Season 6 Episode 1

Don Hoberman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on FX

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  • Boring and somehow slow in action

    I was sooo much looking forward for the new season of Nip Tuck, but the opening was so boring and somehow "slow" in everything. There was nothing much interesting happening, the commenting on the scenes sounded fresh in the beginning but started to get on my nerves after half of the episode. It was like a cheap copy of "Desperate Housewives" when Mary Alice is talking in the beginning and end of an episode only without any emotions. I was wondering what this episode accopmplished? And Sean's new girlfriend... how desperate is that from the writers? And she isn't even interesting. I hope it will get better... the writers should give their best for the end of this great series that it gets a big farewell when the final episode airs.
  • the narration has an interesting twist, with the normal format being scraped for a tv expose piece.

    The ties between Christian/Liz have been cut due to the fact he has found out of his full bill of health. The beginning scenes of the relationship breakup was very sad to see, especially since Liz was a mother to Wilber now she has to settle for "aunt Liz".

    Rose McGowan stars as Sean's girlfriend Teddy,and she seems to impact him very negatively, Sean is struggling to keep the business afloat with the expenses needed to please a pretty young girlfriend by his side (so he believes).

    Liz decides to hire a lawyer to sue Christian as a revenge ploy, although most people know that it doesn't help the emotional pain of a breakup. The appearance of Mario Lopez on Nip/Tuck is almost too good to be true, almost if this part was made for him. There are definitely scenes which give a glimmer of hope to the rest of the season

    Not sure how Matt's mute plot is going to develop,, but he always seems to get into trouble
  • May Divorce Be With You

    So the first part of the final season begins. And, so far, it's really promising.

    Sean's insomnia can't be good. He's messing up during surgeries (shades of season two's hand spasms, anyone?), and he appears to have suddenly gotten a majorly impulsive (read: moronic) streak, proposing to Teddy at the end of the episode. Speaking of Teddy, she's now being played by the awesome Rose McGowan. While she lacked the edge and raw sexual magnetism (heh) of Katee Sackhoff, she looked gorgeous throughout and performed fine. The actual character isn't working for me though, so nothings changed there. She's also seemed to have a kind of personality transplant since last season to go along with the actress transplant. Sure, she still appears to be crazy (those gold-diggin'-wing-nut eyes at the end!), but she didn't have that fire that Teddy had when she was first introduced. Eh. Not totally interested to see where this is going anyway...

    Liz and Christian's divorce was fun to watch. You feel bad for Liz, but then you remember that she's only acting so crazily because she was completely suckered in last season. Even if Christian did die, her actions were so completely out-of-character and straight-up silly that she only really has herself to blame. Roma Maffia rocked it though, and I loved that "vengeful-heavy-eye-shadow" look she had during the wine-pouring conversation. The story was fun, but Barry Bostwick's pervy attorney, on the other hand, was one hot mess.

    For the rest of the cast, it looks like Matt and Kimber have been given their best material in years. I was surprisingly into Matt's mime schtick, despite its obvious parallels to the numerous "Matt does something idiotic" arcs from seasons past. It's an undeniably crazy and original idea, while John Hensley was pretty good as a mime (feel free to disagree; I have absolutely no basis of knowledge for what actually consists of a good mime performance, heh). Likewise with Kimber, who was hysterical in the infomercial (more on that later), and appears to have a lot of storyline potential with her new "incarnation" as an esthetician. I hated seeing her as the b*tchy, selfish shrew last season, so it's great to see her used once again as comic relief.

    While I was never particularly enamored with Mario Lopez's character in season four, I'm liking his presence here. The economic crisis fueled the entire episode, and his sleazy suaveness and rock-hard abs are just what McNamara/Troy need to survive the current state of the nation. Plus, the storyline has produced my favorite Nip/Tuck moment in years: that insanely true-to-life and hysterically awful infomercial airing on late-night television. From Kimber's proclamation that she's "an actress" to that Saved by the Bell-esque freeze frame and to the great continuity of Christian's complete failure to perform on-camera, it was a truly awesome moment.

    Don Hoberman really felt like the first episode in a while which worked pretty much all round. The problems the episode had were pretty miniscule, and there was enough humor and great acting to carry the whole show. Plus, the characters actually felt like they had life to them. While Julia was yet again absent, every other member of the cast finally had some decent, organic material to work with that didn't seem like simple retreads or contrived new plot twists. And that all bodes well for Nip/Tuck and my real hope that it goes out on a creative high.

    Director: Brad Falchuk
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A-
  • Sean and Teddy move forward with relationship, Matt is a mime and made a bad decision (as always!) Liz wants Christian to pay for her suffering, Credit crunch hits their practice.

    The Episode begins with a narorator telling us that the credit cruch has hit sean and christian. Liz is pissed off! She wants to sue Christian for all her suffering. Mario lopez comes to bring business to sean's practice. We dont see julia in this episode, but kimber is up to re invent her self for the millionth time! The informercial that they made was hillarious! This season is turning out to be good, the preview for the rest looks promising, i just want more drama than just relationship troubles, like season 1 and 2, i want there to be a new killer or something interesting. The episode ends with a cliffhanger with sean, will be sticking to this!
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