Season 3 Episode 3

Derek, Alex, and Gary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on FX

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  • Matt: “You wouldn’t dare mess up your perfect work.” Sean: “I already have.”

    Sean, Julia and Christian discover how deep Matt’s psychological disturbances truly go this week, when Kit interrogates Matt and unearths the truth about Matt’s bruises and scars.

    Matt obviously is hurting inside, which is causing him to lash out at the people he loves most. Throughout the episode Sean was clearly getting tired of Matt’s new attitude, and things escalated to violence when Matt pushed Julia out of his way, after she tried to stop him from leaving, resulting in Sean popping Matt in the face (although Matt showed remorse after he pushed Julia, he probably still needed the punch; Matt’s attitude has been unbearable lately).

    Sean, Julia and Christian were coming off at opposite ends today at what to do with Matt, and they really need to learn to band together if they want to make an affect on him. While Sean’s idea of military camp might have helped Matt, it also could just generate more hatred from him and isolated Matt even further from his family. Christian’s idea was not any better though, and Christian was out of line when he went behind Sean’s back and self prescribed Matt on anti-depressants. What this kid really needs is good old fashion therapy, and lots of it.

    This episode showed that not only does three-way parenting not work, but that sexual three-ways aren’t any more successful. While Kimber did indeed seem to be attracted to Kit, she truly loves Christian more and Kit, unsurprisingly, got the boot. Kit doesn’t seem the type to take rejection sitting down, and I’m sure she’ll make Christian’s life a living hell one day as payback.

    That was all of course after we got an interesting foursome (a new record for the show), where it was revealed that Quinton…well… plays for both teams. This revelation is sure to brew up more tension in the office, and things turned ominous by the end of the episode when Quinton practically threatened to sue McNamara/Troy if his sexuality was used as a joking matter. Things are already beginning to heat up this season, and I like it.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Main Patient of the Week: Two frat guys who, as a dare, glued their faces to third guy’s ass, only to not be able to remove them later.

    - Kit obviously is very observant; she was able to figure out what really happened to Matt quickly. She’s obviously a good detective, but her methods are just a little, well, outside the ordinary.

    - Julia (to Matt): “Who are you? I don’t even recognize you anymore."

    - Sean and Julia’s confusion and frustration with Matt causes them to bond, resulting in them having sex. While Julia insisted that it was a one time thing, Sean didn’t look as sure.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: John Hensley did another fantastic job, but Brunos Campos (Quinton) deserves a mention as well.

    - And I’ll conclude this review with one of my favorite quotes from the episode:
    Christian: “Kimber isn’t a condiment from IHOP sweetheart; she’s not to be passed around the dinner table.”

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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