

    Matt's continued spiral into craziness was undoubtedly the best storyline in the episode. Christian was completely right in saying that Sean and Julia were so self-involved about their son that they'd rather yell at each other over who was to blame rather than concentrate on Matt himself. And the fact that they then went and slept together in Matt's bed was just ridiculous. As if things aren't screwed up enough for Matt already!

    Christian's weird threesome relationship with Kit and Kimber was hilarious, especially his major irritation over the fact that Kit has turned Kimber into a self-respecting, intelligent woman. The scene with the three of them and Quentin at dinner was the comedic highlight of the episode, with Christian and Kit both fighting for Kimber's privates under the table, and Christian's clear disgust that Kit is planning on inviting Quentin into their already crowded party.

    Quentin's interaction with both Sean and Christian was plain awesome. Neither of them have come into contact with somebody like him before, and the freaked out expressions on their faces when both discover at different times that he is bisexual were hilarious, especially Sean's reaction to his winking at the frat party.

    Director: Craig Zisk

    Writer: Brad Falchuk

    Rating: B+moreless
  • Matt: “You wouldn’t dare mess up your perfect work.” Sean: “I already have.”

    Sean, Julia and Christian discover how deep Matt’s psychological disturbances truly go this week, when Kit interrogates Matt and unearths the truth about Matt’s bruises and scars.

    Matt obviously is hurting inside, which is causing him to lash out at the people he loves most. Throughout the episode Sean was clearly getting tired of Matt’s new attitude, and things escalated to violence when Matt pushed Julia out of his way, after she tried to stop him from leaving, resulting in Sean popping Matt in the face (although Matt showed remorse after he pushed Julia, he probably still needed the punch; Matt’s attitude has been unbearable lately).

    Sean, Julia and Christian were coming off at opposite ends today at what to do with Matt, and they really need to learn to band together if they want to make an affect on him. While Sean’s idea of military camp might have helped Matt, it also could just generate more hatred from him and isolated Matt even further from his family. Christian’s idea was not any better though, and Christian was out of line when he went behind Sean’s back and self prescribed Matt on anti-depressants. What this kid really needs is good old fashion therapy, and lots of it.

    This episode showed that not only does three-way parenting not work, but that sexual three-ways aren’t any more successful. While Kimber did indeed seem to be attracted to Kit, she truly loves Christian more and Kit, unsurprisingly, got the boot. Kit doesn’t seem the type to take rejection sitting down, and I’m sure she’ll make Christian’s life a living hell one day as payback.

    That was all of course after we got an interesting foursome (a new record for the show), where it was revealed that Quinton…well… plays for both teams. This revelation is sure to brew up more tension in the office, and things turned ominous by the end of the episode when Quinton practically threatened to sue McNamara/Troy if his sexuality was used as a joking matter. Things are already beginning to heat up this season, and I like it.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Main Patient of the Week: Two frat guys who, as a dare, glued their faces to third guy’s ass, only to not be able to remove them later.

    - Kit obviously is very observant; she was able to figure out what really happened to Matt quickly. She’s obviously a good detective, but her methods are just a little, well, outside the ordinary.

    - Julia (to Matt): “Who are you? I don’t even recognize you anymore."

    - Sean and Julia’s confusion and frustration with Matt causes them to bond, resulting in them having sex. While Julia insisted that it was a one time thing, Sean didn’t look as sure.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: John Hensley did another fantastic job, but Brunos Campos (Quinton) deserves a mention as well.

    - And I’ll conclude this review with one of my favorite quotes from the episode:

    Christian: “Kimber isn’t a condiment from IHOP sweetheart; she’s not to be passed around the dinner table.”

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Three's A Crowd

    From the shape of things to three's a crowd in the third episode, 'Derek, Alex And Gary' where threesomes abound, each with their own problems, be they in the family (Julia, Sean and Christian trying to find a way to effectively parent Matt), the business (Sean, Christian and Quentin trying to find a way to effectively run the surgery) or in the bedroom (Christian, Kimber and Kit in a menage-a-trois most heterosexual men would kill to be in). And it wouldn't be Nip/Tuck without the patient reflecting the circumstances: so we have three guys superglued together- two guys faces glued to the third guy's arse- as part of a frat prank gone wrong.

    Quite frankly, this is an episode that suffers with its fair share of problems. One of the weaker scripts of the series, for a start. Matt's increasingly erratic and sullen behaviour started to royally piss me off. OK, so there are problems but there's no need to act like such a jackass. That said, the final scene was as gritty and emotional as the show gets. But I quietly cheered when Sean punched him. Sean, Christian and Julia's continual jockeying over who gets to parent Matt was getting a bit tired too. All three of them have caused the problem; Christian's abdication of responsibility towards the end was typical Troy behaviour but made a nonsense of much of what went before it.

    There is a jockeying of position within McNamara/Troy too as Quentin seeks to become more involved. After he helps Christian separate the titular threesome, he gets invited to a frat party and takes Sean with him. Sean pulls a co-ed and proceeds to have fun with her, when Quentin and his date use the same room. But while Quentin's getting serviced (file away as important; you'll need this later), he winks at Sean who is also getting blown. Following on from this, Christian invites Quentin to join him, Kimber and Kit for dinner as he's getting tired of Kit's interference with his relationship (another sexy and straightforward performance by Rhona Mitra, and Kelly Carlson shines too). As this is Nip/Tuck, things progress. The foursome scene is as extreme as expected (and particularly disturbing when you consider what we later find out!) but with an unexpected result: Quentin grabs Christian's backside. Christian freaks out and it is revealed that Quentin is bisexual. When this gets back to the office, Sean and Christian have a bit of a giggle about it. Quentin overhears them and states clearly that he won't put up with any gossip or innuendo: he'll sue the arse off them. It's a nicely strong performance by Bruno Campos in this scene; quiet but very certain, a highlight in a fairly standard episode.moreless
Adam Hendershott

Adam Hendershott

Derek Jordan

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Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard

Kevin Miller

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Graham Miller

Graham Miller


Guest Star

Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra

Kit McGraw

Recurring Role

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Nurse Linda

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In some shots, Julia wears a green dress. In others, a white one.

    • Music:
      "All We Are" by Fischerspooner (Christian and Quentin go to frat house and meet Derek/Alex/Gary)
      "Stuck On You" by Elvis Presley (Christian and Quentin perform surgery on Derek/Alex/Gary)
      "What's Rally Goin' On" by Marz (Sean and Quentin go to the bracelet party)
      "Release" by Timo Maas (Sean meets Amber at the frat party, drinks and dances with her)
      "4 Ur Ears" by Timo Maas (Sean makes out with Amber and gets a blowjob, Quentin enters and watches then winks at Sean)
      "Stuck On You" by Lionel Richie (Christian and Quentin surgically repair Derek Jordan's butt)
      "Chunga's Revenge" by Gotan Project (Christian,Kimber,Quentin and Kit at dinner)
      "Wait (The Whisper Song)" by Ying Yang Twins (4-way sex between Christian/Kimber and Quentin/Kit)

    • Goof: In the scene where Julia and Sean find out about Matt taking the pills that Christian prescribed for him, Matt takes a drink of his orange juice (almost emptying it), then in the next shot he takes a drink of it, and it is almost full.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Sean: Listen, you think you're a man? You wanna hear it like a man? Your mother and I sacrificed everything for you, she buried her dreams and I sold my soul to that business so we can provide you with the things we didn't have. Don't tell me we've turned you into this. We've given our lives for this family. You don't have the right to walk out on it.
      Matt: Watch me.

    • Christian: Threes don't work. Some old customs are still around for good reason. One wife. One husband. Two parents.

    • Kit: (to Quentin, about Kimber) If you like her movies, wait til you have her when she's not acting. She tastes like hot maple syrup.
      Christian: Kimber's not a condiment from IHOP, sweetheart, she's not to be passed around the table.

    • Sean: What's happened to you?
      Matt: Well, let's see. In the past couple of months, I found out that my dad's best friend is my real dad. My old dad beat the crap out of my mom and threw her out of the house. My parents ruined my relationship with the only woman I've ever loved and then let it slip that not only was she a man but that one of them slept with her. Is that enough? Or should I go on?

    • (discussing sending Matt to Military School)
      Sean: The Hutton Academy is not a military school. It's a disciplinary institution.
      Christian: And the two plums between my legs are not balls, they're testicles.

    • Kimber: I have a new movie coming out: Two Guys, A Girl and a Cum Face.

    • Christian: (discussing Quentin) Our new partner made a pass at me last night.
      Sean: Could you have misinterpreted?
      Christian: I've never had a buddy of mine stick his pinky up my ass just for shits and giggles.

    • Matt: (to Christian) You call yourself a friend? Hey! Friends don't sleep with each other's girlfriends. Oh, wait, but I guess you have a habit of doing that don't you?

    • Sean: be a family again.
      Matt: You want a family, you find someone sick enough to want one with you

    • Sean: Wake up, Christian! Our coddling and laissez-faire attitude led him to getting pissed on by a bunch of transexuals!

    • Matt: You wouldn't dare mess up your most perfect work.
      Sean: I already have!

    • Kit: Porn's for fat kids.

    • Sean: I have an 8:30 lift with Quentin.
      Christian: Make sure you don't drop the scalpel. Our new partner plays both teams.

    • Kit: I really liked you Christian but it turns out you are nothing but a domesticated housecat.
      Christian: Domesticated or not there is no pussy for you here.

    • Julia: With all due respect you know more about the different classes of tequila than you do parenting.
      Christian: I know enough to know that the pound wouldn't give either of you a 10yr old mutt covered in sh*t right now.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The case Quentin was talking about was the Brenda Lee case where she won $6.2 million for being harrased by fellow firefighters because of her sexuality.