Season 3 Episode 3

Derek, Alex, and Gary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on FX

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  • 9.0
    Bueno, ah bueno, qué capítulo de p*** madre. Me reí como nunca. Quentin hace lo que todo personaje debe hacer: desarrollarse. Y cómo: invita a Sean a una fiesta de colegio donde (...) esas chicas despreocupadas y hormonales... Después, en una escena memorable, con Christian, Kimber y Kit alianzan un cuarteto sexual. Imperdible. Impresionante.
    Matt decididamente decidido a hacer de su adolescente vida un calvario (todos pasamos por eso?). Sus padres (los tres) tratan de consolarlo y ayudarlo cada uno a su manera pero... Matt adolesce.
    Nip/Tuck, Season 3, Episode 3: Alex, Derek and Gary: 9,3. De lo mejor, Sí se puede.
  • Wow

    The show is back.

    Well, It was never really gone, but I certainly didn't like the first 2 installments of the season as much as the rest of the show.

    They just feel really slow and much darker than the show usually is. Dark is good, but this show always had a very nice entertainment factor to it.

    This episode brings that back - Christian and Sean both go partying with their new partner and they both make a funny discovery; Quentin is a bi.

    I really liked this storyline and the fact that this might turn into a serious issue for the business is a rather intersting development .Even if it won't, I think it was a very good place for Quentin to compare the situation to a real life one, where a firm bankrupted because of the workers' gossip over a bisexual woman.

    The dark part once again represented by Matt... very well. the confrontation at the end was incredible, definitely my favourite scene of the season so far.

    Matt pushing away Julia and Sean punching him for that - woah. Talk about family drama.

    Can't wait for the next episode .
  • Cheek Mate

    Matt's continued spiral into craziness was undoubtedly the best storyline in the episode. Christian was completely right in saying that Sean and Julia were so self-involved about their son that they'd rather yell at each other over who was to blame rather than concentrate on Matt himself. And the fact that they then went and slept together in Matt's bed was just ridiculous. As if things aren't screwed up enough for Matt already!

    Christian's weird threesome relationship with Kit and Kimber was hilarious, especially his major irritation over the fact that Kit has turned Kimber into a self-respecting, intelligent woman. The scene with the three of them and Quentin at dinner was the comedic highlight of the episode, with Christian and Kit both fighting for Kimber's privates under the table, and Christian's clear disgust that Kit is planning on inviting Quentin into their already crowded party.

    Quentin's interaction with both Sean and Christian was plain awesome. Neither of them have come into contact with somebody like him before, and the freaked out expressions on their faces when both discover at different times that he is bisexual were hilarious, especially Sean's reaction to his winking at the frat party.

    Director: Craig Zisk
    Writer: Brad Falchuk
    Rating: B+
  • Matt: “You wouldn’t dare mess up your perfect work.” Sean: “I already have.”

    Sean, Julia and Christian discover how deep Matt’s psychological disturbances truly go this week, when Kit interrogates Matt and unearths the truth about Matt’s bruises and scars.

    Matt obviously is hurting inside, which is causing him to lash out at the people he loves most. Throughout the episode Sean was clearly getting tired of Matt’s new attitude, and things escalated to violence when Matt pushed Julia out of his way, after she tried to stop him from leaving, resulting in Sean popping Matt in the face (although Matt showed remorse after he pushed Julia, he probably still needed the punch; Matt’s attitude has been unbearable lately).

    Sean, Julia and Christian were coming off at opposite ends today at what to do with Matt, and they really need to learn to band together if they want to make an affect on him. While Sean’s idea of military camp might have helped Matt, it also could just generate more hatred from him and isolated Matt even further from his family. Christian’s idea was not any better though, and Christian was out of line when he went behind Sean’s back and self prescribed Matt on anti-depressants. What this kid really needs is good old fashion therapy, and lots of it.

    This episode showed that not only does three-way parenting not work, but that sexual three-ways aren’t any more successful. While Kimber did indeed seem to be attracted to Kit, she truly loves Christian more and Kit, unsurprisingly, got the boot. Kit doesn’t seem the type to take rejection sitting down, and I’m sure she’ll make Christian’s life a living hell one day as payback.

    That was all of course after we got an interesting foursome (a new record for the show), where it was revealed that Quinton…well… plays for both teams. This revelation is sure to brew up more tension in the office, and things turned ominous by the end of the episode when Quinton practically threatened to sue McNamara/Troy if his sexuality was used as a joking matter. Things are already beginning to heat up this season, and I like it.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Main Patient of the Week: Two frat guys who, as a dare, glued their faces to third guy’s ass, only to not be able to remove them later.

    - Kit obviously is very observant; she was able to figure out what really happened to Matt quickly. She’s obviously a good detective, but her methods are just a little, well, outside the ordinary.

    - Julia (to Matt): “Who are you? I don’t even recognize you anymore."

    - Sean and Julia’s confusion and frustration with Matt causes them to bond, resulting in them having sex. While Julia insisted that it was a one time thing, Sean didn’t look as sure.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: John Hensley did another fantastic job, but Brunos Campos (Quinton) deserves a mention as well.

    - And I’ll conclude this review with one of my favorite quotes from the episode:
    Christian: “Kimber isn’t a condiment from IHOP sweetheart; she’s not to be passed around the dinner table.”

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Three's A Crowd

    From the shape of things to three's a crowd in the third episode, 'Derek, Alex And Gary' where threesomes abound, each with their own problems, be they in the family (Julia, Sean and Christian trying to find a way to effectively parent Matt), the business (Sean, Christian and Quentin trying to find a way to effectively run the surgery) or in the bedroom (Christian, Kimber and Kit in a menage-a-trois most heterosexual men would kill to be in). And it wouldn't be Nip/Tuck without the patient reflecting the circumstances: so we have three guys superglued together- two guys faces glued to the third guy's arse- as part of a frat prank gone wrong.

    Quite frankly, this is an episode that suffers with its fair share of problems. One of the weaker scripts of the series, for a start. Matt's increasingly erratic and sullen behaviour started to royally piss me off. OK, so there are problems but there's no need to act like such a jackass. That said, the final scene was as gritty and emotional as the show gets. But I quietly cheered when Sean punched him. Sean, Christian and Julia's continual jockeying over who gets to parent Matt was getting a bit tired too. All three of them have caused the problem; Christian's abdication of responsibility towards the end was typical Troy behaviour but made a nonsense of much of what went before it.

    There is a jockeying of position within McNamara/Troy too as Quentin seeks to become more involved. After he helps Christian separate the titular threesome, he gets invited to a frat party and takes Sean with him. Sean pulls a co-ed and proceeds to have fun with her, when Quentin and his date use the same room. But while Quentin's getting serviced (file away as important; you'll need this later), he winks at Sean who is also getting blown. Following on from this, Christian invites Quentin to join him, Kimber and Kit for dinner as he's getting tired of Kit's interference with his relationship (another sexy and straightforward performance by Rhona Mitra, and Kelly Carlson shines too). As this is Nip/Tuck, things progress. The foursome scene is as extreme as expected (and particularly disturbing when you consider what we later find out!) but with an unexpected result: Quentin grabs Christian's backside. Christian freaks out and it is revealed that Quentin is bisexual. When this gets back to the office, Sean and Christian have a bit of a giggle about it. Quentin overhears them and states clearly that he won't put up with any gossip or innuendo: he'll sue the arse off them. It's a nicely strong performance by Bruno Campos in this scene; quiet but very certain, a highlight in a fairly standard episode.
  • "Derek, Alex and Gary" is an episode telling people about the new era brought by new generation of community. This community is in search for new and entertaining stuff which is experimental throughout the process of having your life-time spent.

    "Derek, Alex and Gary" is an episode telling people about the new era brought by new generation of community. This community is in search for new and entertaining stuff which is experimental throughout the process of having your life-time spent.

    In this episode, Matt's in his worst moral situation dealing with all the teenager angst to his family and to himself! But, at least i think he got what he deserved at the end despite his "3" parents' close and understanding attention.

    There are all teenager behaviours in this episode: adhesive sticking butt prank, college sex parties, Christian and Sean behaving like two children on playgroung not sharing a toy, obviously that toy is Quentin, Quentin sharing a secret sex behaviour with our doc boys; these are so much entertaining and must-see! People could witness the difficulties of a 3-way relationship and adding one more to this, it will show the old-time relationships (with two people) can still be manageable.

  • The Actions Of Three Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Craig Zisk

    If you’re a fan of Charmed, you’re probably used to the whole “the power of three will set you free” spiel that usually construes the goodness of three. Third seasons of many a show often have hit and miss qualities, although with this show, so far it’s looking pretty good.

    In the third episode of this season, bad is the only thing that is happening and of course, the baddest of all the problems is Matt. Following his much deserved beating at the hands of transsexuals, Matt’s increasingly self-destructive behaviour continues to spiral out of control. At the hospital he mostly ignores Sea and Julia but allows the former to operate on his face along with Quentin. Sean and Julia argue within the first five minutes about what is causing his behaviour before Christian rightly tells them to shut up. Kit because at some point I’m going to have to get used to her presence puts her detective skills to work and gets a proper confession to Matt about what really happened to him. Well it proves she’s shrewd despite her unethical approach.

    Matt’s plot heightens the fact that Sean, Christian and Julia need to band together in order to be effective parents because neither of them for all their good intentions are able to get through to him. Christian’s methods of medicating him while confessing he slept with Ava was stupid and Sean and Julia’s idea of military school – what the hell? In fairness Matt doesn’t leave any of them with better solutions and while he may have a right to lash out, is there any chance that some of this bad shit that happening too him resonates with what he did and failed to do for Cara? I find Matt’s anger about being left in the dark a tad hypocritical compared to how he let his only friend go to jail and refused to turn himself into the police.

    As great as John Hensley’s performances are getting on this series just of late, I’m finding it nigh on impossible to actually sympathise with Matt. There’s something incredibly cold and all too cruel about him and Sean, Julia and Christian need to think fast before any more damage is caused. The intervention from the start was destined to be a disaster but it was Matt pushing Julia that spurred Sean into hitting him. Like the previous episode, Matt did deserve it but it was clear he regretted his actions before getting decked by his legal father. Unfortunately, it’ll be Sean who’ll have to pay the price for this one.

    If three parents aren’t a match made in heaven, you can bet three partners in a competitive plastic surgery firm isn’t going to be much better either and that’s a shame but conflict makes for good television and the office politics in this episode are riveting. Since “Momma Boone”, Sean and Quentin have gotten on like a house on fire and Christian has acted like he’s being excluded from things. He especially felt during Matt’s facial reconstruction and he looked jealous at the thought of Quentin spurring a more spontaneous side of Sean but it’s when Sean and Christian joke about Quentin’s sexuality, that things get a bit nasty. I still actually like Quentin but I can’t help but think he overreacted but at least it proves that unlike Grace or even Liz to a degree, he won’t sit and take crap from either Sean or Christian.

    Quentin’s sexuality was first played into his liaison with a frat girl, then Christian’s invitation to a four way with Kit and Kimber, only for Christian to freak out when Quentin grabbed his butt. To say Quentin’s bisexuality is a surprise would be a lie as I already had a feeling when I first saw him in “Sean McNamara” but it’s still interesting and going on Bruno Campos’ willingness, here’s hoping Quentin will bang as many men as he will women for however long he lasts on the show. Of course even without Quentin, Christian’s three-way arrangement was already losing its novelty and Kit fond herself cut from the equation. Not that I care too much as this character still has to prove herself beyond an unethical detective and a potential nymphomaniac. Kimber was quite enjoyable in this episode and although she clearly likes Kit, she loves Christian but she better have her wits about her and not let Christian walk all over her because doormat Kimber is never fun to watch. Unless, Kimber is a certain serial slasher, then she really does have her wits about her then.

    And if the “three’s a crowd” didn’t need further stamping, and then there’s college students Derek, Alex and Gary. Basically the latter guys are glued to Derek’s butt cheeks as a result of a drunken spree but its sheer hilarity as Christian and Quentin remove the lads from Derek and in later scenes, Derek’s arse is skin graphed. Definitely the opposite effects on the more harrowing cases of “Momma Boone” and “Kiki”, that’s for sure.

    Also in “Derek, Alex And Gary”

    No other patient outside Matt and the college kids in this week’s episode. This will be the first time this season.

    Christian (to Sean/Julia): “I know the pound wouldn’t give a ten year old mutt covered in its own shit to the both of you right now”.

    Kit: “I knew I would if I had the crap beaten out of me”
    Matt: “They weren’t cheerleaders, they were men”.

    Re main patients: Christian operated on the guy who reported them mother a few years prior. It’s not really shocking to learn Christian’s promiscuity earned him a legendary reputation within the college.

    Quentin (to Sean): “Shit happens, people make mistakes”.

    The bracelets at the frat party were blue for head, pink for girls, yellow for 69 and green for money or older men.

    Julia: “We were naïve but we loved each other”
    Sean: “I still love”.

    Character bits: No Liz in this episode, Kit definitely seems to be bisexual, this episode saw Christian acknowledge Matt as his son and Sean is still upset about Julia wanting a divorce, especially after they had sex in Matt’s bed.

    Christian: “My girlfriend I can handle. It’s my girlfriend’s girlfriend that’s wiping me out”
    Quentin: “You are my idol”.

    Matt (to Christian): “You call yourself a friend? Hey friends don’t sleep with each others girlfriends but I guess you have a habit of doing that, don’t you?”

    I’m guessing because of forensics that chronology wise, it’s probably a few days after the events of “Kiki”.

    Christian (re Quentin): “I think he’s got a man crush on you”
    Sean: “Me? You’re the one he tried to screw”.

    Standout music: “Stuck On You” by Lionel Ritchie, “Release” by Timo Mass and “Wait” by The Ying Yang Twins.

    This was a lot better than last week but oddly I still wouldn’t give it a nine and I’m not being stingy with marking, it’s just I feel that they are better things in the pipeline. “Derek, Alex And Gary” is definitely riveting though but something on The Carver now would be a good idea now.
  • Finding out about Ava in the last episode, Matt continues his downward spiral, while both Quentin and Kit are given space to grow.

    When your business is called McNamara/Troy, named after the two founders, introducing a third full-time doctor seems a little risky. Regardless, it’s something that Sean and Christian decided to do, and if anything, tonight’s episodes shown that threes don’t work. All three doctors are rarely on screen as a trio, most surgeries only requiring two doctors. Similarly, Quentin Costa is usually the man in the middle, lingering like an awkward silence, the other characters uncomfortable around him, and it’s a joy to watch!

    From the first episode of this season we knew Christian felt threatened by Costa, feeling he was taking his place. That theme is reintroduced in this episode, with Quentin and Sean doing the surgery on Matt, rather than the conventional McNamara/Troy partnership. Elsewhere however in the second case of the episode, Christian and Costa head back to school to help out some students who are in a sticky situation, literally.

    The patients this episode is named after are three students, who, presumably after too much alcohol, decided to glue their faces to the third student. Derek, Alex & Gary were funny throughout the entire preliminary surgery, and provided some much needed humour to the proceedings of Season 3, more so considering the Matt situation that takes place throughout.

    Matt is a mess. He gets corrective surgery to help the bruises and cuts heal, but mentally he's damaged too. Sean and Julia consider sending him to military school, and Christian prescribes him medication for depression and anxiety, warning him "no booze". He goes out and drinks regardless, coming home both angry and stubborn. In a surprise move Sean stands his ground, knocking Matt down with a blow to the head when he can't take much more. The McNamara/Troys all undoubtedly develop throughout this episode, just as you think you know them inside out they can still surprise. Two newcomers however, are also given a chance to grow.

    It's revealed to us that Quentin is bi-sexual, making passes to both Sean and Christian, despite getting it on with Kit in the same episode. Kit too, thankfully, has also been given more of a personality. In the first episode I couldn't take to her at all, but here, in 3.3, more of her personality is revealed, and like Ava last year, we could be looking at mystery personified. Lets hope so...

  • 3's don't work. -Christian Episode spoilers in review.

    It’s hard to find a balance between two people. Things can get complicated when you add a third person to the mix. It’s rare to find a three person partnership where all three maintain the same level of power. This episode covers several scenarios, with family, lovers and business partners, all ending in disaster because they can’t work that dynamic. Of course, you can also compare these characters to the patients this week, three frat boys caught in a prank gone awry. Whose head is glued to whose butt cheeks? Depending on whom you’re asking, each of them is glued to someone else and someone is glued to them, which would make for an interesting picture.

    The first of course are Matt’s parents: Sean, Julia and Christian. Although Christian was always a third parent for Matt and Annie and Christian was close to both Sean and Julia, the revelation that he is the literal father of Matt changed that dynamic permanently. Of course, he has something to say following Matt’s encounter with the transgendered in “Kiki”. They don’t know that just yet, as Matt is covering it up. As Julia and Sean argue over how they raised Matt, Christian steps in, promising to bring in Kit to find out what happened because their way to solving the problem isn’t helping.

    With the procedure to fix Matt’s broken face, we see the new three way partnership clash. Christian was unaware that Sean had Quentin in the OR because of his talents with facial operations. This procedure is only for two doctors. Of course this on going rift between the surgeons is explored a lot more in this episode, reaching a point that places our favorite doctors in a compromising position.

    Speaking of which, we are drawn into this week’s clients. Two guys have had their faces glued to another’s butt in a fraternity prank. The industrial strength glue requires a chisel or sandpaper. Of course, this connection is extremely uncomfortable and the separation painful. Although their appearance in the episode is relatively short, it still ties in with the “3’s don’t work” theme of the episode. It also serves to give us a little more background information about Christian. It would be interesting to see Christian and Sean back in college in a future episode.

    Later, Christian returns to the office, where Kit has prepared to question Matt. Although Kit was unable to discover that Christian was raped, she is a rather good investigator. She finds the truth behind Matt’s assault based on some simple observations and intuition. Initially she didn’t want to push him, partly because she knew that Matt was hiding something the parents wouldn’t want to hear, but Christian’s insistence allows her to get Matt to reveal all.

    The parents clash about how to handle this situation. Sean and Julia both feel that Matt would be better off in a structured environment because the lack of discipline got him to this place. Christian sees it as military school and suggests that they use medication, but Sean just thinks that will mask the problem instead of treating it. However, Christian is in the minority, and is shut out. As he sees himself as an important guide in Matt’s life, he prepares some covert actions to get Matt on his side.

    Sean copes with the revelation by going out with Quentin to the frat house the title characters were located and getting some special attention from a pretty co-ed. As it appears to be an isolated incident, Quentin comes in with a girl and we learn something valuable about his character and a valuable lesson: don’t have oral sex in the same room that your business partner is.

    Afterwards, he returns home to find Julia looking through Matt’s room, trying to figure out what exactly went wrong in their raising of him. Both parents have been through a lot, and in this moment of weakness they reconnect, which only makes Matt more isolated. This episode has been largely about pushing Matt further from his parents and everyone he cared about.

    Christian copes by bringing some antidepressant medication for Matt so they can keep him out of military school. Initially things work, but Christian’s curiosity leads to the revelation that he slept with Ava, explaining how they knew she wasn’t a natural woman. This only adds to Matt’s angst, as he feels betrayed by the only person he thought he could trust, much like Sean felt when he learned that Christian was Matt’s real father.

    Christian’s mind has been on other things, which would explain why he wasn’t as discreet as he should’ve been. The “arrangement” between him, Kimber and Kit is starting to aggravate him. It’s no coincidence that one of the movies playing at the theater they’re going to involves castration because Kit has taken a large amount of the control from him. While she may have some good points, like Kimber’s need for her sense of self, Kit is far more interested in having Kimber for herself.

    Both Kit and Christian “compete” for Kimber when they proposition Quentin to join them. It’s certainly risqué, even for Nip/Tuck, to have Quentin taste Kimber. In addition, it was rather disturbing that a rape case appeared to turn Kit on (or is that another Carver suspect?) However, it isn’t just mere soft-porn. The four get hot and heavy, but Quentin makes a pass at Christian. Of course, he should’ve made it clearer that he was off bounds, but if he didn’t, then how else could Quentin ensure his power in the business?

    Quentin’s indiscretion causes Christian’s original arrangement to fall apart. Before, both Kimber and Christian were the ones metaphorically glued to Kit. Kimber is ready to go back to being with Christian exclusively because Christian is feeling better. But this won’t be an easy separation considering Kit’s position as the lead investigator in The Carver case.

    Instead of turning to each other, the doctors turn to their new partner. During both encounters, each doctor discovers that Quentin is bisexual. At the end of the episode, they both share what they’ve learned and enjoy the one light hearted moment of the episode. However, Quentin is aware of what they were laughing about, and not so subtly hints of taking them down if he is mocked for his sexual practices in the future. Now they’re glued to Quentin’s butt. It’ll be interesting to see how he uses this new leverage.

    Christian agrees to attend the intervention for Matt, but his feelings that he should leave it to Julia and Sean are justified by how miserably it fails. Matt shows up two hours late and drunk. Still furious at his parents, he threatens to walk out on them. But he is talking tough because of the pain he’s experienced lately. When he shoves his mom, he seems to regret it instantly. Before he can process it further, Sean throws him against a wall and punches him. In that moment, everything changes, clearly something Matt will use against Sean to his full advantage.

    The focus of this episode shifted from Matt’s ungluing to how it affected his family and how they couldn’t continue raising him among three people. The characters are being knocked down far below what they were when Matt’s parentage became fact, if that was even possible. It’ll be interesting to see how much further these characters will fall and what will get them to stop.
  • Nip/tuck becomes a freak show...

    I loved Nip/tuck for his incredible indecent stories because I think that America must shows something different, something that you can say "wow! that's incredible". But Nip/tuck is now too much, and became really indecent and really really glaucous.

    The carver is a raper, we knew it but maybe that was too much saying that christian was raped, ok that's a good plot but... I don't think it was really important to mention it. Second time, MaTT is now a crazy guy mugging poor transexuals and punched out his mother saying that "he is a real guy!", Ava seems to be dead... and matt is sour because she was kind of bitch... (of course she was).
    Julia is always the poor duck crying every day because Sean is gone and tries to save her family...she even sleeps with sean. (why?)
    The spanish guy whom I never remember the name is totally mad, he is watching sean having a "blow job" and then winks!
    Really too much... really excessive, really not what I was expected from Nip/tuck.
  • A disturbingly great episode...

    Does anybody else think that Quentin is the carver. I mean, we\'ve found out he goes both ways, he obviously knows how to use a scapel and he has knowledge of drugs. How much clearer does it need to be?

    I think it was a great show - the detective really knows how to get the truth out of anybody.,

    I also liked how they really showed that 3 doesn\'t work. 3 parents, 3 kids, 3 partners - it all tied together in a great way.

    This is my one true guilty pleasure - as long as it airs, I will continue to watch it!
  • is there anywhere this show won't take it?? wow. what an amazing show!! this episode really foreshadowed the drama that Quintin and Kit will bring later in the season. the theme of 3's was played up druing this episode.

    is there anywhere this show won't take it?? wow. what an amazing show!! this episode really foreshadowed the drama that Quintin and Kit will bring later in the season. the entire sexual preference thing with Quintin was a nice touch. the theme of 3 being a crowd was exemplified with an example focuing on a various realities of being a threesome: 1) frat boys stuck on the ass (awkward, silly) 2) sean, christian, julia (displaying the conflicts and overcommingthem for a goal - to help matt) 3)sean, christian, quintin (competition) 4) christian, kit, kimber (envy, lust).

    it was great with Sean finally laying down the law to Matt, who as a viewer u are sorry for, but want to kick his ass too. wonderfully acted by entire cast.
  • I feel for matt but to act the way he did made me want to do exactly what sean did. the dialogue in this episode was as tight as ever. Great show.

    I loved this episode because it gave more info about what kind of person the new doctor is. Kind of makes me think of the carver(shiver). Sean is Getting cooler and cooler but the consequences of him hitting matt will not be good. Christian is back! Theres no pussy here for You! Classic.
  • This episode so clearly give us everything we love about this show. So well-written it actually hurts.

    Ok... Three things.

    Sean, Julia and Christian helplessly watch their son fall deeper and deeper into his own hole of selfpity and depression and acting out. They want to do whatever it takes to help him out. However..
    No matter how f***ed up Matt's problems are - he finally lets his parents hear it. The reality is he's entirely in his right to be in that state and the one's that did it to him was the three of them. So everything switches over in a split second - you feel for him - and his parents are really bad. And still Sean does the only right thing and punches him in the nose - proper parenting. Time for healing.

    The parallell between Matt having three parents and Christian having a realtionship with two girls seems like a strange one to actually put together. But here it totally makes sense and you get it.

    The fabulous surgery performed in this episodes is a classic Nip/Tuck one - how do they come up with these things? A frat prank gone horribly wrong with two kids getting their cheeks superglued to anotherone's bare arse.
    When they are stitching up the frat-boy's behind and the music starts playing - you first feel it's a typical off-beat song to what you're actually seeing. Which is a normal thing for Nip/Tuck. Then suddenly you hear the text. "...stuck on you..." Classic stuff... they don't make a point of it but it's there - love it.

    Another classic moment is when Matt finds his parents (no, surprisingly only Sean and Julia..) in bed together in HIS bedroom. You gotta feel for the kid - poor dude...

    This show is a rare entity nowadays - having watched it from the beginning I still haven't had a dull moment.
  • Willing to break all the rules and explore things never explored on television before. This episode surprised me with how it depicted Shawn dealing with Matt at the end. Powerful stuff!

    What an episode! The pacing was perfect. The frat incident, and a little background on Christian's college days was hilarious. The whole attitude that Christian presents is wonderfully cynical and media-oriented. The difficulties of dealing with a child who refuses to listen and engages in self-destructive behavior is real on so many levels. Kids get messed up by stuff that happens to them, and this episode captured Matt's attitude exactly.

    The theme explored in this episode on the complexities of a three-way, was dealt with in Christian's own sex life and the "three parents" of Matt. On top of that was in the way that Quentin's sexual preference worked its way into his professional relationship with Christian and Shawn. It's paralleled in each episode, and it all develops the characters. This level of glorious insightful thematic writing is a rarity in the television landscape.

    The sexual tension smolders on the screen. Each situation is also full of suspense, because the show is so unpredictable. How does Christian's three-way situation advance? How does Shawn and Christian deal with Quentin's sexuality? How do they deal with Matt's troubling attitude? The answer to that last question totally knocked me for a wallop, as the show breaked another taboo of television and had Shawn actually punch Matt in the face! Damn! This show is breaking all kinds of barriers, whether that be sexual, psychological, or parental relationships. It's not afraid or hesitant to go "there", the impulses, drives, and situations we see and experience in reality, instead of just sticking with the picture-perfect idealized moral universe in most dramas. The troubles it deals with aren't wacky, or situational misunderstandings, but smoldering tensions, the way relationships evolve, the extremes that people feel at times. Great stuff. One of the best shows on television currently.
  • Hard to watch but harder to turn off!

    This show is truly one of my guilty pleasures. It;s getting more and more bizarre but I can't stop myself from turning in each week. The storyline with Matt is more intense each week and he's almost scary. If nothing else, this show is great gossip for work the next day!
  • Poor Matt. Has there ever been a character as messed up as this one?

    The writers of this show have made it impossible to empathize with any character. Every single one of them gets what's coming to them, so there's no emotional involvement on my part. Christian deserves his relationship problems, Sean deserves his family problems. But poor, pitiful Matt. Yeah, he deserved his beatdown, but everything else that has happened to him was out of his control. He couldn't control the situation with his dad(s), the situation with Ava, or the fact that everyone seems to delight in their "Let's see who can hurt and lie to Matt the most" game. Honestly, outside of the soap opera genre, has anybody ever seen a more messed up character in all of TV? The producers of this show should be brought up on charges of character abuse!

    Sean's evaluation of his parenting skills had me laughing out loud. As a single father, all I can say to Sean is, "You asked for it."

    Nice theme in this show, though. Three's definitely don't work. Three partners, threesomes, three parents, three patients. Everything involving three participants ended badly or has the potential to end badly. I think Quentin will make good on his threat by the end of the season and try to shut McNamara/Troy down, and we probably haven't seen the last of the frat boy with the orthodontist dad. The other situations involving three's have been well-documented.
  • The best episode of the season, thus far! Finally, Matt gets what's coming him. Lots of tension and GREAT character development!

    Finally an episode worthy of it's predecesors! So far this season has been a bit mediocre. But tonight's episode is brilliant. The character development is spectaculat. We finally see Costa as a possible villian...perhaps he's the Carver we've been obbsessing over! Matt losses it; he's become almost homicidal. Christian developes a heart once again, realizing that what he has with Kimber is much more than just sex.
  • All the characters develop a bit. Christian ends a threesome, Matt sinks deeper, Sean and Julia move closer, Sean snaps, and Quentin darkens a bit.

    A great episode. All the characters can be seen changing greatly from their states in the last episode(s). Matt can be seen slipping deeper into disorder as Sean and Julia find out what happened to him (he beat up a transsexual by a bar, but later was jumped by the person and some friends). Sean and Julia first blame each other, but eventually acknowledge that the problem is more with Matt than with their parenting styles. They end up reconciling and have sex in Matt's bed.

    Both Christian and Sean discover that coworker Quentin is bisexual, and both freak out. I was kind of surprised by Christian freaking out to the fact, as he is all sorts of sexually experienced. However, I think it may have to do with the fact that Quentin grabbed his butt, which may have brought back fresh Carver memories (previews for next week imply Christian is definitely not over it yet. Of course, even without the previews, I didn't expect him to be over it so soon). Christian decides to end his three-some relationship and kick out Kit, and Kimber supports it.

    Christian and Sean chat and, despite some early episode bitterness between them, seem to move a bit closer. Sean tells Christian that he and Julia are having a family meeting/intervention for Matt, and asks Christian to come. Christian says that his presence is not needed if Sean and Julia (Matt's "real parents") are there. Christian explains that perhaps romantic relations and parenting are traditionally restricted to only two people for good reason. He says that Sean and Julia would do well without him. Sean says that he truly wants Christian there, and thinks him being there would help. Christian agrees to come. The two than have a good laugh together about Quentin and his sexuality. Christian and Sean actually look like friends again for a moment. Quentin comes in and subtly threatens to sue them if they continue joking about his sexuality at the office. It came off sounding a bit scary to me. I felt like a simple "C'mon guys, it's rude to make fun of people for their life choices" would have been sufficient. On the other hand, I can see where he's coming from. Quentin shouldn't have to ask to not be sexually harassed.

    Matt shows up to his intervention 2 hours late and a bit drunk. The three parents try to figure out what's really going on with him; Matt explains that all the crap that’s been happening is taking its toll. (Finding out your father isn't your real father, fake father assaulting mother and kicking her out of the house, losing your love because of your parents, finding out your girl friend is a transsexual, said girlfriend having sex with your (Real) father, etc.) Matt's giving up on this family. He tries to leave, but Julia tries to stop him. Matt throws Julia very roughly (making his anger at the Sean doing something similar to her seem irrational) out of the way (Christian catches her before she falls), but Matt immediately looks sorry, showing that he acted without thinking. Sean gets very angry and throws Matt against a wall. He makes a fist, threatening to punch his "son". Matt smirks and says that Sean would never damage his "master piece" (Sean fixed up Matt's face earlier in the episode). Sean coldly replies, "I already have" and punches Matt hard across the face.

    WOW!! How the characters have developed!! This episode really shows what all the recent stresses are doing to everyone. It was a very good episode.

  • My rating: 9.6/10

    Wow .... pretty racy episode tonight.

    Damn already this episode is f-ing amazing. It seems Matt's little secret just got blown wide open by that new detective Kit. She's pretty good.

    The two pledges stuck to the frat guy's ass? Dumbasses. Why would you name the episode after three college dumbasses? They f-ing suck. Big time. But that was pretty damn cool ... when Christian pulled them off both sides of his ass had the skin torn completely off and were bleeding pretty damn bad.

    But come on! Sean and that other doc getting blowjobs from those prissy college co-eds? WTF is that? Almost as gross as Sean's ass hanging out when he was having sex with Julia like 10 minutes later. Tsk, tsk.

    Anyway, Matt is seriously a dumb sh*t. I said it last week, I'll say it again. Post-op, pre-op ... it's either a real c*ck ... or a mangled one. No difference really. What a screwed up jerkoff.

    Okay, major classic Nip/Tuck stuff here. Christian invites the new doctor (dammit I still still don't his name) for a little foursome .... under the table at the restaurant Kit fingers Kimber's ... well ... groin area (okay .....) and sticks her finger in the doctor's mouth. Yeah ... a little racy even for Nip/Tuck. So now we know Quentin is bi .... and now Kit is out in the cold.

    But pretty awesome about the "bisexual talk at the water cooler" stuff ... SC ruling ... 6 million big ones ... looks like no more making fun of Quentin.

    But damn! The highilght of this episode was definitely the end scene! Christian, Sean, and Julia confronted Matt, and he hit his mother! Then Sean messed up his perfect face ... awesome. Simply amazing.

    My rating: