Season 3 Episode 3

Derek, Alex, and Gary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on FX



  • Trivia

    • In some shots, Julia wears a green dress. In others, a white one.

    • Music:
      "All We Are" by Fischerspooner (Christian and Quentin go to frat house and meet Derek/Alex/Gary)
      "Stuck On You" by Elvis Presley (Christian and Quentin perform surgery on Derek/Alex/Gary)
      "What's Rally Goin' On" by Marz (Sean and Quentin go to the bracelet party)
      "Release" by Timo Maas (Sean meets Amber at the frat party, drinks and dances with her)
      "4 Ur Ears" by Timo Maas (Sean makes out with Amber and gets a blowjob, Quentin enters and watches then winks at Sean)
      "Stuck On You" by Lionel Richie (Christian and Quentin surgically repair Derek Jordan's butt)
      "Chunga's Revenge" by Gotan Project (Christian,Kimber,Quentin and Kit at dinner)
      "Wait (The Whisper Song)" by Ying Yang Twins (4-way sex between Christian/Kimber and Quentin/Kit)

    • Goof: In the scene where Julia and Sean find out about Matt taking the pills that Christian prescribed for him, Matt takes a drink of his orange juice (almost emptying it), then in the next shot he takes a drink of it, and it is almost full.

  • Quotes

    • Sean: Listen, you think you're a man? You wanna hear it like a man? Your mother and I sacrificed everything for you, she buried her dreams and I sold my soul to that business so we can provide you with the things we didn't have. Don't tell me we've turned you into this. We've given our lives for this family. You don't have the right to walk out on it.
      Matt: Watch me.

    • Christian: Threes don't work. Some old customs are still around for good reason. One wife. One husband. Two parents.

    • Kit: (to Quentin, about Kimber) If you like her movies, wait til you have her when she's not acting. She tastes like hot maple syrup.
      Christian: Kimber's not a condiment from IHOP, sweetheart, she's not to be passed around the table.

    • Sean: What's happened to you?
      Matt: Well, let's see. In the past couple of months, I found out that my dad's best friend is my real dad. My old dad beat the crap out of my mom and threw her out of the house. My parents ruined my relationship with the only woman I've ever loved and then let it slip that not only was she a man but that one of them slept with her. Is that enough? Or should I go on?

    • (discussing sending Matt to Military School)
      Sean: The Hutton Academy is not a military school. It's a disciplinary institution.
      Christian: And the two plums between my legs are not balls, they're testicles.

    • Kimber: I have a new movie coming out: Two Guys, A Girl and a Cum Face.

    • Christian: (discussing Quentin) Our new partner made a pass at me last night.
      Sean: Could you have misinterpreted?
      Christian: I've never had a buddy of mine stick his pinky up my ass just for shits and giggles.

    • Matt: (to Christian) You call yourself a friend? Hey! Friends don't sleep with each other's girlfriends. Oh, wait, but I guess you have a habit of doing that don't you?

    • Sean: be a family again.
      Matt: You want a family, you find someone sick enough to want one with you

    • Sean: Wake up, Christian! Our coddling and laissez-faire attitude led him to getting pissed on by a bunch of transexuals!

    • Matt: You wouldn't dare mess up your most perfect work.
      Sean: I already have!

    • Kit: Porn's for fat kids.

    • Sean: I have an 8:30 lift with Quentin.
      Christian: Make sure you don't drop the scalpel. Our new partner plays both teams.

    • Kit: I really liked you Christian but it turns out you are nothing but a domesticated housecat.
      Christian: Domesticated or not there is no pussy for you here.

    • Julia: With all due respect you know more about the different classes of tequila than you do parenting.
      Christian: I know enough to know that the pound wouldn't give either of you a 10yr old mutt covered in sh*t right now.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The case Quentin was talking about was the Brenda Lee case where she won $6.2 million for being harrased by fellow firefighters because of her sexuality.