Season 4 Episode 12

Diana Lubey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FX

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  • Christian: "Goodbye ladies. It's been swell."

    Christian and Michelle are getting married. Color me surprised; I never expected them to last this long. I am beginning to like the two of them together, though. Yes, their relationship is moving abnormally fast, but Michelle is finally warming up to me. I think what I like about Michelle is that, as opposed to Kimber, she challenges Christian to be a better person. I haven't heard if Sanaa Lathan has signed on for a fifth season, though, (making it very possible she could be dead by the season finale) so I won't get my hopes up for their relationship to last.

    Christian's engagement made him examine his past relationships, which have all ended poorly. Is Christian really a one woman man? Can he sustain a marriage? All substantial questions Christian begins to form as his past conquests come back to haunt him in his mind, primarily Natasha Charles, Abby Mays, and Kimber. You remember Natasha right? The blind woman who Christian cruelly dumped because she intimidated him. And how could you forget Abby Mays? Christian made her place a bag over her head during sex. I have to give a hand to the writers; the female hallucinations were really well-written. Christian said goodbye to all of the girls at the end of the episode, symbolizing his determination to make his monogamistic relationship with Michelle last.

    And it appears the gay storyline has finally been concluded, although it didn't exactly receive a whole lot of closure. What I got out of the episode was that Christian’s doubts about his sexuality were conjured up by manipulative and crazy Faith Wolper, who (by the way) really needs to get her psychiatric license revoked. I really liked when Christian and Sean confronted Faith together, and when her tattoo and slanderous motives were finally revealed. Brooke Shields does deserve some credit; she did a great job with the role. It must be hard to play such a nutcase.

    I enjoyed Catherine Deneuve's performance as Diana Lubey. Her situation at loosing someone she loved was a good parallel to what Sean is going through. We haven't been getting the usual assortment of strange and intriguing patients this season, so Diana was a fine change of pace. I liked that in the end Sean traded out the ashes and gave Diana the real ones.

    And James tangled web continues to grow, as she now has begun operating in the doctor's office. It can only be a matter of time until Christian and Sean find out. Things are heating up for the season finale quite nicely, and I can't wait to see what tricks the writers have up their sleeves these final three episodes with James, Michelle, and also with Escobar (who I know the writers better be planning on bringing back).

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Mario Lopez (Dr. Mike Hamoui) guest starred again today to buy Christian's apartment. Felt like a little waste of time.

    - The man’s real wife made me laugh as she rampaged through the office screaming about her husband and his mistress.

    - Sean (to Michelle): "So interesting when the hooker becomes the pimp."

    - Dr. Hamoui (to Christian, regarding his shower): "You can still hear the screams from all the women you've banged in here."

    - Christian: "I've never been able to commit to one woman before. Why should that be any different now?"

    Final Rating: Great episode. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx