Season 4 Episode 12

Diana Lubey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FX

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  • Instead of Dream Sequence, I 'd say Dream Cast. Why?

    Because Ryan Murphy reunited on a single episode, 3 of the top icons of Movie History. Catherine Deneuve (the 60 's), Jacqueline Bisset (the 70 's) and Brooke Shields (the 80 's).
    My vote goes to them, but the show is going downhill so fast that I 'm too sad to say anything else.
  • Christian: "Goodbye ladies. It's been swell."

    Christian and Michelle are getting married. Color me surprised; I never expected them to last this long. I am beginning to like the two of them together, though. Yes, their relationship is moving abnormally fast, but Michelle is finally warming up to me. I think what I like about Michelle is that, as opposed to Kimber, she challenges Christian to be a better person. I haven't heard if Sanaa Lathan has signed on for a fifth season, though, (making it very possible she could be dead by the season finale) so I won't get my hopes up for their relationship to last.

    Christian's engagement made him examine his past relationships, which have all ended poorly. Is Christian really a one woman man? Can he sustain a marriage? All substantial questions Christian begins to form as his past conquests come back to haunt him in his mind, primarily Natasha Charles, Abby Mays, and Kimber. You remember Natasha right? The blind woman who Christian cruelly dumped because she intimidated him. And how could you forget Abby Mays? Christian made her place a bag over her head during sex. I have to give a hand to the writers; the female hallucinations were really well-written. Christian said goodbye to all of the girls at the end of the episode, symbolizing his determination to make his monogamistic relationship with Michelle last.

    And it appears the gay storyline has finally been concluded, although it didn't exactly receive a whole lot of closure. What I got out of the episode was that Christian’s doubts about his sexuality were conjured up by manipulative and crazy Faith Wolper, who (by the way) really needs to get her psychiatric license revoked. I really liked when Christian and Sean confronted Faith together, and when her tattoo and slanderous motives were finally revealed. Brooke Shields does deserve some credit; she did a great job with the role. It must be hard to play such a nutcase.

    I enjoyed Catherine Deneuve's performance as Diana Lubey. Her situation at loosing someone she loved was a good parallel to what Sean is going through. We haven't been getting the usual assortment of strange and intriguing patients this season, so Diana was a fine change of pace. I liked that in the end Sean traded out the ashes and gave Diana the real ones.

    And James tangled web continues to grow, as she now has begun operating in the doctor's office. It can only be a matter of time until Christian and Sean find out. Things are heating up for the season finale quite nicely, and I can't wait to see what tricks the writers have up their sleeves these final three episodes with James, Michelle, and also with Escobar (who I know the writers better be planning on bringing back).

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Mario Lopez (Dr. Mike Hamoui) guest starred again today to buy Christian's apartment. Felt like a little waste of time.

    - The man’s real wife made me laugh as she rampaged through the office screaming about her husband and his mistress.

    - Sean (to Michelle): "So interesting when the hooker becomes the pimp."

    - Dr. Hamoui (to Christian, regarding his shower): "You can still hear the screams from all the women you've banged in here."

    - Christian: "I've never been able to commit to one woman before. Why should that be any different now?"

    Final Rating: Great episode. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
  • Ashes to Asses

    Maybe it's the accent, or the everlasting beauty, but French women just have this classy, glamorous way about them, and Catherine Deneuve displayed all those things in her guest spot. The Diana Lubey story was really moving, even with the mistress twist near the end. On paper the whole "ashes in implants" idea may seem silly, but the writers portray it in such a poignant, beautiful way, and you can completely understand why Diana would want the surgery. I also loved how she managed to get through to Sean, and her farewell kiss was awesome.

    The image of all Christian's former girlfriends and one night stands "haunting" his bedroom was really effective. While I don't buy the Christian/Michelle engagement, I did love the direction in the closing moments, with Christian literally "shutting a door" on his playboy lifestyle. I also loved having both Rebecca Gayheart and Rebecca Metz back, especially Gayheart, who put in a really memorable performance back in season two. And with Metz, she even brought along her old friend Mr Paper Bag!

    Brooke Shields continued to turn in a brave, sinister performance as Dr Faith. As we saw on Friends years ago, she's really great at playing a psychopath, and the eye twitches and brutal scratches of her pen along her paper in her scene with Sean were hilarious. Although I did like the confrontation scene at the end, I was a little disappointed that she didn't go completely psycho, and maybe try and kill Michelle. But I guess that would have been way too daytime soap-y for this show.

    Three great storylines and some classic guest star work from the many beautiful females we see in this episode. Anything would be a step up from the trainwreck that was Conor McNamara, 2026, but the writers really excelled themselves this time.

    Director: Charles Haid
    Writer: Sean Jablonski
    Rating: A
  • Possibly the worst episodes of Nip Tuck

    I don't know why they had to put this kind of a episode in a season which had a very good storyline. I never write reviews but this kind of an episodes has really tempted me to write a review on this kind of an episode. Also with the writers deciding to let Julia go was a very bad decision on my part. I believe Julia was a vary big part of Nip Tuck and the series may loose its interest in viewer's. This possibly may be the end of Nip Tuck even. I'm waiting to see off the rest of the episodes of this season and if they are not excellent i will stop watching this series!!!
  • Stellar performance by everyone.

    Even though I really enjoyed last weeks episode, this one was definitely an improvement. With Julia and Burt both gone, it leaves a lot of room to work on everybody else's story.

    Christian being confronted by the hallucinations of his past lovers was definitely a trip. It's nice to see Sean's not the only one who hallucinates from time to time. While his motives with Michelle and the reasons behind why he has fallen for her so fast have still not been defined, I seem to feel like he's just trying a little too hard after his three-way earlier this season and pretty much jumped at the first opportunity to try and have a normal committed relationship. For all we know it could have been anyone. At first I thought he just wanted her because he couldn't have her, but now that he can and is going to marry her I really just don't know anymore (or at least they are trying to make us believe he is actually going to go through with it). I'm really interested to find out just what's been going through his head.

    I really do feel sorry for Sean now. Yes... both he and Julia were to blame for the separation because they were both unfaithful and did their part to sabotage the relationship, but it doesn't keep me from feeling bad for the guy. His interaction and connection with Diana was really sweet as well. He saw her going through the same pain of losing her lover after all those years together as he is feeling after losing Julia and they touched each other's lives in a way. Sean even had a real interaction with Michelle for like the first time since Liz brought up the thing with James in the parking garage. Seems as though Sean is going to continue spiraling down the downward spiral for quite some time from the looks of next weeks episode though, which is always interesting to me.

    I'm glad to see that they finally put the whole "Christian is gay storyline to bed as well. Sure it was just an underlying story arch that hasn't been brought up all that much and the plot for this season hasn't been centered around it at all, but I thought the way that they ended it was great. The interaction between Christian and Sean when Sean confronted Christian about it was great. He wasn't even judging him when he thought Christian actually was in love with him, which I thought was awesome. Christian's reaction to this was priceless too. The whole thing with him asking if he was walking different or if it was because of his eyebrows was hilarious and saying that "just because he grooms doesn't mean he's gone brokeback" was friggin' hilarious too. Who could ever forget the scene with Christian and Sean debating on who was going to take the **** too? Great stuff there.

    I even liked Michelle this episode, which is amazing because she usually just gets under my skin for the most part. It's nice to see her acting like a real human being and showing that she actually does love Christian. She was even being somewhat sympathetic to Sean and I thought their conversation about losing spouses after so many years was excellent. I'm so glad that they cleared up how she got away with letting Burt die and stealing his kidneys too, because that's been bothering me since it happened and I was really hoping they would explain this. Isn't it a little suspicious that her husband just died and she's already getting married again though? In some way I actually feel sorry for her still being in James' clutches, but then I remember that she put herself there and that feeling quickly subsides. Can't wait to see what happens when Christian finds out that she is stealing people's kidneys, that James is the one who had Liz's kidney stolen and how close he was to having both of his stolen and left for dead though. Let's just see how badly he wants to marry her after that little bit of information.

    James was as entertaining as ever this time around as well. I'm really enjoying watching her this season. Jacqueline Bissett is doing an excellent job with this character. It's always a joy seeing her somewhat vulnerable side like we did this week and the episode that she was doused in gasoline. She obviously deserved the shiner she got. She's definitely got a hold on Michelle, but I can't figure out for the life of me why exactly Christian is still dealing with her. Did the fact that she made you pay her 400,000 dollars and then she drugged you completely slip your mind? Then you purchase the services of one of her hookers right afterwards?? Then you fix her face??? What are you thinking buddy???? What I'm really wondering is how Sean can be so oblivious to all this stuff going on around him. I know he's distracted from all the crap that's been going down with Julia but damn.... Open your eyes guy!! Obviously this whole kidney harvesting operation is about to take a turn for the worse here very soon though. With the foreshadowing towards the end of this episode and the speck of blood that was missed, our good doctors might be in some serious crap.

    Dr. Wolper, of course, was continuing with her nuttiness this episode as well. This is like the psychiatrist from hell. She's letting Christian bang her on the desk in her office, telling his boss to watch while he makes Christian have sex with his wife, getting a tattoo above her ass saying that she's property of Christian Troy, telling Sean that Christian is in love with him and then she was going to let Christian bang her on her desk in her office again in front of Sean??? This woman is friggin' insane. Seriously... Who was handing out medical licenses the day she got hers?? Who's next?? Charles Manson??? Oh well... I'm guessing this is probably the last time we'll be seeing her. Funny how C wasn't even surprised when he saw the tattoo on her back though.

    Neither Matt nor Kimber were even mentioned in this episode, so I guess that just leaves Diana. I really liked this patient and they definitely did a good job of casting on this one. I knew something was a bit off with the plot of this. I thought maybe she had killed the guy and just wanted to dispose of the ashes or something. I did not see the fact that she was the guy's mistress and not his wife coming though. Excellent twist. Like I said before too... I loved the chemistry between her and Sean. They really did understand each other and have a real connection and Sean giving the fake ashes to the wife and the real ones to Diana was great. That took a lot of balls and I think that he did the right thing.
  • Wanting To Lay Ghosts To Rest Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Charles Haid

    After the brilliance of the mind bending “Connor McNamara 2026”, things get back to a more mundane tone with an episode that’s designed to mourn the past, let it go and look forward to the future. Of course that’s something that proves difficult for a few people.

    One of them being the not entirely well received Michelle as her deplorable past and attempts of decency are a constant pain in her butt thanks to James, who is clinging to her former best girl and sex buddy like a crack addict looking for a new score. You do have to wonder why James is so obsessed with Michelle.

    Okay, I get that Michelle’s a hottie but even still given her complete and total contempt for James, wouldn’t the skeevy pimp lady be better hiring people who just flat out fear her without the emotions to passionately hate at the same time? James’ bully girl tactics may keep Michelle in line but it doesn’t mean that deep down she enjoys or like James being in her life in any way.

    This week Michelle makes it her mission to boast to James about snaring the most unattainable bachelor in Miami as James tries to blackmail Michelle into using McNamara/Troy for her organ stealing operations. Instead of seeing Michelle cower, there’s some major joy as the fiery former hooker gives her pimp a much deserved vicious slap across the face and also threatens to drag her down if James tries to ruin her.

    It’s moments like these that make you really like Michelle but to my annoyance, the writer has to backtrack by having Christian taking pity on James, which no matter how occasionally sympathetic Christian can be at times, it’s too mind numbing to watch. Because the evil **** gets her face smashed in, Christian operates on her and sympathises when James pulls some crap about being lonely.

    Michelle’s total lack of compassion for James is not only understandable but it’s absolutely acceptable too because no matter how cool Jacqueline Bisset is as the monstrous pimp, I still want to beat James to death and seeing as I can’t, I wish Michelle would gain the balls to do so. Come on, Michelle, it’ll solve all your problems and you can ask Sean and Christian about how to dispose her body.

    Sadly though, Michelle succumbs to James’ latest demand and has to watch as James and another girl late at night pull out a kidney of some poor sod, in a scene so creepy, you half expect James to slit Michelle’s throat to keep her quiet.

    James isn’t the only constant person in Michelle’s life now that Burt is dead as Christian wastes no time in proposing to Michelle, who actually thinks that it may be a smart idea to live together before they actually tie the knot but also in a place where past ghosts can’t haunt either of them to for added effect.

    To say Christian is rushing things would be an understatement because although I do like Michelle and Christian with her compared to him and Kimber, I don’t think I’m completely convinced of Michelle being “the one” either. Taking their baggage into consideration, Christian would probably run a mile if he knew about Michelle’s organ stealing and Michelle should probably count her blessings if Christian remains faithful for 24 hours after marrying him.

    Christian’s track record to committing to women has been long documented and in some great fantasy sequences we get to see Kimber, Natasha Charles and Abby Mays happily taunt the lad as he shows Mike from “Monica Wilder” his apartment. Kimber and Natasha talk about Christian’s inability to commit but Abby cuts deeper and discusses his general abuse of women.

    The one thing all the women have in common is their encouragement in telling Christian to ditch Michelle and not because they are privy to her organ stealing past but because they know in the long run, he will hurt her. When Christian and Michelle row about James and Michelle tells him he’s been looking for an excuse to get away from now that he actually has her, Christian isn’t shy in telling her to leave.

    There are also other people who are questioning Michelle and her impact on Christian. Not so surprisingly Sean is also one of them and he isn’t shy to use her hooker past against Michelle when her and Christian veto him over operating on the title client and even psycho therapist Faith isn’t thrilled about Michelle and when she hears both Michelle and Christian are engaged, she wastes no time in telling new patient Sean all about Christian’s gay feelings for him.

    It proves that even being a qualified shrink that it doesn’t mean you are incapable of being stupid and messed up and Faith’s little scheme blows up in her face when both Sean and Christian pay her a little visit and get the real truth out of her and Faith’s line of defence – using Christian’s very gay dream of him and Sean is squandered when Christian reveals to Sean about Faith’s sexual compulsion and her “Property Of Christian Troy” tattoo on her back. After this episode, I’m not exactly sure what else the writers can do with Faith, although if Christian did actually make his business to ruin her, I can’t see psycho Faith taking it lying down.

    Meanwhile the long discussed and mostly slashed sexual tension between Sean and Christian gets played in both a serious and funny way as Sean did mistakenly think his partner was hot for him and attempted to reject him gently. It’s great that both men looked at the closeness of their relationship, argued about Michelle and during the time they helped Christian to move, there was much teasing about the cock statue.

    Prior to that we did a pretty nice scene where Sean did apologise for being an ass to Michelle and said that he accepted her and admitted he never saw Christian fall for someone like he did with her but whether or not Sean was being sincere is up for debate. Michelle did brownie points for the sympathy she showed Sean in regards to the departures of Julia, Annie and Connor and I got the feeling she did mean it.

    Another thing however that was unclear was whether or not a bitter and jilted Sean got hope for falling in love again. The main patient of the week was a woman named Diana Lubey who wanted her husband’s ashes implanted into her breasts. Out of sympathy and because of his own issues, Sean did Diana’s surgery without any hesitations but had to undo when Diana was revealed to be Victor’s mistress and his real wife, a beast of a woman named Beatrice wanted her husband’s ashes so she could have her own vengeful tribute to her spouse. No wonder Victor cheated, Beatrice is a total **** The misery she must’ve inflicted on that man.

    With a superb guest turn from acclaimed French actress Catherine Devenue as Diana, Sean saw his own plight as something similar to Diana’s given the length of time the mistress spent with Victor and the love she obviously felt for him. Sean took a massive risk by giving Beatrice a fake set of ashes so he could give Diana the real one but he was rewarded with a tender smooch for his trouble and his heart was in the right place, so even I can’t moan too much about.

    The episode’s ending is haunting though as Christian stands in his apartment, views all the women he has fornicated with and promptly leaves to attempt to be a one woman man. Michelle really will be God if she can get him to accomplish that feat.

    Also in “Diana Lubey”

    Patients of the week: Diana Lubey had ashes placed in her breasts and then taken out, James had her faced fixed and some unfortunate had a kidney taken.

    Sean: “In any case, what can we do for you, Mrs Lubey?”
    Diana: “Not enough it seems”.

    Diana mentioned Victor being her original surgery and living in Miami for 15 years. Surely her accent would be somewhat altered if she was here for that period of time.

    Faith (to Sean): “You lost a wife. You’re dealing with what any psychiatrist would say is an equivalent of death”.

    James (to Michelle): “As I recall, you were always a malleable little mouse after an orgasm”.

    Was it wise for Michelle to tell James that she has records of every employee/victim? I can’t see James letting Michelle hold on to anything that could damage her.

    Kimber (to Christian): “You’ve never been a one woman guy, have you? Not even with me”.

    Did Mike end up buying Christian’s apartment or what? Will we be seeing more of him, if he did?

    Abby (re Michelle): “Clever boy! Make her angry so she’ll be the one to leave”.

    Natasha (re Michelle): “This is your opportunity, Christian, seize it! She’s handing it to you on a platter”

    Why didn’t Christian’s memory sex lane trip include Gina, Grace or even Kit? I’m sure all three of them would’ve had some interesting anecdotes of their own.

    Christian: “Get out”
    Michelle: “Oh baby, I’m gone”.

    Christian: “This is because we’re friends?”
    Sean: “We’re more than that, we’re brothers”.

    The chronology according to Faith is a month since “Faith Wolper”.

    Sean: “One of my nurses found this filled with cigarette butts and ashes. Bad girl!”
    Diana: “I know nothing about that”.

    No Matt this week and Joely Richardson is still credited on the series.

    Christian: “Do you want the cock? I don’t want the cock anymore”
    Sean: “No, I don’t want the cock either”
    Michelle: “You should’ve asked me if I wanted the cock. I would’ve said yes”.

    Standout music: “Que Sera Sera” by Pink Martini.

    “Diana Lubey” is certainly not as good as last week’s episode but still a lot better than the trailers told us. The Michelle/James sort of needs to go up a gear but overall, I found this to be a very thoughtful and enjoyable hour.
  • Ashes and Ex's (spoilers)

    Up there with ‘Shari Noble’ and ‘Merrill Bobolit’ as standout episodes of the season so far, ‘Diana Lubey’ is a great example of Nip/Tuck at its best. A great script (by credited writer Sean Jablonski), tightly directed (by Charles Haid) and with some top-drawer performances from guests and regulars alike, it is an impressive episode which resolves one certain issue- that of Christian’s sexuality ‘crisis’- and sets up another one right in its place- Christian and Michelle getting married. There’s certainly a lot to get through in it, that’s for sure.

    Still reeling and numb from the shock of Julia leaving him and taking Annie and Conor to New York, Sean finds a certain empathy with patient-of-the-week Diana Lubey (the quite frankly fabulous Catherine Deneuve) who has a rather bizarre request of McNamara/Troy- she would like the ashes of her former husband placed into her breasts. Whilst Christian dismisses this as a pure nonsense, Sean is willing to do it. However, Michelle- as majority owner of the business- has put her foot down with a firm hand and said no to the Lubey case. What follows is a brilliant exchange full of undisguised dislike between Sean and Michelle. Christian suggests that Sean goes to see someone. So he does: Dr. Faith Wolper! She helps Sean empower himself and he accepts Diana’s request. When Christian comes in, he gets ready to argue with Sean who calmly tells him to scrub up or get out. But when Christian drops the bombshell that he’s going to be married to Michelle (more on that later), Sean’s sense of empowerment is slightly shaken. So back he goes to Faith, where the duplicitous doctor drops a bombshell of her own: that Christian came to see her regarding homosexual feelings he was having for Sean! If this isn’t bad enough, a hard-faced woman called Beatrice Madsen (played pitch-perfect by Brenda Vaccaro) comes crashing into Diana’s recovery room asking for the ashes of her dead husband! Turns out that the ashes belonged to Diana’s lover.

    When Sean tells Christian this, he also confronts his longtime friend with what Faith said. Upshot: the two guys go to see Faith together and confront her over what was said. There is a great scene between the three of them, with Brooke Shields playing it to the hilt as the unhinged psychologist. With that all cleared up, and with Christian’s all-too apparent heterosexuality firmly reapplied, things can move on. Sean removes the ashes from Diana’s breasts and returns them to Beatrice, who promptly decides to flush them down the toilet. Whilst this may seem like pure comic relief, there is something heartrending about it with both Beatrice (the widow) and Diana (the lover) believing that the deceased gave everything to the other. But there’s a little twist- due to Diana’s incessant cigarette smoking, Sean handed some of those ashes over to Beatrice and kept the real ashes for Diana, believing their love to be ‘the real deal’. Dylan Walsh does especially well in this episode, capturing Sean’s confusion, hurt and pain nicely. In the other major story-thread, Michelle and Christian can now be free to express their feelings for one another. Christian appears to be head-over-heels for her (a surprise since it was only eight episodes back he was blackmailing her to sleep with him) and proposes. Michelle wants to say yes but decides they should live together first. She doesn’t want to live at Christian’s as she feels weird about the amount of women he’s had in his bed. Well, I’m not surprised, I would be too, since Christian’s little black book probably amounts to the Miami-Dade telephone directory with all the women he’s ever had a liaison with. So she agrees to marry him and they agree to buy a new place and put Christian’s apartment on the market. At the open-house, dashing young plastic surgeon Dr. Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez) comes to view the property. In one of the best sequences of the series so far- and I’m not mixing up the British series and American season either, I mean the SERIES- Christian shows Mike the place and he is ‘haunted’ by three of his ex-lovers: Kimber, the blind woman Natasha Charles (Rebecca Gayheart) and the masochistic Abby Mays (Rebecca Metz) whom he had sex with whilst she had a paper bag on her head. Each woman speaks for a major issue within Christian: his sexual compulsions, his commitment issues and his rampant misogyny. Plus it’s good to see the two Rebeccas reprising great characters.

    Mike agrees to buy the flat but- when Christian goes behind Michelle’s back (more on that later)- that sale may be cancelled. Michelle overreacts a little, I’d say, but she has a point. In another great scene, Christian is trying to defend himself whilst Kimber, Natasha and Abby are goading him into finishing it with Michelle. However, after a bit of heart-to-heart with Sean, Michelle and Christian seem much happier. At the end of the episode, Christian tells Sean he loves him (in the truly platonic, non-sexual way) and admits to having ‘intimacy’ issues with people he loves. What a profound revelation(!) and what a cop-out- reducing him down to Pop Psychology 101. That is the major thing, which loses this episode points- the pat conclusion to this. That said, the final scene is great- Christian bids farewell to all his lovers (and there are loads) before closing the door and starting his new life with Michelle.

    Coming back to Michelle again, we find her in a more ebullient mood, charming, strong and determined. Sanna Lathan must have been in raptures reading this script: ‘finally, she does something more than moan about her situation!’ Yes, free from Burt and now the sole owner of Landau Enterprises, Michelle seems quite happy. What a shame that will only be temporary. She walks into her office… to find James waiting for her. Hooray, hooray, Jacqueline Bisset is back! The living embodiment of Michelle’s past and she still can’t let her go. James asks Michelle for the use of McNamara/Troy’s operating room for her illegal kidney removals. Michelle says no and tells James she’s about to get married. When James makes a crass comment about Michelle being a ‘malleable little mouse’ after an orgasm, Michelle slaps her! Reminding Michelle she can bring her down, James will not be so easily cowed. But Michelle is past that: she has been keeping lists and has no compunction about taking James down if she goes down too. The scene really sparks, with both Bisset and Lathan going for it with gusto. However, the next time we see James, she’s not looking so good- her ‘higher power’ has badly beaten her. She goes to Christian and asks him to repair the damage done. He initially refuses but, broken and alone, James pleads with him to do it and he relents. Just like Ava, James is not just a one-dimensional monster: the writers have fleshed her out. And just like Famke Janssen, Jacqueline Bisset does real justice to the part. It is Christian’s unauthorized repairing of James which causes Michelle to suggest they shouldn’t get married. Yet, Michelle returns to McNamara/Troy late at night to find James hacking some poor schmuck open on the table to the eerie tune of ‘Que Sera Sera’ by Pink Martini. Sounds like it wouldn’t send a chill up your spine, but you’d be wrong. The following day, Michelle is scrubbing the operating theatre when Sean comes in to apologise to her. He uses a particularly appropriate quote from Macbeth- ‘out damn spot’- when he sees her scrubbing at a lamp. However, after their reconciliation, there is a troubling fact. Michelle has missed a bit… could that telltale spot come back to bite them in the ass? Who knows?

    Another particularly enjoyable and very strong episode, redeeming the series from the slightly lackluster ‘Conor McNamara 2026’
  • A story of true friendship

    This was the best episode of the season, if not one of the best in the entire series.
    A great example of character development, and above all a perfect representation of a true friendship. In the past I've always felt like it was only Christian the one deeply involved in the relationship between the two protagonists, but thanks to this episode, thanks to what Sean says during his meetings with Faith I really see this friendship as "bilateral". Christian and Sean really care for each other: arguments, betrayals are only a part of their complex way to face life.
    I've really appreciated the "return" of Natasha: she was such a great character, and surely one of Christian's most important lovers. The final scene in which Christian says goodbye to Natasha, Kimber and some of the girls that had a relationship with him it's a clear signal that in his heart he doesn't believe in a stable marriage with Michelle: I think he knows that his inability to stay with the same woman for a long time will soon prevail...
  • They're back on track

    This is an old-fashioned Nip/Tuck episode. I mean, this episode shows widely how much we love Christian and Sean, and obviously what's behind them.
    The friendship between the two doctors is stronger than ever and Sean makes an openhearted apology to Michelle for feeling in some ways so unconfortable to have her around like a boss and like his best friend's fiancee.
    The story of Mrs.Lubey (played by a gorgeous Catherine Deneuve) makes Sean deal with his own pain after Julia's leaving with their kids.
    Christian has also to face his feelings..Would he become a good husband? Or he's not able to focus on just one woman? Is really the good choise to marry Michelle? Until the end he's struggling with his own memories about his past partners (Kimber, Natacha and all the others).
    In the end, he moves on, but is this the real beginning of his new life or he won't be able to make a step ahead in a steady relationship? We'll see and we'll wait anxiously to see next episode.
  • Sean copes with Julia's leaving and Christian proposes to Michelle.

    If I understood gambling at all, I would start some kind of office pool to wager on how long this one-woman-man thing is going to last for Christian. I'm thinking somewhere between two or three episodes, max. That's if Michelle even lives that long; she comes from a very dangerous world, and it seems likely that she'll bite the dust before the end of the season. Someone's got to.

    Sean's being a total bummer, as usual, but also as usual he's there for Christian, a supportive friend through thick and thin. And when he mistakenly believes, thanks to one very unethical and jealous psychiatrist, that Christian has romantic feelings for him, he makes it clear that he will always love Christian as a friend no matter what. With Joely Richardson gone for a while, I'm thinking that perhaps we should have more of Kimber and Liz in these episodes. I mean, of course, Real Kimber and not just Christian's ideal version of Kimber hanging out in his bedroom. It's pretty telling, too, how she keeps showing up in his mind. He's never going to get over her. And I have to say that I am much fonder of Kimber than of Michelle; Kimber's made mistakes and done some pretty awful things, but she's always been honest. Also, she does not steal organs and has never murdered her husband.
  • They're baaaack.....

    Phew! Thats more like it! I was really worried after last weeks abysmal offering, Connor McNamara. Which, by the way, I have two more points to add, but couldnt dredge up 100 more words to say about it last week after my original review.. First of all, dont you think Matt, having TWO Doctors as fathers, would have enough sense to stay out of the sun and avoid all those aging liver spots? And second - the grown up Annies horrendous nose job! Again, with two Dr. Dads, plastic surgeons no less, theres no way she could have ended up with that unflattering honker.

    OK, back to Diana Lubey - loved all the Star Power on this episode, the Number One Class Act Catherine Deneuve, as beautiful as ever, along with Brooke Shields, Brenda Vaccaro and Mario Lopez - (well, OK - not really star power on that last one but he is pretty easy to look at). Well, not to rehash the episode - just here to say welcome back to the usual high standard. Ciao!
  • Christian and Sean confront Faith about that whole "is he or isn't he?" thing.

    The women who were featured as hallucinations in Christian's condo were truly iconic. Kimber spoke for all of Christian's outrageousness, Natasha for all his commitment issues and Abby all of his misogyny.

    The one who broke his nose was only on screen for less than a minute two seasons ago, so they seem to have gone with perhaps more prominently featured wimmen.

    Christian once spoke of hottubbing before evenings out to halt spermatogenesis. It's kind of incredible he doesn't actually have a jacuzzi at his place.

    And I'm certain if they were to have included [i]all[/i] the women he's had at his place, there'd be no room for actual people -- including cast and crew -- among all the hallucinations.

    The ones they did include made for some magnificent human props, I will say that. :)

    This season seems to be wrapping up a lot of storylines really fast -- with Julia out of the picture, the confirmation of our boys' real feelings for each other -- that they are brothers -- puts a button on questions raised about C's sexual identity, and the confrontation with Faith puts that whole issue to bed. Also, C's deep and passionate love for Michelle -- I was really hoping to get a better window on that this episode. They're not ready to give the big reveal on why it is C's fallen so hard and so fast -- maybe they just aren't going to. Maybe we're meant to believe that the first hot chick C was drawn to after the dissolution of his last shred of sentiment for Kimber was the true and abiding One.

    I really hope Murph realizes that everything we've learned about C over the years is gonna require more explanation. Marriage? Hell, C could hit that for [i]years[/i] without making any sort of commitment.

    And James performing the illicit nephrectomy actually in the OR and schmearing blood everywhere seems readymade for an anonymous tip. I wonder if they're gonna cliffhang with the state of the practice, or if they're gonna make Michelle being perp-walked off the set and Sean putting his arm around Christian the big series finale.

    It just feels like they've been wrapping up so many series-arc storylines this season that I'm wondering if Murph is really calling it quits.

    I disagree with some posters that Diana is a wackadoo. She was just trying to stay one step ahead of the harridan widow. She may have felt that if the ashes were actually inside her that they couldn't be recovered. Sean's instincts were excellent. Regardless of what the widow might do with the ashes, he knew that Diana loved him. So letting her flush the cigarette ashes and letting Diana keep them was an act of compassion.

    With a few episodes left and a couple of important questions remaining -- whazzup with KimMat? And [i]especially[/i] what's up with Christian? -- I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Next week's looks like a tearjerker -- which is odd, since Sean spent a [i]lot[/i] of S3 alone. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. I wonder if it's not his separation from Annie and Conor and his estrangement from Matt that's got him much more depressed than his separation from Julia. An odd question, too -- they [i]just[/i] remarried a few eps ago. [i]Just[/i] recommitted themselves to each other. Her desertion, actresswise, makes perfect sense and godspeed, Joely, but characterwise ...

    ... well, that's more of an arched eyebrow. :)

    Great installment. Not phenomenal, but great, and quite enjoyable.
  • Christian gets engaged...and means it?!?

    Tonights episode introduces us to Diana Lubey, who wants to have her husbands ashes placed into her breast implants. Christian and Michelle do not want to allow this surgery, but Sean ends up doing it because he feels kindred with Ms Lubey. Christian proposes to Michelle and she accepts but decides he needs to sell his condo because of all of the women he has bedded there. We get to see Dr. Mike Hammoui (Mario Lopez) as he is wanting to get the first look at Christians condo. It is during this walk-through that Christian starts seeing the ghosts of his past: Kimber, Abby Mays and Natasha. All 3 of them are telling him he shouldnt get married because he cannot be with just one woman. It gets to him! Meanwhile, Sean goes to see Faith Wolper. He spills the beans to her about Christian and Michelle and she is more than a little miffed. She spills the beans too, and convinces Sean that Christian has homosexual feelings for him and that is why he came to her in the first place. Thankfully, Christian comes and confronts her (with Sean in tow) and shows Sean how psychotic she is (tattoo anyone?)
    James shows up at the office and wants Michelle to let her use the office for some of her kidney heists. Michelle gets angry and slaps her (YEA!!!)

    Ah, back to Ms Lubey. Her surgery is a success. Then the fit hit the shan, a very angry Mrs Victor Madsen shows up wanting her husbands ashes. Turns out Ms Lubey was his mistress. Sean is forced to remove the impants and give the ashes over to Mrs Madsen. He goes to Ms Lubey and reveals he actually turned over cigarette ashes to Mrs Madsen and gives Ms Lubey the real McCoy. Also, Michelle walks into McNamara/Troy and finds James and one of her girls performing surgery (kidney heist) in the operating room. Guess she wont be easily rid of James, even after Christian fixed her face earlier in the ep after she was beat up by HER boss. The episode ends with Michelle, Christian and Sean packing up Christians condo. He is really moving forward with Michelle. He says farewell to the ghosts of his past.