Season 4 Episode 12

Diana Lubey

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Sean: Christian- Dr Troy- and I had an argument about taking on a surgery, and he sided with his girlfriend. So I attacked her. It was nasty and untoward, and frankly I feel like a shitheel.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Girlfriend? I don't understand. What was she doing at the office?
      Sean: She actually owns the business. The point is, I overreacted. They didn't want to take on the case.
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Sounds to me like they were out of line, Sean, not you. You lost your wife. You're dealing with what any psychologist will tell you is the equivalent of a death. Ganging up on you when you're in such a vulnerable state? Well, it's unconscionable. What's this… girlfriend's name?
      Sean: Michelle.
      (Faith makes a note of Michelle's name on her notepad)
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Are you uncomfortable with the fact that your partner- the one stable person in your life right now- is having a sexual relationship with someone who is also your boss? Are you feeling excluded? Shut out?
      Sean: I do feel shut out. I guess I'm just worried…
      : That you'll get dumped yet again?
      Sean: What am I supposed to do? She's our boss. I can't fire her. I can't just ask Christian to dump her for me…
      Dr. Faith Wolper: Well, you don't have to let either of them step over you. Part of your emotional recovery needs to be you reclaiming your power. If that surgery was something you felt strongly about, call that patient back. Bring them in. Your wife recently acted out in a way that made you feel powerless. Don't let your partner put you in that same kind of position.

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