Season 4 Episode 12

Diana Lubey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FX

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  • Stellar performance by everyone.

    Even though I really enjoyed last weeks episode, this one was definitely an improvement. With Julia and Burt both gone, it leaves a lot of room to work on everybody else's story.

    Christian being confronted by the hallucinations of his past lovers was definitely a trip. It's nice to see Sean's not the only one who hallucinates from time to time. While his motives with Michelle and the reasons behind why he has fallen for her so fast have still not been defined, I seem to feel like he's just trying a little too hard after his three-way earlier this season and pretty much jumped at the first opportunity to try and have a normal committed relationship. For all we know it could have been anyone. At first I thought he just wanted her because he couldn't have her, but now that he can and is going to marry her I really just don't know anymore (or at least they are trying to make us believe he is actually going to go through with it). I'm really interested to find out just what's been going through his head.

    I really do feel sorry for Sean now. Yes... both he and Julia were to blame for the separation because they were both unfaithful and did their part to sabotage the relationship, but it doesn't keep me from feeling bad for the guy. His interaction and connection with Diana was really sweet as well. He saw her going through the same pain of losing her lover after all those years together as he is feeling after losing Julia and they touched each other's lives in a way. Sean even had a real interaction with Michelle for like the first time since Liz brought up the thing with James in the parking garage. Seems as though Sean is going to continue spiraling down the downward spiral for quite some time from the looks of next weeks episode though, which is always interesting to me.

    I'm glad to see that they finally put the whole "Christian is gay storyline to bed as well. Sure it was just an underlying story arch that hasn't been brought up all that much and the plot for this season hasn't been centered around it at all, but I thought the way that they ended it was great. The interaction between Christian and Sean when Sean confronted Christian about it was great. He wasn't even judging him when he thought Christian actually was in love with him, which I thought was awesome. Christian's reaction to this was priceless too. The whole thing with him asking if he was walking different or if it was because of his eyebrows was hilarious and saying that "just because he grooms doesn't mean he's gone brokeback" was friggin' hilarious too. Who could ever forget the scene with Christian and Sean debating on who was going to take the **** too? Great stuff there.

    I even liked Michelle this episode, which is amazing because she usually just gets under my skin for the most part. It's nice to see her acting like a real human being and showing that she actually does love Christian. She was even being somewhat sympathetic to Sean and I thought their conversation about losing spouses after so many years was excellent. I'm so glad that they cleared up how she got away with letting Burt die and stealing his kidneys too, because that's been bothering me since it happened and I was really hoping they would explain this. Isn't it a little suspicious that her husband just died and she's already getting married again though? In some way I actually feel sorry for her still being in James' clutches, but then I remember that she put herself there and that feeling quickly subsides. Can't wait to see what happens when Christian finds out that she is stealing people's kidneys, that James is the one who had Liz's kidney stolen and how close he was to having both of his stolen and left for dead though. Let's just see how badly he wants to marry her after that little bit of information.

    James was as entertaining as ever this time around as well. I'm really enjoying watching her this season. Jacqueline Bissett is doing an excellent job with this character. It's always a joy seeing her somewhat vulnerable side like we did this week and the episode that she was doused in gasoline. She obviously deserved the shiner she got. She's definitely got a hold on Michelle, but I can't figure out for the life of me why exactly Christian is still dealing with her. Did the fact that she made you pay her 400,000 dollars and then she drugged you completely slip your mind? Then you purchase the services of one of her hookers right afterwards?? Then you fix her face??? What are you thinking buddy???? What I'm really wondering is how Sean can be so oblivious to all this stuff going on around him. I know he's distracted from all the crap that's been going down with Julia but damn.... Open your eyes guy!! Obviously this whole kidney harvesting operation is about to take a turn for the worse here very soon though. With the foreshadowing towards the end of this episode and the speck of blood that was missed, our good doctors might be in some serious crap.

    Dr. Wolper, of course, was continuing with her nuttiness this episode as well. This is like the psychiatrist from hell. She's letting Christian bang her on the desk in her office, telling his boss to watch while he makes Christian have sex with his wife, getting a tattoo above her ass saying that she's property of Christian Troy, telling Sean that Christian is in love with him and then she was going to let Christian bang her on her desk in her office again in front of Sean??? This woman is friggin' insane. Seriously... Who was handing out medical licenses the day she got hers?? Who's next?? Charles Manson??? Oh well... I'm guessing this is probably the last time we'll be seeing her. Funny how C wasn't even surprised when he saw the tattoo on her back though.

    Neither Matt nor Kimber were even mentioned in this episode, so I guess that just leaves Diana. I really liked this patient and they definitely did a good job of casting on this one. I knew something was a bit off with the plot of this. I thought maybe she had killed the guy and just wanted to dispose of the ashes or something. I did not see the fact that she was the guy's mistress and not his wife coming though. Excellent twist. Like I said before too... I loved the chemistry between her and Sean. They really did understand each other and have a real connection and Sean giving the fake ashes to the wife and the real ones to Diana was great. That took a lot of balls and I think that he did the right thing.