Season 4 Episode 12

Diana Lubey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FX



  • Trivia

    • When Christian is being haunted by his previous relationships, he sees Natasha Charles. Played by Rebecca Gayheart, she appeared in two episodes of Season 2: Natasha Charles and Trudy Nye. She was a blind woman who came to McNamara/Troy for prosthetic eyes. They began a relationship, but Christian's fear of commitment and intimacy led to them breaking up.

    • When Christian is being haunted by his previous relationships, he sees Abby Mays. Played by Rebecca Metz, the character appeared in the Season 3 episode Abby Mays. She came in to McNamara/Troy for extensive surgery and Christian said he'd sleep with her if she put a paper bag over her head, which she did!

    • When Michelle and Sean are arguing at the beginning of the episode, Michelle mentions returning 'to a crime scene'. When Escobar escaped in Merrill Bobolit, he left several dead bodies behind him.

    • When Sean first meets Faith, he mentions her coming in to McNamara/Troy for a tattoo removal. This was also shown in Faith Wolper, PhD.

    • Faith refers to 'the dream' where Sean and Christian were lovers– this featured at the beginning of Faith Wolper, PhD.

    • When Christian and Sean confront Faith, Christian mentions that he 'nailed her in this office'. This was toward the end of the season opener Cindy Plumb.

  • Quotes

    • Christian: I've been wanting to talk to you since Faith's office. I lied about what happened in there.
      Sean: I knew you didn't screw her over the desk!
      Christian: No, that part's true. I mean about… What she said about the dream. About me having feelings for you. (off his look) Not those kind of feelings. I never really thought I was gay. It was Faith who tried to convince me of that. I just think I have… intimacy issues, y'know, with anybody in my life that… I love. I get confused and it's really hard for me to express myself. (pause) That sounded really gay, didn't it?
      Sean: Yeah.
      Christian: Yeah, well, screw you! Screw you! (there is a little joking play fighting between the men) Seriously, I love you.
      Sean: I know. I love you too.
      (the two men embrace)

    • Diana Lubey: (about Victor) He suffered so much from her cruel unhappiness, but he wouldn't leave. He was just like that, an old-fashioned man. Divorce was unthinkable. Couldn't face his children, his grandchildren. He loved me, but I was the one left with nothing. Not a mention at his funeral, no closet full of his shirts to sleep in. So I stole his ashes and I valued them. My only crime was loving him too much.

    • Beatrice Madsen: It's hard to believe that this is all that's left of Victor.
      Sean: His body, Mrs. Madsen. I don't know if you believe in an eternal soul…
      Beatrice Madsen: Trust me, Doctor, that's the only thing that keeps me going, knowing that his soul is roasting in hell for all eternity. Now, if these are legally mine, I'd like to give the bastard a proper burial.
      (Mrs. Madsen gets up and leaves the room)
      Solicitor: Mrs. Madsen?
      Beatrice Madsen: You got a goddamn toilet in this place? Gonna flush him down the crapper like the piece of shit that he is!

    • Michelle: Operating on James without talking to me first was a betrayal, Christian, no matter how you spin it.
      Christian: Woman's alone in the world. Don't you remember what that's like? Jesus, Michelle.
      Kimber: (who Christian imagines is on the bed next to Michelle) Give me a break! Since when are you so sentimental towards lonely women?
      Michelle: Are you looking for a way out of marrying me? 'Cause that's what this feels like. Sabotage.
      Abby Mays: (who Christian imagines is on the bed next to Michelle) Clever boy. Make her angry so she'll be the one to leave. It's always worked before.
      Christian: That is bullshit!
      Michelle: No, it's not. I can't trust you. Isn't that what marriage is all about, honesty and trust?
      Natasha Charles: (who Christian imagines is on the bed next to Michelle) This is your opportunity to bail, Christian. Seize it. She's handing it to you on a silver platter.
      Christian: You're right. I suck. I suck as a friend. I suck as a lover. I suck as a fiancée. I'm tired of defending myself.

    • (James comes to see Christian; she has been badly beaten)
      Christian: Michelle didn't tell me her pimp had a pimp.
      James: We all eventually have to face a higher power. Some are a bit more brutal than others.
      Christian: You've definitely fractured your cheekbone. Your eye looks unscathed. You might want a little rhinoplasty to raise that patrician nose of yours back in the air.
      James: Please do it for me.

    • Dr. Faith Wolper: (to Sean) It was completely unprofessional, my revealing what I did about Christian. It put you in a terrible position and I'm sorry.
      Sean: I know, I tried to explain that to Christian…
      Christian: Hold on, Sean. It's one thing to slip up, it's another to lie about what I said.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: So you're denying you ever had feelings for Sean?
      Christian: I never said I was gay and I never said I wanted a relationship with him. I never said those words.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Christian, when people come to me, they do so because they don't have the words to express how they feel. It's my job to map out those emotions, to interpret their desires.
      Christian: Desires?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: The dream that you had where you and Sean were lovers?
      Sean: You didn't tell me…
      Christian: You're not still buying into her crap, are you?
      Sean: If it's not true, why are you so upset?
      Christian: Look, you have enough to deal with in your life without taking advice from some psychotic!

    • Christian: Did you really think telling my partner all those lies wasn't going to get back to me?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I'm sorry, telling who what lies?
      Christian: Sean told me about your little session the other day. Huh? All that shit about me being gay?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Christian, even if Sean was a client- which I can neither confirm nor deny- what makes you think I would share the details of our session with him? That's for you to do. Although I do hope you shared your conflict with your fiancée.

    • Sean:You can just tell me, Christian.
      Christian: Tell you what, Sean?
      Sean: I guess I should have known, considering your affection for Julia. I must've been too blinded by jealousy to see the big picture.
      Christian: No, no, no. This is nothing to do with Julia. This is about me and Michelle.
      Sean: No, you're talking about you and me. I know you have… feelings for me. Romantic feelings. It's typical for children of abuse to have trouble dealing with their sexual identity in a healthy way.
      Christian: What are you saying? Are you saying you think I'm…?
      Sean: You said it yourself, Christian. You've never been able to commit to a woman. Not one. And yet no matter how many times I've tried running away, you've found a way to keep our relationship together.
      Christian: That's because we're best friends.
      Sean: No, we're more than that. We're brothers, which is why none of this changes how I feel about you. I love you, Christian. I always will. But not like that.
      Christian: Have I been doing something lately? Walking weird, or something? Is it my eyebrows? Because, I tell you, if I don't wax, then I get this whole unibrow thing and it just… it looks ugly. But just because I groom doesn't mean I've gone Brokeback.

    • Beatrice Madsen: (to Diana Lubey) Oh, you with your phony cigarette-smoking, oh-so-French line of bullshit! You had him fooled, but not me. Not me, Diana.
      Sean: Who is this woman?
      Beatrice Madsen: I am Mrs. Victor Madsen and, if you will kindly ask your patient to tell me where my husband's ashes are, I will leave her to her new boob job.

    • Diana Lubey: I'm very grateful to you, Dr McNamara. I know your partner was against the surgery, but you saw the poetry in my situation. You believed. (pause) What's her name?
      Sean: Julia.
      Diana Lubey: Julia. You know what I think? I think you'll fall in love again.
      Sean: I won't.
      Diana Lubey: You're too young and too handsome to be so cynical. (pause) What are you thinking?
      Sean: I'm trying to imagine my life from hereon. How that one woman, who would have carried my ashes inside her, has gone. Gone for good. I admire your devotion, even in death.

    • (While Christian is showing Dr. Mike Hamoui his apartment, he imagines Abby Mays standing in the kitchen)
      Christian: Kitchen.
      Abby Mays: It's where all women belong.
      Dr Mike Hamoui: Nice!
      Abby Mays: Barefoot and pregnant and cooking dinner for their man.
      Dr Mike Hamoui: Does it come with all the appliances?
      Abby Mays: And a place for recyclables. Because that's all women really are to you, isn't it? Something to use, discard and recycle.
      (He imagines Abby putting a paper bag over her head)
      Christian: Yes, it comes with all appliances.

    • (While Christian is showing Dr. Mike Hamoui his apartment, he imagines Natasha Charles sitting on the sofa)
      Natasha Charles: You wanna know what I saw, even though I'm blind? You weren't ready for a serious relationship. We could have been married by now, but you were too afraid of real intimacy, weren't you? And you still are. I can feel it.

    • (While Christian is showing Dr. Mike Hamoui his apartment, he imagines Kimber lying on the bed)
      Kimber: And if these walls could talk… they'd tell you you're not ready to get married, Christian. You're not ready to give up all of this. You've never been a one-woman guy, have you? Not even with me. Go ahead; marry Michelle. But you're just gonna cheat on her. You're gonna screw it up like you always do. Your fate's inevitable.

    • (After Christian tells Sean he is going to marry Michelle, Sean goes back to see Dr. Faith Wolper)
      Sean: I can't believe his insensitivity. And now that he's getting married…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Married? When did that happen?
      Sean: Told me about it yesterday. And the thing is I can't stand her. She's opportunistic, taking control of the business- our business that we built together- and…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: And what?
      Sean: And she's taking him away from me. Now, when I really need him. (pause) Jesus, you'd think we were gay.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I certainly wouldn't think you were.
      Sean: Excuse me?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Nothing. Forget I said anything.
      Sean: What did you mean?
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I just think you might be internalizing some of Christian's projections.
      Sean: What? I've known him since college. Christian gets more ass than anyone in South Florida. If there's one man who's not gay, it's Christian Troy. (off her look) OK, you can't just play 'don't ask, don't tell'. This is my best friend we're talking about. If he were gay, I think I'd know about it.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: And you've never sensed any of his ambivalent feelings towards you?
      Sean: Look, you don't know him.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Christian was a patient of mine. It was his homosexual feelings for you that brought him here. (pause) Look, I have already overstepped all sorts of professional boundaries but I cannot sit here and watch your confusion.
      Sean: My God. There was a period of time. He was acting so strangely, it's like he wanted to avoid me or…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: And now? The one time you are alone and available, suddenly he's not? He's so afraid that he might actually act on his feelings for you, he's attached himself to a woman who's cheated on him. (pause) I can get into a lot of trouble for revealing this, Sean.
      Sean: Should I say something? I'm not…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: I can't tell you what to do. That would be unprofessional.

    • (Sean decides to operate on Diana Lubey)
      Christian: What the hell is she doing on the table? Michelle and I told you we weren't going to do this operation!
      Sean: For ten years, we've made our surgical decisions together, Christian. I'm not suddenly going to let an outside non-medical professional like Michelle tell me who I can and cannot operate on. Now either scrub up and assist me or get out.

    • James: Is it too much to expect to get a little gratitude after all I've done for you?
      Michelle: You mean to me? You expect me to thank you for all the torture you've put me through?
      James: Dues, darling, we all have to pay them. You're a rich woman now, aren't you, because of me?
      Michelle: He's dead, James. It's over.
      James: Is it? Money can buy a great deal. The silence of the coroner. The efficient dispersal of your husband's mutilated body. But it can't erase the past completely now, can it? Well, not while I'm around, anyway.

    • Sean: Christian- Dr Troy- and I had an argument about taking on a surgery, and he sided with his girlfriend. So I attacked her. It was nasty and untoward, and frankly I feel like a shitheel.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Girlfriend? I don't understand. What was she doing at the office?
      Sean: She actually owns the business. The point is, I overreacted. They didn't want to take on the case.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Sounds to me like they were out of line, Sean, not you. You lost your wife. You're dealing with what any psychologist will tell you is the equivalent of a death. Ganging up on you when you're in such a vulnerable state? Well, it's unconscionable. What's this… girlfriend's name?
      Sean: Michelle.
      (Faith makes a note of Michelle's name on her notepad)
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Are you uncomfortable with the fact that your partner- the one stable person in your life right now- is having a sexual relationship with someone who is also your boss? Are you feeling excluded? Shut out?
      Sean: I do feel shut out. I guess I'm just worried…
      : That you'll get dumped yet again?
      Sean: What am I supposed to do? She's our boss. I can't fire her. I can't just ask Christian to dump her for me…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Well, you don't have to let either of them step over you. Part of your emotional recovery needs to be you reclaiming your power. If that surgery was something you felt strongly about, call that patient back. Bring them in. Your wife recently acted out in a way that made you feel powerless. Don't let your partner put you in that same kind of position.

    • Christian: I should have stood up for you better.
      Michelle: Forget it, Christian. I have. Sean's not himself. Think about what he's going through. His wife left him, took the kids with her. He must feel so completely alone. (off Christian's look) What?
      Christian: You're amazing. You're just so beautiful inside and out. I don't think there is anything you could say or do, anything, that could change the way I feel about you. I love you, Michelle.

    • Michelle: I'd hardly say you were in a position to throw stones, considering I came back to a crime scene. How could you operate on a convicted murderer?
      Sean: Even people in prison are entitled to medical care. This was a request from the Florida Department of Corrections and you weren't here to turn down that request, boss.
      Michelle: And now he's still at large and I'm up to my ass in affidavits. Let me be clear, Landau Industries owns fifty-one percent of this practice. And according to Burt's will, Landau Industries is now one hundred percent me. I don't expect to ever have to explain my decisions about what is best for my company.

    • Diana Lubey: I'm here for my breasts.
      Christian: If I may say, they look quite spectacular as they are. Saline or silicone?
      Diana Lubey: Saline. My Victor put them in almost five years ago.
      Sean: Victor was your previous surgeon?
      Diana Lubey: Victor was my late husband. He passed two months ago.
      Sean: I'm very sorry to hear that.
      Diana Lubey: Are you? Do you know what it's like to lose the one true love of your life after twenty years of marriage?
      Sean: Yes, I can.
      Christian: So what can we do with your breasts, Mrs. Lubey?
      Sean: Are you sleeping at all yet?
      Diana Lubey: (shakes her head) The nights are the worst.

    • Sean: You two are getting along better.
      Christian: Well, every engagement has to go through a divorce before you get married. I think we're doing really good. Thanks to you.
      (pats Sean on the back)

    • Michelle: What about that? You guys gonna carry it down together?
      Christian: You want the cock? I don't want the cock anymore.
      Sean: Noo, I don't want the cock.
      Michelle: You should have asked if I wanted the cock. (strokes the sculpture) I would have said "yes."

    • Sean: I'm sorry. I've been an ass. To Christian and to you.
      Michelle: I understand, Sean, I really do. Being alone after so long is so hard.
      Sean: Christian and I have been friends for over 20 years. I've seen him with hundreds of women. And he's never fallen so hard or so fast for any of them like he did for you. You two are the real deal. Don't let the fact that he's an asshole get in the way.
      (Michelle laughs)

    • Michelle: But (sighs) it isn't just about him, Sean. What about my baggage?
      Sean: He can handle it.
      Michelle: But I don't know if I can.
      Sean: So you use him, let him help you. He's strong.

    • Sean: (to Michelle) Christian and I are brothers. Which means, when you two get married, we become family. Trust him, trust me...and trust us.
      (They hug)

    • Sean: (to Diane) All those years you shared him with others must have been so difficult, so lonely. Your love for Victor his the real deal. It desrves a nod from someone. helps me believe.

    • James: I trust you, Christian.
      Christian: (soft chuckle) Wish I felt the same, sweetheart. Sorry, but even a squashed spider spins its web until its final breath.

    • James: I doubt your husband-to-be will relish the thought of his wife being a murderer.
      Michelle: I have a list of every girl in your employ and every victm, in every state, you've ever drugged and cut open. Go ahead James, shout it from the rooftops. You can't threaten me anymore. Cause if I'm going down, you're coming with me.

    • [Michelle slaps James]
      James: (startled gasp) Be careful, pet. A mouse may get to rule once in a lifetime, but at the end...still a mouse.

    • Christian: You need to go see somebody, Sean. A shrink, an accupuncturist, a hooker...whatever. You don't, it'll tear you apart.

    • Christian: (to the ghosts of all his former lovers) Goodbye ladies, it's been swell.

    • Michelle: (to Christian) I knew once you really had me you'd find a way to run.

    • Sean: (to Christian) I love you Christian, I always will..but not like that.

    • Christian: (to Sean about commitment) I've never been able to commit to one woman before, why should that be any different now?

    • Faith Wolper: (to Sean) Christian was a patient of mine, he came to me because of his homosexual feelings for you.

    • Michelle: (to Christian in regards to his condo) I feel strange about this place--knowing all the women that have slept in that bed.

    • Sean: (to Michelle) So interesting when the hooker becomes the pimp.

    • Sean: (to Christian and Michelle) You think it's appropriate for you two to be groping in the office?

    • Diane: (to Sean and Christian in regards to her wishes) Just knowing he is there closer to my heart will ease my grief.

    • Diane Lubey : (to Sean and Christian) I'm here because I would like you to place his ashes in my breasts.

    • (Christian walks into his office and finds James)
      Christian: I thought I smelled brimstone. Why don't you get back on your broomstick?

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 18, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Rue Ravignan" - Library music (Diana tells Sean and Christian that she want them to add her husband's ashes to her implants)
      "Un jour tu verras" by Mouloudi (Sean performs Diana's surgery)
      "Que sera sera" by Pink Martini (Michelle meets James)
      "Quand tu danses" by Gilbert Becaud (Victor's wife dumps down the sink the ashes given to her by Sean)
      "Etranger au Paradis" by Gloria Lasso (Sean gives Diana the real ashes)

    • Jacqueline Bisset (James), Brooke Shields (Faith), Brenda Vaccaro (Mrs. Madsen) and Sanaa Lathan (Michelle) were credited as "Special Guest Stars". At the same time, Lathan received the "And" credit.

    • Catherine Deneuve (Diana) received the "With" credit, after the opening credits, but before the main credits.

    • Although listed in the opening credits, John Hensley and Joely Richardson do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • When Sean sees Michelle cleaning the operating theatre, he says 'Out, damn spot'.

      This is a quote from the Shakespeare play Macbeth and is a very apt one. When Lady Macbeth goes mad toward the end of the play, she keeps going through the motion of washing her hands, trying to rid them of the blood she sees on them (and by extension trying to expiate herself of the guilt she feels for the actions she has set in motion- much like Michelle).

    • Christian: Just because I groom, doesn't mean I've gone brokeback.

      Something being "brokeback" or "going brokeback" is a way of saying gay. It came about from the 2005 movie Brokeback Mountain dealing with two gay cowboys.

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