Season 3 Episode 3

Derek, Alex, and Gary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on FX

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  • Wow

    The show is back.

    Well, It was never really gone, but I certainly didn't like the first 2 installments of the season as much as the rest of the show.

    They just feel really slow and much darker than the show usually is. Dark is good, but this show always had a very nice entertainment factor to it.

    This episode brings that back - Christian and Sean both go partying with their new partner and they both make a funny discovery; Quentin is a bi.

    I really liked this storyline and the fact that this might turn into a serious issue for the business is a rather intersting development .Even if it won't, I think it was a very good place for Quentin to compare the situation to a real life one, where a firm bankrupted because of the workers' gossip over a bisexual woman.

    The dark part once again represented by Matt... very well. the confrontation at the end was incredible, definitely my favourite scene of the season so far.

    Matt pushing away Julia and Sean punching him for that - woah. Talk about family drama.

    Can't wait for the next episode .